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Chapter 251 - Execution of a tyrant

He no longer had that previous courage and invincible aura. His frame of mind had changed from tyranny to cowardice!

Wan Cheng Yao was roaring out of desperation. He felt empty inside. The dominating heart of a tyrant had already been crushed by Ye Xiwen in front of everyone. Now, he was just an empty shell of his previous self.

“Unfortunately, this battle is over. We are witnessing the fall of a tyrant.” Warhawk shook his head and said.

“Indeed.” Ji Moon and Wang Purple also nodded. The three super experts were standing on the front line with hands crossed behind their backs.

“A tyrant like Wan Cheng Yao is truly a terrifying existence. He is at the peak of truth eighth stage and is certainly at the pinnacle of the younger generation in the entire Southeast region. Even I cannot dare to say that I can beat him, and note my point, he is stronger than Ye Xiwen. Yes, Ye Xiwen is merely at the peak of truth sixth stage but his body is extremely tough and intrepid. This is the main reason why he is able to fight with two experts of truth eighth stage.” Warhawk's vision could be called sharp and sinister. He had seen through Ye Xiwen's secret. But the point was that he and the other spectators were able to understand this fact only after actually seeing Ye Xiwen in battle. And the eighth prince and Wan Cheng Yao did not have such luxury since they had already blundered by challenging Ye Xiwen.

Warhawk was confident that if he was at the peak of truth eighth stage then he might be able to fight with one expert of truth eighth peak, but certainly not two.

But who was Wan Cheng Yao? Yes, an expert at the pinnacle of truth eighth stage, a super genius and a tyrannical existence who did not think twice before killing people!

One could see that fighting such a ruthless expert was not an easy task, not to mention Ye Xiwen dealt with actually two such tyrants!

In simple words, Ye Xiwen went against the heaven's will in front of so many people.

“Wan Cheng Yao's real strength is actually slightly more than the strength of Ye Xiwen, but unfortunately, he seems to have lost his courage and ambition. He succumbed to fear, and even if he survives this battle, perhaps he will never be able to regain his confidence and glory.”

Those who heard Warhawk's commentary nodded and continued to look at the scene in which Wan Cheng Yao had completely fallen under the wind.

Ye Xiwen was constantly using phoenix regeneration and was not afraid of anything. He went ahead bravely and unscrupulously shot. Wan Cheng Yao's attacks were still tyrannical, but even if Ye Xiwen was defeated ten times, he would stand up ten times in a completely healed state, whereas if Wan Cheng Yao was defeated even once, he would start to act all timid and scared. He had completely lost his motivation to beat Ye Xiwen and was simply biding time for the eighth prince to come to his rescue.

The screams had fully disappeared within Xueling array because all of the besieged disciples of the Imperial Union and the Wan True Union had been crucified to death by the evil blood god.

“Whish!” The entire array suddenly collapsed and vanished into thin air. Mu Youran's complexion was extremely pale as if there wasn't a trace of blood left in his body.

His energy had been completely drained by Xueling array, and not just him, even his fellow disciples of Xueling Union were also in a similar state. Some were in more serious state and immediately fainted.

(NT: Xueling Union can also be called 'Blood Spirit Union'. So they must have used their blood and energy to build that array.)

Xueling array's might was outstanding so the energy requirement was certainly going to be big. In fact, the energy consumption was so huge that even a high-level expert like Mu Youran came close to draining his entire Zhen Yuan and blood.

However at this time, no one dared to take advantage of Xueling Union's weakened state. Even those who normally hated the Xueling Union and were silently in favor of the Imperial Union and the Wan True Union did not dare to act because the battle was not yet over. They were waiting to see the final outcome. Not to forget, there was a possibility that Ye Xiwen appeared for the sake of Xueling Union so they were being cautious.

Also on another battlefield, Mu Ling and Jain Wuchen were engaged in a superheated battle, though not as destructive as the other one, but there was no less brutality involved in this one as well.

At this time, Jian Wuchen growled. His whole body was covered with blood and his bones were truncated at some places.

Mu Ling's body was also covered in wounds. There was an exceptionally terrible wound on his chest.

This was really a battle between two evenly matched opponents, two veteran sword masters.

Mu Ling raised his sword and summoned a yellow river that appeared behind him and instantly flowed towards Jian Wuchen.

Mu Ling's battle efficiency was increasing continuously and yet there were no signs of a breakthrough, but his attacks were getting fiercer.

Jian Wuchen wasn't deterred by this and he immediately waved his sword to congeal clouds of Swordqi around him to protect himself from the onslaught of the yellow river.


