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(NT: Regular Chapter. 4 more pending regular chapters! It’s a long chapter, but quite entertaining. Enjoy!)

Chapter 182 - The so-called putting to test

Suddenly, everyone looked at Ye Xiwen with astonished expressions on their faces.

They knew well that Qianqian's strength was enough to make her part of their elite team, needless to say, her strength was at the third stage of truth realm, quite tyrannical, perhaps not the strongest, but it was not weaker compared to their own.

But when even a strong expert like Qianqian was unable to deal with an enemy, this man actually came to her rescue and saved her life? Not just that, according to what Qianqian said just now, that giant shark was split in half by Ye Xiwen's long blade. Perhaps this was the reason that shocked them the most.

Considering Qianqian's diligent and honest character, they had no choice but to believe in what she said. And they were astonished just by thinking about it, because Ye Xiwen was merely at the second stage of truth realm, but he actually managed to display the strength beyond the second stage of truth realm.

“No matter how strong he is, this matter is very important, our lives are going to be at stakes and it is very difficult to say about the ulterior motives of this man of unknown origin, he may harbor evil intentions. I won't allow him to join our team.” Xu Yingdao said.

“Such being the case, I will be on my way then.” Ye Xiwen wanted to join Qianqian's team in order to become familiar with some people and watch our each other's backs in the face of dangers, but if this team was so unhappy by his presence then there was no need for him to join their team.

After all, just as Xu Yingdao said, the most important thing for a team was heartfelt solidarity and cooperation. If he couldn't achieve this by joining this team, then it was better for him to walk his own path.

“Senior Ye, I think Xu Yingdao says this because he doesn't know about Senior Ye's tyrannical strength, this was not intentional!” Qianqian went forward to persuade Ye Xiwen, but she didn't know that her action and gesture made Xu Yingdao feel even more wrong about Ye Xiwen.

“Hmph, firstly, the ulterior motives are not the only issue here, even his strength seems dubious and questionable. I think that giant shark must have exhausted most of its strength while fighting with junior sister apprentice, which gave him an opportunity to take advantage of this and that's how he beheaded the giant shark.” Xu Yingdao said with a look of disdain in his eyes.

Qianqian was somewhat anxious, she didn't know what to say, but she did know that the strength of that demon beast was far above the strength of an average human expert. When she herself was at the point of utmost exhaustion and physical exertion, her strength was almost coming to an end, but at that time, the giant shark was radically just warming up. And not to forget that Ye Xiwen's blade attack was truly outstanding.

“But, since Qianqian has said so much in your favor, then I am ready to give you a chance. If you manage to get out of the block then I’ll agree to accept you in our team." Xu Yingdao said in a cold voice, it was obvious that he didn't want Ye Xiwen to join their team.

Xu Yingdao took one step forward and his aura firmly locked on Ye Xiwen. He then waved his hand, and suddenly, a tremendous Zhen Yuan rolled over towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if the Mt. Tai itself was falling towards him.

Ye Xiwen was enveloped by Zhen Yuan approaching from all directions and instantly trapped him in a giant cage. This showed that Xu Yingdao had already practiced the palm method to a very profound level.

“So you think you can trap me?” Ye Xiwen sneered again and again. A moment ago, he was all ready to go, but it seemed like some people didn't want to leave. It was obvious that Xu Yingdao was planning to use opportunity to redress personal grievances, he wanted to make Ye Xiwen suffer a loss, he might even try to find a chance and destroy Ye Xiwen's cultivation. Ye Xiwen could clearly see the killing intention in his eyes.

“You think you are comparable to that eighth prince, well, I’d like to see for myself.” Ye Xiwen said then took a step, and suddenly, an unimaginable wave of vigorous Zhen Yuan burst out of his body. At this time, his entire accumulated energy was released at once, and a dreadful intention to kill was instantly swept off and firmly enveloped Xu Yingdao.

