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Chapter 246 – Approaching war

“You must not go out or you will simply be falling into his trap. You are not his match!” Ye Mo said, “This is exactly what he wants, he wants you to act rashly.”

Wan Cheng Yao was much stronger than Jiang Hua and Xia Wuchang. And, he was much smarter as well. Ye Xiwen planned to stay low and appear only when he was strong enough to deal with the enemy.

But now, Wan Cheng Yao's tactic was forcing Ye Xiwen to come out, and if he did, he might fall under the wind. Ye Xiwen was most disgusted from people like Wan Cheng Yao who used their own potential to oppress and manipulate others and could go to any extent to achieve their goals.

When Wan Cheng Yao noticed that Ye Xiwen was not coming out no matter how much he waited, he used this seemingly innocuous method to bully and kill unrelated people and turn everyone against Ye Xiwen.

Wan Cheng Yao had long sacrificed his moral values and no longer valued human life. That was the reason why he could come up with such a vicious method.

“I know!” Ye Xiwen nodded and said, “And I’m more afraid that if he alone can do so much damage, what if someone else joined him in his plans, then the whole situation will become even worse.”

“For example, the eighth prince!”

Ye Xiwen's fears soon became reality. Only a month later, the eighth finally made his first appearance on the demon island. Moreover, using his identity as the eighth prince of Great Yue State, he was leading an alliance of young geniuses of the royal clan and from Yuncheng city. The Imperial Union announced a joint hunt with the Wan True Union to capture Ye Xiwen.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen heard a rumor that Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen had fallen into the hands of the eighth prince.

Ye Xiwen did not care much about the destruction of Tianfeng Union, but he cared about Hua Menghanand  Chen Ruochen because they were his comrades, not to mention, he was repeatedly helped by Hua Menghan. He must save them at any cost.

Ye Xiwen still remained missing for another month. Wan True Union and Imperial Union finally made their move and openly declared that their next target would be Xueling Sect. If Ye Xiwen did not appear then they would start the raid three days later.

The people who were familiar with the internal affairs of Great Yue State immediately understood that the eighth prince was using Wan True Union to eradicate the younger generation of Xueling Sect. Then, he would be one step closer to his plan of dominating the Great Yue State. Everyone knew that Yi Yuan School had not produced peerless geniuses after Qi Feifan, in fact, only three were summoned this time. And among them, only Ye Xiwen could be considered a threat to the eighth prince's plans.

The younger generation of Tianfeng Hall had already been destroyed, leaving only a few who escaped with serious injuries. Yuncheng city was always a supporter of the royal clan. Now one major force was out of the picture and this meant that the power balance of Great Yue State was now in the hands of remaining four major forces.

The remaining two sects standing in the way of the eighth prince were Yi Yuan School and Xueling Sect. He just needed to destroy the younger generation of these two sects to fulfill his goals.

But even if people knew about this, there was no way to stop Wan True Union and Imperial Union, after all, their leaders were tyrannical experts of truth eighth stage.

Facing one expert of truth eighth stage was asking too much, and there were two of them looking to kill Ye Xiwen!

The rumors were that after three days, they would not only crush Xueling Union but also perform the public execution of Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen. If this really happened and Ye Xiwen did not show up then one could imagine the kind of reputation he would have in the future.

Moreover, this might leave a permanent scar on Ye Xiwen's mind and hinder his further development. Even if he did not die, the lack of development potential would turn him into an average expert without courage and ambition. Afterward, he would be called a dedicated invincible expert that was wounded forever.

The cold moonlight was spread over a mountain peak.

“A few months gone, I never thought that the eighth prince has reached the peak of truth eighth stage, indeed fearful.” Ye Xiwen was standing on the mountain peak and looking into the distance.

He once defeated the eighth prince but in a same level fight.

If the battle did not take place in front of Yi Yuan School then the eighth prince would have never agreed to have a seal placed on his level.

The eighth prince was indeed a formidable opponent and it could be said that his strength was almost comparable to that of Wan Cheng Yao.

Ye Xiwen did not have a shred of fear, only a bit of excitement before the war.

“Is this eighth prince very strong?” Mu Ling's voice sounded from the side. Ye Xiwen was going to face two major alliances and told Mu Ling who immediately put down the practice to help his friend.

“Very strong!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

Mu Ling was surprised as he looked at Ye Xiwen. Although he did not know Ye Xiwen for a long time but knew that he never talked irresponsibly. If Ye Xiwen said that the eighth prince was very strong then he had to be very strong.

“If given the chance, I want to fight him.” Mu Ling’s face flashed with excitement.

“You won't get a chance because this time, I am going to kill him!” Ye Xiwen said and a trace of firm and resolute look appeared on his face. Last time, Ye Xiwen was unable to kill him but he wouldn't be so lucky this time!

“It is really a pity.” Mu Ling was aware of his own strength and knew that he would not lose to anyone on the same level but both Wan Cheng Yao and eighth prince were one level above him. He really regretted that he was not at the truth eighth stage because he wanted to fight with those two tyrannical experts.

“But can you really beat them?” Mu Ling asked. He knew that Ye Xiwen was strong but he could not ignore the capability of those two.

Moreover, if Ye Xiwen was at truth eighth stage then the whole thing would have been a lot easier. But he was still at the peak of truth sixth stage and there was a difference of two levels between him and his enemies.

“I do not have another choice.” Ye Xiwen said and spread out his hand. His whole body was instantly covered with a golden protective layer, making him look like a golden god of war. In this moment, even the moon and the stars lost their color in front of his shining golden body, as if he was the incarnation of the sun itself.

He had perfected the gilded tyrant form!

This whole month, Ye Xiwen naturally did not do anything else but continued to kill demon beasts and absorbed their divinities to strengthen the gilded tyrant form.

The most important thing he did to complete the gilded tyant form was to take a big risk of stealing the egg of supreme tyrannosaurus. He was chased for five days and nights by this monster of legendary realm and was almost killed several times. He was also split in half and dismembered a few times, but fortunately, he had Phoenix regeneration, otherwise, he would have died back then.

But the risk was worth it since after digesting the divinity contained in the egg, he finally perfected the gilded tyrant form.

After perfecting the gilded tyrant form, now, his battle efficiency was only slightly less than that of an expert of truth eighth stage.

At least now he would not need to retreat, though he could only expect a desperate fight!

“Your task is to pin down the experts of the two alliances. Leave Wan Cheng Yao and that eighth prince to me.” Ye Xiwen said.

“As long as those two men do not interfere, even the experts of Xueling Union can take care of the other experts. I will prefer to lend you a hand.” Mu Ling said and was willing to remain at his friend’s side no matter where the path would take them.

“No!” Ye Xiwen shook his head, “Now on the demon island, perhaps only I can kill them both. If I cannot do it then no one can.”

Ye Xiwen was so confident because he could feel the sudden power surge within his body after perfecting the gilded tyrant form!

He did not suspect Mu Ling's ability. If he was an expert of truth eighth stage then he would not be inferior to them.

“Now we must prepare for the upcoming war.” Ye Xiwen said. He wanted to cultivate Zhen Yuan for the next three days to restore his strength. The supreme tyrannosaurus was too fearful and injured him so badly and so many times that his vitality was hurt in the process. Even with Phoenix regeneration, it would take time to regenerate his lost vitality. Although his battle efficiency would not suffer with the loss of vitality but his endurance would suffer considerably.

Thankfully, three days were enough to cultivate vitality with the help of phoenix regeneration.

Three days passed quickly and the raid finally began on the Xueling Union.

(To be continued)


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