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Chapter 172 - Prewar preparation

Hundred stages god fist was a very widespread fist technique, it was not just popular in Yuncheng, but also in other sects as well, and what this old man just used was an advanced version of this fist technique. Apparently, this old man had practiced it to a very profound level.

Hundred stages god fist, hundred times invincibility!

Within the scope of hundred stages god fist, the might was invincible, it would take a very brave soul to engage in a close combat with this old man!

As a master of the second stage of truth realm, the might of this old man was far more than the might of that young city lord!

The air began to explode each time their fists collided. One could also see that the space had begun to crack from these collisions.

However, it was still not enough!

Ye Xiwen sneered and just like before, he once again threw an average fist against the hundred stages god fist. The Quanjin released from the hundred stages god fist was just like a paper stick in front of the average fist of Ye Xiwen and was instantly broken. The massive Zhen Yuan released from that average fist of Ye Xiwen instantly pressed down towards that old man. It could be said that Ye Xiwen was tuned to immediate action, this statement was most correct to describe him.

"How is this possible!" The old man looked incredibly at Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen was merely at the first stage of truth realm, but the quantity of Zhen Yuan he was displaying was really abnormal and out of the comprehension of a master at the first stage of truth realm. Perhaps, not even a giant demon beast at the first stage of truth realm would not possess such a massive and profound amount of Zhen Yuan, it should not be possible for a human to possess such a vigorous Zhen Yuan.

The amount of Zhen Yuan housed in the body was certainly related with the size of the body. There was a greater amount of Zhen Yuan within a massive body, so it was obvious that battles would be advantageous for those who possessed greater amount of Zhen Yuan. However, all along, humans never possessed profound and massive amount of Zhen Yuan like the demon beasts, they were known to utilize the superiority of human wisdom to gain advantage over demon beasts. Humans relied on endless variety of secret martial arts and were able to suppress the demon beasts. This was also the reason how human beings had managed to achieve dominance over the continent.

And Ye Xiwen was obviously not like other humans, after having practiced the "Tyrants body technique", the meridians within his body had been expanded to the extreme, several times more than that of the ordinary people. One must know that Ye Xiwen was able to completely absorb and digest the neidans of so many monstrous deepwater black serpents, so it was obvious that the meridians within his body had already widened to the most extreme extent.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen sneered, his Zhen Yuan was so vigorous and profound that it was enough to finish most of the masters at the third stage of truth realm, let alone a this old man, who was only at the second stage of truth realm.

"Boom!" Ye Xiwen's fist contained an irresistible force, after it eradicated the hundred stages god fist and fiercely rumbled on the fist of that old man.

"Kara!" Soon, a heart penetrating sound of breaking bones resounded, and right after that, the old man groaned with pain, his arm was broken, twisted at a strange angle and hanging down, his skinny face was covered with numerous beads of cold sweat.

As if, there was storm rampaging in the old man's heart, he had practiced the hundred stage god fists to the level of perfection, which was quite profound and he was naturally very confident on the strength and sturdiness of his arm, but he did not expect a fist, just an average fist of Ye Xiwen, without any skill or technique, was able to crush his entire arm. But looking at the young appearance of Ye Xiwen, he couldn't help but shiver a bit, after all, there was a heaven and earth difference between their strengths.

The old man was suddenly very depressed because he didn't know, in the end what kind of body refining technique had Ye Xiwen practiced to achieve such a terrifying strength.

He certainly did not know that Ye Xiwen had practiced tyrant body technique, and how overbearing and invincible strength it could grant to the practitioner. It was the technique practiced and developed by the ancient tyrants themselves!

Ye Xiwen did not continue to pursue the fight with the old man, just looked coldly at the young city lord. The young city lord's face was immediately covered in cold sweat, even the body guards of his family had terrified expressions on their faces, they clearly knew that if old man was not the match of Ye Xiwen, they could obviously not take on this opponent. They finally realized that they had made the biggest mistake of provoking a formidable person.

The opposite party was a true disciple of Yi Yuan School, his status was not one bit less than the status of young city lord. True disciples were considered elite geniuses, treasures in Yi Yuan School. Based on the ranks, young city lord and Ye Xiwen should be worthy opponents to each other, but when the actual strength was taken into consideration, even though both of them were at the first stage of truth realm, young city lord could barely resist against Ye Xiwen a moment ago, so it was now obvious to everyone that Ye Xiwen was far more stronger than the young city lord.

"Let's go!" Ye Xiwen was not in a mood to waste time dealing with these people. Along with Hua Menghan, he directly went towards the station of Yi Yuan School's team.

Looking at their departing figures, the complexion on the face of that young city lord began to gradually become pale, he had never been treated like this before and he had never been defeated like this as well.

"I want him dead, I want him dead!" The young city lord roared.

—- "Ye Xiwen, why are you in such a hurry this time?" Huameng Han asked.

"I got the news, Bai Mojiao has been colluding with the forces in the surrounding areas and intends to perform a surprise attack on the gathering of five big forces of Great Yue state." Ye Xiwen said. Earlier, he came to know from Hua Menghan that deputy-head of Yi Yuan School would not come, and now he was more determined about the news he heard, so it was truly right, Bai Mojiao was really going to make a big move this time.

