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Chapter 243 - Source of yellow river

“Ye Xiwen, you are dead, you are so dead!” Xia Wuchang sneered again and again as his fire dragon’s burning flames instantly enveloped Ye Xiwen.




Suddenly, endless divinities emerged from Ye Xiwen's body and completely wrapped him up. His body turned golden yellow, making him appear just like a golden god of war. There was no way that a fire dragon could burn his gilded tyrant body.

Moreover, by using phoenix regeneration, a damage of this level, if occurred, could be restored in an instant.

Of course, the phoenix regeneration was not universal and consumed lots of Zhen Yuan, or even consumed life essence to regenerate severe injuries. But, Xia Wuchang's attack was not potent enough to force Ye Xiwen to use phoenix regeneration.

The moment divinities burst out of Ye Xiwen's body, it seemed as if a god descended on the earth. The fire dragon was unable to burn his body but was directly annihilated instead.

Ye Xiwen sneered and used the celestial step to suddenly appear in front of Xia Wuchang.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen was so fast that Xia Wuchang did not get enough time to dodge.

Ye Xiwen rotated once and pounded a kick on his chest.

“Bang!” Xia Wuchang felt as if a mountain landed on his chest. He was sent flying and the blood sprayed out of his body and as if stained the blue sky. His body fell upside down to the ground and rolled few times before stopping.

“Ye Xiwen, you have thoroughly enraged me. I will burn you to ashes!” Xia Wuchang suddenly got angry.

In his hands appeared a whip of fire and he swept it towards Ye Xiwen. The blazing whip burned all things in its path, and even the air seemed to be burning in its flames. This attack was so fearsome that everything in the surroundings turned to ashes.

Ye Xiwen's stature shot forward like an arrow, his hands transformed into dragon claws, flashing endlessly with divine glory and directly grabbed the whip.


Both of them severely collided in the midair, and suddenly, the air as if exploded under the pressure, setting off shock waves in all directions.

The terrible shock wave crushed everything in its path. Even the towering ancient trees in the surrounding area were completely disintegrated.

“Today, no one can save you from my wrath!” Xia Wuchang coldly stared at Ye Xiwen.

“You are free to try, that is if you think you have the skill.” Ye Xiwen smirked and shot an inexhaustible Bladeqi that cut through the hot waves of fire.




Both experts were going all out, and with each collision, Ye Xiwen's imposing aura would increase bit a bit. This was an invincible imposing aura when considering the general trend where most experts would find their imposing aura and battle efficiency decreasing in a protracted fight. They not only faced a decrease in physical strength but also the weakening of their mental state.

The so-called overbearing characters were not used to losing in a fight and always enjoyed being on the winning side, but this general trend crashed down whenever Ye Xiwen came into the picture. Because irrespective of whether he was losing or winning, Ye Xiwen's battle efficiency would always continue to rise dramatically.

Ye Xiwen bravely rushed forward without showing any hesitation or restriction of any kind!

“Bang!” Xia Wuchang was once again sent flying for several dozen meters before finally dropping to the ground. Although his whole body was covered in flames but he was still not a match of Ye Xiwen. His bones were shattered and his chest had caved in. The broken ribs directly punctured his heart and he spat out blood.

This was a battle of life and death and Xia Wuchang ended up on the losing side. He had an impressive start but was soon tragically suppressed by Ye Xiwen.

This battle would act like a spark to ignite a rumor about the rise of a truly intrepid expert on the demon island. Xia Wuchang was a prestigious expert but was literally crushed like an ant.

Ye Xiwen gradually stepped towards Xia Wuchang, arrived near his body, then lifted his foot and stamped on his chest.

“Bang!” Xia Wuchang's chest region along with his heart and other internal organs were thoroughly crushed and turned into minced meat.

The experts, who were observing this battle from afar, were stunned. Xia Wuchang was dead and the whole Wan True Union was trampled, all this mess caused by just one man. Even the mysterious leader of Wan True Union would never have thought that this could happen to his alliance.

The whole demon island was going to fall into chaos.

After killing Xia Wuchang, Ye Xiwen did not stay and turned around to leave, leaving the encampment in fire and ashes.

Next day, the whole island was in an uproar when they heard the rumors about how Ye Xiwen single-handedly routed the Wan True Union and their encampment was now in ruins.

Many people did not pay much attention to Ye Xiwen, but now they had to admit that he was extremely astonishing. Single-handedly crushing an entire alliance was no joke, in fact, no one else on the demon island had achieved such a feat.

There were several ‘lone experts’ who were usually at a disadvantage while dealing with the experts affiliated to some alliance, but an alliance facing heavy losses at the hands of a lone expert was simply unheard of.

The loss of two deputy chiefs was certainly a great loss for an alliance, especially when only one man responsible for killing both.

Many experts wanted to join the Wan True Union but now they chose to give up the idea, after all, they wanted to join this alliance for stability, not for getting massacred by an infamous tyrannical expert.

From the past incidents, it was clear to everyone that Ye Xiwen was not done yet and would surely come back again.

And now that the two deputy chiefs were out of the picture, Wan True Union was drowned in chaos and the return of the mysterious leader would make it fall into deeper turmoil.

This incident also acted as a warning for other alliances. Now all of the experts knew that they must not provoke Ye Xiwen at any cost, otherwise, they might end up risking not only their own lives but the fate of their alliance as well.

Ye Xiwen proved a simple point to everyone on the demon island, that their so-called alliances and tyrannical leaders could not save them from his wrath if they messed with him, after all, even a major alliance was stripped naked by him.

The Wan True Union faced heavy losses but it was still not completely out of business. It still had a lot of experts who could act as its backbone.

After wreaking havoc as he initially planned, Ye Xiwen went towards the depths of the demon island.

“I cannot come with you because today I am going to look at the source of this yellow river. Why don't you join me?” Mu Ling said. In the last two months, his cultivation level rose up to the peak of truth seventh stage. It seemed like he continued to cultivate in the yellow river by unceasingly killing the ghost soldiers for the entire two months period. The non-stop digestion and absorption helped in an extremely quick progression of his cultivation.

This time, when he saw Ye Xiwen, he thought of him as a trusted companion.

Ye Xiwen also thought that since he did not have any other major objective right now, he might as well accompany Mu Ling. Besides, he was also very curious about the source of this yellow river.

The two men went along the trail of the river all the way towards the huge ominous mountain. Although there was no trace of ghost soldiers or the yellow river right now, but Mu Ling was very sensitive to the aura of the dead and would not go astray.

At nightfall, they finally reached the source of the yellow river.

Ye Xiwen's gaze fell upon an open space with numerous mounds of earth neatly arranged on the ground, Ye Xiwen easily recognized that this piece of land was home to at least hundreds of thousands of graves, and none of these graves were marked with gravestones as if buried in a hurry.

Suddenly, a cold feeling arose in his heart. It was too strange for such a vast cemetery to exist on this island.

And right after he entered the range of the cemetery, he felt his body stagnating right away. It seemed as if his strength was being completely suppressed. Even though he could move, but right now, he was nothing more than an average human being.

Ye Xiwen immediately turned towards Mu Ling and found him in a similar state.

(To be continued)


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