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Chapter 205 – Accumulation of contacts

Since the shock of Ye Xiwen being promoted to the rank of a true disciple was too strong, so many people didn’t pay attention to the promotion of Hua Menghan that happened around the same time. Although both had become the true disciples of Yi Yuan School but in comparison, Hua Menghan was considerably low-key compared to Ye Xiwen.

Therefore, the news of Ye Xiwen stepping into the truth realm was much more bizarre since he was merely a new disciple few months ago whereas Hua Menghan had stayed at the half-step truth realm for a long time, so her breakthrough didn’t come as a surprise to others.

“Ye Xiwen, are you really refining a lot of Ling Dans?”

Noticing the expectant look in her eyes, Ye xiwen smiled and nodded: “Indeed, if you want then I can send 1000 Ling Dans for free.”

Now, both Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan were true disciples. Considering the fact that Ye Xiwen joined late, it should be said that Hua Menghan was his senior but as the two of them belonged to the same generation of disciples, therefore they called each other without honorifics.

All of a sudden, Hua Menghan was extremely surprised as she never expected that Ye Xiwen would just casually talk about gifting 1000 Ling Dans to her. One must know that it was not a small number when converted into spirit stones, this would be 100,000 top-grade spirit stones. So, how could Ye Xiwen so causally talk about gifting 1000 Ling Dans to her?

The most important thing was that even if experts of truth sixth stage were to refine for ten days and nights without eating and drinking, they would still not be able to refine so many Ling Dans.

And this figure was equivalent to one month’s worth of non-stop refining and that too by an expert of truth sixth stage. In fact, the sum of 1000 Ling Dans was an astronomical figure even for an expert of truth sixth stage.

Especially for experts like Hua Menghan who had recently stepped into the truth realm, even more so, one thousand Ling Dans were enough for them to practice all the way to the truth fifth stage without worrying about lack of spirit stones.

After successfully crossing the Small truth realm and reaching the truth sixth stage, there would be a tremendous change in one’s skill and battle strength. One must know that there wasn’t just one level difference between fifth and sixth stage of truth realm, so there would certainly be a huge difference in consumption rate as well.

Although 1000 Ling Dans were enough to practice all the way to truth fifth stage, but the experts of truth sixth stage would actually be able to fully consume this amount in about two months.

And for the experts of truth seventh stage or eighth stage, the consumption rate would rise exponentially then the need for refining Ling Dan would certainly be much more.

But this time, Hua Menghan was not at all interested in these 1000 Ling Dans, after all, her backing was not small. In all her life, she had never lacked practice resources whenever she needed them. She came to meet Ye Xiwen because she was worried about another thing.

“If you can refine so many Ling Dans then you must be using some other means of refining right?” Hua Menghan said.

Ye Xiwen nodded and did not hide because there was nothing to hide. In fact, there were lots of other ways in which one could refine Ling Dans.

For example, one could catch a truth sixth stage slave and make him spend all his time in refining Ling Dans though this was simply a great waste of talent. Or if there were special instruments used then it was possible to refine them.

Everyone knew that since Ye Xiwen was not at truth sixth stage then it was impossible for him to refine Ling Dans himself. The only possible way of refining so many Ling Dans was that he must be using some instrument to do so.

“But you must have a limited supply of Ling Dans right?” Hua Menghan asked.

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded, of course, the production amount was limited since he was actually relying on Tianyuan mirror to refine Ling Dans from the Lingqi present in the atmosphere, but there were other harmful and harmless qi in the air, so the refining process was slow.

In the most primitive means of practice, martial artists absorbed qi directly from the air into the body, absorb Lingqi and discharge other useless qi from the body.

And Ye Xiwen didn’t need to get involved, he was just using Tianyuan mirror to remove impurities and condense only Lingqi in the Ling Dans. Tianyuan mirror could independently take care of the refining job but since only a portion of its strength had recovered so it was capable of refining a limited amount of 500 Ling Dans in a day.

However, although it could refine only 500 Ling Dans but this figure was faster than a truth seventh stage expert’s refining speed.

