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Chapter 210 - Destruction of Heishui's Lair

The royal clan moved very quickly, there wasn't the so-called hauling or procrastination, the entire huge state apparatus began to move up, and in the face of such a thing, it seemed as if it was advancing to subvert the rule of this country. The mobilization speed of Yue Imperial clan went far beyond the imagination of Ye Xiwen. At this time, this was a display of the true strength of this legendary bureaucracy which was driving hundreds of thousands into actions at the same time.

Early in the morning, one after another, several teams finally began to reveal their fangs. They were advancing towards the respective city gates of the Imperial city in order to march out of the city. Hundreds of thousands of experts were marching together which suddenly shocked the whole city, however, the citizens were not at all afraid. Due to the abrupt surfacing of Bai Mojiao, there had been turmoil for several months and everyone was aware of that. Although Bai Mojiao had not dared to be dissolute in the Imperial capital, but they truly did some serious damage to the Great Yue State.

Ye Xiwen was flying at a very high altitude in the sky and watching how the combative armies were marching out of the Imperial gates. He was now fully aware of the fact that Great Yue State contained astonishing strength, which was finally unveiled in front of his eyes.

The fearful power of several legions was finally unleashed and fully emerged. The murderous aura swept off throughout the sky and the clouds seemed to have been minced. One simply didn't stand a chance when facing such an army, unless he was a legendary level expert.

Soon, Ye Xiwen's wait for his own team was over when he saw the special regiment of Imperial armed forces marching forward with the Great Tiger's flag fluttering on the forefront. The imperial soldiers were mostly the experts of Xiantian realm, and the higher rank commanders were experts of Xiantian sixth stage or above.

The particularity of Great Yue's royal clan was that they didn't have too many top players unlike other major sects, but they housed far too many experts of Xiantian realm, and the sheer number far surpassed any of the major sects.

Yesterday, the ninth prince was clad in a royal dragon robe, but today, he was wearing a military uniform, which was giving him a heroic aura. As usual, the old man in black clothes was following him and sticking close behind him. The old man's cultivation was only faintly discernible and his skill seemed very profound.

(ruò yǐn ruò xiàn: faintly discernible (idiom))

A huge fleet of battleships appeared on the ground, stationed about 10 Li outside the Imperial city wall. The imperial soldiers marched towards these battleships and boarded them.

Dozens of warships soon took off together. These battleships were actually the divine tools, their might was simply infinite and were completely different from the warships used by the Great Yue State during national campaigns and ordinary expeditions.

Ye Xiwen also flew down and landed on a warship which was being led by the high-spirited ninth prince.

“Brother Ye, this is the beginning of our great cause!” The ninth prince said in a somewhat complacent manner.

Ye Xiwen did not speak, however, a faint smile appeared on his face.

One after another, battleships turned into dazzling streamers of light and flew far towards the horizon. In just half-day's time, these battleships reached the East China Sea and descended on the seawater. However, even in the sea, these battleships were scary fast and charging around violently. There literally was nothing to stop these ships, and, the demon beasts that mistakenly came in their path were crushed miserably and simply turned into small bits of flesh and blood splatter. (NT: These warships are necessary because most of the imperial soldiers are in Xiantian realm and cannot fly as fast as the truth level experts. So, a fast mode of travel is required to reach the target area ASAP)

Soon, they arrived in the waters around Heishui's lair.

“Begin extermination and clean up each and every living thing in this and the nearby areas. I want it completely cleaned up, don't forget to wipe out all the demon beasts here, not even a shrimp must be left alive. I want this place to turn into Heishui's graveyard!” The ninth prince roared while he was brimming with killing intention.

“As you command my lord!”

The might of thousands of imperial soldiers manifested rapidly. The demon beasts of Heishui's lair couldn't possibly be the match of an organized and trained army, not to forget the imperial army consisted of Xiantian level soldiers and several truth level commanders.

Suddenly, the whole sea turned bloody and chaotic. One could hear the pitiful roars and screams of demon beasts, transmitting straight from the sea.

After having swept clean the demon beasts on the sea level, the imperial corps proceeded to gradually dive into the sea. The soldiers were equipped with proper under-water equipments to enable breathing inside the sea, so that slaughtering demon beasts in the depths of the sea would be no problem at all. (NT: Only truth level experts are able to breathe under the water. For Xiantian level experts or below, these scuba equipments are necessary so that they don't drown.)

Ye Xiwen sighed with emotion and thought that the royal clan was filthy rich and to the extent that the other sects simply didn't stand a chance in front of its wealth.

“Who dares to massacre my subjects!”A loud roar rang out from the depths of seabed and about 10,000 feet long deepwater black snake king instantly jumped out of the seabed with its mouth open, which suddenly sucked in dozens of imperial soldiers who were swallowed whole in one breath and were eaten raw.

At this moment, the deepwater black snake king's great roar terribly shook everyone's eardrums. This one roar was equivalent to the sound produced by 1000 big drums.

