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Chapter 259 - Struggle on the ominous mountain

Only Emperor Chen looked coldly at Ye Xiwen. He neither appreciated Ye Xiwen's strength nor the kindness rendered by him. He certainly was not afraid of this blood rain and rushed toward the frontline on his golden lion.

Under the crazy shower of blood, the team of experts was enjoying full protection of Ye Xiwen's Tianyuan mirror.

After successfully bypassing the skeleton army, they bumped into the mighty army of zombies. These horrifying zombies were continuously gushing out from the gap in the matrix method. Ye Xiwen and the others did not stop there and flew all the way, only to find a flaming bird in the distance that was constantly sweeping clean an area with its immortal flames which could burn the world itself.

The team of experts rushed through the flaming area and reached so close to the ominous mountain for the first time. They saw a mighty team of undead, mainly consisting of high ranked zombies, rushing down from the mountain.

The most unusual scenery that greeted human experts was when they looked into the matrix method and actually saw a variety of palace buildings on the mountain peak. Yes, an entire complex of ancient architecture with lots of crowded buildings covering the entire mountain area inside the matrix formation.

“This should be the headquarters of the ancient mighty influence that initially ruled this island. Almost all of them are made up of rare materials.” Ye Mo said. And considering how old a being he was, the amount of experience he possessed was not something Ye Xiwen could comprehend, “Only after searching in several dimensions, one can find so many rare building materials. Most of these materials do not occur in this world. I must say that these buildings are more extravagant than Devil King's palace.”

Everyone was shocked after witnessing this endless complex of ancient architectural masterpiece. Built with an amazing combination of gold and jade and some strange materials, never seen before, however, right now, these buildings were acting as a breeding nest for a variety of zombies and evil spirits that were continuously coming out of the palace buildings. There was no end to this undead army, and after watching this scene, human experts felt chills down their spines.

In Ye Xiwen's mind, abruptly, the ancient seal characters cropped up. The same seal characters he had seen earlier in the ruins of an ancient civilization. That time, he was sucked into a scary illusion. He couldn't help but remember the same illusion once again.

“Boom!” “Boom!”

Numerous electric snakes could be seen creeping in the black clouds and a terrifying thunder struck the palace. The palace couldn't withstand the enormous destructive power contained in the thunder strike and crumbled down.

“I am here, now come out!” Suddenly, a majestic voice resounded in all directions, “Buzz!” The low and dull muffled sound of a bell resounded and instantly sent out numerous sonic waves everywhere, while several electric snakes could be seen lurking in the dark cloud, and seemed all prepared to bring down chaos in this world.

“Get lost!” Accompanied by a loud shout, a few hundred feet wide pillar of golden light went straight into the sky and dispersed the dark thundering clouds.

As the voice fell, a middle-aged man flew out of the wreckage of palace and coldly looked towards the sky. He had a dignified bearing and was clad in a golden colored emperor's robe.

In the sky, the scattered clouds suddenly agglutinated again and revealed a huge glowing eye in the centre.

"If you dare to go against the heaven's will, you cannot do that without a fight!” A muffled voice echoed everywhere.

And a huge lightning maliciously struck.

Wasn't the illusion based on this location? Though it looked somewhat different after having undergone corrosion for thousands of years, Ye Xiwen still managed to recognize this place in one glance.

Or, the entire island was perhaps the background in this scene and not just this part of the ominous mountain of the undead.

Right after entering the matrix method, human experts immediately felt a terrible pressure upon their bodies. They felt as if they would be crushed under this pressure. The strange force suddenly fell down from the sky and pushed them to the ground.

Now they had no means to fly inside the matrix formation, certainly, there were some exceptions like Ye Xiwen with his golden devil wings, Warhawk riding his pet golden-winged eagle, Ji Moon riding her butterfly lizard and Qing Xu riding his yellow crane, after all, even if human experts were unable to use various techniques to fly, the ones with wings would naturally be able to fly in the air.

The terrifying shrieks were resounding everywhere and the whole scene was truly fear-inspiring.

Watching the steady stream of zombies coming out of the palace buildings, everyone felt as if they had stepped in a zombie nest, otherwise, how could there be hundreds of thousands of zombies in one place.

“I think this place is an ancient battlefield. All these zombies are clad in iron armors, armed with spears, it is clear that they used to be war soldiers who have now transformed into zombies.”

