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Chapter 211 – The eighth prince arrives

Two months flew by, and for the Great Yue State, the war was getting more and more intense during the past two months. The royal clan had sent out its forces to siege for main Bai Mojiao strongholds.

The scope of war was getting bigger and bigger, Ye Xiwen was also following the conquests of imperial forces. They performed distinguished service and achieved illustrious military exploits. The reputation of initially low-key ninth prince also rose up dramatically, now everyone knew about his exploits and achievements. The people had come to realize that perhaps, the ninth prince was yet another suitable candidate for the throne of Great Yue State.

However for Ye Xiwen, it seemed as if all of these achievements didn't have any relations with him. He only spent one month with the ninth prince's legion then rushed back to Yi Yuan School and began closed-door training.

Now, it's been a month since Ye Xiwen began the closed-door training, but it was nothing in the eyes of most people, after all, martial cultivation was something that continued for hundreds of years.

However, the real problem was that a few days ago, the eighth prince finally came back from an ancient ruin and must have brought back some extremely valuable treasures from that place.

The strongest expert of the younger generation, the supreme presence was finally back as a legend.

But, mostly everyone in Yi Yuan School was aware of the case, they knew that the duel between Ye Xiwen and the eighth prince would most likely happen soon. Although the sect head had personally announced that he did not give the permit to this duel, but the eighth prince was not the type of man who would honestly obey the instructions.

Everyone was kind of unsure in their hearts.

But regardless of what everyone was thinking, the eighth prince finally arrived for Ye Xiwen!

A figure suddenly appeared flying from the void, and at the place where he descended, the air itself ruptured and pulled open the vacuum. It could be seen that a mighty existence had arrived at the main gate of Yi Yuan School.

“Ye Xiwen, come out to die!” A young man, clad in a magnificent dragon robe and carrying a cold look on his face, suddenly roared.

He had such a dominating presence that it swept off waves of Lingqi in the air that went rolling across the gate. The entire surrounding was in a state of shock and chaos!

One could clearly see that the eighth prince was courageous enough to clamor like this in front of Yi Yuan School's gate.

The eighth prince was soaring in the sky, the long-spear in his hand was producing a buzzing noise, while there was a strange blood-red aura surrounding it. This blood-red aura was actually filled with the essence and blood of the enemies that had been killed by this spear. This spear was such a kind of tool which could grow stronger as it continued to absorb the blood from the enemies.

This caused a sensation throughout Yi Yuan School. So many years had passed since the last time someone dared to be so arrogant to pull off such a stunt.

A huge crowd of Yi Yuan School's disciples arrived at the gate, but they were watching from afar. They simply didn't dare to approach because they could clearly sense a kind of cold and strange murderous aura. Even the true disciples didn't dare to go too close. They only surrounded the eighth prince while maintaining some distance.

At this time, the disciples were worried for Ye Xiwen. To be fair, they were well aware of the fact that Ye Xiwen was very formidable. A few months ago, they had come to know about the profoundness of his skill and cultivation when they heard his fierce roar. No wonder he was made the fifth pro-disciple at such a young age.

But, the great strength of the eighth prince was not hidden from anyone. He dared to be so unruly in front of the main gate, the kind of courage he had was not something an ordinary expert could display so casually. The dreadful imposing aura swept across while he was at the center of the formation of a huge field which was solely made up of Zhen Yuan. If anyone went in, they would be in his absolute control.

“Eighth prince, you are really presumptuous if you think you can be so rampant in front of my Yi Yuan School's gate!” A figure arrived floating from a peak, it was a true disciple.

He was a genius of Yi Yuan School, although not as talented as Qi Feifan and the other strongest true disciples, but he was also prestigious, very young, only about hundred years old and had already stepped into the sixth stage of truth realm. He was one of the genius peerless experts with limitless future prospects, in fact, the sect had put great efforts in nurturing a genius like him.

“You are courting death. Do you actually think you alone can stop me?” The eighth prince said with a disdainful smile on his face, “More than 100 years of practice, but you are nothing but a waste.”

“You are bringing about your own destruction!” That disciple's face suddenly flushed with anger. Even though he knew that in the future, he would probably not be an opponent of the eighth prince, but as an especially nurtured genius disciple of the sect, his pride would not allow him retreat.

The true disciple instantly shot and eternal light descended from the sky and swept towards the eighth prince.

“I’ll fulfill your wish of dying!” The eighth prince shot as well and instantly swept off as if a mountain of Zhen Yuan which went whistling towards the incoming attack.

