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Chapter 202 – Qianyu peak

The news about Ye Xiwen’s promotion to a pro-disciple stirred things up in Yi Yuan School. Everyone was waiting to learn about what happened with Jin Xuan, but they never expected such an outcome.

The news spread like wild forest fire that Elder Jin Xuan was deprived of his elder’s identity and sent to guard a mine, whereas Ye Xiwen was promoted to the rank of a true disciple, which was an obvious result. But gaining the rank of a pro-disciple shocked everyone.

Of course, this time, the value of a merit elder faded away in front of Ye Xiwen, the long-awaited priceless star of the sect. But everyone was surprised to find out the head himself promoted Ye Xiwen to the rank of pro-disciple.

The same thing happened once before with Qi Feifan, he took the place of fourth pro-disciple and he later became a legend in Yi Yuan School.

And now, after Qi Feifan, Ye Xiwen took the fifth place. Last time, just when Qi Feifan had become a pro-disciple, there was a sudden growth in his popularity, there was also a sudden rise of his faction, both in terms of strength and size, and thanks to that, his followers had also received great advantages.

So now it seemed like Ye Xiwen would also have a similar rise like Qi Feifan had, and many people wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. After all, anyone would want to wash hands in a flowing river.

“This Ye Xiwen is really too incredible, the Elder Jin Xuan was not only beaten by him but was also deprived of his elder’s identity.”

“Well, of course, Ye Xiwen has become the fifth pro-disciple, whereas, Jin Xuan is merely an ordinary elder, there’s no comparison between the two.”

“I tell you, this Ye Xiwen is simply a legend, a myth, and now with the rise in his status, the disciples of Qianyu faction will have a meteoric rise in strength and status. Its no longer the faction of newbies, because now, it belongs to a pro-disciple. Unfortunately, I did not join early and even if I go now and join Qianyu faction, I am afraid I won’t be able to get the higher ranks.”

“Yes, even the head said that he is personally going to protect Ye Xiwen. I was worried that Ye Xiwen might be killed by the eighth prince, but now I am assured that within the protection of our head, even if the eighth prince dares to come, he will meet his tragic end.”

Everyone was discussing about Ye Xiwen.

But for Ye Xiwen, the most important thing was to receive control of his peak from the sect. It was a tall mountain and it seemed as if the peak of this mountain was floating in the sky.

Without taking much time, Ye Xiwen named it Qianyu peak, anyway he had decided the name long ago so he didn’t spend much time while naming it.

And afterwards, Qianyu peak would become the permanent residence of Qianyu faction and all of the disciples of Qianyu faction would over there to live. Not to mention, the size of Qianyu peak was more than enough to accommodate thousands of people.

But as of now, there were few hundred disciples in Qianyu faction and accommodating them should not be a big deal. Not to mention, most of the disciples still lived in their respective ten peaks, so basically, not even hundred disciples were going to live on Qianyu peak.

It was a great news for Qianyu disciples because their leader, Ye Xiwen, not only became a true disciple, he also became a pro-disciple with only four other at the same rank.

There was a heaven and earth’s difference between an ordinary true disciple and a pro-disciple.

Ye Xiwen took control of Qianyu peak from an elder, and the first thing he did was to give full access to Qianyu faction. This peak was already like a war-fortress with several Zhen methods for attack and defense, but they only activated in the most critical situations, and under normal circumstances, there was no way to activate these mechanisms.

Ye Xiwen was not satisfied with the defense mechanisms and directly deployed the Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag array. Several deepwater black serpents congealed out of nowhere and completely surrounded the Qianyu peak from all directions. It seemed as if the peak was being invaded by these serpents and the defense mechanisms immediately activated. But as suspected, these defense mechanisms were not satisfactory!

However, Ye Xiwen’s Poisonous Water Dragon Control Flag array was enough to serve as a formidable defense for the Qianyu peak.

And most importantly, there was a spiritual artery buried on Qianyu peak, although the Lingqi present was not generally sufficient, but since the flag array would be perennially buried in the spiritual artery, so over time, it would continue to enhance the quality of the flag, in fact, even Ye Xiwen couldn’t make a guess about the rise in energy with the passage of time.

Of course, if necessary, Ye Xiwen could come back at any time to protect Qianyu peak.

