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Chapter 245 - Weak mentality

After making this inference, Ye Xiwen could not help but feel horror in his heart. Super geniuses like Qi Feifan must have been summoned to this demon island, and countless peerless geniuses might have accepted this mission but no one was successful.

Moreover, just the mention of Peak Palace’s name was enough to shock him. Last time he went to an immortal palace, he got a mighty technique like Phoenix regeneration that simply defied the heavens. Each time he went to such places, he felt as if he was venturing into a prehistoric era, making him feel like he was in a mythical age.

He was getting similar vibes when he set foot on this island, and now, he was discovering weird places all over the island.

When he was on the earth, although he was not a big man of mythology, but he was still quite familiar with this stuff.

However, before, those were all just myths and he did not need to find sense in any of them, but now the situation was different. Ye Xiwen knew that there were many formidable forces in this world. The heavenly sector, the devil world, the hell, the dragon clan, and recently he found out about the existence of phoenix clan, and so on.

Ye Xiwen was quite surprised to hear familiar legends in this world as they used to be in his past life. The similarities were enough to sometimes scare him and now he found several clues regarding those myths on this island.

“I do not force you to do this task for me. Before leaving the island, you can come here to find me.” The old man said and slowly walked towards the depths of the cemetery.

Ye Xiwen looked this elderly figure slowly disappear.

The rumor about how Ye Xiwen slaughtered the two deputy chiefs of Wan True Union set off a storm on the entire island and shook everyone.

Wan True Union's mysterious leader finally made an appearance and the members of the alliance began to clamor.

“Ye Xiwen is simply nothing. As long as our chief goes into action, he can kill him instantly by raising just one hand.”

To verify whether the rumor about the demise of the two deputy chiefs was true, an alliance dared to provoke the mysterious leader by attacking the Wan True Union's members in his absence. This alliance made the biggest mistake of thinking that there was actually no mysterious leader of Wan True Union.

However, as a result of that, the mysterious leader personally went to the encampment of that alliance and killed each and every member. This worked to deter the entire demon island and remind everyone about the true status of Wan True Union.

Eagle Union's chief Warhawk once commented that Wan Cheng Yao was an expert of truth eighth stage, moreover the most outstanding among the experts of the same level.

And, he was strong enough to kill any disciple on the demon island if he desired.

In this case, both Ye Xiwen and merciless Wan Cheng Yao became the subject of gossip throughout the demon island. Many people were talking about the collision between these two and how fearful that duel would be.

Wan Cheng Yao's sudden appearance was not contrary to everyone’s expectations. In fact, now they were waiting for Ye Xiwen's death that would end this entire ruckus.

However, how to kill Ye Xiwen? Even an idiot would know that finding Ye Xiwen on such a vast island was extremely difficult.

When everyone thought that Wan Cheng Yao would soon give up, he finally made his move.

“On this island, all the forces related to Ye Xiwen shall be destroyed!” Wan Cheng Yao's indifferent announcement spread throughout the demon island.

That day, he led his forces to the encampment of Great Yue State's Tianfeng Union. There were more than two dozen disciples in the encampment. Not all of them belonged to the Tianfeng Hall, some belonged to relatively unknown sects of Great Yue State who had also joined Tianfeng Union. But in the end, Tianfeng Union was not very strong.

The powerhouses of various alliances also arrived there to see what would happen to the Tianfeng Union.

“My God, Wan True Union is really going to attack the Tianfeng Union.”

“Even if a lot of powerhouses have been killed by Ye Xiwen, the Wan True Union is still very formidable.”

"Is this the end of Tianfeng Union?”

Many experts were observing from afar and saw a man clad in a black robe, standing high in the air and coldly looking at Tianfeng Union's encampment.

“This Wan True Union really plans to destroy an entire alliance? What do they think of us weak alliances? Do they think we are like the meat on a chopping board?” A disciple said. There was anger in his voice along with dissatisfaction. They were supposed to be peerless geniuses of the younger generation and now they were going to be killed for no reason whatsoever.

“Rumors are that this is Wan Cheng Yao's decision and he is at truth eighth stage. Although his cultivation is not extraordinary in the outside world where there are tens of thousands of experts at his level, but now on the demon island, who can be his match?”

