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(NT: Last week's first regular chapter)

Chapter 171 - Rolling in the mud!

"Sister Hua, I have adored you for a long time, so long as you say yes, I will immediately go back and make my father come to propose for our marriage." Ye Xiwen looked and saw that it was a young disciple, and looking at the clothes he was wearing, one could easily make out that it was actually the dress of Liu Yuncheng disciples.

Among the four big forces, Liu Yuncheng had always been relatively close to the royal clan, which itself possessed formidable strength, and not just that, Liu Yuncheng had always been supported by the royal clan, so this was one of the reasons why the royal clan had always been the most powerful among all the big forces of Great Yue State.

A bunch of other Liu Yuncheng disciples were standing behind that young disciple.

"Pardon me young city lord but I have no interest in you." Hua Menghan frowned and said. "Also, I want to request young city lord to not waste any thoughts regarding this matter."

The young city lord was about to continued speaking about it, when suddenly, with a loud bang, Ye Xiwen landed on the ground, and directly ignoring that young city lord, he arrived in front of Hua Menghan.

"Ye Xiwen?" Hua Menghan did not expect to meet Ye Xiwen at this time, he was not present in the team of Yi Yuan School when the team left for Qianji Island and there was also no sign of him for the last several days.

"Where is the deputy-head? I have something important to inform him." Ye Xiwen said directly, because for him, at this moment, this was the most important matter, of course, Bai Mojiao joined forces with Heishui and his army of sea beasts and was planning to attack Qianji Island during the gathering of five forces, but according to him, this collaboration between Bai Mojiao and Heishui could not be so simple and must not be taken lightly. This time, the gathering of five big forces of Great Yue state would most likely turn into a huge collision between the two sides, so nothing was more important than this matter and the deputy-head must be informed about it as soon as possible.

Ye Xiwen knew that in this gathering, Yi Yuan School's team was going to be led by the deputy-head of Yi Yuan School.

"Who are you?" When the young city lord saw that Ye Xiwen suddenly arrived and started talking with Hua Menghan, without paying attention to him, he suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"This matter is very important!" Ye Xiwen looked at Hua Menghan and said. Hua Menghan also seemed to feel that Ye Xiwen was not joking, she nodded and said, "Deputy-head did not come together with us, our leader this time is Brother Qi Feifan."

"You insolent boy, cannot you hear that our young city lord is talking to you?" At this time, standing behind that young city lord, a loud clamor suddenly resounded, it actually belonged to a master of Xiantian Great realm, and not just him, there were several other masters of Xiantian Great realm standing behind young city lord and all of them were actually his personal attendants. (NT: Xiantian ninth stage< Xiantian Great< Half-step truth realm< Truth first stage)

And Ye Xiwen also found an old man standing not far from him and he was at the second stage of truth realm.

Perhaps the status of this young city lord in Liu Yuncheng should not be low, because he was actually at the first stage of truth realm, and one could easily guess that his future prospects were boundless!

Moreover, he was called young city lord and should be one of the respected families of Liu Yuncheng, and there was possibility that he might be the direct disciple of Liu clan, the vein of Liu Yuncheng's city lord.

But, a member of Yi Yuan School was far more different from a member of Liu Yuncheng. The disciples of Liu Yuncheng were relatively fixed, basically a direct descendant of the large or small families of Liu Yuncheng, and it also had the vein of the city lord and four influential clans, making five big influences of Liu Yuncheng. The strength of these five big influences was very enormous.

And this system was only followed in the royal clan and Liu Yuncheng. The ranking system followed in these two forces was very strict, from the beginning to end, these two forces had implemented a stern hierarchy, the suppression from the direct descendant of the lineage, the suppression of the low-status people from the high-status people.

However, in the case of Yi Yuan School, this type of ranking system based on lineage rarely occurred. All of the disciples were ambitious to climb upwards, all only spoke with strength and talent, those who were powerful and highly talented high would naturally get better training and more resources from the sect, irrespective of their lineage.

However, Liu Yuncheng was no different than royal clan, both of these forces differentiated based on bloodline, the people of noble blood would naturally get more resources, and compared to several other forces, the royal clan could get various resources of the country to support their disciples, so even if it was a kind of an abnormal policy, but it had still ensured the formidable strength of Liu Yuncheng and royal clan.

Although the system of differentiating based on the bloodline seemed somewhat biased, but it was undeniable that this was by no means without reason, because there has been genetic improvement in the royal clan over the years, as well as many of the strong men of royal clan had left more descendants. There were often many talented ones among these children of the royal clan, and occasionally, there would be the appearance of some peerless genius, who could maintain the prosperousness of the royal clan.

However, Ye Xiwen simply did not care about these things, he immediately shouted to clear the way: "Get lost, do not hinder me!"

That young city lord's complexion suddenly became very unsightly, he was the young city lord, a nobility, it could be said that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his strength was outstanding, was a master at the first stage of truth realm, even among the younger generation, he was considered a genius, sufficient to rule the roost, how could an existence like him be ignored and disrespected so casually?

"Boy, do you know who you're talking to?" A warrior, standing behind that young city lord, gave a loud shout and a big hand made up of Lingqi instantly grasped towards Ye Xiwen.

