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Chapter 217 - The sinister Demon Island

The demon island appeared again and immediately set off a storm in the entire southeast region. The infamous bell once again summoned countless geniuses from all over, and they set off on the journey.

This expedition was only focused on preparing a battlefield for the chosen geniuses hailing from the ten countries of Southeast region!

Brave and fearless, but the success was going to belong to only a few, the rest could only be used as paving stones in the supreme glory of the winners.

Although it wasn't clear at what time they must go to the demon island, but under normal circumstances, the major forces would come along and send their respective chosen geniuses together, so that they could get along on the way and take good care of each other.

And this time, three disciples were summoned from Yi Yuan School. No one was surprised to find out that one of the chosen candidates was Ye Xiwen, while the other one of the remaining two was actually Hua Menghan. In the last two months, Hua Menghan had firmly stepped into the second stage of truth realm, and her cultivation was surprisingly almost comparable to that of Ye Xiwen.

After all, Hua Menghan had spent a long time in Xiantian ninth stage, accumulating all the time, so now when she finally had a breakthrough; she directly reached the second stage of truth realm. Initially, Ye Xiwen was a bit surprised, but he knew that she had a strong background. He actually felt quite relieved, since Hua Menghan joined the Main Sect of Yi Yuan School at the age of 16 and that too when she was at Xiantian fifth stage. And, noticing her excellent talent and shocking cultivation speed, later, she was taken in as a direct disciple of Wu Potian, the head of Yi Yuan School. Now, in just a matter of few years, she reached all the way up to the truth second stage. This really put her in a league, far ahead of her peers and sibling disciples.

Hua Menghan had been considerable low-key all the time since she was focusing on the accumulation of profound knowledge and skill, and now that her cultivation finally had a breakthrough, it literally put her in the spotlight as a peerless genius of Yi Yuan School. Not to forget, she was one of the three chosen by the demon island bell.

Hua Menghan's achievement could be regarded as extraordinary, literally far beyond the expectations of Ye Xiwen.

However, Ye Xiwen was much more curious about the third candidate. He was a young guy in black clothes who appeared to be about 20 years old. Named as Chen Ruochen, he was a sibling disciple of Hua Menghan and had been directly trained by Wu Potian. He was a disciple of truth third stage and was actually not really a well-known disciple among Wu Potian's disciples. He could only be regarded as very mediocre, with a normally silent and withdrawn personality. He was basically a loner and didn't have many friends, in fact, even Hua Menghan didn't know him well because of his eccentric attitude.

Even though Chen Ruochen was not very famous, but Ye Xiwen didn't dare to look down on him. After all, only peerless geniuses could hear the summoning bell of the demon island, so it was impossible for mediocre geniuses to be summoned. Perhaps, he was deliberately trying to keep a low profile.

But anyway, a total of three disciples from Yi Yuan School were going to set foot on the demon island. So, they would obviously maintain a good relationship with each other, after all, mutual cooperation was not always wrong.

Because everyone needed to prepare for the long journey ahead, so their departure was delayed until ten days later, when the three finally hit the road. Although each time the demon island made its appearance, it was always in the East China Sea, but the location was not the same each time. Besides the experts who heard the summoning bell, others couldn't sense its location.

However, to actually find its exact location was not very difficult because thousands of experts were summoned each time, making the task easier. Not to forget, even the non-summoned experts of the same sect would help their chosen peers in finding the demon island.

However, it was impossible for the non-chosen ones to enter the island.

Ye Xiwen and the other two flew all the way towards the Demon Island and saw a lot of people on the way. They were also flying in the direction of the East China Sea, where the demon island was going to appear after fifty years. Among them, there were many people who didn't believe in this legend and wanted to confirm with their own eyes.

Along the way, the three didn't have much communication until they reach the East China Sea coast. They started looking for a Zhen Yuan propelled wooden boat. Ye Xiwen noticed that this boat was way faster than the speedboat of his previous life.

The trio had an approximate location of the demon island, so they decided to advance in that direction.

Although flying would be faster than riding that boar, but airspace near the demon island was said to be infested with tyrannical flying-type demon beasts, so it was recommended to use a boat. Even though the trio was somewhat dissatisfied with the speed, but they didn't want to take the lead and definitely weren't in a rush.

On the way, occasionally, small groups of 3-4 experts could be seen rushing towards the demon Island team. Obviously, they were the leaders of the younger generation among the ten countries of southeast region.

Early morning sunlight was reflecting on the sea in the form of shiny bits and pieces of dazzling stars. The whole scene looked extremely beautiful as the trio sped on the boat for three whole days, but there wasn't a shred of weariness on their faces. Having reached such higher levels of cultivation, there was no necessity of taking rest.