The eighth prince's attack immediately swept away as many things as possibly in the surrounding area.


As the two attacks collided severely, it seemed as if the heaven and the earth were collapsing, setting off overwhelming air explosions everywhere.

However, in just a flash of contact, the eighth prince's attack routed that true disciple's attack and instantly rushed towards that genius true disciple, while sweeping away all of the things on the way along with it.

All of a sudden, he was completely cornered and had no way out.

“Poof!” The genius disciple suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying upside down. He got blasted away horizontally and his body was almost torn to pieces.

As he fell down and fainted, the other true disciples immediately took him to the depths of Yi Yuan School to find an elder to treat him.

Everyone held their breath when they saw how the eighth prince used just one shot to seriously wound that true disciple. This eighth prince truly possessed earth shattering might and even the experts at the same cultivation level weren't his opponents.

At this time, the disciple realized that this outcome was definitely the result of the eighth prince's recent adventure trip to an ancient ruin!

No one knew what kind of heritage and treasures he obtained there, which turned him into such a fearful expert. Probably, he was now almost ten or maybe hundred times more powerful than before.

“Pay attention, you ignorant disciples of Yi Yuan School!” The eighth prince said contemptuously, “Sooner or later, I will bring you all under my royal reign.”

At this time, one could see the anger burning on the faces of Yi Yuan School's disciples, after all, the eighth prince was actually looking down on them.

However, after witnessing the scene where the blue sky was dyed red with that true disciple's blood, no one dared to step forward.

“Arrogant fool, don't you know you are standing right now!” Suddenly, a voice burst out of the depths of Yi Yuan School, and just then, the void was directly torn apart and a big hand instantly grasped towards the eighth prince. This was the power of the world law and it firmly fixed him on the ground.

“Old fool, we old guys shouldn't intervene into the matter of young people!” Abruptly, a hoarse voice transmitted from behind the eighth prince.

And, in a flash, a big hand stretched out and severely clashed into the other big hand.

“Boom!” A loud and terrifying explosion occurred and completely distorted the space.

Now, everyone came to know that there was tyrannical expert behind the eighth prince, standing in his support. It should be a peerless master who backed the eighth prince, no wonder he dared to come alone to Yi Yuan School. But, since he had a peerless master with him, he would be most useful than a mighty force.

“Humph, our head has already said that this duel is not allowed, do you not know?” The voice coming from the depths of Yi Yuan School asked.

“You should understand, this is the matter of young people, we must not meddle. In our young times, didn't we go on expeditions like this? Just remember, the winner takes all.” The hoarse voice immediately replied.

“You old fox, don't you try to tamper with the concept, you know what our head means. Ye Xiwen has not yet fully grown up, and know that if this duel is to take place 10 years from now then we won't be having this argument right now. What if we send QI Feifan to fight with your eighth prince, will that make you happy?” The voice coming from Yi Yuan School said disdainfully.

The voice remained silent this time.

However, the eighth prince suddenly spoke.

“The period of ten years is too long, I make good use of my time. I will surely manage to increase my cultivation at the same rate he does for the next ten years, so even after ten years, he will be easily slaughtered by me, so why do you stop me now.” The eighth prince sneered and said, “I’m invincible and no matter how powerful my enemy is, I will kill them all!”

One could see an absolute self-confidence hidden in his strong words which were definitely the result of going on expeditions for so many years.

“Ye Xiwen, I am ready to pull down my cultivation to match with yours. Now, I dare you to take up my challenge!” The eighth prince shouted and the mighty sound waves instantly swept off towards Yi Yuan School, “Can it be that you are too scared to come out, are you afraid of death?”

Several disciples were holding their anger, although the eighth prince willingly pulled down his cultivation level, but he was still at a higher level and must have grasped several deeper world laws and principles, giving him a big advantage over Ye Xiwen.

“Why not, since you are really dying to die, I'll gladly buy you a ticket to hell!” An ice-cold voice arrived from the depths of Yi Yuan School and the blue silhouette of a person rushed flying from a peak.

At this time, a youth, clad in blue clothes, flew towards the eighth prince. He released a dreadful imposing aura which was surging high into the sky, his eyes were as deep as the stars as he was coldly staring at the eighth prince.

Ye Xiwen arrived way too fast and a dense-bluish aura swept out of his body. There was an incomparably horrifying aura creeping around his body, giving him the presence of the reincarnation of an ancient emperor.

They didn't collide but their terrifying auras severely collided and set off shock waves in all directions.

“So you finally came to meet your death.” The eighth prince said in a cold voice.

(To be continued)


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