One swing from his huge and powerful tail shook the entire sea, but Ye Xiwen clearly saw a massive wound on his tail which once again cracked open, along with splashes of blood spreading in the seawater, when he swung his tail.

Apparently, this was an injury that he received during the previous fight and it still hadn't healed.

“Heishui, how dare you collaborate with those devils, today, in the name of Imperial decree, I must exterminate you and all these evildoers.” The ninth prince stepped forward and shouted to clear the way, “Today, this Heishui's Lair will be destroyed, and, it will be completely removed from the East China Sea!”

“Kill!” The soldiers of Imperial guard armed forces roared and the murderous aura of the deadliest of soldiers immediately upset the sea water. It was really an incomparably fearful sight.

At this time, there a hint of regret on the face of deepwater black snake king. He had been thoroughly misled by Lu Hongwei so the regret was much self-explanatory in this situation.

“Evildoer, today is the day you die!” At this time, the old man in black clothes instantly flew up and a terrifying aura spread out in all directions. Despite having a skinny body, his presence was just like that of a mountain. The qi exploded out of his body and spread out in the surrounding radius of several thousand miles.

Half-step legendary master!

Ye Xiwen gawked for a moment because he never expected that the skinny old man, who always followed around the ninth prince and never left his side, would turn out to be a half-step legendary expert. He finally understood the hidden meaning behind the ninth prince's words when he said that the royal clan would deal with the beast, so the ninth prince was secretly talking about the black-clothed old man.

By quietly roping in a half-step legendary expert into his faction, it could be seen that the ninth prince was really aiming for the throne. He had secretly done no small preparation for this.

“Who are you!” The deepwater black snake roared fiercely when he saw a half-step legendary expert standing in his way. If he was not injured then dealing with a half-step legendary expert would have been no trouble for him, but right now, he was in a dire situation and he could sense that he was facing a terrifying expert.

“I am the one who is going to end your life.” The black-clothed old man indifferently said.

“You should know that the devil invasion is close, do you want to go against the heaven's will?” The deepwater black snake exclaimed.

“A lowly beast like you dares to teach me!” The black-clothed old man disdainfully said.

The old man's palm gradually turned blood-red and the surrounding water instantly evaporated.

Ye Xiwen could not help but gasped, this technique was extremely frightening. This old man was clearly much stronger than an expert of half-step legendary level.

“Die!” The old man moved up instantly and it appeared like his physique suddenly turned into a water sword and rushed straight towards the deepwater black snake king. A gigantic hand congealed out of nowhere and grabbed the beast into its grasp. And right then, it appeared as if an endless scarlet hell evolved instantaneously and crashed right into the body of the deepwater black snake king.

“Great blood handprint!”

“Soaring Dragon!” The deepwater black snake king roared and its giant body instantly churned up the endless seawater, sweeping off a section of seawater which eventually took the form of a water-dragon and rushed towards the incoming 'great blood handprint' attack.

The roars of a dragon were constantly reverberating across the seabed.


The two sides did not stay idle and immediately started a decisive battle of life and death.

With each collision between their blows, it seemed as if the world would collapse any second. Even the warships couldn't stand firm in the face of those terrifying shock waves.

The entire sea was being destroyed!

“Bang!” The blood splashed into the seawater, the flesh and blood flew in all directions. A large but fresh wound could be seen on the body of the deepwater black snake king.

The deepwater black snake king suddenly screamed pitifully, while at the same time, he spat out a water sword from his mouth which turned into an ice-cold treasured sword and instantly rushed straight towards the old man.

It was quite surprising to see that the old man stimulated Zhen Qi inside his body, which burst out of his body and congealed into a bloody big hand. This scarlet big hand instantly caught the water sword and crushed it, and right after that, the big hand rushed towards the deepwater black snake king.

Everyone was shocked while watching this scene. They were quietly watching this battle as everyone knew that this end result of this battle was ultimately going to decide the life and death of the two sides. Their own fights were basically insignificant in this situation.


There came a terrifying burst of sound and the old man's big bloody hand directly pierced through the tail of the deepwater black snake king and ripped it off the very next instant.

Ye Xiwen was quite surprised because this black-clothed old man was way too powerful than an average half-step legendary expert. Just like in the case of Qi Feifan, other half-step legendary experts weren't the match for this old man as well.

If the deepwater black snake king was not seriously injured, he wouldn't be in such a miserable state.

The deepwater black snake king was screaming again and again and trying to get away, but a bloody big hand was constantly in his pursuit.

“Boom!” Accompanied by a terrifying sound of an explosion, that bloody big hand grabbed the deepwater black snake king. Since the old man already knew that the deepwater black snake king was injured, he couldn't possibly let go of this chance of slaughtering this formidable beast.

“I don't want to die!” The deepwater black snake roared, but its skull was directly grasped in the big bloody hand and instantly crushed, splashing the brain fluid and blood into the seawater.

(To be continued)


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