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Chapter 204 – Sensation in Yi Yuan School

Ye Xiwen finally decided to focus on alchemy and took out the huge alchemy tripod, seized from ‘Crazy Shark Pirates’, and began to work on it.

By constantly practicing the art of alchemy in the mysterious space, he had already reached the pinnacle of this art, and now, he was way better at it than those other old alchemists. In fact, when considering the teachings of Ye Mo, his skills would be earth-shattering.

There were many rumors spreading everywhere that Ye Xiwen was able to refine many treasures whose formulae had been lost for several years. Although he knew alchemy and he also had a top class alchemy furnace, but the most important thing was the amount of raw materials in his possession. Even if he had all the required infrastructure to produce something, he would still need enough raw materials.

No matter what kind of immortality pill was to be produced, a lot of herbs were required along with huge supply of Lingqi to carry out alchemical reactions.

Now, there was no shortage of Lingqi since there was endless supply of it on Qianyu peak, and to such an extent that Lingqi was getting liquefied on Qianyu peak. This phenomenon was actually comparable to the spiritual shrine of Yi Yuan School.

And now, thanks to endless supply of concentrated Lingqi, Ye Xiwen created a lush garden of medicinal herbs overnight. All of the fruits ripened and flowers bloomed overnight and the overall production was lavish. Basically, there would be no lack of herbs and medicine for Ye Xiwen.

The disciples of Qianyu faction were collecting the herbs from garden and taking them over to the place where alchemy furnace was placed. He was just sitting before the furnace and continuously casting alchemy techniques day and night to produce Dans.

For the first few days, he was planning to refine only Xiantian Dans. It could be considered as the most simple prescription and he knew the secret process to refine it. Some medicinal herbs were required for refining Xiantian Dan but Ye Xiwen wasn’t bothered since now he owned a medicinal garden where all kinds of herbs could be found and even new herbs could be grown within a matter of minutes. This was something only Ye Xiwen could do, in fact, only he could afford to do so.

Ye Xiwen was able to refine few hundred Xiantian Dans in just one day’s refining and one must know that it’s insane. Even the most veteran alchemists were able to refine a batch of twenty to thirty Xiantian Dans in one day, which was the reason why Dans were generally so expensive.

With the help of so many Xiantian Dans, refined by Ye Xiwen, many breakthroughs into Xiantian realm cropped up one after another on Qianyu peak and spread huge torrents of auras on the peak ……

A month’s time passed in a blink of an eyes and in this month, many of the disciples of Qianyu faction leveled up considerably. No one expected that these big movements would continue to occur for the whole month, first the original members of Qianyu faction broke through from Houtian to Xiantian realm, and those who were already in Xiantian realm also stepped into further stages after multiple breakthroughs.

The senior members of Qianyu faction, who were at Xiantian fourth or fifth stage, also had breakthroughs during this month and successfully stepped into Xiantian Xiao realm, while some members also stepped into Xiantian sixth stage. (NT: Xiantian fifth stage

In this short period of time, there was a qualitative mutation in Qianyu faction and its strength increased by leaps and bounds, as the core members suddenly leveled up.

Thanks to this sudden increase in strength by leaps and bounds, now, Qianyu faction could be considered as a middle-level faction. Although it was still not comparable with the factions of other four pro-disciples in terms of strength but since only one month had passed after Ye Xiwen became a pro-disciple, one could imagine the growth potential of this faction.

Soon, a big news spread throughout the sect that the fifth pro-disciple, Ye Xiwen, had set up an alchemy furnace on Qianyu peak and was refining a large number of immortality pills, but instead of keeping them for himself, he was distributing it among the disciples of Qianyu faction, and as a result, their cultivation was increasing by leaps and bounds.

At this rate, perhaps, Qianyu faction would be able to catch up with ordinary true disciple factions in a very short period of time, although there would still be a big gap between his faction and the four other pro-factions, but the speed was already amazingly quick.

When everyone got to know that Ye Xiwen was bleeding money to train members of Qianyu faction, suddenly numerous disciples were envious and wanted join, but it was too late now. Earlier, when the standards to join Qianyu faction were very low, they were just waiting and watching and now when Ye Xiwen actually became a pro-disciple, the standard requirements suddenly became much higher and they had no chance but to give up. Qianyu faction suddenly became the faction of elites and if someone wanted to join it, the minimum requisite was to have one’s cultivation at Xiantian seventh stage.

But seeing the recruitment criteria of Qianyu faction, suddenly a lot of factions were at ease because it seemed like Qianyu faction was choosing the route of the elites and not expanding rapidly. And since Ye Xiwen did not intend to expand rapidly, then they could also cooperate.

