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Chapter 201 – Fifth pro-disciple

“If you do not punish him, then from here on, no one will obey the regulations of Yi Yuan School, especially when it comes to such fundamental rules.” Penal elder said.

“I think Jin Xuan elders did not do it intentionally, he must have wanted to test the strength of Ye Xiwen.” At this time, Tian Wushuang didn’t know what to say in order to protect Jin Xuan except to prove Jin Xuan as a stupid person who was unaware of Ye Xiwen’s strength and dared to get involved in such a matter. The most stupid kind of guy who just wanted to show off his strength in front of a junior.

“So you think that he is just a stupid guy who tried to test Ye Xiwen’s strength? Who would believe such an excuse!” Penal elder said coldly, “Who doesn’t know about the events that took place on Qianji Island. It was Ye Xiwen who provided accurate information and helped us avoid, what could have been a very serious loss to our sect. And thanks to that vital information, we managed to wipe out the enemy forces of Bai Mojiao, and not just that, it also created a very good opportunity for Yi Yuan School to set up its reputation as an invincible force in front of the other major forces. In the future, no one would dare to look down on our younger generation.”

“Now, everyone has seen the true talent of Ye Xiwen but there’s a chance that he may have some hidden strengths that we still haven’t seen. Various forces have already recognized his strength, and in the future, he is likely to have a duel with the eighth prince and the other top players of the younger generation. Our job should be to safeguard Ye Xiwen, the only hope of leading our younger generation in this race so that Yi Yuan School doesn’t lose face in front of other sects.” Penal elder said.

Although the other elders did not speak, but they clearly agreed with whatever penal elder said just now. Some of the elders wanted to object but they couldn’t do it openly. But, objection was clearly visible in their eyes!

“Such a genius, there’s no limit to the amount of care and support we must provide him with. We must not forget that after we old people are not there to protect the sect, we will have to rely on the younger generation to ensure the safety, security of Yi Yuan school. Only they will be able to maintain our sect’s elaborate reputation and keep it going in the future.” Penal elder said and glanced at those elders who were showing signs of objection through their eyes.

Everyone suddenly turned their faces sideways and looked at each other, after all, none of the elders participating in this meeting were at low rank. All of them held high positions and were extremely old, to the extent that most of them would not live another hundred years to look after the well-being of their sect.

And how old was Ye Xiwen? He was merely about twenty years old and his cultivation would grant him a lifespan of about four hundred years, which was an entire generation of life.

Today, if they really offended such a peerless genius, then in the future, looking at Ye Xiwen’s promising talent and unimaginable growth rate, perhaps, they might have to face serious consequences. By then, in their absence, Ye Xiwen would have surpassed them all and even their successors might also have to face Ye Xiwen’s wrath.

Ye Xiwen had so much potential and talent that in the future, he would most likely become a peak-leader, and later, he might even become the head of Yi Yuan School. Was it really worth to offend Ye Xiwen?

After witnessing the recent events, now, no one would dare to underestimate Ye Xiwen, because they had come to realize that Ye Xiwen’s talent was actually transcendent.

They felt somewhat strange in their hearts, trying to figure out why was Penal elder helping Ye Xiwen. They didn’t know that Penal elder was doing this to give a serious blow to Luo clan’s influence, which would ultimately also affect Chu Jingcai’s influence. Also, he wanted to tie a friendly knot between Huang Luochen and Ye Xiwen, because this would ultimately increase the influence of Huang Luochen. So long as one had enough common sense, one would not want to offend Ye Xiwen and certainly wouldn’t try to make an enemy out of him. (NT: Both Huang Luochen and Chu Jingcai are one of the four pro-disciples.)

Penal elder wanted to win over Ye Xiwen’s trust and support for Huang Luochen. If Ye Xiwen agreed to join Huang Luochen’s faction then that would be a great addition and would certainly give a boost to his influence over other pro-disciples. And even if Ye Xiwen doesn’t agree to join, after growing strong in the future, he would certainly support Huang Luochen, and would be just like ‘Icing on the cake’!

Ye Xiwen demonstrated endless potential and no one could predict how strong he would become in the future. So it was for the best to not offend such a person and an experienced old guy like him certainly understood such a basic point!

Everyone looked at Wu Potian and waited for him to state the final judgment!

Wu Potian, at this time, no longer looked indifferent instead he glanced at the crowd and said: “Jin Xuan will be stripped of his elder’s identity and sent to guard the mines. That’s my final decision!”

