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Chapter 230 – Griffin valley

This battle was very difficult and Ye Xiwen did not know for how long it would continue. It continued all day and all night. Even the devil wings behind Ye Xiwen had begun to slowly fade away. In fact, his body was covered in wounds and some of the bones were broken despite having a supreme tyrant body.

But on the other side, Jiang Hua was also not in a good condition. His complexion looked pale because of excessive bleeding and had suffered severe trauma, not to mention his arm was also destroyed by Ye Xiwen. However, since he was on a higher level so his situation was comparatively better than Ye Xiwen.

“Fuck this psycho!” Ye Xiwen secretly cursed him while being chased all the way for one whole day and night and did not know where to run. There was a possibility of bumping into tyrannical demon beasts, but the good thing was that he was particularly sensitive to the aura and hence was able to avoid those terrifying demon beasts, otherwise, surviving this long would have been impossible.

Jiang Hua was definitely insane and Ye Xiwen was continuously flapping the devil wings, doing his best to escape from this madman.

“Ye Xiwen, you cannot run away, I will kill you!” Jiang Hua gritted his teeth. Although he was furious because he lost his arm and must take revenge in order settle the anger in his heart, but he also knew that he could not afford to let Ye Xiwen live. If he didn't kill Ye Xiwen today, then he would certainly turn into a major threat in the future.

“Only by dying can you wash away your sins!”

Only Ye Xiwen's death could cleanse the anger and hatred from his heart.

“Shut up, you lunatic! First, you tell me to join your alliance as your fellow brother, and now you are trying to kill me?” Ye Xiwen was extremely frustrated and shouted, “If you didn't leave me alone, then I will definitely destroy you and your shitty Wan True Union!”

Ye Xiwen knew that after hearing this, Jiang Hua would certainly not let him off, but he was in a rage and couldn't help but threatened him. After all, he had never been hunted down so badly before and that too for a shitty reason.

“I swear, I will come back for your Wan True Union and make you all regret the decision of messing with me. You and your master should not have fucked with me!” Ye Xiwen could not control his rage and shouted in an angry voice.

Jiang Hua was disinclined to speak, just shot his palm which turned into an endless sierra of light and advanced towards Ye Xiwen.

The devil wings flapped incredibly fast and Ye Xiwen's body suddenly sped up like a black lightning and vanished in the direction of a nearby mountain range.

“Boom!” The sierra of light crashed on the ground and a huge crater appeared there.

Jiang Hua was breathing heavily and it was obvious that he must have used up a lot of energy in this attack. After a non-stop pursuit of day and night, for him, it must have been difficult to use this attack.

However, his hatred for Ye Xiwen was driving him to go so far. This resentment was supporting him all the way and motivated him to pursue Ye Xiwen for so long.

The two sides were now involved in a competition of willpower and no one was willing to give up. They were already extremely tired, although Jiang Hua's level was much higher than Ye Xiwen, but Ye Xiwen possessed supreme tyrant body, not to mention, he was an extremely skilled fighter and a peerless genius.

Ye Xiwen had almost used up the reserves of Zhen Yuan in his body during the chase and was constantly replenishing the consumed energy by swallowing Ling Dans and converting them into Zhen Yuan, otherwise, how could he possibly keep the devil wings activated for one whole day?

But Jiang Hua's situation was no better. A single attack had left him breathless and he longer looked calm like earlier.

Each time he attacked, his complexion would turn pale for a minute and that was why he was unable to attack continuously. He was attacking only once in a while.

This also allowed Ye Xiwen to catch a breath and the interval between two attacks was the best time for resting.

A distant valley appeared in front of Ye Xiwen and countless beastly roars were originating from there in a chorus. It seemed like there was a group of demon beasts in the valley.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen felt intermittent waves of terrible coercion spreading out of there. Most probably, a legendary level demon beast was present in the valley.

Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth and exclaimed in his heart: “Must risk it all!”

The devil wings instantly flapped at a lightning speed and Ye Xiwen rushed into the valley like a black lightning.

At this time, Ye Xiwen finally got a good view of this valley. It was a very large valley, and spread over a stretch of several hundred miles, countless huge demon beasts were flying in flocks above the valley.

