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Chapter 22 – Then I will show you enough

Ye Xiwen was naturally not aware of the face that he had become the talk of the elders, but he did not have time to care about that.

Since his fight had ended early in the morning, he had a lot of time to see the competition of other people.

After the first round of the competition was over, there were only a hundred individuals left for the second round.

Compared to the first round, the second round had many high level contestants. Even the worst of them had also acquired the peak of fourth stage.

Ye Xiwen also saw an extremely powerful master. He would shoot a huge burst of spiritual power to easily beat his opponents. All these people were the masters of sixth stage, and were already considered as elites in the inner sect.

Ye Xiwen’s third round opponent was much powerful than Wang Shaoqi, even Shi Feng was not his match. However his cultivation was just at the peak of fifth stage and was easily slapped down by Ye xiwen’s palm.

He easily got past the third round, which made him to receive a lot of attention from Yi Yuan School’s key figures. Most of the elders began to focus specifically on him, much like paying attention to those geniuses.

Getting past the third round, he had easily entered into the top 50 ranks, and after the completion of fourth round, he would already be in the top 30.

Elder Hu’s complexion was getting increasingly ugly. He had claimed that Ye Xiwen would absolutely not enter into the top 50 ranks, however he easily got past the third round and was now in the top 50. If Ye Xiwen were to pass the fourth round, then he would lose his face, this would be like a slap on his face. (TL: In chapter 21, author has written ‘Ye Xiwen would not be able to get into the top 30 ranks’, but in this chapter, it was changed to ‘top 50 ranks’ by the author)

And it was not at all difficult for him to get past the third round, all he did was use one move to win the matches, no one could compel him to use a second move. No one could even compel him to use his martial arts, all he did was lightly clap his palm and the opponent would fly out.

Ye Xiwen had been using just one move to defeat his opponents while easily winning all the fights. This led to a sudden rise in his reputation among the disciples.

Many people started to pay attention to his fights.

“The strength of this Ye Xiwen is simply unfathomable, and unexpectedly no one could actually force him to use his real moves. As to which martial arts technique he practices, no one knows!”

“Look, he has a broadsword on his back. It’s certainly a knife!”

“No, someone saw, his martial art is a palm technique and it has a hint of thunderclap, it is definitely Rushing thunder hand!”

“Even his martial arts cannot be forced out, it’s really amazing!”

“But the next time he can’t be so relaxed because his next opponent is going to be Tang Nian. He is already a master of the sixth stage and he has easily hacked through all the challenges. It is really going to be a tough competition!”

Ye Xiwen also heard these arguments but he did not mind them at all.

“I didn’t expect that you could come this far, however you’d better pray not to bump into me!” When Ye Xiwen was meditating, a shadow came over, it was actually a strong youth in his twenties carrying a pair of huge copper hammer on his back, “otherwise, I will let you taste the same pain my brother had to suffer!”

“You are Ma Ying?” Ye Xiwen responded immediately, this person should be that Ma Ying no doubt about it. “Your younger brother has done all sorts of evil things, and so many people were forced by him to lose everything they had. This is retribution!”

“I do not care what my brother has done, but today I will definitely avenge my brother, you’d better surrender soon, or I will tear off your limbs!” said Ma Ying with an evil grin on his face.

Ye Xiwen stayed calm and looked coldly at him.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid? If you are scared then escape quickly, ha ha ha ha!” Ma Ying said while laughing.

Many disciples were discussing about in the crowd.

“I wouldn’t have thought that there was actually hatred between Ma Ying and Ye Xiwen, Gee, this is probably going to be a lot of fun!”

“Tsk , I heard that Ye Xiwen severely injured Ma Yan in front of everyone and was bedridden for a long time. This was the main reason and including Ma Ying’s vengeful character, this matter couldn’t be ignored!”

“This Ma Ying is easily one of the top five figures, so Ye Xiwen won’t just have his four limbs broken right!”

“Ye Xiwen is not someone to be trifled with so easily, so far none of the opponents could force him to use a second move!”

“Hey, let me measure your strength, let’s see if you can win against Tang Nian!” Ma Ying grinned fiendishly and suddenly dashed like a killer. Suddenly a sledgehammer flew out from his back, with his big hands grabbing it, and he shoved it mercilessly towards Ye Xiwen producing a howling wind like sound.

Ma Ying was an arrogant man, but his strength was not a joke. His cultivation was definitely at the peak of sixth stage, second to none among the inner sect disciples. His terrible power had firmly locked on Ye Xiwen and the sledgehammer then smashed down immediately.

This was to test Ye Xiwen’s strength, but it was simply looking for an excuse to cripple him.

Ye Xiwen took a few steps, and his figure, just like that of a celestial being, freely and easily escaped this hammer attack. But who would have thought that Ma Ying was also using the celestial step to catch up with him, however Ma Ying’s celestial step was filled with explosive power and strength.

It was quite different!

Ma Ying’s eyes flashed with killing intent, grinning again and again. He trotted to keep up with Ye Xiwen, with a heavy sledgehammer in his hands as if it was nothing, then he slammed it down fiercely.

“Boom!” The sledgehammer smashed with immense power creating a big hole in the ground, but Ye Xiwen had easily dodged this attack.

“How could you actually …” Ma Ying looked astonishingly at him, he certainly figured it out that Ye Xiwen was using celestial step, which caused his hatred to grow even more. Ye Xiwen certainly took it from his brother’s body, but he was not worried as he had beem practicing celestial step for more than a year, so how could this guy be better than him.

However just now Ye Xiwen had easily dodged his hammer attack, and was unexpectedly at the third level (Xiao Cheng) of celestial step!

He was still at the second level (Entering the inner chamber) of celestial steps and there was still a long way to go to reach the Xiao Cheng!

“Idiot!” Ye Xiwen sneered.

“Die!” Ma Ying was suddenly furious, he completely erupted with anger, his spiritual qi quickly rose to the top, much more violent compared to the Wang Shaoqi. However Wang Shaoqi was able to compete with masters of the early sixth stage in the competition three years ago, but Ma Ying was ranked among the top five masters in this session of inner sect disciples. He had easily won all his battles and was almost without a rival.

“This time I will turn you into a corpse!” Ma Ying’s spiritual qi had locked onto Ye Xiwen. A monstrous and overwhelming qi spread all over the place, and two sledgehammers roared and smashed as if two hills had pounded in general.

Ye Xiwen could feel dozens of tyrannical gazes sweeping over him, out of which there were a lot with evil intentions. There were even the Xiantian level masters among them, just their gazes were enough to give him chills. (TL: basically everyone was waiting for Ye Xiwen to use his martial arts)

He knew that Ye Kongming was an elder at the Yi Yuan School, so he would naturally have friends as well as enemies. He did not know how many of these enemies were hidden in the shadows, waiting for his father to become a laughingstock.

Since they want to see, I will show them enough!

Any schemes and tricks, in the face of true strength, are like the floating clouds!

The true strength that he had been hiding all this time completely erupted, and shot up high into the sky. He directly acquired the peak of sixth stage.

“What, Ye Xiwen has already acquired the peak of sixth stage!”

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