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Chapter 216 - Demon island bell rings

“Look Ye Xiwen, the road ahead is long. Even if you possess god-given wisdom and talent, but you are still young and far from being a legend warrior. There's a long way to go and you will face countless unknown obstacles along the way, so making a new friend is good for you!” A hint of threat was apparent in the old man's words.

“Are you threatening me?” Ye Xiwen's complexion suddenly became dark and filled with anger.

“I am just stating the fact, kid.” The old man said in a casual manner.

“I don't need others to help me pave my way to success. Even if there are thorns in my way, I will completely chop them off and make my own way.” Ye Xiwen was unmoved. He was standing in front of Yi Yuan School and wasn't afraid of the enemy.

Ye Xiwen consecrated to the unusual repugnance towards the royal clan. Earlier when the eighth prince was challenging him to a fight to the death, this old man said that the elders mustn't get involved in the fight of the young ones. And now that his own disciple's life was on the line, he interfered without thinking twice about his own statement. Two sets of standards were pretty obvious in this situation!

“I remember how you said just now that the old guys mustn't get involved in the matters of the younger generation. Now, you intend to go back on your words!” Ye Xiwen said in a mocking voice.  “If I was the one nailed atop a mountain, would you come out to save me from your eighth prince? Look at the pious look on your face and the dignity you carry as an expert, it's fake in the end. You are not even ashamed of yourself, old man.”

“You!” The old man choked from the anger, bulging inside of him from Ye Xiwen's words, but he didn't dare to attack, after all, he was standing in front of Yi Yuan School. If he actually dared to attack Ye Xiwen, neither him not the eighth prince would go back alive.

Not to forget, the eighth prince's entire stunt was like provocation, as if looking down on Yi Yuan School.

The five forces were capable of peaceful coexistence for so many years, naturally by not making sudden moves and abiding by the rules and the eighth prince's everyday's clamoring about dominating the world itself was no different from committing the taboo. Who would want the eighth prince in power?

One could simply and smoothly kill the eighth prince on this reason conveniently and no one would be able to say anything. Not to mention, the royal clan wouldn't say anything, in fact, many people would be clapping and celebrating.

The competition in royal clan was more brutal than other forces. Although the five pro-disciples were competing for the seat of Yi Yuan School's head, but they wouldn't steep so low as to killing each other for its sake, because it was just a position and didn't give the right to continue one's own royal bloodline. However, the same was not true for the throne. (NT: In short, there's democracy in Yi Yuan School but monarchy in royal clan.)

Eighth prince’s death would greatly benefit the eldest prince, the second prince, the fourth prince, uh, and now the ninth prince was also in the race. Not to mention, other major forces were supporting the aforementioned princes and they certainly didn't approve of the eighth prince's ambition. So, even inside the royal clan, there were many people who didn't approve of the eighth prince's actions, after all, they didn't want to mess with the other major forces. Since they were fully aware of the fact that royal clan alone wasn't responsible for the foundation of Great Yue State, in fact, without the help of other forces, it would have been impossible for the royal clan to achieve such a feat.

Many people were scared that if the eighth prince really got the throne and waged war against the other forces, the end result would be the destruction of royal clan. The overall strength of Yi Yuan School and the other major forces was tyrannical. They possessed several legendary level experts, and while facing so many legendary level experts, the imperial legions would prove pretty useless. Since the rule of strength in number didn't stand a chance in front of a legendary level expert.

Because of this, the royal clan was deliberately planning to keep strong ties with Yun Cheng sect. By doing so, it was barely maintaining a balance of power with Yi Yuan School and the other two major forces.

Even if he wanted to dominate the world, he shouldn't have kept blabbering about it all the time. Fear controls all and people instinctively fear unknown!

Therefore, considering the hostile elements inside the royal clan who hated the eighth prince, the old man didn't dare to get involved.

“I am not the kind of person who easily gets scared of such empty threats. I just believe in fully repay of debt!” Ye Xiwen sneered, “And it seems today, it's going to be difficult for your eighth prince to escape from the death's claws!”

Ye Xiwen lifted his long blade and was about to stab the eighth prince, and from the far distance, the old man's angry shout suddenly thundered.

“Ding!” The melodious sound of a bell suddenly rang out of nowhere, as if transmitting from the sky, and instantly struck Ye Xiwen's mind. Ye Xiwen was completely left stunned for an instant.




One after another, the bell continued to ring.

