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Chapter 203 – One Xiantian Dan for each

Ye Xiwen was busy day and night, implementing many Zhen methods taught by his in-house magic professor, Ye Mo. With all of the strategically implemented Zhen methods, the entire Qianyu peak looked like paradise on earth, especially because of the planted heavenly treasures, all of which had matured overnight. There was a burst of herbal fragrance when the liquefied Lingqi helped in quick production of herbs, which generally took hundred years or more than a millennium to fully mature. But right now, all of them were present in Ye Xiwen’s medicinal garden.

However one must admit that the treatment of pro-disciples in Yi Yuan School was simply unimaginably good. Even Ye Xiwen had not thought that he would actually be able to own a medicinal garden where he could grow heavenly treasures, not to mention he also obtained spiritual arteries buried under his peak.

In fact, there were several herbal gardens in Yi Yuan School and pro-disciples used to get an open-supply of herbs from there, perennially. Of course, although pro-disciples could take any herb from the garden but there was a monthly limit, and if exceeded, they might have to purchase those herbs with spirit stones, but still, pro-disciples always enjoyed preference over other disciples.

“My God, so many herbs have ripened overnight, you know, there are many of them that need several years to fully mature and some actually need several hundred years, but all of these matured overnight!” Many disciples were stunned to witness such a scene.

This outcome was possible because of endless supply of Lingqi to the garden which helped with the early ripening, after all, these herbs needed to absorb huge amounts of Lingqi to fully mature and under normal conditions, it would take several years to slowly accumulate so much Lingqi from the atmosphere, but now that Ye Xiwen could provide them with endless support of Lingqi, it accelerated the ripening speed.

For a time, the entire Qianyu peak was filled with herbal fragrance and was attracting the attention of everyone.

Originally, Qianyu peak was already a sacred ground with its own spiritual artery and medicinal garden, but now, with Ye Xiwen’s interference, it had simply become the holy land for practicing martial arts.

By this time, everyone had come to realize that Ye Xiwen was no ordinary existence, and knew extraordinary means that were simply unheard of, things that were never seen before.

They did not know that more than half of these secret methods were taught to Ye Xiwen by Ye Mo, otherwise how could he possibly know about so many magical techniques.

Although Ye Mo was just a spiritual being but was very wise and clearly knew about many magical techniques.

After this night, Ye Xiwen’s prestige soared to a whole new level, though still worse compared to the four pro-disciples but it was clearly above ordinary true disciples.

Many people had already seen through the potential of Ye Xiwen’s plan. He had basically turned Qianyu peak into a holy ground for practicing martial arts and if a Houtian or Xiantian expert was to practice there then it won’t be a problem for them to cross the threshold and step into the next realm.

To be able to break from Xiantian realm to truth realm, this was a huge attraction for almost all Xiantian experts.

To think about it, there were tens of thousands of core disciples but there were only few hundred true disciples and that too was the result of accumulation for several decades or centuries.

On an average, only one out of several hundred core disciples managed to step into truth realm, but by practicing on Qianyu peak, one could experience an increase in success rate to a considerable extent, after all, the disciples of Qianyu faction would enjoy top-notch practice conditions which were accessible only to the top-level elders of Yi Yuan School.

Ye Xiwen suddenly became an unsurpassable legendary figure in the hearts of all.

After completion of arrangements on Qianyu peak, Ye Xiwen summoned some of the top level officials of Qianyu faction, in fact, he called Ye Feng and the others.

“Brother, you’re too much!” Ye Ruxue patted on the shoulder of Ye Xiwen and said with a pleased look on her face, “If we practice in such an environment then it will be more effective, and in the future, we can hope to step into the truth realm.”

“Of course, the truth realm is something that must be achieved by all.” Ye Xiwen said, “And at this point, I’ll help you.”

For Ye Xiwen, his family and friends were a very important part of his life and by achieving truth realm, an expert’s lifespan could reach up to four-five hundred years. Within the coming two centuries, his family members and friends would be dead if they didn’t manage to step into truth realm, so he must take measures now itself.

Moreover, both Ye Ruxue and Ye Feng were extremely talented and even without Ye Xiwen’s help, in the next of couple of decades, they would naturally become the rare stars of Yi Yuan School and as long as they wouldn’t face any accident, reaching the truth realm shouldn’t be a problem. Not to mention, if they were to receive help from Ye Xiwen then they would be able to achieve it faster and much more efficiently. And after becoming true disciples, they would certainly add up to Ye Xiwen’s force as excellent allies and strong faction officials.