Even the terrible collision like this could not compel these two men to retreat.

A bit!

A bit!

A bit more!

Mu Ling's battle efficiency finally broke through the boundary of truth seventh stage under the heavy pressure of this insane battle. His imposing aura suddenly stepped into the truth eighth stage.

The spectators who were paying attention to this battle were suddenly stunned. This decisive battle of life and death was between two equally matched opponents, but Mu Ling actually benefited from it.

“Shua!” Mu Ling's sword came very close to Jian Wuchen's neck and stopped right before it was about to behead him.

“I do not want to kill you.” Mu Ling said. He had defeated Jian Wuchen but he also admired this man's talent and fighting spirit. Mu Ling admired him as a fellow swordsman and had also heard from Ye Xiwen that Jian Wuchen was actually an honest man with a very clean and pure soul. Indeed, he was nothing more than a sword-slave of the eighth prince, but today, this would change. And someday, he would become a truly outstanding hero.

“Someday, I will find you and we will finish our unfinished business.” Jian Wuchen said and turned around to leave. Everyone watched his back profile as he slowly disappeared into the horizon. His fellow disciples were already dead so there was no point in staying here.

Ye Xiwen smiled when he noticed that Mu Ling stepped into the truth eighth stage. Having a strong reinforcement surely strengthened his confidence.

Wan Cheng Yao was startled by this but it made him even more desperate. He shouted like a crazy guy and shot a rippling Bladelight at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's golden hands caught that rippling Bladelight and tore it apart, then he immediately flew towards Wan Cheng Yao like a bullet fired from a gun.

Ye Xiwen's palms struck out horizontally and simultaneously pounded on Wan Cheng Yao's chest.

“Bang!” Wan Cheng Yao was sent flying and the tremendous force contained in his attack broke many of his ribs.

Wan Cheng Yao seemed to have been cornered by Ye Xiwen and appeared like a mad man who was desperately fighting a battle for his own survival. He rushed forward like a lunatic to maliciously attack Ye Xiwen.

Moreover, the eighth prince was almost done removing the seal from his spear. He did not take too long to do this which indicated the extent of his skill and terrifying might.

Wan Cheng Yao was like a ferocious beast in general. He disregarded the consumption of energy and released a black colored Bladelight that looked like a lightning from hell as it went straight towards Ye Xiwen.

“Now you die!”

Wan Cheng Yao roared while stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen. He seemed quite confident in this attack.

Ye Xiwen smirked and stuck out his hands as if to tear the space itself. The golden divinities poured out of his hands and crawled towards the black lightning.

“Boom!” The two attacks collided and began to devour each other, setting off layer upon layer of air storms in all directions.

When his best attack failed as well, Wan Cheng Yao's complexion paled. Ye Xiwen sneered but noticed that the eighth prince was about to break free so he must kill Wan Cheng Yao as soon as possible.

Ye Xiwen rushed forward and seemed in a hurry, but his mind was unusually calm.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen's palm pounded on the back of Wan Cheng Yao.

Wan Cheng Yao was directly sent flying. His grandiose stature flew upside down, and right at this moment, Ye Xiwen suddenly jumped in the air, twisted his waist, and launched a kick at Wan Cheng Yao from above almost instantly.

“Ah!” The eighth prince shouted and finally managed to pull out the spear from his own body. He stood up and looked around to find Ye Xiwen, but at this time, a shocking scene greeted his eyes.

Ye Xiwen raised his foot up in the air as if to split Wan Cheng Yao's body into two halves with a kick. But Wan Cheng Yao obviously wouldn't allow him to achieve his wish. He immediately released a Bladelight but even that could not stop Ye Xiwen's kick. The divinities concentrated on his foot instantly dispersed the Bladelight and his kick directly landed on Wan Cheng Yao's body.

“Bang!” A horrible sound of breaking bones resounded everywhere.

Wan Cheng Yao screamed pitifully as his chest was completely crushed by Ye Xiwen. The divinities instantly entered his body and churned his internal organs.

Wan Cheng Yao struggled a bit but ultimately could not withstand the loss of vitality and died on the spot.

“What?” The eighth prince's eyes opened wide in disbelief when he saw how Wan Cheng Yao was trampled to death by Ye Xiwen. It didn't take him too long to set himself free but he never expected to see such an unbelievable turn of events.

“Now there's no one left to interfere. Prepare yourself for the inevitable death because today, I will make sure that no one comes to save you.” Ye Xiwen looked coldly at the eighth prince and said. It was obvious that he would not allow the eighth prince to escape this time.

(To be continued)


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