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Chapter 178 Great Immortal battlefield

In the depths of East China Sea, in a huge battlefield, a person's figure was rapidly flying over.

Ye Xiwen turned over the map, there was one of the ancient battlefields of East China Sea, and in accordance with the labeling on the map, it should be somewhere around here. This area was almost 10,000 Li away from the coastline of East China Sea, and taking such a large distance into account, this area could be considered as the depths of East China Sea.

At this time, there were two devil wings flapping behind Ye Xiwen. He actually gave birth to two devil wings, which could be used simply to attain improved speed and better maneuvering at extremely high speeds. Right now, Ye Xiwen was flying so fast that he was able to cover a distance of 10,000 Li in a flight of just three hours.

This belonged to a new school of magical powers that Ye Xiwen learnt from Ye Mo, it was called devil wings. Just from listening to the name, one could know that it was one of the magical powers of the devils. Moreover, it was also one of the top magical powers, and Ye Xiwen's skill was still not enough to wield it properly. If he had enough skill, he could have covered the distance of 10,000 Li in an instant.

Ye Xiwen didn't learn this technique earlier because at that time, only his strength was comparable to the masters of truth realm, but after all, he still hadn't stepped into the truth realm, so there was no way the Zhen Yuan in his body was qualitatively and quantitatively enough to sustain the consumption of energy while using the devil wings.

Therefore earlier, Ye Mo did not teach it to Ye Xiwen.

Now that he had devil wings, he could return to Qianji Island anytime whenever he felt like and that too very quickly, no matter where he was. After all, Bai Mojiao could begin the attack anytime.

While using this type of top class magical power of the devil race, energy consumption was very large. Even at Ye Xiwen's current strength and skill, in order to cover the distance of 10,000 Li, the devil wings actually consumed at least seventy percent of his energy, and in order to continue using it, Ye Xiwen had to consume spirit stones to sustain such a massive rate of energy consumption.

At this time, Ye Xiwen had covered up his face and had transformed his appearance into that of a handsome and incomparably elegant young man, clad in white robe. Right now, from his transformed appearance, he appeared very handsome and suave.

He was a human and there was a battlefield of a race of sea based demon beasts, less than few thousand Li away from there. A super big faction was located there and it was called Great Island of the Immortals. In the East China Sea, it was considered a very big force. Its strength was tyrannical, hardly inferior to a major force like Yi Yuan School.

This Great Immortal battlefield was a huge battlefield where the sea-demon beasts of Great Island of the Immortals used to battle perennially, hence give it this name. No one knew how many martial artists and sea-demon beast had fallen in this battlefield. And not just masters of Great Island of the Immortals, even many experts from several other sects would come here to gain experience, in order to participate in most intense fights to hone their strengths.

After arriving at the Great Immortal battlefield, Ye Xiwen immediately retracted his devil wings since displaying devil powers at this time was not suitable. Although in this world, practicing devil ways of martial arts was not a taboo, but practicing devil race's martial arts techniques was considered a taboo by most people, because by practicing devil race's martial arts technique, a human being could become depraved and eventually lose his humanity. However, just practicing devil ways didn't have any effect on a human being.

In short, practice devil race's martial arts techniques would change the physiological characteristics of the human being, turning them into devils, whether they were willing or not, and as long as someone embarked on this road, they was no turning back.

But there was no such problem in case of Ye Xiwen, because Ye Mo had taught him the most pure form of devil power techniques.

Techniques taught by Ye Mo were not the kind of half-complete devil power techniques which were initially introduced by devil race in the human world. During devil race's invasion, in order to split up human beings, devil race had used some human beings as cannon fodders and had handed down some of their devil power techniques. But these techniques were incomplete and devil race had deliberate introduced these techniques in order to turn human beings into devils.

However, the techniques that Ye Mo taught him were the most pure devil power techniques and simply didn't have any flaws. Moreover, Ye Mo had also directly learnt there techniques from the Great Devil King himself. According to Ye Mo, his previous owner was already at such a high realm that he could instantly create power techniques according to his needs and requirements by using the world laws and principles which he could comprehend with ease. The techniques created by him no longer rigidly adhered to a certain race, because Great Devil King was already at such a level that he had transcended the limits of races.

So Ye Xiwen did not need to worry, but he still did not want others to find out about his devil powers, otherwise, it would not cause small trouble. Unless and until his own strength was so strong that he didn't need to care about others at all, he would not openly display his devil powers unless absolutely necessary.

There were simply innumerable sea-demon beasts in the Great Immortal battlefield and most of them looked formidable. It was needless to say that Ye Xiwen couldn't take on too many of these beasts at once and neither did he know how many of these beasts he might have to kill in order to hone his skills.

At a distant place, he could see several huge sized demon beasts. The strong demon beasts were devouring the weaker ones. It was a battlefield indeed!

Ye Xiwen directly dived into the water and rushed towards the crowd of demon beasts, who were still fighting with each other.

Ye Xiwen was a truth-level super master, he contained strong blood and vitality in his body, which was simply hundreds or even thousand times more than that of a Xiantian realm master.

