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Chapter 260 - If I cannot do it, you all will die!

Only Emperor Chen, Qing Xu and Ye Xiwen were able to keep a straight face in such a dire situation. Other experts, including Warhawk, looked extremely exhausted. Some experts had their bodies completely soaked in sweat and were on the verge of collapse.

Some were showing signs of breathing trouble while sustaining terrible suppression inside the Zhou star matrix formation.

“Come on everyone, we are quickly nearing the pinnacle!” Qing Xu shouted.

But at this time, the team of experts saw two zombies of half-step legendary realm pacing towards them from far behind.

The crowd called out in alarm. They were scared and definitely not prepared to withstand such a toss, after all, one such zombie of half-step legendary realm had exhausted them to such a pitiful state, then how could they even considering dealing with two of them simultaneously.

“What should we do now? There are two of them, coming after us!”

“I don't want to die after getting so close to our destination.”

Their goal was so close but the boost in their morale did not survive long after the sudden appearance of two zombies of half-step legendary realm.

Originally, they never thought much about half-step legendary realm as their target was always the legendary realm. Half-step legendary realm was just a milestone in between, and being peerless geniuses, they never had a doubt about not reaching this realm. It was only a matter of time for them.

However, after dealing with that last zombie, they came to realize that they were high mistaken to have underestimated the half-step legendary realm. After all, even if Emperor Chen and Qing Xu were at the peak of truth ninth realm, together they could not defeat one zombie of half-step legendary realm.

But fortunately, these two zombies should have been weakened too like the previous one, otherwise, despair would be the only thing awaiting them.

“Let me deal with this.” At this time, Ye Xiwen stepped forward and said. Everyone was astonished and looked at Ye Xiwen as it took more than just courage to dare and make such a statement.

“Ye Xiwen, have you gone out of your mind?” Wu Shaoqun quickly said.

“Let me explain - These two zombies were obviously partners when they were alive, it is easy to infer that from their actions. So, if they join forces and attack together then we are doomed. It will be impossible to block their joint raid so the best way is to divert one of them.” Ye Xiwen said and everyone nodded. His talent was not unknown to everyone, and regardless of his strength and level, he was still an elite peerless genius who just now made a valid point.

However, everyone knew that distracting a zombie of half-step legendary realm would not be an easy task for one guy. This was a suicidal plan and would lead to certain death, but nobody wanted to die, making things more complicated and confusing. But Ye Xiwen willingly accepted to take up this risky position which was quite shocking for everyone.

“If the strength is too weak for the job then even if one of us managed to distract a zombie, it will be pointless as that person will be killed in an instant. And then the zombie will turn back to reunite with its partner.” Ye Xiwen said. “Therefore only a few people are fit for this task.”

Everyone nodded, though there were a lot of people who were not willing to take such a risk, but at this time, all had to admit that it was indeed not possible for most people to successfully perform this task, honestly because they lacked required qualifications to do so.

These people knew that even the strongest and most talented Emperor Chen was not daring to take up the task since even he would admit that he did not have such capability to single-handedly stop a zombie.

But why did Ye Xiwen came up with this idea and why was he willing to take such a risk? Everyone was confused, especially Mu Ling and Wu Shaoqun as they were anxiously looking at Ye Xiwen and trying to understand what was going on in his mind. Why was he looking for death?

“However, I am the most appropriate one for the job.” Ye Xiwen said, “A zombie's most vital advantage is not martial arts, but its body which is much more formidable than demon beasts of the same level. Right now, your martial strength is limited due to suppression, but I am not affected because my body is strong enough to constrain a zombie.”

Ye Xiwen certainly hadn't made this decision in a heat of the moment. It was a well thought out plan and he needed to be careful to make it work.

They did not have the option to make a U-turn and get out of there. Ye Xiwen made this decision, keeping survival a top priority since he was willing to face the situation at hand without succumbing to escapism.

Moreover, right now, the formidable powers of these zombies were limited according to what the tomb slave said. Not to forget that they were still more powerful than experts of truth ninth stage.

