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Chapter 229 - Struggles hard to escape

Jiang Hua had entered a full slaughter mode and shouted: “Die!”

Ye Xiwen now had no way out. He knew that he must not fight with Jiang Hua, but he could find no escape route. He rejected the invitation of Wan True Union, and considering Jiang Hua's blind devotion to his master and alliance, perhaps, this act was a blasphemy of his beliefs.

If Ye Xiwen withdrew now then he could be hunted to death. His only option was to continue this desperate battle, and at least try to seriously injure his opponent, then only it would be possible to escape.

At this time, Jiang Hua seized the opportunity and shot decisively. He joined his hands and released a huge divine beam as if resembling an endless mountain, which immediately advanced towards Ye Xiwen as if to swallow him whole.

The very presence of this mountain of divine beam was enough to shake the entire world. The terrifying power of truth seventh peak had fully manifested at this time.

It was certainly beyond the imagination of an ordinary person!

It could be said that it was hard to find a same-level opponent for Jiang Hua, let alone, Ye Xiwen managed to compete with him while having two levels less in comparison.

Ye Xiwen was relying on the supreme might of gilded tyrant form, granting him unsurpassed attack power and defense power.

The divine light held in Jiang Hua's hands transformed into a strange beast. It roared upwards and rushed towards Ye Xiwen while ejecting flames all the way from its body.

Jiang Hua was going all out without any mercy, and Ye Xiwen didn't have the luxury of being lenient, instead he must go all out.

Ye Xiwen shouted, his whole body turned bronze and began to emit unequalled gloss and luster. He looked just like an ancient overlord reborn.

“Boom!” A terrible collision occurred and the seemingly inexhaustible divine beam was directly torn apart by Ye Xiwen. The huge mountain of light tumbled down layer by layer, taking away as many things as possible with it.

The enormous power of explosion swept off and Jiang Hua was shaken by the great might displayed by Ye Xiwen just now, but Ye Xiwen himself was pushed back all the way, though it didn't cause him any injuries. Ye Xiwen didn't stop even for an instant and immediately shot his palm, releasing a golden dragon. This dragon was exuding a terrifying mysterious energy and there were traces of golden threads in its body.

Ye Xiwen went all out and attacked.

Jiang Hua stopped and shot his palm, causing countless air explosions. O a naked eye, one could see the endless combustion and explosions in the air, sweeping all the way and finally colliding with the golden dragon.

“Boom!” The enormous explosion destroyed everything in the surrounding areas.

The two experts once again battled together without rest. Basically, Ye Xiwen had been pushed under the wind, but his invincible tyrant body was able to resist all attacks, not to mention when Ye Xiwen used his tyrant powers then no one could block those attacks. Even Jiang Hua was being careful and not indulging in a hand-to-hand combat with Ye Xiwen, otherwise, even though Ye Xiwen could not kill him, but could certainly severely injure him.


A majestic power exploded and Ye Xiwen was once again sent flying.

“Today, you will die without doubt!” There was an extremely cold look in Jiang Hua's eyes, but he was secretly terrified in the heart when he witnessed Ye Xiwen's fearful vitality.

Other experts of same-level simply couldn't stop his attacks, but this Ye Xiwen was simply a genius. Even if he was at truth fifth stage, it was literally impossible to suppress him.

And Ye Xiwen not only dared to attack him, but all his attacks were meant to kill. Not to mention, although Ye Xiwen was wounded but was constantly fighting back. He was not the type of guy who would flee at the first sign of defeat. If such a person was allowed to grow then it would be disastrous for him and his lord. Ye Xiwen must never be allowed to step into the truth sixth stage.

Thinking of this, Jiang Hua's killing intention increased and he once again attacked Ye Xiwen.

An ordinary expert of truth fifth stage would have been killed by now, but Ye Xiwen's tyrant body was no joke.

“Boom!” The explosion ripped the ground once again, creating a large crater.

Jiang Hua was constantly trying to kill Ye Xiwen and Ye Xiwen was furiously struggling to resist. His hands would transform into dragon claws and tear apart the huge mountain of divine light. But each time, it was getting difficult for Ye Xiwen to resist Jiang Hua's attacks.

However, Ye Xiwen’s facial expression did not change and still appeared callous, ice-cold and domineering. As expected from a practitioner of supreme tyrant body.

“Ye Xiwen, it cannot go on like this!” Ye Mo said in a serious tone. “Although it is hard for him to kill you, but if it goes on like this, then you will end up consuming all your energy.”

Since Ye Xiwen was relying on the might of his tyrant body, so it was impossible for Jiang Hua to kill him in one shot, but if he continued to attack like this, then Ye Xiwen would end up consuming all his energy and wouldn't be able to defend anymore, while the enemy would still have sufficient energy to kill him.