Suddenly, Xu Yingdao felt a terrifying killing intention aimed at him, it almost washed away his state of mind. It was exceptionally fearful, he had never felt such a horrifying killing intention from a man ever before, but right now, he felt it from Ye Xiwen's body.

He actually did not know that for the last three days, Ye Xiwen had been fighting and killing nonstop, he literally hadn't slept for last three days and three nights, so one could imagine how many demon beasts had been killed by him during this period. One could say that this ceaseless slaughter had given birth to rivers of blood and one simply couldn't count the number of demon beasts killed by Ye Xiwen in mere three days. Not to mention, many of these demon beasts were at the third stage of truth realm, and some were even stronger than that, but he used Poisonous Dragon water control flag to kill the stronger demon beasts, and at that time, he was just at the first stage of truth realm. Now, he was at the second stage of truth realm and after the breakthrough, he gained tyrannical strength.

Ye Xiwen had to absorb the neidans of countless truth level demon beasts in order to break from first stage of truth ream to second stage of truth realm, so one could imagine the enormous gap between his previous strength and current strength.

(NT: Ye Xiwen's inner state is at the second stage, but his strength is comparable to those at fourth stage. Basically, this two stage buff is possible because of the energy he has absorbed from the neidans of so many truth level demon beasts. And thanks to 'Tyrant body technique', he can withstand so much excess energy he absorbed from truth level demon beasts.)

After killing so many demon beasts, Ye Xiwen's killing intention could be imagined but he had to the 'restraining breath technique' to completely hide his killing intention and true strength because that would have scared away those demon beasts, but now, he didn't care and directly released out his true strength and killing intention. Since Xun Yingdao tried to trap in a cage, Ye Xiwen directly aimed his dreadful killing intention at him. Xu Yingdao felt as if his entire existence had been pierced.

There was no need to say that the monstrous waves of Zhen Yuan, released out from Ye Xiwen's body, instantly defeated Xun Yingdao's Zhen Yuan and directly annihilated his cage, then advanced forward and completely enveloped his body.

Xu Yingdao suddenly came to understand, perhaps, Qianqian was really stating the truth. This Ye Xiwen's real strength was far beyond his imagination, which shocked not just him but everyone present on the scene. This fact could shock anyone in this world! It was simply unimaginable that a master at the Truth second stage would actually turn out to possess strength more than Truth third stage. This Ye Xiwen was really a monster! Xu Yingdao was at the third stage of truth realm and had always been referred to as a genius by his peer, but there existed a title above 'genius' as well, it was the title of a ‘monster'! A monster was someone whose achievements, skill and strength could not be measured by the norms and established theories. In the past, he did not believe in the existence of monsters, but now, after meeting Ye Xiwen, he had no choice but to believe that monsters really existed in this world, and were fearful experts. (NT: I have replaced ‘evildoer’ by ‘monster’. I will continue to use monster in future chapters.)

“Not good!” Xu Yingdao shouted and took several steps back while using an agility technique, trained to the acme level. It appeared that he only took a step, but in reality, he withdrew more than thirty feet in a blink of an eye. He was so overwhelmed by Ye Xiwen's strength and killing intention that he instinctively fled very far away.

But, at this time, Xu Yingdao's entire body was covered in a protective turtle-shell, made up of Zhen Yuan.

“It's that turtle-shell magical technique!” Qianqian recognized the technique used by Xu Yingdao. Although the name of this technique sounded quite weird and tacky, but it was considered a extremely superior and secretive power technique by the people of Great Island of the Immortals.

There were rumors in the sect of Great Island of the Immortals, they once surrendered a giant turtle beast and studied its super strong shell to obtain this turtle-shell magical technique. It had been passed down generation after generation as a secret technique, and after constant improvements, the human race could finally learn to use it. Moreover the defensive power of this turtle-shell magical technique could shock everybody, there simply was no means to eradicate this shell, and once it was displayed, it was that even masters of Truth fourth stage would find it very difficult to destroy it.

