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(NT: Third regular release from last week.)

Chapter 244 Tomb Slave

"Ye Xiwen, I think this place is really strange." Mu Ling frowned and said. Encountering a mass grave in a place like this was unusual. It was easy to guess that something horrible must have happened to these people since this entire graveyard was filled with resentments and Yinqi. (NT: Yinqi = Negative energy)

There were hundreds of thousands of graves without tombstones and indicated the existence of an ancient battlefield. In fact, this scale was way too large for an ordinary battlefield. And when considering the fact that it was located on the demon island which was suspected to be the residence of a tyrannical influence from ancient times. Ye Xiwen was disinclined to believe that this was an ordinary cemetery, not to mention, the trace of yellow river also vanished here, indicating that this cemetery was actually located at the terminus of the yellow river and was possibly its source…..

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a chill running down his spine.

“I think this is an ancient battlefield.” Ye Xiwen said.

“I guess you are right.” Mu Ling said, “Otherwise, how can so many people die and leave behind so much resentment?”

The two men did not know when the clouds were quietly torn open and the starlight from countless stars shone brightly on the graves as if covering the entire cemetery with a pure white cloth.

Ye Xiwen took two steps forward and felt like he should not stay here for too long and quickly turned back to leave.

Ye Xiwen just stepped near a grave, and suddenly, there erupted an imposing aura from the grave and pounced upon him in the form of a hollow shadow.

Ye Xiwen was firmly nailed to the ground by that ghastly aura and he actually saw a tall figure clad in armor. The ghostly figure looked strong and was giving off the aura of a worthy opponent that possessed a brave heart.

Ye Xiwen felt his own spirit being locked down and this made him unable to think properly, but at this time, the golden divinity instantly burst out of his body and freed his mind and soul.

Ye Xiwen quickly got up and jumped to the side.

But at this time, both Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling saw a kind of strange yellow liquid emerging from the ground. They could sense the aura associated with it and realized that it was flowing out of the hell!

Their eyes caught a strange scene where in the dim light of the starry night, the yellow liquid slowly began to overflow from the graves and the endless streams joined together to create the yellow river that galloped towards the horizon, making its way through the initial trace of yellow river.

The yellow river also packed the lingering resentments and Yinqi along with it as it flowed away from the cemetery and these resentments slowly took the forms of ghost soldiers. The ghost soldiers roared and marched in the river as if living their lives once again.

Ye Xiwen could not help but feel somewhat uncomfortable in the face of the terrifying auras of Yinqi and Deadqi that shot up to the sky.

The Yinqi and Deadqi were extremely terrible, moreover, they intertwined in the sky and began a tangled warfare. This swept off dreadful aura in all directions as if to subjugate anyone in its path.

Perhaps, it could sweep away the entire Zhen Wu Jie if this island's space was not sealed!

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen sensed something and turned his head to see a trembling old man coming out from the woods.

Both Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling were immediately startled, after all, they had already lost their battle efficiencies in this cemetery and the sudden emergence of this uncanny old man could be a sign of danger.

Even in his past life, Ye Xiwen would not call such a shady old man harmless, not to mention, in this world, one simply could not judge a person by their appearance.

“Well, well, well, 50 years, 50 years have passed!” The old man sighed loudly and slowly arrived in front of the two men. He walked through the yellow river but was strangely not at all affected.

This old man was giving them goosebumps, after all, he just crossed the yellow river like it was nothing. He did not even wrap his feet with Zhen Yuan like Mu Ling, for preventing the corrosion.

This old man was giving off an immeasurably deep aura and simply disregarded Deadqi and yellow water while walking towards Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling. In fact, even the ghost soldiers directly made way and did not dare to approach him.

“Who are you?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“You ask my name …… it's been too long, already forgotten. You can call me tomb slave.” The old man said slowly.

Tomb Slave!

“Another fifty years have passed I presume, just hope that this time, someone can do it.” The tomb slave said with a sigh, “Heaven can be unfair sometimes!”

Ye Xiwen was confused, but he felt that this was somehow related to the bell that rang only once in fifty years.

