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Chapter 212 - Same level showdown

“So you finally came to meet your death.” The eighth prince said in a cold voice.

“Just because your practice time is ten years ahead of mine, don't get ahead of yourself.” Ye Xiwen contemptuously sneered, “I’ll crush you like an ant under my feet if we fight at the same level!”

“You’re just trying to provoke me, but I will kill you, no one can save you now!” The eighth prince said in a cold voice then took a step forward and took a commanding gesture while intently watching Ye Xiwen.

The eighth prince's eyes were shining just like the ice-cold iron while a large mass of Zhen Yuan was roaring on his body. There was an invincible confidence on his face and it could be seen that he was not at all conceited about his strength. The terrifying strength he was displaying right now was the reason behind his unmatched self-confidence.

“Chop down this bastard prince into pieces, does he actually think of himself as the emperor of Great Yue State? He is nothing but an arrogant prince!”

“Yes, there are over a dozen princes in the empire, the whole avenue is filled with princes, might as well consider them as dogs, don't hold back and completely chop him off!”

The disciples of Yi Yuan School suddenly started to clamor. If the eighth prince was fighting at his full strength, then in their eyes, Ye Xiwen wouldn't have a shred of chance of winning, but now the situation was different.

Ye Xiwen was able to kill Feng Kong, who was at a higher level. So, how could he possibly lose in the same level battle.

“You are done for, because even on the same level, I am invincible!” The eighth prince coldly snorted and said.

“We won't be sure about that before the battle starts.” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice. Even if the eighth prince was on a higher level, it would be difficult to defeat him, but if it were to lose in the same level battle then he might as well just commit suicide.

The killing intention was surging and causing air explosions everywhere, producing violent explosion sounds. Both of their killing intentions were colliding fiercely and none of them seemed to yield.

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura completely released out, just like dreadful sea waves and swept across the surrounding area.

The terrifying aura of truth fourth stage instantly released out, as he stared coldly at the eighth prince. It seemed like both of them were prepared to begin the same level battle any second.

After practicing for a month, Ye Xiwen finally broke from the peak of truth third stage to the peak of truth fourth stage in one fell swoop across, but his battle efficiency didn't fully achieve a breakthrough to the truth sixth stage. Although he expected his battle efficiency to reach the truth sixth stage, but it still remained in the Small Truth realm.

(NT: As it usually is the case, Ye Xiwen is at the peak of truth fourth stage but his battle efficiency is comparable to Small Truth realm. Truth fifth stage

There was a huge difference between the battle efficiencies offered by truth fifth stage and truth sixth stage. In fact, even if Ye Xiwen was able to break into the truth fourth stage, his battle efficiency could only touch the early traces of truth sixth stage.

(NT: Ye Xiwen's inner state is at truth fourth stage. But thanks to 'tyrant body technique', his body is so tough and formidable that he is able to contain higher energy content, almost equivalent to the truth fifth stage. And with the help of 'special space', he has comprehended hell lot of world laws and principles in advance, almost comparable to the truth fifth stage or perhaps even further. That's why his battle efficiency is comparable to the experts of Small Truth realm.)

However, Ye Xiwen was confident that if he could break through to the truth fifth stage, his battle efficiency would directly step into the peak of truth sixth stage, and then, he would also be able to contend with the experts of truth seventh stage.

This time, this major enhancement in Ye Xiwen's cultivation was mainly due to the deepwater black snake king's neidan. After he was beheaded by the black-clothed old man, Ye Xiwen had discussed with the ninth prince about handing over the neidan to him. The ninth prince also very readily agreed to Ye Xiwen's request, because he knew that this neidan would help towards crazy enhancement in Ye Xiwen's strength. And as he had already said that they had a common enemy, therefore he didn't hesitate in handing it over to Ye Xiwen.

Also, by relying on this half-step legendary realm neidan, Ye Xiwen's cultivation skyrocketed all the way from the peak of truth third stage to the peak of truth fourth stage, and so far, he had only consumed 1/3rd of the entire neidan.

If the eighth prince hadn't arrived all of a sudden, then he would have continued to consume the remaining neidan, and would have reached all the way to the Small Truth realm. By that time, he could have sufficient battle strength to deal with the eighth prince at full strength.

Now, the eighth prince was at the peak of truth sixth stage and he had reaped big benefits from his adventure trip to ancient ruins. However, he didn't have time to consume the looted exploits from the ruins. As soon as he obtained the news about Feng Kong's death at the hands of Ye Xiwen, he was very furious and rushed back. No one dared to lay their hands on his imperial guards, but this Ye Xiwen actually slaughtered the commander of imperial guards, how could he possibly tolerate such a thing.

“Ha ha ha ha!” The eighth prince laughed while a domineering aura was overflowing throughout his body and his cold eyes were glaring at Ye Xiwen, as if he was looking at a dead man. It seemed like no one else existed in his world but himself.

The eighth prince was exuding a transcendental aura as if he had been baptized in the ancient ruins. After returning from that place, he had become much more extraordinary than before.

“Well, since it's the same level battle, it should be fair.” The voice transmitted from the depths of Yi Yuan School and the big hand extended towards the eighth prince's body and placed a seal on his cultivation, limiting it to the Small truth realm, thereby making his cultivation level same as that of Ye Xiwen. (NT: Although Ye Xiwen is at the peak of truth fourth stage, but to others, he appears like an expert of Small Truth. Well, he actually packs the battle efficiency of a Small truth level expert, so we cannot blame others to miscalculate his real level.)