"Get lost!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly, sending terrifying sound waves towards the incoming big hand. These sound waves were just like the sonic arrows which directly punctured the big hand made up of Lingqi.

"At present, I don't have free time to play with you, do not mess with me." Ye Xiwen knitted his eyebrows and coldly said, he simply did not want to waste time on this spoiled son of a rich and influential clan.

"You are courting death!" The young city lord could not bear anymore, he was enduring not because he was good natured, but he actually wanted to maintain a good image in front of Hua Menghan and nothing more, but after hearing the words of Ye Xiwen, he lost his self-control.

Right now, suddenly a feeling of embarrassment appeared in the heart of the young city lord, it was as if he was like a child who asked for a candy from an adult, and the adult said something very rude, so the child started rolling in the mud to force the adult to fulfill his wish, but the adult said that he had no time to accompany him playing in the mud!

This feeling of being inferior to Ye Xiwen made him have an ashamed feeling, his face turned red like a red fruit, this was a type of an extreme feeling of being embarrassed.

He was trying to act normal all this time because Hua Menghan was also present there, but in the end, he could not bear anymore.

Hundred stages god fist!

A fist fiercely rumbled towards Ye Xiwen, the Quanjin went across the sky and instantly advanced towards Ye Xiwen, the strength contained in this fist attack had already reached an extreme level, one could see that young city lord was not intending to give Ye Xiwen an opportunity to react. (NT: Quanjin = Fist strength)

A cold light flashed in the eyes of Ye Xiwen, he did not expect that the other party would actually dare to attack him all of a sudden, moreover, he also seemed to have used his best and most powerful attack against Ye Xiwen. One could imagine the vicious intention in the heart of the young city lord.

This technique called 'hundred stages god fist' was exactly the same technique used by Dai Xiaohua, but compared to the fist technique of Dai Xiaohua, this was much more exquisite and countless times powerful, it could be seen that had almost reached the stage of perfection. (NT: Ye Xiwen met and befriended Dai Xiaohua during the Fire Lin beast incident. Dai Xiaohua belongs to Dai clan, one of the clans of Liu Yuncheng)

Although the young city lord was quite annoying, but Ye Xiwen had to admit that he was capable enough to practice the 'hundred stage god fist' to such an extent.

"You are courting death!" Ye Xiwen shouted and rushed towards the opposite party, at this time, Ye Xiwen certainly would not retreat, he blasted an average fist towards the young city lord. It was not a fist technique. It was just an average mediocre punch, completely without any gaudiness and skill, just an average fist.

There was nothing to simplify, it did not contain the unsurpassed deep meaning of some fist technique, it just simply relied on the fact that even an average fist of Ye Xiwen, without any skill or technique, was enough to crush that young city lord.

"Boom!" Two fists fiercely collided together, and instantly, the fist pressure caused due to the collision set off an endless blast of intermittent waves of thunderstorms, accompanied by loud sounds, causing several air explosions that sent shock waves in all directions.

"Ta, ta, ta!" The young city lord withdrew several successive steps before stopping.

"Well, big power and prestige, good way to vent off the anger." Ye Xiwen sneered, his figure flickered, and instantly, he rushed towards the young city lord and blasted his fist at him, again without the slightest skill, but this time, way before the fist could arrive, the terrifying fist pressure arrived in front of young city lord and pressed down on his body.

When Ye Xiwen was at the Xiantian ninth stage, he was able to fight off a master at first stage of truth realm, and now that he had stepped into the truth realm, he was easily able to fight off a master at the second stage of truth realm, and he could also compete with a master at the third stage of truth realm.

One must know that the difference between each of the nine stages of truth realm was unimaginable big. Although right now, both Ye Xiwen and young city lord were at the first stage of truth realm, but the skill of Ye Xiwen had already reached a fearful point, and when he shot his fist, it completely manifested the true strength of Ye Xiwen, which was far more than the strength of a master at the first stage of truth realm.

"Boom!" A terrifying coercion severely pressed upon his body.

"Poof!" That young city lord spouted a mouthful of blood, there was a panic-stricken look in his eyes, he just did could not believe that Ye Xiwen would actually be intrepid to such an extent.

Ye Xiwen had already practiced 'restraining breath technique' to a very profound level, and while using it, he could hide a large section of his breath, so in the eyes of people, Ye Xiwen seemed like a warrior at the first stage of truth realm, they couldn't feel his extraordinary strength, he just seemed like an expert who recently stepped into the truth realm.

However, after Ye Xiwen completely released him imposing aura, an alarmed and terrified look appeared on the face of young city lord when he discovered that the true strength of Ye Xiwen's strength was far beyond his imagination.

The fist attack of Ye Xiwen encroached towards young city lord and arrived in front of him. The young city lord panicked and also issued several moves of 'hundred stages god fist', but it was all in vain when all his attacks were completely crushed by an average fist attack of Ye Xiwen.

"Stop!" At this time, the old man, who was observing from the side could not bear to watch anymore and directly shot his fists towards Ye Xiwen. This technique was 'hundred stages god fist' and was much more powerful than the 'hundred stages god fist' of young city lord. The terrifying might of this technique, accumulated over so many years, was finally displayed instantaneously.

(To be continued)

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