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Chapter 177 Aftermath and pressure

The matter about eighth prince's declaration of duel to Ye Xiwen and subsequent wounding of the members of Imperial guards at the hands of Ye Xiwen quickly spread everywhere. It seemed as if a forest fire had spread all of a sudden, and almost instantly, it became a hot topic of discussion for many people.

“That Ye Xiwen is also quite rampant and domineering, gee, you didn't hear what he proclaimed in front of everyone. He said, it doesn't matter who it is, if someone wants to step on my head, they better stay away because even if it's a god, I’ll kill him, even if it's a devil, I’ll kill him! And right then, on the spot, everyone’s complexion changed after hearing his words!”

“Only a great man can say such words so confidently, he actually said that he would kill even the gods or devils if they try to come in his way? Damn, what a pity I was not present on the scene to witness it myself.”

“The members of Imperial guards are very arrogant and despotic, and relying on their direct relation with the eighth princes, they have offended many people, but this time, they did a big mistake by offending Ye Xiwen, because he isn't the type of guy who would sit back and take it silently. These members of Imperial guards tried to pressure him and force their decision onto him, and this is no different than courting death.”

“In the future, I am afraid that this is going to take an unpredictable turn. Although the eighth prince has obtained some treasures from the devil ruins, but even if we exclude him, the Imperial guards still has a very terrifying master, and if he plans to come into action, then I do not know what will happen to Ye Xiwen, because he is much more formidable compared to Ye Xiwen.”

“And even more frightening is that eighth prince, no one knows how much treasures he has obtained in the ruins, not to mention his inheritance as a prince. It is very hard to predict the new level of his terrifying strength, which must have gone against the heaven's will by now.”

“At this rate, perhaps in the future, he might really succeed in achieving his goal of dominating the entire Great Yue state.”

Everyone was talking about this matter, but Ye Xiwen was actually at his residence, and in his hands, there were some documents containing information about the members of Imperial guards. While going through the documents, he suddenly found some shocking information. He discovered that all of the members of the Imperial guards were the followers of the eighth prince and almost all of them were truth level masters. Some of them were at the third and fourth stage of truth realm, and there was even a terrifying master at the fifth stage of truth realm. However, even a master of the fifth stage of truth realm had surrendered to the eighth prince and was actually the commander of the Imperial guards. So many large and small truth level masters were loyal and devoted to the eighth prince.

These documents were quite secretive and were sent by someone related to Qi Feifan. On the orders of Qi Feifan, the sender of these documents must have researched and collected data about the eighth prince and his Imperial guards. These documents also contained few words from Qi Feifan, addressed to Ye Xiwen, stating, crush that eighth prince!

Ye Xiwen gave a somewhat forced smile. It seemed that Qi Feifan had shown quite a confidence in Ye Xiwen's strength and thought that he was capable enough to crush the eighth prince.

Qi Feifan could not take an action himself, because if he did then it would mean that Yi Yuan School thoroughly recognized this generation's conquest and was willing to participate in it. The relationship among the five forces was currently very stable, although they still despised each other, but there had been a mutual stability among them for quite a while. Every now and then, they were also fastidious about a lot of rules, for example, seniority was one of them.

Since Qi Feifan could not take an action in this matter because of his seniority, so all hope was pinned on Ye Xiwen.

However, there was no assurance that Ye Xiwen would be able to handle this matter, after all, the masters of the Imperial guards were really too many for him to handle on his own.

If you can, Ye Xiwen did not want to stir up any trouble, but it was obvious that even if he wanted to, he would not be able to escape from this. The other party was not at all willing to let him off, and even if they decide to let him off, they would do it only on the condition when Ye Xiwen would kneel down on the ground and beg for forgiveness. And he would rather die than to do such a thing.

Regardless of who it was, if they wanted to step on his head, they better stay away otherwise whether it was a god or a devil, he would kill them all!

Since it had already come to this, now, nothing could stop him from going all out!

“Ye Xiwen, the situation doesn't look good.” Ye Mo frowned and said after reading the information about the eighth prince and Imperial guards. There was a serious look on his face, although in his eyes, considering the time when he used to be at his peak, these people were nothing but a bunch of ants, but as far as Ye Xiwen's current strength was concerned, they indeed were powerful and fearful enemies.

“I guess you are right, even if I use the Poisonous dragon water control flag, the most I can do is beat the masters at the third stage of truth realm, but I think the next time, the two deputy commanders of the Imperial guards will most likely make an appearance.” Ye Xiwen thought and said. The Imperial guards had three fearful masters, one of them was the commander of Imperial guards and the other two were the deputy commanders. Even the members of Imperial guards based in the capital city would not be able to easily defeat these three masters and even if one of the two deputy commanders attacked Ye Xiwen, it would still be a huge threat to him. Although the two deputy commanders were weaker than the commander of Imperial guards, who was actually a master at the fifth stage of truth realm, but they were actually at the peak of the fourth stage of truth realm and it would be very hard for Ye Xiwen at his current strength to defeat these two terrifying opponents.