From far, they saw a figure approaching very fast from behind and were actually surprised to see that it was a young priest in black robe. He looked roughly 25 or 26 years old from appeared. His robe was fluttering as he was riding the waves and quickly approaching them. His movements looked natural and elegant.

The trio was slightly surprised since they never expected to actually see a priest in the world of martial arts. Ye Xiwen could somehow relate to this from the knowledge of his past life since the priest somewhat resembled the monastic martial artists from his previous life. However, there were some differences, like the spiritual cultivation involved training one's mind and soul, but this priest seemed to have a very powerful martial arts heritage.

This young priest’s agility skill was extremely superior. It didn't take him even a moment to arrive beside these three.

But he didn't wait to converse with the trio and quickly went ahead. He just stopped for an instant and nodded slightly to greet the three, which showed that he was not an arrogant guy.

Hua Menghan frowned while looking at the back profile of the young priest and said: “This priest looks very strong. I could not perceive his cultivation.”

Chen Ruochen nodded in agreement. This priest was actually daring to go alone to the demon island, which was the proof of his incredible courage.

There was a calm and dignified look on Ye Xiwen's face, because unlike the other two, he was well aware of this priest's outstanding strength. He had already seen through the cultivation of the young priest, who was at the sixth stage of truth realm. This should clearly place him among the few strongest peerless geniuses on the demon island.

He was so young and still managed to step into the truth sixth stage, which was a proof of his natural talent. Needless to say, since the demon island appeared only once in 50 years, plus it summoned only special geniuses who were generally only 50 years old or less, each having great potential genius. So, Ye Xiwen could determine from this that this priest was definitely less than fifty years old, in fact, he looked less than 30 years old, which again placed him among the rarest of peerless geniuses like the eighth prince.

Fortunately, the test on the demon island was not to determine one winner out of so many contestants. It was more of a treasure hunt!

However, the slaughter was inevitable whenever a rare treasure would pop up.

Demon island has been able to attract so many people, all kinds of adventures that demon island, there are many day material to treasure, turn around, you can have great benefits.

The main attraction of the demon island was it being a host of several rare treasures and adventures.

Most people were attracted towards the endless treasures and craze for the upcoming fortuitous encounters.

In a blink of an eye, two days passed. Ye Xiwen and the other two finally approached the demon island. The excitement was getting more and more intense in their hearts, as they were nearing the dyed black sky, filled with dark billowing clouds.

The strong winds were howling, numerous sea waves were billowing and shooting up into the sky, but in this boundless sea, they could still see the blossoming of small waves.

When looking from afar, there was an endless sea stretched for miles and obscured by dark clouds. The trio was enjoying beautiful sunlight earlier, but now they were in the deeper region of this sea. Here, dense dark clouds were running amuck, obscuring the sky, and a huge island could be seen looming in the stormy waves of Yaoqi, soaring throughout the sky. (NT: Yaoqi = Demonqi)

The trio knew that this dark cloud was actually composed of Yaoqi, and within a month, the entire demon island was going to be sealed off by a barricade of these dark clouds. It would not re-open until more than a year later, which meant that they would be sealed off on this island for a whole year until it would re-open.

In more than a year’s time, the people on the demon island wouldn't be able to contact with the people outside and vice versa.

Under these dark clouds, there was a no-fly zone for any living or non-living thing of alien origin.

The trio quickly sped the boat towards the island, while the dark clouds were directly above them, but suddenly from afar, they saw few human figures coming towards them and were shocked to find out that each of them possessed tyrannical aura. Judging from their auras, it was certain that they were legendary level experts. Finally, the trio saw three old men dressed in magnificent robes, as if they were the super heavyweights of some big faction.

However, these three old men looked extremely distressed. Their robes were ragged and torn all over, as if they were desperately fleeing from someone or something. There wasn't a shred of imposing aura coming from them, as the trio expected from legendary level experts.

“Roar!” A loud roar of unknown origins pierced through the sea breeze and shook Ye Xiwen's eardrums. It left his ears buzzing and slightly bleeding, which caused him to feel nausea and sick.

Ye Xiwen looked in the direction of the sound's origin and saw a huge golden light flying across the sky. Even in the dark and gloomy sky, it looked extraordinarily bright and dazzling.

In a matter of few breaths, the golden light arrived close by and dispersed into golden fragments of light, revealing a gigantic golden eagle. Its entire body was covered in yellow feathers that were exuding golden light. It also had a curved black beak and a pair of extremely large yellow claws.

(To be continued)

(NT: With this chapter, the 7th volume ends. A new and exciting ARC starts from next chapter and it’s going to last for more than hundred chapters. Stay tuned! :D)

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