The old man looked at Ye Xiwen and couldn't understand what stunned him, but he saw the opportunity and immediately grabbed the eighth prince's body in his big hand and disappeared.

“You will pay for what you did today!”

“Ye Xiwen, what's wrong?”

“Wasn't he going to kill the eighth prince?”

“Impossible, I can just feel Ye Xiwen's monstrous killing intention and anger. I don't understand why he didn't kill him while he had the chance.”

“Then what happened exactly!”

“God knows!”

“Could it be that something happened and stopped Ye Xiwen's attack?”

Moments after the eighth prince was rescued by the old man, Ye Xiwen finally recovered and got extremely furious!

However, what on the earth was that bell sound and where did it come from……

The news quickly spread throughout the Great Yue State among the warriors community. After a long period of 50 years, the demon island bell rang once again in the sky of Great Yue State.

There were lots of legends related to the demon Island in Great Yue State and several neighboring countries.

The older experts were not much concerned about the demon island because, more or less, everyone knew about this strange island's connection with the younger generation disciples.

Since the demon island only appeared once in every 50 ears, and for an average person, it was a considerably long time. Naturally, no one knew about the background of the demon island.

However, very soon, the legend of the demon island spread once again.

According to the hearsay, long time ago, the demon island appeared in this world. There was no record of how long ago it really appeared, but after a cycle of every 50 years, it would appear in the East China Sea. Again, no one knew about the reason behind its appearance and disappearance and how it took happened.

Everyone knew only this much that it would appear only once in 50 years, and each time with its appearance, a melodious bell would ring and call forth the chosen ones. Not anyone could listen to this bell's sound, because only the leaders of younger generation could hear the melodious sound of this bell and only these chosen few could enter into the island. Those who couldn't hear the bell summons shouldn't even dream about going to the demon island.

Therefore, many people considered the bell summon as a standard. Those who heard the bell ringing were considered as young heroes of their respective sects.

Fifty years ago, Qi Feifan went to the demon island and reaped great benefits over there. That's how he could become so strong.

And after a lapse of five decades, the demon island once again rang the bell, which gave rise to countless rumors.

And like last time, this time, Ye Xiwen heard the call of the bell, which also became a staple of conversation for countless people. After receiving the summons from the demon island, finally, even the unwilling and most stubborn people had to recognize Ye Xiwen's peerless talent and extraordinary abilities. This was no different from attaining instant glory overnight.

Since the demon island bell never summoned non-top geniuses.

However, Ye Xiwen was not much excited or flattered about this, like everyone expected him to be.

In fact, this thing was too weird since Ye Xiwen didn't know about the origin of this demon island.

After continuously searching through books and materials for a few days, Ye Xiwen finally had a profound understanding about this demon island and why it was famed as the killing fields of peerless geniuses.

The demon island bell summon was not just for Yi Yuan School, but for ten countries of the southeast region. Almost over a thousand peerless geniuses from the ten countries of the southeast region were going to participate in this expedition.

No one could count how many peerless geniuses fell during the last summons. Qi Feifan himself was an invincible expert of his generation and incomparably tyrannical, and largely because most of the peerless geniuses of his generation had already fallen in the demon island.

Fifty years ago, that time was one of the most miserable times for the Great Yue State. It lost more than 50 peerless geniuses in one fell swoop, and in the end, only Qi Feifan survived and returned from the demon island. In the end, what happened there, no one would ever come to know except Qi Feifan.

However, even if the situation was relatively good, as many as only a dozen people would manage to come back alive.

And one must know that these weren't some ordinary disciples, but were considered the specifically cultivated peerless geniuses of various forces. The death of any of which would cause severe loss to the sect.

It was said in the southeast region that only those who would manage to come back alive from the demon island would be standing on the top of the pyramid of power.

Therefore, although the demon island was called an elite meat grinder, but it still gave enormous opportunities to the brave young geniuses. That's why even after clearly knowing about the narrow escape, they would still choose to go.

Several of them wanted to go because they were holding the thought; they would either die on the demon island or come back alive to become the strongest figures among the ten countries of the southeast region.

Moreover, these were the so-called elites among the geniuses and possessed great self-confidence. Every one of them was confident that they would be able to come out alive from the demon island.

Anyways, there would a huge gap between the strength and skills of those who didn't go to the demon island and those who came out from there.

So they were willing to take the fall and make good use of this chance!

Now it was Ye Xiwen's turn to choose whether to go or not!

“I will go, why wouldn't I go when everyone else is going? And if only one person will come out alive from there, that person would be me.”

(To be continued)


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