“But the good news is that now I have some time to enhance my strength, the members of Imperial guards won't come immediately.” Ye Xiwen said, he knew that he would not be able to escape from this battle. The members of Imperial guards regarded the eighth prince as their god, and whether it was for their own dignity or for the dignity of the eighth prince, how could they possibly let him off? For the glory of Imperial guards and the ambitions of the eighth prince, they would never let him live. And if they could not find him then they would most likely go after his family.

And most importantly, Ye Xiwen did not want to concede. This was supposed to be a collision between two strong beliefs, a confrontation of martial arts, a fight between two martial arts beliefs and he could not possibly back down. His practice was overbearing, he was supposed to be an overbearing warrior, and when a warrior like him was attacked then he would retaliate and completely destroy all of his enemies. But the practice of the eighth prince should also be overbearing, so the battle between the two must be stunning and this was only a matter of time.

But the good news was that he still had time to improve himself, because he had just been informed that he could not participate in the upcoming competition and the reason was very simple. After this incident, the other four forces strongly protested, they were never informed about the fact that Ye Xiwen's strength was already at the level of true disciples, though officially, he was still an inner disciple and was enrolled to participate in the competition among the inner disciples of the five forces. If a truth level master like Ye Xiwen was allowed to participate in a competition for inner disciples, it would be like an outright massacre of the other inner disciples, which was very unfair.

Although, merely more than a year had passed since Ye Xiwen joined the Main Sect, but within this short period of time, the qualifications of the other new disciples was nowhere close to the current qualifications of Ye Xiwen. Now, the news had already spread everywhere that he was already in the truth realm and even the masters at the second stage of truth realm were actually sent flying by his attacks, his strength was simply unfathomable. If he was allowed to participate in the competition of inner disciples, which was actually a mutual show of strength, a way to establish mutual deterrence, then the deterrence effect brought upon by Ye Xiwen would clearly be overkill.

The four forces did not want Ye Xiwen to participate in the competition, so there was no way left for Yi Yuan School but to agree, after all, no one expected that Ye Xiwen would be intrepid to such an extent he had yet to officially become a true disciple. And so, there was no way to just ignore the true disciple test and make him a true disciple in order to make him participate in the competition of true disciples, because the other forces won't accept it. Therefore in the end, it was decided that Ye Xiwen won't participate in the competition. Ye Xiwen was also quite happy about this outcome and was happily walking around to have a look and observe the competition of inner, core and true disciples of the major forces.

These people were actually the highest level masters, representing the top talents of the Great Yue state, especially among the younger generation.

However, everyone witnessed the formidable strength of Ye Xiwen and members of Imperial guards would certainly not go easy on him the next time they would come to confront him, which also meant that he must quickly prepare for his next confrontation with them.

At his current strength, Ye Xiwen was able to deal with Jiaoxu Feng and the other seemingly ordinary members of Imperial guards and he certainly didn't face any problem, but there were several other stronger truth level masters in the ranks of Imperial guards.

All of this once was once again compelling Ye Xiwen to think of ways to enhance his strength.

Although recently stepped into the truth realm, but if it was needed to once again have a breakthrough, it should not pose any problem for him because his accumulation was quite deeper when he was still in the Xiantian realm. It could be said that this accumulation was deeper to such a terrifying extent that it might even be a hundred times deeper than required for a Xiantian level master. This was the reason why he was able to set foot into the first stage of truth realm and immediately made another breakthrough to reach the peak of the first stage of truth realm. And now, he could have a breakthrough to the second stage of truth realm, all thanks to his prior accumulation in the Xiantian realm.

So as long as there was an opportunity, he could break into the second stage of truth realm, and at that time, unless he was not attacked by the commander of Imperial guards, he should be able to compete with the two deputy commanders and might even defeat them.

For most people, if breakthrough was rapid then they would face a situation of unstable inner state, because for truth level masters, the comprehension of world laws was especially important. For a truth level master, the degree of perception of world laws directly determined his strength.

However, a lot of time was required to actually strengthen the gained insight about world laws, and therefore, after stepping into the truth realm, experts often stayed on one stage for a long time to gain complete comprehension.

But Ye Xiwen was not the same as others, he had the help of mysterious space and as long as there were sufficient spirit stones, the mysterious space could help him to quickly deduce the secrets of world laws and principles so that he could quickly understand and grasp them. Others might take several years to comprehend and gain insight but in Ye Xiwen's case, so long as he had enough spirit stones, he could amass the same amount of insight within the time period of few days.

And after robbing so many pirates, Ye Xiwen did not lack spirit stones.

(To be continued)


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