“I just need to inflict severe damage on him at least once, but I don't know how to do it.” Ye Xiwen wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and said, “He's too powerful, I don't know how to do it. But, if I don't injure him even once then he will definitely chase me down to the ends of the earth. The only way to make him quit is to cause heavy losses to this guy.”

Ye Xiwen felt helpless. If there was a way, then, not even the god could have stopped him from using it!

Jiang Hua's divine beam transformed into a large sierra of light and directly pressed down towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if the sky itself was caving down, like the end of the world.

Ye Xiwen stood up, stimulated gilded tyrant form to its peak, summoned the coiling dragon and flew upwards to greet the incoming attack.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen and his coiling dragon routed the great sierra of divine light, but as a result of the collision, he spat out blood and was sent flying down and crashed into the ground, resulting into a large crater.

Jiang Hua immediately chased down and shot his palm, which turned into a mountain and pressed down upon fallen Ye Xiwen as if to crush him once and forever.

Ye Xiwen was injured and the blood had begun to seep out of his whole body, and must be causing immense pain.

“Aaaah!” Ye Xiwen looked up towards the sky and gave out a long and loud cry. His whole body was instantly covered with Zhen Yuan, dispersing his black hair. A domineering radiance immediately exuded from his body.

“Boom!” As the great mountain of divine light descended upon Ye Xiwen, he felt a surge of horror in his heart.

“Peng!” Ye Xiwen was sent flying far away.

Jiang Hua laughed and said: “Ye Xiwen, you can be considered a top genius of our younger generation, but just so you know, not all geniuses manage to fully mature to show the extent of their true potential. And you have also reached a dead-end, now die!”

Jiang Hua laughed loudly, saw an opening in Ye Xiwen's defenses and rushed towards him.

“Go die!” Ye Xiwen suddenly opened his eyes. A golden light flashed in his eyes along with the traces of golden threads floating in his eyes. A long golden sword instantly appeared in his hand and released dreadful godly aura which swept across in all directions. The surrounding vegetation as if bowed in the prestige of the god. Any living being did not have the guts to lift their head before the absolute might of the gods. It was said that the gods were the noblest existences in all of the ten thousand worlds and no other life form could be placed on par with them.

As soon as the godly aura swept off everywhere, a terrifying sword intention was shot up into the sky. It seemed as if it minced the air and clouds and was about to cut the world itself, bringing about the birth of chaos.

“What is this?!” Jiang Hua was startled. He never expected that Ye Xiwen was actually hiding such a killer move and was enduring all this time to reveal an opening and lure him into attacking. And he actually fell into Ye Xiwen's trap.

“Boom!” There was an earth-shattering noise and everything was annihilated in the area, even the surrdounding space was disrupted from the explosion. The sword intention was actually composed of divinity and directly pierced into Jiang Hua's right hand when he tried to block.

“Ah!” Jiang Hua screamed as his arm was destroyed by the golden sword intention and literally turned into atoms. He quickly retreated almost a kilometer but only after losing most of his arm. There was a look of terror in his eyes because this was beyond the scope of his imagination. The sword intention actually cut through the protective layer of Zhen Yuan as if cutting through the plastic foam.

This Golden sword intention was too terrible.

He did not know that more than a month's worth of collected divinity was present in that single attack. So many gods' descendants had been slaughtered by Ye Xiwen for their divinity and he spent it all at once.

Although Jiang Hua was powerful but how could he possibly be compared with the noblest creatures between the heaven and the earth. Ye Xiwen had collected only a little bit of divinity but this amount was enough for one effective sneak attack.

Ye Xiwen spouted a mouthful of blood, but this time, there was no trace of golden divinity in the blood. It had been completely consumed in the last attack.

Ye Xiwen could no longer suppress his injuries and spat blood from his mouth. Then, he clenched his teeth and instantly opened black devil wings and flew towards the depths of the demon island like a black lightning. He knew that although he caused a serious injury to Jiang Hua and compelled him to retreat, but this was not enough to make him give up, instead it backfired and made him even angrier. Ye Xiwen was quite satisfied to see that using golden divinity in one could make it so powerful and disastrous.

Now, Ye Xiwen couldn't afford to hide his devil wings and only focused on escaping from there as a matter of first priority.

Jiang Hua noticed that Ye Xiwen turned around to flee and immediately understood that this snaek attack was possibly his trump card and could only be used once, otherwise, there was no need to escape.

In other words, he was played, not to mention his arm was also blown up. And since he was not a devil, he couldn't possibly have the strong ability of regeneration. In other words, he lost his right arm forever and this made his heart burn with anger and hatred.

“You cannot run away from me! Today, you shall die!” Jiang Hua roared and his voice like a sonic boom swept in all directions.

(To be continued)

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