After all, if Ye Xiwen started open recruitment, without any pre-requisites, then perhaps all of the idle disciples of Yi Yuan School would come running to join Qianyu faction.

Just because Ye Xiwen had kept high standards which included that the experts must be at Xiantian seventh stage at least and not older than 100 years old, and they must hold some kind of potential. During this month, Qianyu faction was recruiting members but less than seventy to eighty people actually passed the requirement criteria, so the overall impact was not great.

Then another mind-boggling news spread out that Ye Xiwen was not just refining immortality pills but also refining Ling Dans.

This suddenly alarmed many disciples, because they could ignore Xiantian Dan for once as they basically had no use of it, but the emergence of Ling Dan suddenly alarmed many true disciples.

Because the so-called Ling Dan was actually produced by condensing the Lingqi present in the air. A Ling Dan was made up of pure Lingqi without any impurities, and when absorbed, its efficiency was much more when compared to directly absorbing Lingqi from atmosphere or spirit stones.

Lingqi could be absorbed from spirit stones but there were still many impurities in them, but in case of Ling Dan, there were fewer impurities and contained higher quantity of Lingqi, hence it had better quality and efficacy.

Just like there was huge difference between low-grade spirit stones and high-grade spirit stones, there was a considerable difference between top-grade spirit stones and Ling Dan.

One Ling Dan was comparable to several top-grade spirit stones, and, even the absorption efficiency of spirit stones was nowhere close to a Ling Dan.

But ordinary experts could not refine Ling Dan, only masters of truth sixth stage and above were capable of refining Ling Dan. In fact, even masters of small truth could not refine Ling Dan. (NT: Truth fifth stage

Only after reaching truth sixth stage, one was able to enter an entirely new level of understanding of world laws and that’s the reason why experts of truth sixth stage and above could condense Ling Dan.

There was no need of alchemy furnace to condense Ling Dan, a true disciple could basically use his hand to condense Ling Dan. But most people, not even the master of truth sixth stage, could condense Ling Dan with high-efficiency and it would take more than one day in the completion of condensation process. If it was a half-step legendary master like Qi Feifan then he might actually condense 1000 Ling Dan in a day.

So Ling Dan was considered a hard currency in Zhen Wu Jie.

But for truth sixth stage experts, the condensed out Ling Dans were not enough even for their own use then how could they possibly sell it to others.

Of course, if they spent enough time then they would be able to condense many Ling Dans but one must know that time was precious for truth level masters and it was necessary to save every minute to be able to have the next breakthrough, so they couldn’t spend much time on condensing Ling Dan.

Although Ling Dans could be mass-produced using alchemy furnace but truth level masters would rarely use it to condense Ling Dans because it was extremely difficult to get one’s hands on one.

So Ling Dan was always in a state of ‘out of stock’ in Zhen Wu Jie and basically began with the best exchange rate that could reach more than a hundred or so, because of short supply.

And now when the news spread out from Qianyu peak about availability of large number of Ling Dan for exchange with spirit stones, it suddenly shocked countless disciples and most of them were the true disciples who were suffering from lack of practice resources.

While the conversion efficiency of absorption of Lingqi from spirit stones was pretty good, but it was nowhere close to that of a Ling Dan.

But usually, it was very difficult to obtain a Ling Dan so even truth sixth stage disciples were very excited after hearing this news. Although they could refine their own Ling Dan, but the question was that should they spend their precious time on it? Anyway, their refining speed wouldn’t be as good as an alchemy furnace and as long as they managed to breakthrough to the legendary realm, it would be worth it since their lifespans would once again increase considerable, not to mention self-refined Ling Dans wouldn’t necessarily support their practice.

Ling Dan had become a hard currency because it had always remained a scare resource, and due to its purity, most people still preferred it over spirit stones.

After the news spread throughout Yi Yuan School, many eyes turned towards Qianyu peak. Also, several disciples could be seen rushing towards Qianyu peak.

“Ye Xiwen, are you really refining lots of Ling Dan?” Early in the morning, Hua Menghan arrived in front of Ye Xiwen and asked curiously.

Last time he saw her, it was one month ago and he was quite surprised to notice the increase in her strength in just one month’s time.

Because he clearly saw that Hua Menghan actually stepped into truth realm in this month, although she still had an unstable aura but there was no doubt that she has firmly entered into the truth realm.

The birth of a true disciple was very rare and always caused huge sensation throughout the sect. The promotion ceremony was accompanied with grand celebration in the entire sect, but this time, Ye Xiwen’s direct promotion to a pro-disciple actually overshadowed everyone.

(To be continued)


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