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Chapter 187 – Experts gather

Ye Xiwen left Qianqian's team, he knew that without his help, it would be extremely difficult for them to continue, their strength was quite limited, but this time, there was not a small improvement in their strengths, they were on the verge of breakthrough to the next stage, so it was not like they didn't achieve anything from Ye Xiwen addition into their team. This could be considered as more than compensation for the time their team was led by Ye Xiwen.

But before going, Ye Xiwen took the map from Chi Fei and carefully observed it.

After Ye Xiwen left, Chi Fei looked back and said: “Qianqian, just where you met such a metamorphosis, he is simply too formidable.”

“I do not know his background, but considering his strength, heart and mind, in the future, he will certainly become a legendary character, and perhaps at that time, we will also hear about him.” Qianqian muttered.

“Let’s go.” Qianqian turned around and said, “We can no longer continue to go any further, guys, let's find contentment in whatever we obtained so far.”

“En!” The team members nodded in abundance because they knew that even with Xu Yingdao was with them, it would be impossible for them to go any further.

Ye Xiwen went towards the central region of the cemetery, along the paved way of bones of the dead and as he was getting closer to the central region of the tomb, the moqi was getting more abundant, while the skeleton monsters were also getting more formidable.

However, he also continued to encounter more and more powerful warriors and almost all of them were the experts of truth fifth stage or above. The likes of truth third stage warriors were simply nonexistent in this area because there was no way for them to survive here.

Finding truth second stage warriors like Ye Xiwen at such depths of cemetery was simply out of question.

One could see a giant tomb in the distance, while the outside was actually a piece by piece paving from the bones of the dead.

Ye Xiwen looked at this grave which appeared as if it was right in front of him but seemed very far away.

“Ye Xiwen, this Devil commander tomb is not located in this time and space, just like this whole area with bones is located in a different time and space from your world. It's impossible to get there if you want to just casually walk to that place, the only way is to break open the space.” Ye Mo’s experienced eyes had seen through the actual situation of this tomb.

Sure enough, Ye Xiwen actually saw from afar how those powerful warriors were tearing the space to rush in from the cracks in space.

Ye Xiwen was about to go in but Ye Mo suddenly said: “Wait, Ye Xiwen, I feel the presence of people of Bai Mojiao!”

Ye Xiwen was surprised for a moment, it was somewhat incredible to think why people of Bai Mojiao would come here, but then he immediately relaxed thinking that this place was after all the tomb of a Devil commander, so how could Bai Mojiao possibly abandon it to be plundered by other people.

Ye Xiwen closed his eyes to sense and at a very distant place, he sensed the auras of several masters of Bai Mojiao. It was simply impossible to hide devil arts breath from Ye Xiwen.

However, the auras of these people of Bai Mojiao were completely submerged in the endless amount of moqi lingering about in the cemetery, and most people simply had no way to detect, but since Ye Xiwen had also practiced devil arts just like the people of Bai Mojiao, so he was able to perceive them from afar.

Bai Mojiao had actually stationed a large number of troops outside to prepare an ambush, however they were not ambushing anyone, in fact, they weren't even stopping the warriors and demon beasts from entering, what were they trying to do?

From an average person’s point of view, it was easy to guess that perhaps, they didn't want to offend so many people at this moment, but the same logic couldn't be applied on an organization like Bai Mojiao, because anyway, their main goal was to offend the everyone and hand over the control of this world to devil race, so it was quite difficult to guess what was going on in their minds.

Moreover, there were faint fluctuations in the moqi, although it was perfectly covered under the moqi of this tomb, but Ye Xiwen could still feel it and knew that Bai Mojiao had covertly prepared a Zhen formation here but didn't know the reason behind it.

Ye Xiwen paced back and forth for a moment and did not know whether to go inside or not. Bai Mojiao was obviously plotting something and if he went inside then he would most likely fall into their trap.

“Ye Xiwen, you can go inside, it's all right.” Ye Mo said, “This Bai Mojiao Zhen formation is just a peripheral arrangement, because they cannot disturb too many people, so it is not very strong. It seems like they are trying to use this formation in an attempt to induce a direct crack into the depths of the tomb, most likely to obtain the treasures present in the depths of this tomb.”

Ye Mo wholeheartedly explained things to Ye Xiwen.

“If you were alone then you’d better turn around and leave right now, but certainly there are a large number of experts here and many more continue to arrive as we talk. When the time of danger comes, you can be just one fish in a school of fishes and just act according to the circumstances” Ye Mo said, "Bai Mojiao's acting style is usually very domineering, arrogant and despotic, but this time, they are being so careful, so there certainly are some tyrannical masters among the enemy, making them to behave cautiously right now.”

“En.” Ye Xiwen nodded then made up his mind and immediately flew on the rainbow. He rushed towards the top of the mountain of bones, tore open the space and went inside.

Seeing another figure rush inside, a cold smile appeared on the face of Bai Mojiao leader while a killing intent flashed in his eyes, however he did not act rashly.

Ye Xiwen tore the space to enter the dimension where the tomb was actually located, although the surrounding scenery looked exactly similar, as if he could almost see the things present outside, but Ye Xiwen actually knew that this was not the outside, this was an entirely different dimension.

