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Chapter 209 – Alliance

“So what.” Ye Xiwen said.

“I know that your sect's head has announced that he will protect you, but considering my eighth imperial brother's character, he will not give up so easily.” The ninth prince further said, “Actually, we have a common enemy.”

“Enemy ……” The word just slipped out of his mouth, as he continued to ponder. It seemed like in the research files of Yi Yuan School, at least the information about the ninth prince was certainly missing.

Yi Yuan School certainly had an unpleasant impression of the eighth prince and the reason was very simple, because the eighth prince was very ambitious. He basically wanted to control all of the four major sects on his fingertips.

“Even so, it doesn't seem like we have anything to cooperate on, or do you think you can stop your eighth imperial brother?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“It should be said that it's about mutual help and mutual cooperation. I know that you are a pro-disciple of Yi Yuan School and sooner and later, you are going to have a thriving future, and that is the basis of our cooperation.” The ninth prince lightly said, apparently he was a very proud fellow and usually didn't prefer paying much attention to ordinary people.

“You help me ascend the throne, and after I mount the throne, I will use my royal power to help you mount the position of Yi Yuan School's head.” The ninth prince indifferently said, but the way he said it was quite direct and straightforward.

“I am different from my eighth imperial brother, I am not as ambitious as him and neither do I dream of putting the complete control of Great Yue State into the hands of royal clan.” The ninth prince said, it was not as if he was resentful against the eighth prince. It was just difficult for him to accept the eighth prince's ambition of dominating the four major sects.

“Even if the eighth prince is out of question, I can still choose from a lot of other princes.” Ye Xiwen said, after all, he knew that there were about a dozen princes in the empire, not to forget the eldest prince, the second prince and the fourth prince.

“Now, the eldest imperial brother, the second imperial brother and the fourth imperial brother have formed an alliance with Chu Jingcai, a pro-disciple of your Yi Yuan School.” The ninth prince said. “And, as far as the remaining imperial brothers are concerned, I assure you that none of them is stronger than me.”

“I should be, by far, the most suitable partner for Brother Ye.” The ninth prince confidently said, “It's the right choice for both of us.”

Both of them held equivalent levels of potential, Ye Xiwen had recently emerged and was being compared to a legend like Qi Feifan, but he still had a very long way to go to become his rival. And, the ninth prince also had tremendous potential but he was still in his dormant period, however, he was still an ambitious dragon.

“Ye Xiwen, this ninth prince is not an ordinary guy.” Ye Mo said, “He not much older than you, but his cultivation has already reached the fourth stage of truth realm, and I can see that he holds strong talent. I’m afraid I don't see much difference in his potential and that of the so-called eighth prince.”

After listening to the words of Ye Mo, Ye Xiwen considered for a moment. This ninth prince so confidently came to him and that too not without reason, although it was certainly a complementary cooperation of the two.

But, Ye Xiwen didn't have the interest in the sect head's position, still he would certainly having some powerful connections, so in the end, it was a good choice.

“Such being the case, I would respectfully do what you say, but always remember, deference is no substitute for obedience.” Ye Xiwen spilled out a strange smile and said. (NT: gōng jìng bù rú cōng mìng: deference is no substitute for obedience (idiom); to follow somebody’s precepts is the sincerest form of respect)

Suddenly, there was a look of pleasant surprise on the face of the ninth prince. The kind of shocked expression he had on his face right now was actually a rare sight.

Finally, a big rock fell off the heart of the ninth prince, in fact, today he came to meet Ye Xiwen but didn't have any grasp over the situation, in addition to that, Ye Xiwen might have opted to help other princes since he was relatively low-key when compared to his other imperial brothers. Not to forget, Ye Xiwen recently became the pro-disciple and was known as the next Qi Feifan of Yi Yuan School, so there was no need for him to be in a hurry to make a decision. In comparison, Ye Xiwen was a greater figure than him, considering both status and popularity. That's why when Ye Xiwen nodded, he could not help but feel a big stone falling off his heart.

“So long as Brother Ye agrees, it's all good. Today, I will go back to the castle and make a request from father emperor, so that Brother Ye gets transferred to my legion.” The ninth prince suddenly said in a lofty manner, “This will be my first time commanding troops in battle and I can only finish the battle in one fell swoop in a majestic manner, then only it will lay my position in the eyes of father emperor. You see, in this battle, we can only win, we don't have the luxury of losing, so Brother Ye must also win in a grand way!”

Ye Xiwen nodded, it seemed like the ninth prince didn't intend to continue to stay dormant, but again, if he actually planned to stay dormant for some more time then at the time of choosing the emperor for the throne, he would have no chance against the four strongest princes.

Now these princes needed opportunities to show their valiance and courage. They must succeed in a short time, just the way the eighth prince did it. And they only had one way left to do that, they must courageously march forward, destroying all the obstacles and enemies in their way, constantly winning and rising towards the final goal.

Ye Xiwen nodded, since he had already made the decision to help the ninth prince, he would certainly help to the very end.

“Where is your legion going the day after tomorrow?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“To the Heishui's lair in the East China Sea. That Heishui is really very audacious; he dared to join hands with the devil. When we reach there, we have been tasked to slaughter all of the deepwater black snakes. None of those beasts shall be left alive.” The ninth prince said with an irrepressible excitement, which was quite understandable since he was going to be the leader of his own legion for the first time. And if he did not succeed, then, this might end up being the last time.

The power struggle for throne was a very nasty game, in fact, many princes did not get a chance to show their strength, those who managed to show their potential would get only one chance to prove themselves, otherwise they would get eliminated.

“But, Heishui's lair is the residing place of half-step legendary level demon beast. At my current level, I cannot deal with him.” Ye Xiwen said since the deepwater black serpent king had left a very deep impression on him last time.

“Rest assured, naturally the royal clan will take care of that beast.” The ninth prince said as he really valued Ye Xiwen's life, considering he knew that Ye Xiwen was not yet a grown up and had limitless future.

“That’s no problem!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

(To be continued)


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