Considering Ye Xiwen’s current Lingqi consumption rate, five hundred Ling Dans were still sufficient to meet his needs but with the constant progress in his cultivation, the consumption rate would also grow exponentially, but with time, the restoration of Tianyuan mirror would also be much more than now. This would make sure that the refining speed would be faster than consumption rate, so at least for a long period of time, Ye Xiwen would not need to worry about lack of Lingqi.

And Ye Xiwen was not going to consume so much, hence he began to think about converting Ling Dans to spirit stones. In fact, he was definitely not doing a wonderful thing but this was still a profitable move.

One Ling Dan could be exchanged for 100 spirit stones, in fact, almost 50 spirit stones could be condensed into a Ling Dan when refined. So there was a difference of up to 100% profit but the most important source of getting Ling Dans was Tianyuan mirror, which was not accessible to other experts.

But if one needed much more pure and efficient Lingqi, one could get it directly and easily from a Ling Dan, which was the reason why they were willing to spend on them.

Many people were aware of this fact but very few people would actually opt to do it because refining Ling Dans was really uneconomical when the waste of practice time was taken into consideration, not to mention, only experts of truth sixth stage and above could refine them.

So the better option was to earn spirit stones by completing tasks and missions from the sect, then use these spirit stones to buy Ling Dans. In fact, most of the sources of Ling Dans were actually the legendary realm experts or half-step legendary realm masters, since their refining speed was much faster than truth realm masters.

“I guess you are aware of the restrictions, otherwise, you will end up snatching a core job from the legendary masters.” Hua Menghan said. “But are you are not afraid that so many disciples have come to buy Ling Dans from you, and at the end of the day, you will not have enough Ling Dans left for yourself?”

“Rest assured, that’s totally not a problem. Although it seems like a lot of disciples have gathered for exchanging Ling Dans, but most of them are not from the upper ranks. The core disciples only want to buy enough Ling Dans to be of help to them in critical life-threatening situations, and in the case of true disciples, they actually have their own reliable means to obtain Ling Dans. It indeed caused a great sensation but I am fully capable of coping up with the situation.” Ye Xiwen said.

After all, it was not difficult to condense Ling Dan, rather the time required for its refining was the main issue, thereby making its cost very high.

Ling Dan was a very valuable practice resource for true disciples, perhaps Ye Xiwen was the only one in the entire Yi Yuan School who could dare be so extravagant to openly sell them. After all, Ling Dans could be used in a critical moment to momentarily restore Zhen Yuan which would obviously be a contributing factor in saving a life.

After reaching the true sixth stage, it was a basic norm for experts to find a balance point between refining Ling Dans and practice time. This balance was very necessary and even Qi Feifan was not an exception to following this standard.

Generally, experts preferred saving Ling Dans but Ye Xiwen did not take this seriously.

According to Ye Xiwen, as long as he was getting enough spirit stones in exchange, he could continue to have a rapid increase in cultivation.

Ye Xiwen dared to maintain such transcendent practice speed due to the underlying causes, but in the eyes of others, it seemed as if he was spending such an enormous wealth in a short time. And the reason for that was that Ye Xiwen understood that strength was the ultimate truth in this world. As long as he possessed enormous strength, astronomical wealth would be waiting for him.

Strength was the most fundamental thing in this world, it could question anything and was an answer to all.

But then Hua Menghan reminded Ye Xiwen of his original decision of selling Ling Dan. Profit was indeed one of the very important reasons but the fundamental reason was that he wanted Qianyu faction to accumulate enough contacts. As disciples from all over Yi Yuan School would continue to buy Ling Dans from Qianyu faction, they would inevitably owe favor to him and also to the entire faction, and favors like this would be repaid by them in the form of helping Qianyu faction in its expansion and development.

Although Ye Xiwen had been relentlessly taking lives, but there was a truth he knew very well that no one could be an enemy of everyone.

People must have friends to watch their backs in critical times.

And this exchange of Ling Dan was such a good opportunity to accumulate contacts, not to forget the word of mouth would also benefit Qianyu faction’s reputation and status.

After all, Qianyu faction might seem massive at first sight but Ye Xiwen knew that it was just because he was promoted to the rank of a pro-disciple.

However, in reality, Qianyu faction couldn’t possibly compete with the factions of true disciples. In fact, at present, Qianyu faction’s strength was equivalent to that of mid-level factions because really powerful factions at least had more than two true disciples.

(To be continued)


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