“You are right, it's too terrifying. I also thought the same thing and this place seems like the lair of a formidable ancient civilization. And it seems like they were attacked by some even more formidable force that led to countless casualties, which eventually led to the birth of these zombies.”

“What kind of formidable force can destroy such a fearful influence, causing so many casualties? This is unbelievably shocking!”

“Anyway, we have to uncover the seal, otherwise, we certainly will not have any way out of this mess.”

An expert said in a loud voice and was heard by all other experts. This worked as a spark to help them recover from their shocked states. They also began to think about the most vital point - if they did not do their best then there was only a dead end waiting for them.

At this time, the matrix method began to revolve and even though some formidable zombies and skeletons were constantly attacking the gap, desperately trying to widen it and ultimately destroy the entire matrix method, but the matrix method, despite having a gap, was intrepid and sparkling across the sky. In the sky, the stars were twinkling like never before and as if announcing the incoming of an apocalypse. And suddenly, a huge beam of light detached itself from the matrix formation and severely pounded on the ground, smashing many zombies and skeletons into minced meat.

Zhou star matrix method!

The wolf cub opened its mouth wide and spelled out the name of this matrix method. The energy of the stars was condensed by the matrix formation, transforming into a huge dragon tail and severely hit the ground.

Taking advantage of this situation, the team of human experts rushed forward. Even if they could not fly, they were still advancing at extremely high speeds.

The huge palace-like buildings were connected with each other and were positioned as sections of ladders, one after another while going up towards the mountain peak. The experts crossed the buildings one after another and continued to climb up while also encountering many zombies and skeletons on the way.

They did not stop to engage the undead soldiers and continued to advance forward at maximum speed. They could not afford to waste any time and needed to stop the advancement of the undead army into the demon island.

The experts were getting agitated but did not dare to stay to fight with undead soldiers because staying behind was no different than dying a brutal death.



Several pitiful screams echoed when experts were passing through a palace and were suddenly attacked by two pairs of jaw bones as they directly dashed into the crowd of human experts and caught several experts at once. There came miserable cries along with spooky bone-rubbing sounds as if the flesh was being chewed directly from the bodies of people who were still alive and screaming.

All of the experts who managed to evade this attack looked at each other with eyes filled with horror, after all, this was not something they witnessed every day. Now everyone knew how important it was to reach the summit as soon as possible and open the seal, then only they could stop this nightmare.

But this was something that has never been accomplished by anyone in the past thousands of years. No one had ever succeeded in taking off the seal but they had no choice but to do it. They could only choose to go forward while temporarily ignoring the loss of their comrades. Of course, retreat was not an option.

“We must hurry, but we must be careful not to go near those palaces!” At this time, Qing Xu, who was riding a yellow crane, shouted from the sky and warned everyone.

“Yes, charge forward in order to survive!”

All experts were encouraged by this and rushed forward. Those palaces were extremely frightening and were being guarded by frightening monsters. They encountered much more terrifying monsters as they continued to get closer to the summit.

By the time they reached halfway up towards their destination, almost half of their team had been sacrificed, leaving less than 500 experts. This was no ordinary loss and especially for the Southeast region that lost so many of its super elites. Most of the weaker human experts were eaten by the zombies, but the rest of the team did not stop to help them. This was certainly a heartless thing to do but they had to endure it because if they had stopped to help others then everyone would have died.

There were several palace monsters who almost came close to single-handedly wipe out the entire team of experts. A rotting monster suddenly came out of a palace and chased after them, but the saving grace came as a fact that it was somehow bound to the palace and couldn't go past a certain limit. However, it still managed to drag away several experts and ate them.

These experts had never experienced such a terrible place in their entire life. They were the so-called lucky and pampered geniuses of the Southeast region who never had to face life-threatening situations to grow stronger, so this situation was pretty much of a disaster for them.

Gradually, as they continued to climb up, the number of zombies reduced considerably, but their strength grew enough to compensate. They also bumped into a half-step legendary level zombie that was immediately engaged by Qing Xu and Emperor Chen. But, their combined strength was not enough to deal with it.

The gap between truth ninth stage and half-step legendary realm was too large. But, fortunately, that zombie had spent more than a millennium and seemed to possess limited strength. Hence, after a while ,it was overpowered by the team of human experts. Afterward, they slowly approached the summit.

They had started to feel tired but the great responsibility upon their shoulders was what boosting their morale and pushing them to try harder and achieve their goal.

(To be continued)


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