“I never thought that this Devil commander's tomb will actually have so tight security, will have two different spaces.” Ye Xiwen thought aloud.

He glanced around and saw endless mountains of bones everywhere, while a tyrannical breath was lurking about. All of the people were hiding behind these bone mountains and waiting for the tomb to open.

Ye Xiwen also had to hide behind a mountain of bones.

“What's with these magical powers, almost each one of them has an inconsistent and shifty presence. If this was an Emperor’s tomb, even approaching it should be impossible. Regardless of where an emperor level character falls, his grave always resembles the nature itself. The tomb of an emperor level figure is bound to be extraordinarily tyrannical, it automatically forms a supreme pattern of geomantic omen, and within the radius of hundreds of Li, the terrifying killing intent distorts countless laws, condensing them into dreadful law weapons.” Ye Mo said.

“This Devil commander's tomb is far inferior than the Emperor’s tomb, just look at this fluctuation, the space here is clearly about to collapse. It was born because of the competition of Great Island of the immortals and Demon beast Kingdom for numerous years, maybe that's why the space here is so unstable and on the verge of collapsing.” Ye Mo said, “So this time, among all of the masters who have arrived here, there certainly isn't anyone in the legendary realm. Because the space here is too fragile and if a master of legendary realm appears, then it won't be able to withstand the fluctuations caused by a legendary level master. Even if only a little, but the fluctuation caused by such a master may lead to instant collapse of this space. So considering this, you still have a chance.”

“Emperor level people can also die?” Ye Xiwen asked because according to what Ye Mo once said, an emperor level character was a great existence, capable of ruling an entire world, but such a character could also die.

“Of course, since the ancient times, there has been endless number of deaths of emperor level characters. In this universe, there's no one who cannot die.” Ye Mo sighed and said.

Ye Xiwen was silent, did not say anything, just activated the 'restraining breath technique' and deeply restrained his own breath so as to not be discovered for as long as possible.

At this time, finally someone unscrupulous appeared. He had an appearance of about 20 years old, clad in white clothes and was holding a spear in his hand, the heroic bearing was thriving in his persona while his whole body appeared like an imposing spear, making the people not dare to watch intently.

Seeing this man appear out of nowhere, suddenly, there were fluctuations in the soul searches of various experts. There were a lot of experts who used soul search to with each other, and at this time, the ones who were able to communicate using soul search were obviously the tyrannical experts, basically with cultivation above truth fifth stage. In fact, only experts with cultivation above truth fifth stage were able to use soul search, and excluding a freak like Ye Xiwen, the experts with cultivation below truth fifth stage could not even use soul search to sense others, forget about using it for communication.

However their communication actually couldn't escape the capture from Tianyuan mirror and fell into Ye Xiwen's mind.

“I did not expect that even Bai Wuhen would also appear for the treasure!”

“Yes, he is known as the white clothed sojourner. He is colder than the ice, possessed a killing heart, blood thirsty slaughterer who kills at whim, an evil minded tyrannical master, no one knows how many tyrannical masters have been killed by his long spear. Even as a loose cultivator, he is really a rare genius with god-gifted wisdom!”

“I did not expect that the Devil commander's treasure would even attract a master of truth ninth peak, now we really don't have a chance, so unlucky ah!”

“Don't worry, the number of peerless masters who will arrive here for the treasure is far more than just one peerless master like Bai Wuhen, just let them kill each other, while we can be like small fishes in troubled waters and act according to circumstances.”

After the appearance of this peerless master, Ye Xiwen immediately understood that it seemed like there were many others who held the exact same idea like him to lay low and reap benefits as the third party in a dispute.

But this Bai Wuhen dared to be the first guy to appear openly in front of everyone, without concealing his strength, which clearly showed how much self-confidence he had in his own strength.

After the sudden appearance of Bai Wuhen, soon, a second master quickly entered this space, it was actually a young boy in water-blue robe, seemed about seventeen-year-old. Although he appeared quite young, but his aura was very compelling.

“Even the super genius of Xing clan, Xing Lang, has also emerged. He is not one bit weaker than Bai Wuhen, and as the leader of the younger generation of Xing clan, there's almost no rival of his unrestrained swordsmanship.”

“Good graciousness, so many peerless talents have arrived at this place, could it be that this time, all of the most talented individuals, in the surrounding radius of almost 100,000 Li, have gathered here?” Someone exclaimed out loud.

Shortly after that appeared several figures of females, headed by a woman in adorned clothing, who looked exquisite and outstanding. Her name was Qing Mingyue and she was actually a disciple of Female palace, a considerably big influence in the East China Sea.

The next to arrive was the newly emerging invincible genius of Great Island of the immortals, Shang Guan. He also possessed peerless imposing aura and had a heroic bearing.

Finally, the last figure to arrive wasn't human but a two-headed giant crocodile, ten meters in length, faint ominous eyes glowing in the dark. He was one of the top figures of the new generation of demon beasts.

His breath was significantly better than the breath of those several other tyrannical human warriors.

(To be continued)


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