Ye Xiwen's sudden appearance immediately attracted the attention of numerous demon beasts, they rushed towards him, some of which were simply tyrannical and fearful demon beasts, and so many of them were rushing towards him at once.

The first group of demon beasts to attack him was a group of silver sharks. Each of these silver sharks was simply like reinforced steel frame swimming towards him at a very high speed. These silver sharks possessed great strength and a very sturdy body, they could easily kill a Xiantian level master in one blow.

These silver sharks were actually at the Xiantian ninth stage and even the strongest of them were at half-step into the truth realm, and these demon beasts were present everywhere in this battlefield.

Although this Great Immortal battlefield had quite a reputation, but it was certainly not the most intense battlefield, nor was it the largest one.

But, it could be seen in the entire Zhen Wu Jie that humans and demon beasts would frequently battle with each other, these battles continued from land to the sky, extending from sea to the land, they were fighting everywhere for their own survival and multiplication of their respective races.

However these silver sharks had steel sharp teeth, and if bitten, even the truth level experts wouldn't come out unscathed.

Moreover these silver sharks were at Xiantian realm and they were using water-based techniques to shoot overwhelming amount of water swords toward Ye Xiwen, who had already come out of the sea water and was flying in the sky.

If land was the territory of humans then sea was the territory of demon beasts and was simply like a forbidden for humans. Ye Xiwen finally had some understanding of this fact. These demon beasts would attack a human being on the very first sight.

“Missing moon beheader!” Ye Xiwen shouted and immediately chopped out his long blade, instantly releasing a burst of blade shadows in the sky which immediately formed a rain of blade shadows and rained directly on the silver sharks in the sea water.

Dozens of silver sharks were chopped to pieces and were instantly beheaded by Ye Xiwen.

However, the smell of blood attracted more and more demon beasts towards the place where so many of silver sharks had just been beheaded by Ye Xiwen. If Ye Xiwen was merely a passerby, then looking at so many demon beasts rushing towards him, he would surely have spread his devil wings and immediately escaped. Just the scene of several demon beasts swimming towards someone was enough to send chills down the spine.

The number density of demon beasts in this region was simply unimaginable for an average human being.

Even if Ye Xiwen was flying in the air, he must be careful all the time in order to not get shot by water swords because if he was to get shot and fell in the water then he would surely be attacked by an unimaginable number of demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen waved his long blade and a protective layer of Bladelight completely wrapped him, which was enough to protect him from the attack of Xiantian level demon beasts, and with each and every blade attack, he was able to kill a troop of demon beasts.

The flesh, blood and essence of these Xiantian level demon beasts were instantly absorbed by Tianyuan mirror leaving nothing behind, and their neidans were absorbed by Ye Xiwen, but at Ye Xiwen's current level, this was simply like a drop in the bucket. Ye Xiwen was now a truth level master, so the neidans of these Xiantian level demon beasts were nothing more than a drop in the bucket.

Killing these Xiantian level demon beasts simply couldn't be compared with killing a truth level demon beasts. There was a difference of heaven and earth between truth level and Xiantian level demon beasts.

But Ye Xiwen was not worried, striking bit by bit, and with ease, he was able to kill these demon beasts, although many of these demon beasts could terrify an average person, but it was impossible for these demon beasts to put even a scratch on Ye Xiwen. His real opponents would be those truth-level demon beasts. Truth level demon beasts were considered elites among the demon beasts and possessed terrifying strength.

While killing these demon beasts, Ye Xiwen almost did not have to use his Zhen Yuan, he slaughtered them by relying on his skills and therefore consumed a meager amount of Zhen Yuan. He was simply practicing his skills and techniques on these demon beasts and getting used to his newly acquired strength.

Soon, the true test arrived for Ye Xiwen. A group of shadows could be seen in the water coming towards Ye Xiwen from a long distance. These shadows were walking upright and immediately attracted the attention of Ye Xiwen. He took a closer look and saw that this was actually a group of water apes, their whole bodies were covered with blue fur, blue fangs were protruding out, not to mention, each and every one of them looked exceptionally ferocious.

These water apes were considered the tyrants of the nearby areas. The demon beast residents of these waters were usually torn apart by the water apes. They were radically a kind of amphibious animals, considering they could survive on land and could also survive in deep water. Basically, water apes belonged to a very special branch of ape class demon beasts.

The most notable thing about them was the fact that compared to their relatives who lived on land, water apes would several times more brutal and instinctively flagitious. The most fearful thing about these water apes was that each and every one of them was in the truth realm, while their leader, water ape king, was at the third stage of truth realm.

This water ape family was just like a gang of neighborhood bullies. They not only relied on their fearful strength of truth realm, but also stayed in a large group, hence acting as a powerful deterrent in their locality.

“Children, go kill this damn human warrior, he has a very exuberant vitality and seems quite delicious. After killing him, everybody will receive a bite from his body!” Water ape king looked at Ye Xiwen and there was a vicious killing intention in his eyes.

Suddenly, the water apes were excited and bellowed.

(To be continued)


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