Some people were really excited, although they had been called a genius by peers and elders but the current situation was still very exciting for them all, after all, they were still too far from the truth realm. Excluding a legendary evildoer (monster) like Ye Xiwen, who was simply an anomaly, according to their estimates, it would probably take at least take two or three decades for them to step into the truth realm or maybe longer.

But now with Ye Xiwen’s help in the form of endless practice resources and excellent practice environment of Qianyu peak, there was no doubt that their cultivation would increase by leaps and bounds, and in a short time, they would definitely break through to the truth realm.

They were extremely excited because even if they were considered as genius newbies of Yi Yuan School, but there was still a huge gap between them and true disciples.

“Since now I have been promoted to the rank of a pro-disciple, there will certainly be a lot of people who want to join Qianyu faction.” Ye Xiwen said in a calm manner and everyone nodded. What he said was true because earlier, he just held the enormous potential to step into the truth realm, but now, he finally became a true disciple, and not just that, now he also held the title of fifth pro-disciple, so those who were still waiting to join would certainly not miss this opportunity.

“But what I mean to say is, that, we cannot recruit too many people. Our focus should be to recruit only elites.” Ye Xiwen said and basically meant that rather than turning Qianyu into a bulky faction like many other factions of true disciples, they must aim to become an elite faction by recruiting only elites, “Those who are already a part of Qianyu faction will be called as original disciples and the new ones, who want to join now, must fulfill the minimum requirement of being at Xiantian seventh stage. I repeat, we only recruit people with great potential.”

Everyone nodded because if before, a Xiantian seventh stage expert was willing to join Qianyu faction, they would be overjoyed, but now the situation was different.

“I know that we have a lot of Houtian level disciples in out factions compared to other factions.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile, because the establishment of Qianyu faction was based on the new disciples. Only one-third of these new disciples were in Xiantian realm, the remaining two-thirds were still in Houtian realm. Later in the last one year’s time, one-third of them managed to step into Xiantian realm while remaining one-third were still at the peak of Houtian ninth stage. It would take more than a year for the rest of them to naturally step into the Xiantian realm.

But Ye Xiwen wanted to increase the overall strength of Qianyu faction in a short time, and since these new disciples represented the original strength of the faction when compared to new additions, so Ye Xiwen wanted all of them to get stronger as fast as possible. His main motive was to help them step into the truth realm, and only by achieving this motive, Qianyu faction would become self-sufficient.

“So I intend to set up an alchemy furnace.” Ye Xiwen said, “I am going to refine hundreds of Xiantian Dans for the members of Qianyu factions who are still in Houtian realm. I think that all of the members of our faction must be in Xiantian realm.”

Everyone was surprised for a moment. Ye Xiwen was so generous, after all, even a hundred Xiantian Dan was not a small sum. Thinking about it, although these people were considered as geniuses in their previous respective sub-sects but still didn’t have possess Xiantian Dans, which was such an important item for having a successful breakthrough from Houtian to Xiantian realm, but now, Ye Xiwen was going to openly refine and distribute Xiantian Dans among them.

Now, it was like Xiantian Dan was no different from vegetables and was being openly distributed in public interest so everyone could have one!

Also, many people were curious to know how Ye Xiwen managed to get his hands on the alchemical formula of Xiantian Dan and what kind of method would he apply to refine hundreds of Xiantian Dans.

They certainly did not know that for Ye Xiwen, alchemy was not a difficult thing. He had already learnt many superior alchemy approaches and methods under the mentorship of Ye Mo. Ye Xiwen was going to follow these much more efficient methods to refine Xiantian Dans in bulk, and by following Ye Mo’s refining method, even the efficacy of these Dans would be much better than usual.

“In addition, I will be refining some of the Hehe Dans as well, so the experts at Xiantian fifth stage can have the breakthrough and practice further into the subsequent stages of Xiantian realm.” Ye Xiwen said, “Then I will refining a lot of Ling Dans for everyone to use. Basically, from here on, the senior executives of Qianyu faction will be able to raise up their cultivation at an extremely fast rate.”

Of course, Ye Xiwen was refining immortality pills at the perfection level by relying on superior alchemy techniques taught by Ye Mo, and when consumed, they would leave no after-effects, hence allowing them to enhance the strength in shortest possible time.

There were a lot of things that Ye Xiwen personally could not do, after all, he was a pro-disciple and might have to deal with a lot of things, so he would have to greatly enhance the strength of the executives of Qianyu faction.

(To be continued)


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