It was said that when gilded tyrant form would be practiced to the perfection level then the practitioner should be able to tear apart mythical beings like gods and devils with bare hands. Although Ye Xiwen's practice had not yet reached such a high level, however, a zombie of half-step legendary realm was also not a mythical being.

Only Ye Xiwen with his gilded tyrant body could contend with a zombie while others simply did not stand a chance when fighting alone.

Ye Xiwen knew that this was going to be a tough battle with unpredictable outcomes and there was a chance that he might get killed, but he had no choice, because if these two zombies attacked together then everyone was bound to die, including him.

“Only I can do this.”

“And remember one thing. If I don't succeed then you all will die for sure.”

Ye Xiwen's expression was blunt but his words showed his boldness and confidence, to the extent that even his rivals suddenly began to feel that he was quite pleasing to the eyes.

Wu Shaoqun and Mu Ling tried again and again to persuade Ye Xiwen, but he had already made up his mind. Moreover, even these two understood that this was not only the best choice available to them but also the most reliable choice. If Ye Xiwen stayed with rest of the team and the other zombies attacked then the entire team would face instant annihilation.

Ye Xiwen rushed forward, and at the same time, his whole body was enveloped in a golden cloak. From afar, he appeared just like a golden god of war, a powerful being with extraordinary powers. He seemed out of place in this dark environment as if a golden god woke up just now from the chaos in order to eradicate the chaos with his own hands.

Ye Xiwen opened his devil wings and instantly flew towards the zombies while simultaneously thrusting his palm to shoot Dragon qi towards a zombie.

“Boom!” The Dragon qi severely crashed into that zombie's body and it started roaring again and again due to intense pain caused by this attack. At this time, the other zombie suddenly jumped towards Ye Xiwen and started chasing him.

Ye Xiwen had succeeded in his plan. Now, he turned around and flew all the way towards the mountain forest to lure the pursuing zombie into that forest.

After luring it far into the forest, Ye Xiwen stopped and retracted his wings.

When the zombie saw him stopping, it suddenly got excited and went towards Ye Xiwen. Its skinny claws stretched out to grasp him.

The zombie was using tiger claw style to grasp Ye Xiwen to death. Ye Xiwen knew this and certainly would not let this happen.

Since his whole body was already enveloped in a golden cloak, it was safe to say that gilded tyrant form was acting at its best. He shouted and thrust both his palms towards the incoming claws. His palms transformed into dragon claws, displaying the incomparable might of Coiling Dragon Palm.

One must know that Coiling Dragon Palm was an ancient martial technique and it was very difficult for an ordinary expert to comprehend it. Some disciples had tried in the past but had lost their mind and soul as a result. Not to mention, Ye Xiwen also had to face a similar problem and its mastery was fairly difficult for him, unless he would comprehend it to an extraordinary extent.

However, Ye Xiwen actually managed to reach such an extent but not by learning from others. He relied on his own insight that he obtained inside the mysterious space to comprehend Coiling Dragon Palm in his own way.

He could still see the figure of an indomitable spirit of a man that was constantly practicing Coiling Dragon Palm in his mind. Ye Xiwen had spent a lot of time in the mysterious space to get insights about how to practice and implement it, but rather than copying that figure, he comprehended this technique in his own way to get better results, excluding the move sets he did not need and adding the ones he might need to improve the technique.

Ye Xiwen applied this kind of learning, comprehending and improving method on all techniques. So, he was always able to improve a technique to increase its power and decrease the difficulty of using it in an actual combat.

“Boom!” The bone claws and coiling dragon claws severely collided with each other.

It seemed as if the resulting explosion was caused by atomic collisions in general. This was a terrible collision and the shock waves caused as a result swept across in all directions and wiped out a major section of the forest.

Ye Xiwen had to retreat several steps and he felt his chest tightening as a result. Even though he was protected by his gilded tyrant body, he still felt as if his body would fall apart.

This zombie's body was really intrepid, unlike its skinny appearance. Other experts would have been torn apart by its claws, so the only saving grace, this time, was his golden tyrant body, otherwise, even an expert of truth ninth stage would not stand a chance.

Ye Xiwen was able to contend because the fighting styles of both him and the zombie relied on their respective formidable bodies.

(To be continued)


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