"The Tianfeng Union and Ye Xiwen are not at all related. Wan Cheng Yao is planning to destroy them just because they come from the same state as Ye Xiwen. Soon, he will come for us because we are also the experts from the southeast region like Ye Xiwen.” An expert said in a frustrated tone, “His men are human beings and we are not? Why is he treating us like livestock?"

Now they truly felt that strength was the ultimate justice in this world. Just because Wan Cheng Yao was a tyrannical expert, he could do anything on a whim and others would have no choice but to suffer. In the end, he could do things that they could not do.

“Is he not scared that Tianfeng Hall will take revenge for this?” Someone asked.

“Things that happen on the demon island cannot involve the outside world. This rule has been handed down since ancient times, otherwise, why would Ye Xiwen dare to recklessly kill experts from various sects? And we should not forget that Wan Cheng Yao is actually a very ruthless man.”

“Moreover, the strength of Wan Cheng Yao's sect is far above that of the Tianfeng Hall.”

“Today, Tianfeng Hall is going to face heavy losses. Do you think Ye Xiwen will appear?”

“Certainly not, his strength is comparable to truth seventh stage. How can he be a match of Wan Cheng Yao who is presently at the peak of truth eighth peak? Moreover, Wan Cheng Yao is using this method to compel him to appear.”

“Today, I’m going to destroy Tianfeng Union of Great Yue State. If Ye Xiwen does not appear then as the days pass, more and more people, related to him, shall die!” Wan Cheng Yao said in an overbearing manner and his imposing aura spread out in all directions. The members of Tianfeng Union did not pretend not to see and immediately rushed out in abundance.

“Let's fight with them, they are going too far!”


The bloody carnage began and should be called one-sided slaughter. The disciples of Tianfeng Union did not get a chance to either resist or escape and were thoroughly crushed by the Wan True Union. Only a few powerful members of Tianfeng Union along with their leader were able to escape with serious injuries.

The Tianfeng Union simply did not get a chance to fight back and its members were directly massacred.

This time, Wan True Union finally managed to restore their prestige that was initially trampled by Ye Xiwen. Although someone else's blood had to flow for this, but the Wan True Union still got admiration for their might and ruthlessness.

This was truly a sinister method of slaughtering people who were not at all personally related to Ye Xiwen.

“They are using a vicious method.” Ye Xiwen sighed with emotion and said.

Ye Xiwen received the news, and already after three days, he had been in the depths of the demon island and practicing gilded tyrant form. His upper body was fully covered with a golden protective layer and once he would perfect the gilded tyrant form, his new battle efficiency would be enough to deal with an expert of truth eighth stage, even without himself stepping into the truth seventh stage.

“It seems you cannot reason with this mysterious leader. He is actually pushing everyone against you.” Ye Mo's voice appeared in his mind.

“Wan Cheng Yao is very formidable.” Ye Xiwen said because he truly was not a match of that guy.

Wan Cheng Yao's threat was understandable after all Ye Xiwen destroyed his alliance's encampment, killed his men and also killed his two deputy chiefs! His hate for Ye Xiwen was inevitable.

Although this way of thinking was abnormal but certainly not how a weak person would think. A weak person would try to find a reason behind Ye Xiwen's actions, but Wan Cheng Yao did not want to waste time on that. Ye Xiwen was already his target and nothing would stop him from destroying his target!

In Ye Xiwen's past life, some people would steadily make concessions while facing enemy provocations because they thought that just because the other side was being aggressive, there was no need for them to behave similarly. However, they never thought that just because they stepped back, their action worked towards encouraging the aggressor to continue using this method on others as well.

Just because Ye Xiwen had come from that kind of environment, he understood how to deal with this man. Perhaps not all people would agree to Ye Xiwen’s way of doing things.

“Because Wan Cheng Yao is too strong, so in the end, I am the one at fault for not being able to protect others.” Ye Xiwen said since it was a fact that all those people died because of him.

“You must not go out or you will simply be falling into his trap. You are not his match!” Ye Mo said, “This is exactly what he wants, he wants you to act rashly.”

(To be continued)

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