Even now, the eighth prince still held a considerable advantage, after all, Ye Xiwen could only compete with experts of Small truth realm or below, but only when his opponents were ordinary experts, and the eighth prince couldn't be taken lightly, considering his ten years of extra experience and unbeatable battle record. Not to forget, he was the undefeated genius of the younger generation, so his battle prowess was going to be tyrannical, even with the seal on!

Whatever be the case, there was self-confidence brimming on his face even after the seal was applied on his cultivation by the big hand. He was certain that he would kill Ye Xiwen today, not to mention, it could be said that even after applying a seal on his power, he was still at a higher level than Ye Xiwen when considering Ye Xiwen's actual cultivation level.

If he was still unable to kill Ye Xiwen, then he might as just commit suicide.

“Prepared to die? Here I come!” The eighth prince roared and his roar broke through the limits of rivers and mountains. He rushed straight towards Ye Xiwen, while bringing shock waves of air along with him. It seemed as if a massive mountain was falling towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen also roared at the same time and instantly released a tremendous amount of Zhen Yuan from his body, and immediately, a long blade appeared in his hand as he furiously chopped out a large arc of Bladelight towards the eighth prince.

“Boom!” The spear in the eighth prince's hand severely collided with Ye Xiwen's long blade and induced a terrifying blast in the surrounding region. This blast was so intense that it twisted the space itself and sent both of them flying back.

The battle efficiency of both sides was incomparably horrifying. Since, Ye Xiwen could display the battle strength of Small truth realm, and despite being sealed to Small truth realm, the eighth prince could still display the battle strength of higher levels, thanks to his huge battle experience. This round could be considered as a draw, pertaining to the same level of skills the two of them showed just now.

When the eighth prince had heard the news about Feng Kong's death, he got so angry that it seemed as if his anger would burn the sky. He couldn't wait to consume the exploits from his latest adventure and directly rushed to kill Ye Xiwen. If he had gotten a chance to assimilate the treasures, then he would be much more tyrannical than now.

Ye Xiwen was slightly surprised a moment. How could the enemy be so terrifying even after suppressing his level to the Small Truth realm? No wonder he was so confident that he came straight to Yi Yuan School from the ruins, solely to kill Ye Xiwen.

If the eighth prince hadn't suppressed his cultivation level, then while facing him at his real strength, perhaps, Ye Xiwen really wouldn't stand a chance!

But, Ye Xiwen did not lose confidence even though the enemy was so formidable. So what if the enemy was tyrannical? As everyone said, if Ye Xiwen was given the option to practice for ten years, he would be able to take on the eighth prince. However, what they didn't know that he actually wouldn't require ten years to surpass the eighth prince.

“I can see that you have got some means to fight back, but you and I are sworn enemies from the moment you opposed me, and without a doubt, you are doomed to die!” The eighth prince slowly expressed his hatred.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat speechless. When did he actually choose to oppose this eighth prince?

In reality, he had been forced into all of this mess. However afterward, he certainly did things to provoke the eighth prince! (NT: Old habits die hard, right Mr. Provoker MC? :P)

His overbearing style could be easily inferred, in fact, it could be easily traced backed to the same origin as that of Feng Kong and the other imperial guards.

(yī mài xiāng chéng: traceable to the same stock (idiom); of a common origin)

However, it was obvious that he was completely mistaken about the concepts of power and prestige!

One could literally see stars exploding in Ye Xiwen's ice-cold eyes, as if the universe was taking birth in the depths of his eyes.

“You talk too much nonsense!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly and the long blade danced in his hand. A long arc of Bladelight crawled through the sky and fell towards the eighth prince. This blade attack was so tyrannical and terrifying, it seemed as if the sky was breaking apart into several pieces.

The eighth prince's spear pierced through the sky and layer after layer of energy waves swept across in all directions, while the tyrannical spear attack advanced towards Ye Xiwen's blade attack.

The spectators could clearly hear the roaring sounds of two mighty forces, but Ye Xiwen, in particular, appeared exceptionally overbearing and tyrannical. It seemed as if he commanded a mighty force, in fact, even his imposing aura resembled that of an overlord of the battlefield.

Ye Xiwen's killing intention and imposing aura were so overwhelming that they were directly affecting the people's consciousness.

In a flash, the blade attack fiercely collided with spear attack and resulted in an astounding explosion.


A giant mushroom ascended towards the sky. The two tyrannical attacks mutually obliterated each other and gave birth to this giant mushroom cloud which continued to get bigger and bigger and swept across, engulfing everything on the way.

The disciples suddenly looked frightened, was this really a duel between two experts at Small truth realm?

Some of the disciples were caught in the aftermath of that terrifying explosion and were seriously injured!

If they were not being protected by the barrier enchantment, set up and maintained by an elder of Yi Yuan School, which blocked most of the complementary shock waves from the blast, then they wouldn't have survived at all.

But even so, some of the disciples got injured because several cracks appeared on the barrier enchantment. Due to that, the elder who was charged with maintaining the barrier enchantment had to increase its toughness in order to resist the upcoming tyrannical collisions like this.


They collided again since there wasn't the slightest pause in this duel. Both sides continued to attack again and again. An incomparably scary light erupted in the horizon and completely obscured the entire sky.

(To be continued)


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