Both of them were martial artists, although the coastline was from Yi Yuan School's station, but they were very fast, and not after a while, they returned to the station of Yi Yuan School.

"Sister Hua!"

"Sister Hua!"

"Brother Ye!"

The disciples of Yi Yuan School respectfully gave their regards to the two, especially when they saw Ye Xiwen, there were looks of astonishment on their faces. Now, Ye Xiwen's strength had already been recognized by everyone, this was the strength of a true disciple, although he had not yet become a true disciple, but the core disciples could no longer dare to address him casually, they could only call him respectfully as 'Brother Ye Xiwen'. (NT: Officially, he is still the chief of inner disciples.)

They went all the way and soon saw their team leader, Qi Feifan.

Qi Feifan was leaning against the window, the sunlight was shining on his golden hair and reflected soft bursts of golden light.

Seeing Qi Feifan once again, he did not appear like the way he was when he was fighting that giant devil, because this time, there was a harmless and peaceful look on his face.

There was faint smile spread on his handsome face!

Ye Xiwen secretly sighed, no wonder they said that even if Qi Feifan was one of the four strongest true disciples, but if the popularity was taken into consideration, he was actually the best, although he joined the ranks late, so in terms of support from the elders, he was as good as the other three, but in the hearts of ordinary disciples, his popularity was far more than the other three.

"Sister Hua, you seem so anxious to see me, what's the matter?" Qi Feifan said.

"Brother Qi, Ye Xiwen he has something important to inform you." Hua Menghan said respectfully.

"Ye Xiwen greets Brother Qi!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands and said, although the strength of both of them was at the truth realm, the status should also be equal, but the last time, Qi Feifan saved him and his friends, how could Ye Xiwen forget that, "I am deeply grateful for your help last time."

"Oh, I guess you are one of the disciples from the Thousand Islands city." Qi Feifan finally remembered, but at the time, Ye Xiwen was just an ordinary disciple, especially in the eyes of Qi Feifan, who was at the half-step legendary level.

However, seeing Ye Xiwen again this time, he could not look the other way, and now, Ye Xiwen's strength had actually reached the truth realm and his breath was even above a master at the second stage of truth realm. Looking at someone with such strength, how could he not pay attention?

Regarding Ye Xiwen, these days, even he had heard of his miraculous growth rate and rapid enhancement of strength and cultivation, breaking his own records, which made Ye Xiwen the new myth of Yi Yuan School. Many disciples of the younger generation idolized Ye Xiwen and regarded him as an example.

Moreover, there were many rumors that Ye Xiwen was arrogant and despotic, he did not even pay attention to the elders and looked down upon them, but after meeting him in person, Qi Feifan realized that it was not like it!

One should not completely believe the rumors!

"Brother Qi has such a good memory, I would have come early to express gratitude but got tied down by many matters." Ye Xiwen said.

"No big deal." Qi Feifan said as if it didn't matter, "Young Ye, what's this matter you want to inform me about?"

"This time, I accidentally learned about the plans of Bai Mojiao ……" Ye Xiwen told him about the things he overheard, but he would certainly not elaborate about his own transformation into a deepwater black serpent and other things he didn't want others to find out, so he vaguely passed on the information he obtained, without going into detail.

But Qi Feifan did not pay attention to these either, hearing the report from Ye Xiwen, Qi Feifan frowned and said: "Young Ye, you have discovered a very important thing, I will inform the higher authorities about it, but no matter what, this time, we must conduct this gathering!"

This gathering was not just a way for the five forces to show their strengths but also a method to show their collective strength to other small and big influences of Great Yue state, even if Bai Mojiao was going to attack them, they could not cancel the gathering.

Because even if Bai Mojiao's raid is rendered unsuccessful or they did not do it, then there was a chance that other forces might be ready to make trouble.

Ye Xiwen can feel a terrifying pressure coming down towards Yi Yuan School. In order to suppress the strong alliance of the five major forces, Bai Mojiao would definitely have to do something big, things won't be so simple then.

"Lu Hongwei, I have never fought with him before." Qi Feifan immediately said with a smile on his face. The previous uprising of Bai Mojiao occurred hundred years ago, and during that turmoil, he was not even born at that time. Among the present strongest four true disciple, only he had not fought with Lu Hongwei, but looking at the illustrious reputation of Lu Hongwei, he always wanted to fight with him.

Qi Feifan already confessed that he would not lose to anyone else, even if he was late to join the ranks of the strongest four true disciples, it was not an excuse for him.

The gathering of the five forces must continue, but they needed to prepare before. If they didn't know about it then it was a different matter, but now that already knew about the attack in advance, they naturally could not ignore it. They must prepare to teach those bastards of Bai Mojiao a profound lesson, otherwise it would be a waste of the news brought by Ye Xiwen.

After informing Qi Feifan about this matter, there was nothing to worry about. Ye Xiwen finished this thing and soon bid farewell to Qi Feifan. He went to the courtyard reserved for him and began to prepare for closed-door practice. He simply didn't care about the inner disciples competition, only after the Bai Mojiao's attack would he really start caring about other things.

(To be continued)

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