Each of these demon beasts was almost four meters tall, had an eagle's head, lion’s body, and four ominous claws that were exuding dark coldness.


This mythical creature was rumored to be a very fierce beast and appeared in several myths througout the Zhen Wu Jie. In the ancient ages, they were used as a mount to fly in the sky but then slowly disappeared and were later labeled as extinct creatures. He never expected to actually see a large flock of griffins.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen was more surprised to find out that almost every beast on this demon island possessed divinity, though some contained more and some less, but so far, he didn't see a single exception.

In other words, a griffin’s body was most likely to contain divinity and this meant that griffins were also among the so-called god's descendants. Without exception, all of the demon beast species he encountered so far on this island possessed divinity in their bodies.

Ye Xiwen was sometimes terrified to think that so many species of god's descendants were living on this island, and some of them were considered extinct or only appeared in myths. In the end, what kind of secret was hidden on the demon island?

Considering the presence of god's descendants on this island, it seemed like Ye Mo was right about this island being an immortal's tomb.

Could it be that innumerable immortals were buried on this island?

Moreover, these griffins were very frightening, each being at truth seventh stage or truth eighth stage. Ye Xiwen could also sense the aura of some griffins of half-step legendary realm coming from the deeper parts of the valley, as well as some legendary level griffin elders.

Before Ye Xiwen could relax, Jiang Hua's voice sounded from behind and he arrived in the valley but was immediately speechless when he saw the flock of griffins. He knew that if griffins heard his voice then he would surely be killed.

Ye Xiwen sneered since it didn't seem like this bastard would give up on chasing him, so Jiang Hua better not blame Ye Xiwen for what he was going to do next.

Ye Xiwen stretched out his hand and curled his fingers as if to grasp something, condensed an air ball and threw it towards the flock of griffins in the sky.

Ye Xiwen then immediately rushed into a gap in a nearby cliff and vanished from the scene.

Jiang Hua saw what Ye Xiwen did and froze for a moment, then suddenly understood what Ye Xiwen was trying to do and cursed in his heart. This Ye Xiwen was such a sly guy, to think that he would actually use such a dirty trick.

Before he could think of countermeasures, he saw a flock of hundreds of enraged griffins flying towards him. These griffins were enormous and looked just like dive bombers as they dived towards Jiang Hua.

Because they only saw Jiang Hua on the scene, so they assumed he was the culprit and the sole intruder in their area. They were oblivious about the real instigator, Ye Xiwen, and focused their rage on Jiang Hua. Not to mention, Ye Xiwen had used 'restraining breath technique' to hide his presence, including his aura and smell of blood, so the griffins couldn't sense him at all.

Ye Xiwen had practiced 'restraining breath technique' to its peak level and it once again played a big role.

“Ye Xiwen, you bastard!” Jiang Hua cursed loudly and immediately turned back to escape with hundred of griffins chasing from behind.

Dealing with one griffin could be disastrous, and he was being chased by so many. He couldn't possibly dare to stay in the valley after becoming the sole target of these blood-thirsty beasts.

If he was caught then he would surely be torn to pieces.

Jiang Hua was chased all the way and eventually disappeared in the horizon.

Ye Xiwen was relieved, finally got rid of that psycho.

Suddenly, the sense of pain crawled all over his whole body and attacked his brain. He was gasping and his face contorted, showing immense pain and agony.

During the long pursuit, Ye Xiwen lost track of the number of times he was attacked. He was alive right now thanks to his incredibly formidable tyrant body. An ordinary person would have died in the beginning itself.

But even with such a tyrant body, he didn't how many bones were broken in his body, layers of skin were peeled off. He was in a horrible condition right now.

However, the good news was that he finally got rid of that lunatic. As far as the injuries were concerned, he could slowly recuperate and nurse hismelf back to health.

Although recuperating right under the noses of these demon beasts was a very dangerous thing to do, but right now, he was seriously injured and had no strength to fly. There was a possibility that the enemy might be lurking outside and waiting for him to come out of the valley, so he had no choice but to stay here.

(To be continued)


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