Suddenly, everyone was shocked in their hearts. Getting stripped of the identity of an elder, for Jin Xuan, it was worse than dying. There were no small benefits for elders which were especially necessary for later practice because as the cultivation grew, more and more practice resources were required for further advancing to the next realm, after all, not everyone was daring like Ye Xiwen, who roamed about everywhere and plundered many resources whenever required.

For most people, the resources granted by sect was the main source of strength and also the safest way.

Without the resources granted by the sect, Jin Xuan’s further practice would be extremely difficult, and considering his almost finished lifespan, it was a very serious punishment.

But since the head had already made a decision, including Tian Wushuang, no one dared to refute.

“One more thing, Ye Xiwen is to be immediately promoted to the rank of other four pro-disciples!” Wu Potian’s next sentence suddenly startled all of the elders, because everybody expected him to be promoted to the rank of true disciples, whether it was strength or credit, Ye Xiwen had more than enough.

Ye Xiwen indeed deserved to be promoted to a true disciple!

But to be placed among the four strongest true disciples was simply unexpected for everyone. It could be said that although there were hundreds of true disciples in Yi Yuan School, but only the most distinguished and peerless geniuses were allowed to be called as the pro-disciples, and only they were allowed to compete for the position of ‘Head’. These pro-disciples held strength, prestige and personal connections, making them much superior to other true disciples.

Pro-disciples were considered elites even among the elites like true disciples, in the past hundred years, there were only four who managed to achieve this rank. But today, Wu Potian unexpectedly added Ye Xiwen to the same rank, which suggested that Ye Xiwen would have such an elaborate and promising future that his success might be comparable with that of the four pro-disciples.

The last time when Wu Potian made such a judgment, Qi Feifan had an extraordinary rise in both fame and strength. At that time, no one expected that Qi Feifan would become such a legendary expert in the future but Wu Potian was able to make a correct judgment about him.

This was the second time Wu Potian made such a judgment, so did it mean that Ye Xiwen would become a possible future rival for Qi Feifan?

But while they were extremely dismayed, no one dared to question Wu Potian’s decision. Yi Yuan School’s inheritance was an accumulation of so many years and they certainly fouced on cultivating geniuses. As long as they could nurture a true genius, the sect was willing to devote a lot of resources for it, this was also one of the main reasons how Yi Yuan School was able to stand tall for so many years.

“I hope everyone is aware of the declaraton of duel to Ye Xiwen from the eighth prince?” Wu Potian looked at the crowd and asked.

“En!” Everyone nodded.

“This duel will be canceled, no matter what happens, it must be canceled!” Wu Potian said, “Ye Xiwen’s practice time is still short, this duel will be scheduled to some other time, when he is sufficiently strong to be able to deal with eighth prince and the others. Ye Xiwen is the new backbone of the younger generation of Yi Yuan School, we cannot afford to lose him.”

All of the elders nodded because they too agreed with Wu Potian’s idea, after all, expect Ye Xiwen, no of the other disciples lived up to the expectations. One must know that Luo Yifan was considered the leader of younger generation in Yi Yuan School and he was nothing compared to the eighth prince. The gap between them was extremely big, but Ye Xiwen rose up as a new ray of hope for Yi Yuan School.

While dealing with an evildoer, let evildoer do the job!

Thinking about it, when Qi Feifan rose to fame, none of the other major forces was able to put forth a strong rival for him, making them utterly depressed. In fact, a lot of people said that perhaps, Qi Feifan took birth in the wrong era, he should have taken birth in the era of eighth prince, then Yi Yuan School wouldn’t have to face such embaraasment.

In the recent years, Yi Yuan School couldn’t produce a competent rival for the eighth prince, but now, finally, Ye Xiwen came into picture,  showing the ability to compete with eighth prince and the other top players in same generation. It would generally take lot of time and resources to nurture a peerless genius, but now, with the unexpected rise of Ye Xiwen, they would certainly not let him die early. Yi Yuan School had sufficient grounds to protect Ye Xiwen.

Quite simple, Ye Xiwen was significantly younger than eighth prince, so he must be allowed to train for ten more years, then he would have the ability to compete with the eighth prince.

Unconsciously, they were all very confident of Ye Xiwen, after all, despite being so young, if he was able to kill Feng Kong, the commander in chief of Imperial guards, then in the next ten years, people believed that he would at least catch up with eighth prince and the others.

Everyone wanted him to defeat the eighth prince!

“If the eighth prince doesn’t stop then I will personally go into action and protect Ye Xiwen.” Wu Potian said in a cold voice.

(To be continued)


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