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Chapter 250 - Frightened

The long blade danced in Ye Xiwen's hands. A huge dragon roared and flew into the sky and it seemed like its fierce claws would tear the sky to shreds.

“Boom!” A fearsome blast engulfed the sky and instantly formed a tornado so massive that the spectators felt as if they would be sucked into it, even though they were observing from afar.

Wan Cheng Yao's Bladelight gave rise to chaos in the sky and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

With a flick of his hand, Ye Xiwen diverted the trajectory of the Bladelight. The two tyrannical experts then engaged in a terrible battle and none of them seemed to hold back. They were no longer using complex martial techniques to show off their skills rather they were now resorting to make use of brute force and inherent energy. Wan Cheng Yao was relying on his higher level while Ye Xiwen was relying on 'gilded tyrant form' and 'phoenix regeneration technique' to sustain such a world-shattering battle.

The spectators felt as if the battle potential of these two experts was enough to cause the end of this world. They were nothing like the mediocre experts from their respective levels.

One could see that whether it was Wan Cheng Yao, Ye Xiwen, the eighth prince, Warhawk or the remaining two super experts, all of them were basically outstanding experts even among the group of peerless geniuses summoned to this island. In a few years, they would surely be sitting at the top of not just their own generation, but a generation above them. Moreover, a clash between them was bound to happen sooner or later.

Initially, everyone thought that Ye Xiwen didn't belong among these tyrannical experts and would certainly die, but now they did not think so. Ye Xiwen had already shown enough strength to stand among them.

Ye Xiwen did not fall under the wind even while facing those two tyrants at the same time. What else did they need as a proof of his tyrannical strength?

Ye Xiwen's performance was not just strong, he actually managed to injure both Wan Cheng Yao and the eighth prince. And judging from the battle, they could clearly see that in a one-on-one battle, Ye Xiwen was superior to both of them. In fact, even Warhawk would have been unable to perform this well if he was the one battling these two tyrants.

Therefore, it was obvious that no one on this island could alone beat Ye Xiwen, not to mention it seemed literally impossible to kill him since he had some kind of mystical regeneration technique that defied the heavens. Ye Xiwen was confident that he could kill them both and also knew that even if the super experts teamed up to fight against these two tyrants, might not be able to defeat them. No wonder the super experts did not dare to participate in this battle even if they wanted to and were just watching from sidelines.

He and only he could do this! And he must do this!

Of course, if Ye Xiwen was at truth eighth stage then this battle would have ended in the very beginning. Then, Ye Xiwen would be so powerful that if he desired, he could single-handedly wipe out each and every expert from the face of this island.

“What happened? Was it not you who wanted me to come out?” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice, “See, I came out to test your skill, but it seems like a waste of time.”

Ye Xiwen completely released his terrifying aura and appeared just like a god in the sky. The divinity was crawling all over his body and the look in his eyes was extremely cold as if a god of destruction was looking at his prey. In Ye Xiwen's god-like presence, everyone looked no different than ant-like existences.

Ye Xiwen decided not to wait any longer and took advantage of the eighth prince being presently nailed to the ground. He launched a full-scale attack to kill Wan Cheng Yao in one fell swoop.

Otherwise, going on like this was not favorable for him. The phoenix regeneration technique was not completely invincible and involved large energy consumption. He was still at the peak of truth sixth stage and the ratio of consumption was certainly large in comparison to that of an expert of truth eighth stage.

Ye Xiwen looked just like a god to everyone present on the scene. His whole body was covered with endless divinity and exuding fearful rays of golden light in all directions. At this time, he looked like a being who could subjugate anyone in the Ten Thousand Worlds.

Wan Cheng Yao looked at the god-like being standing in the sky and understood that he must immediately release all his power otherwise he would not be able to survive the next attack. He was curious to know the secret of Ye Xiwen's strange power but was scared of death. This was the first time he was scared of losing his life.

However, Wan Cheng Yao was an arrogant guy. He was destined to become one of the leaders of the Southeast region and rule above countless people. He also completely released his power and shot his mightiest Bladelight towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen used his long blade to first block this Bladelight then instantly congealed the invincible might of 'gilded tyrant form' in his palms and tore that Bladelight to shreds.

The spectators felt as if they were transported to the prehistoric era and were watching a battle between two war gods. It was like a battle between a golden martial god and a devil. One of the two was instantly regenerating his severed body parts, while the other was total ignoring his severe injuries. Not to mention, their prestige was on the line so the rest of the world could just meet the doom, they couldn't care less and were fully indulged in this frenzy.

On the one hand, Wan Cheng Yao looked crazier with a crazed look flashing in his blood-shot eyes and was putting everything on the line to get rid of Ye Xiwen while on the other hand, Ye Xiwen looked calm and composed and his golden eyes were focused on the prey. The golden divinity not only granted him a tyrannical body but also influenced his perception and charisma. Right now, anyone would say without hesitation that Ye Xiwen was much more powerful than Wan Cheng Yao.

“I can dominate people, I can manipulate anyone. I am a supreme being who was born to rule. You are nothing in front of me!” Wan Cheng Yao roared with rage. The Wan True Union was just a way to prove his dominance to the younger generation of the ten countries of the Southeast region. It was just the first step towards dominating the entire Southeast region by subjugating these peerless geniuses of the younger generation. Then, within few hundred years, he might become a huge presence, far above the reach of the ten countries of Southeast region. It could be said that his ambition was far ahead of the ambition of the eighth prince.