The old man looked at Ye Xiwen and said: “You, I want to ask you. Can you do a task for me?”

“Please tell.” Ye Xiwen said respectfully but felt somewhat weird. This old man's cultivation was simply unfathomable but wanted him to do something for him? Was there really a task that he could not accomplish?

“Due to some special reasons, I cannot leave this place and want you two to do a task for me. Naturally, you two will receive great rewards.” The tomb slave said in a monotonous manner.

“May I know what this task is all about?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“See that holy mountain over there? There is a sacred immortal palace named Peak Palace above that mountain and there is a seal affixed at its peak. If you can bring over that seal to me then you will receive my legacy.” The old man said.

“Legacy ……” Ye Xiwen did not know what the old man meant by that, but this tomb slave's heritage was bound to be incredible.

“It is good that you know Phoenix regeneration technique.” After a moment of silence, the old man said again and shocked Ye Xiwen all of a sudden.

The old man actually saw through Ye Xiwen and his secrets. The cultivation level of this old man was simply beyond the imagination of this mortal world.

However, Ye Xiwen somewhat hesitated to take up this mission because according to what the tomb slave said, this immortal palace was apparently located atop that ominous mountain from where he had heard terrifying shrieks when he first stepped on this island. What if this so-called seal was placed to imprison those terrifying creatures?

If those things were allowed to go out of this island, then it would be a huge disaster for Zhen Wu Jie.

The old man looked at Ye Xiwen and as if understood what he was thinking, but did not get mad, rather commendably smiled at him and said: “Rest assured kid. It is true that I want to fulfill my tens of thousands of years old wish of getting that seal but you do not need to worry because that seal is not placed to bind them. I am not cruel enough to endanger the fate of the entire world for the sake of selfish desires. Indeed, it's true that the heaven has played tricks with me, but everything occurs for some reason.”

The old man said and Ye Xiwen sensed that there was endless sadness in his voice!

“Such being the case, I’m willing to do this task.” Ye Xiwen said, “But the point is that I may not be able to deal with those creatures.”

Mu Ling nodded as he was also aware of the risk involved in this mission since the creatures on that ominous mountain were really too fearful, not to mention, even the experts of legendary realm might not be able to deal with them.

“Since I chose you two, I will naturally not send you to your deaths.”

“Soon, there comes a short span of time that appears once in a millennium when all of the souls on that holy mountain will be in their most weakened state, then you will have the opportunity to get that seal. Remember, you will have only one hour’s time to retrieve that seal. If you are unable to get out of there in time then…..” The tomb slave did not say further but Ye Xiwen knew what he meant.

“It’s something dangerous so it is up to you whether you want to go or not.” The tomb slave said.

Ye Xiwen's brain began to think crazily. He had a powerful technique like Phoenix regeneration and if he succeeded then he would receive some formidable reward from the old man. And it should not be inferior to Phoenix regeneration, so the temptation was naturally immense.

But the danger involved was also immense, needless to say, the old man did not hide the risk involved in this mission, but there was still a chance of success, after all, it was an opportunity that appeared only once in a millennium!

Ye Xiwen did not feel any malice from this old man.

At this time, Mu Ling asked: “Why doesn't the senior go himself to retrieve the seal? It should be an easy task for you!”

“No, I cannot go.” The old man shook his head and said, “I have made a pledge to defend this cemetery for eternity. As long as I am alive, I cannot leave this place, and perhaps not even after death.”

Ye Xiwen was shocked when he heard this. What could force an expert of such profound level to stay here as a grave keeper?

“It’s something that you can do, but whether you want to do it or not is something you have to decide.” The old man said, “Otherwise, I don't mind waiting for another fifty years.”

Ye Xiwen immediately made a speculation: "A bell rings once in every fifty years on the demon island to summon young geniuses. Are these two matters somehow related?"

And if this old man had continued to choose people each time the island opened for a new group of young geniuses, generation after generations, then how many people had already set foot on this island. Certainly, many of them must have accepted this task, but that seal had still not been retrieved by anyone. This explained that all those who tried to retrieve it were dead.

(To be continued)


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