After Ye Xiwen acquired control of Qianyu peak, it didn’t take long for the news to spread throughout the sect, and soon many people, who were already interested in Ye Xiwen’s strength and glory, discovered that right after he entered the Qianyu peak, several deepwater black serpents came out of nowhere and surrounded the peak, they were roaring non-stop and their killing intention was crazily soaring in all directions. And since now the flag array was rooted into the spiritual artery of Qianyu peak, it was able to display far more power when compared to how it used to perform in the hands of Ye Xiwen.

“What a terrifying killer Zhen method! What kind of killer Zhen method has Ye Xiwen buried in his peak?”

“His killing method has taken over the sky itself, waiting to attack the prey!”

“What is this killer Zhen method, how come I’ve never seen it before?” An elder said and looked at Ye Xiwen, who, at this time, was planting the Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array into the spiritual artery.

The gazes of many true disciples, elders and other powerhouses were glued to Ye Xiwen, and the reason was quite simple, they just wanted to learn more about the fifth pro-disciple of Yi Yuan School and would he be able to create legend like Qi Feifan.

Immediately after Ye Xiwen was done burying the flag array, suddenly, Lingqi gushed out from Qianyu peak and completely enveloped it in large stocks of surging Lingqi. Everyone looked at this scene with look of terror and shock in their eyes.

“What’s going on, from where did all this Lingqi suddenly emerged onto the mountain peak. It seems like a Zhen method which forcefully extracts Lingqi out of the spiritual artery and then seals it off.”

“Yes, extravagant, and if this continues, soon, the huge concentration of Lingqi on the peak will eventually liquefy, but this way the spiritual artery will be consumed very fast and may get depleted within a century or so.”

“What are you talking about? He has managed to extract Lingqi faster from the spiritual artery, the sect would definitely praise him for it.”

“Yes, we should not forget that now he is a pro-disciple and owns superior treatment even when compared to true disciples.”

Most of the disciples were envious but were rather more shocked, because they did not know how Ye Xiwen managed to get his hands on so many top level Zhen methods.

Including many of the true disciples, even the elders were in a state of shock, because in such a short time, Ye Xiwen managed to implement such a potent Zhen method that it was basically sucking Lingqi out of millenniums old spiritual artery. From where did he grasp such a powerful Zhen method?

Such concentration of Lingqi was almost comparable to the holy lands of Yi Yuan School, which were formed only after many years of conservation.

Although there would be a shocking consumption rate because of this, but in general, it would do more good than harm.

Especially, a lot of forces were still holding hostility for Ye Xiwen, but now that they saw his performance with their own eyes, they came to realize that his capabilities were already far  beyond their imagination and it was literally impossible to deal with him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Ye Xiwen, the fifth pro-disciple of Yi Yuan School. Just now, I acquired a mountain peak of my own and named it Qianyu peak. From hereby on-wards, it is going to be the residence and Headquarters of Qianyu faction. Later, if I find out that someone tried to aim their evil intentions towards Qianyu peak or my people in my absence, I will make sure to obliterate your existence from this world!”

Ye Xiwen’s voice burst out from Qianyu peak and spread throughout Yi Yuan School like a storm. Everyone was secretly speechless after they discovered the depth of Ye Xiwen’s skill. To be able to send his voice surging and trembling throughout the expanse of humongous Yi Yuan School was not something an ordinary true disciple could achieve. Just how unimaginably deep his skill actually was and was he really a truth third stage true disciple?

After listening to his overwhelming battle-cry like announcement, although many people still could not pin-point his strength level, but at least now they understood why he was made a pro-disciple by the head

“Qianyu faction is really lucky, having a pro-disciple in the faction means their future prospects are simply unimaginable!”

“Not to forget, disciples of Qianyu faction are going to live in a practice environment of Qianyu peak which is rich in Lingqi, which is concentrated enough to be on the verge of liquefying. Only top level elders, peak leaders and head of the sect are able to access such a kind of practice environment but now it accessible to Qianyu faction. Its like they are going to get the same treatment as top elders and leaders of the sect.”

“In such a short time, Ye Xiwen not only became a true disciple but also managed to obtain the title of a pro-disciple.”

“But looking at his qualifications, it will still take a lot of time for him to achieve the level of other four pro-disciples.”

“Yes, but you must consider the fact that other four pro-disciples have been around for decades and almost a century, but in comparison, Ye Xiwen is just 20 years old and still became a pro-disciple.”

“But just think, he is just 20 years old and has a lifespan of 400 years. There are so many decades left for him to break through the heavens.”

“With his talent and the kind of importance he holds for the sect, unless and until he doesn’t end up dead in some conspiracy, I’m afraid his future prospects are extraordinary!”

(To be continued)


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