However, just when he was going to be successful in the most critical step, he had to face an obstacle like Ye Xiwen. And before his ambition could take a real form, it was basically crippled by Ye Xiwen.

He was so angry right now that he not only wanted to chop down Ye Xiwen into pieces, but also wanted to annihilate his soul so that he would never be able to reincarnate.

Wan Cheng Yao's imposing aura was increasing crazily, fueled by his rage, and it eventually became almost comparable to Ye Xiwen's divine aura.

“You actually think that someone like you can dominate people?” Ye Xiwen sneered, “How foolish can you be? You think strength is enough to dominate people? I don't even feel like educating you on the topic, anyway, it's going to be a waste of time to educate a dead man.”

Ye Xiwen finally understood why Wan Cheng Yao and that eighth prince had teamed up. There was a popular saying in his past life; birds of a feather flock together. These two were ambitious fools who wanted to dominate people with sheer power. Well, they were not completely mistaken about the basic concept of domination since this world was governed by strength, but Ye Xiwen was not someone from this world. He was certainly not someone who would allow someone, certainly not such idiots, to dominate him.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen instantly rushed forward like a missile and his terrifying speed caused sonic booms.

“Horrifying!” The experts could not help but praise Ye Xiwen's power.

They had to move far back to stay away from the aftermath of the supersonic waves.


“Save us!”


The pitiful screams transmitting from within the Xueling array gradually disappeared. One by one, all of the trapped disciples had been nailed to the ground. Mu Youran was standing on the side and his face looked extremely pale and covered in sweat. One could imagine the consumption of Zhen Yuan for maintaining such a massive array. At this time, he was literally out of energy but didn't seem worried because almost all of the enemy disciples were now dead.

After hearing the last screams of a few surviving members of his alliance, Wan Cheng Yao got even angrier and attacked Ye Xiwen.


A war cry thundered in the sky and Ye Xiwen dived towards Wan Cheng Yao like a god descending to the earth. His hands transformed into two coiling dragons and swept out to crush the world.

The whole world rippled as if suppressed by the two mighty dragons. Ye Xiwen's fearful imposing aura was suffocating Wan Cheng Yao but his complexion appeared grimmer than that of the eighth prince.

Both experts once again engaged in a superheated battle, almost disregarding their own safety by using most of their energy reserves in the attacks. Wan Cheng Yao waved his blade and released a fearful Bladeqi mixed with his imposing aura.

Ye Xiwen again tore the mass of Bladeqi with his bare hands. He had already removed the limiter and fully unleashed gilded tyrant form at the cost of fast consumption of Zhen Yuan. He was all prepared to end this battle very soon.

The spectators felt their hearts almost jumping out of their mouths. Perhaps this was the most tyrannical battle to take place on this island so far.

“Puchi!” Wan Cheng Yao's blade suddenly opened a huge wound on Ye Xiwen's golden body.

However, at this moment, he was unable to dodge in time and suffered a punch on his chest that instantly made a dent on his solid chest. He spurted a mouthful of blood and was sent flying far away.

Ye Xiwen's wound healed instantly and he rushed towards Wan Cheng Yao and once again thrust his palm. Ye Xiwen had abandoned complex moves and was focusing on most primitive moves.

Each time Ye Xiwen was injured by Wan Cheng Yao, the counterattack would also cause him injuries. However, Ye Xiwen's instant healing ability was constantly crushing the morale of Wan Cheng Yao.

Wan Cheng Yao felt like vomiting blood when he saw that all his efforts were basically useless. Ye Xiwen's golden body was spotless without a single scratch anywhere. Wan Cheng Yao was not a fool and even he could see that his own attacks, if not powerful enough, were not able to injure Ye Xiwen's golden body.

And whenever he put extra energy and effort to strengthen his attack to injure Ye Xiwen, he would face a counterattack from Ye Xiwen at the same time, making the whole thing counterproductive since Ye Xiwen was somehow able to heal his own wounds instantly.

Ye Xiwen was defying common sense and his battle strategy was flawless. Wan Cheng Yao's rage was nowhere to be seen, in fact, it was now replaced by fear and frustration.

Perhaps, no one in the crowd of spectators was capable enough to block Wan Cheng Yao's attacks, but even such attacks were useless in front of Ye Xiwen's flawless battle strategy.

Wan Cheng Yao had already lost the confidence of winning. He was scared to attack Ye Xiwen, thinking that the next counterattack might end his own life. He could neither run away nor attack. Of course, he certainly could not stand idly and think.

“Your tyranny ends here and now!” Ye Xiwen sneered and rushed forward.

“Ah!” From a distant place, the eighth prince suddenly began to shout and his spear also began to emit rays of horrifying light. He was holding his spear and trying to pull it out of his body to break free and immediately rush to rescue Wan Cheng Yao.

Wan Cheng Yao’s face revealed a look of pleasant surprise. He thought that he must survive until the eighth prince would break free, then both of them would team up to kill Ye Xiwen. Perhaps, he still had not noticed that he was thinking like a coward and had already lost the battle of wits. He had fallen into the well-planned trap of Ye Xiwen. Right now, he was scared and had also lost confidence. He could not even contemplate a scenario of alone defeating Ye Xiwen. He was subconsciously depending on the eighth prince's help and this thought process was surely going to bring his doom.

His invincible courage and confidence had been thoroughly crushed by Ye Xiwen. He was no longer a tyrant whose ambition was to dominate the world. Now, he was just a pathetic warrior who had lost faith in his own strength and way relying on someone else to save his life.

(To be continued)


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