Qianqian was aware of the strength of turtle-shell technique and knew that it was a very powerful defense type technique, it could easily block the attacks from super experts, so at this time, she was worried for Ye Xiwen.

“What turtle-shell magical technique!” Ye Xiwen sneered and simply didn't give much importance to this turtle-shell power technique.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm and the loud roar of a dragon resounded in the surroundings. His entire arm transformed into a coiling dragon, it lifted its face upwards and gave a long and loud roar. The coiling dragon instantly disappeared, and the next moment, it appeared in front of Xu Yingdao.

While facing Ye Xiwen's coiling dragon palm technique, the turtle-shell magical technique simply didn't stand a chance. It was going to collapse from the very first blow.

Ye Xiwen's coiling dragon dropped down from the clouds. There simply was no way for an average person to resist a mighty being like this coiling dragon. One could say that it was the most powerful Yang creature in this world. (NT: Yang = Positive principle from Yin-Yang concept)

“What kind of martial arts is this?” Xu Yingdao could feel a sense of intense dread crawling under his skin and his own Zhen Yuan seemed to be going out of control. He had never felt like this in his life, this was the feeling of bowing down and worshipping in the face of such a divine and mighty being. This whole situation suddenly sent him in panic-stricken state.

How was this possible!

He actually did not know that his turtle-shell magical technique had been created using a giant turtle as basis and there was dragon blood present in its blood vessels, so it could be considered as a inferior dragon species with turtle-like characteristics.

And when the turtle-shell technique was created, it was certainly related in some way with the original dragon techniques, which was the reason why Xu Yingdao's Zhen Yuan went out of control while he was facing Ye Xiwen's Coiling dragon palm, which was supposedly one of the purest dragon based techniques.

The turtle-shell's defensive power was completely crushed by Ye Xiwen's coiling dragon. Xu Yingdao could not bear and immediately gave out a loud shout: “Turtle trampling!”

From the collapsed shell, appeared a huge turtle leg and dropped from the sky towards Ye Xiwen to trample him. It was made up from the combination of Zhen Yuan and Lingqi, and although it was not a real turtle leg, but not far off as well.

The other four had shocked looks on their faces, they could clearly see that Xu Yingdao was cornered and anxious, so he had to use such a big move in a desperate effort. In the past, he would have never used it unless it was absolutely necessary in most urgent cases, but right now, he had to use it just because he was actually cornered by Ye Xiwen.

(NT: Coiling dragon has scared the crap outta him, poor guy has no other choice but to use his trump.)

Besides Qianqian, others simply couldn't believe that things would actually come to this. Xu Yingdao was naturally considered the strongest among them, and they always found him domineering and tyrannical.

However, Ye Xiwen just used one move to corner that domineering and tyrannical Xu Yingdao. They always used to listen to legendary fairy tales about such experts, but today, someone from those fairy tales appeared in front of them.

Qianqian already knew about this because that giant shark was at the peak of Truth third stage, and demon beasts were often stronger than humans at same cultivation level, but even so, Ye Xiwen used just one blade attack to behead that giant shark. More importantly, Ye Xiwen killed it so effortlessly, as if it was child's play for him.

“Such level of skill and capability, such strength and fierceness, he is actually a monster!” Chi Fei said with a look of disbelief on his face.

Ye Xiwen looked at the turtle leg falling from the sky. It must have the weight of almost ten million Jin and an average master wouldn't live after being trampled by it.

“What turtle leg, fuck off!” Ye Xiwen shouted and released more terrifying and vigorous Zhen Yuan from his whole body, this scene was simply shocking. The coiling dragon instantly flew towards the turtle leg and directly grasped it in its fierce claws.

(To be continued)


(NT: When Ye Xiwen absorbs a neidan, Tianyuan mirror first refines the crude energy and only the purest form of energy is absorbed by Ye Xiwen. So, just because he has absorbed the neidans of several truth level demon beasts doesn't mean he should have a breakthrough to next stage. He only absorbs the purest energy from the neidans, which is very less in quantity but very high in quality)

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