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Chapter 170-2 - Arrives at Qianji Island

"But, I heard that this time, high level experts from various sects is coming to the gathering, so even if I go, it will be useless!" Heishui said.

"Rest assured, they will not come, some of our people will constrain them." Lu Hongwei indifferently said.

At the same time, Ye Xiwen was listening on the side and was suddenly startled because he never expected that Lu Hongwei would come here and that too for such a purpose, that he was planning such a conspiracy.

"Well, in that case, we will join you, my children also need to go out of this place, but still, after all of this is finished, we want at least 30 county prefecture of the Great Yue coastal region." Heishui said.

"No problem." Lu Hongwei said.

"It seems that this trip to the Qianji Island will not be a smooth one." Ye Xiwen did not continue to eavesdrop and slowly swam out of the cave palace, disguised as a young deepwater black serpent, he didn't get discovered and slowly swam away without getting into trouble.

After leaving the territory of Heishui, Ye Xiwen transformed back to his human form.

"These devils from Bai Mojiao have spread everywhere and are trying to win the support from various forces and its tentacles even extend into the deep sea." Ye Xiwen said in a somewhat worried tone, although this level of fighting was not a big threat for him, now that he had stepped into the truth level, but it did not mean that he would not care, in fact, he was quite concerned about it, because even in his past life, he was a human, and in this life as well, he was a human so how could he so easily accept the rule of the devils, let alone these devils were so brutal.

"I need to first rush to the Qianji Island and inform the sect about this." Ye Xiwen decided in his heart.

Ye Xiwen felt particularly heavy in his heart, he could clearly sense that a great storm was going to hit this world and bring utmost chaos. The actions of Bai Mojiao made him have a sense of approaching danger, this was the so-called feeling of having Goosebumps, because once Yi Yuan School collapsed, then the consequences would simply be unimaginable.

At present, Ye Xiwen just now stepped into the truth realm and at his current strength, a truth level master like him was indeed considered strong in the Great Yue state, not to mention, Great Yue state was considered one of the strongest states in this big world.

But, even if Ye Xiwen went to the most powerful country, he would still have a certain status and would not be considering as some weakling.

It could be said that only after achieving the truth realm, one could actually travel to the various States, but the Great Yue State would always be Ye Xiwen's mother place, where his foundation lied, not to mention he was not alone. If he was alone, he could go wandering around the world and do what he wanted without caring about anyone or anything, but he was not. He still had his family and friends, and all of this was going to change a lot of things, and could endanger his family and friends, so he could not just stand idly and watch.

He must get involved!

Devil race would bring about war, destruction and chaos!

If the very existence of devil race invoked destruction and chaos everywhere they went, if the devil race must win all that is present in front of their eyes, then Ye Xiwen didn't have a choice but to prepare himself for the extermination of devil race!

This was the first time when Ye Xiwen had a strong wish to destroy an entire race!

In this entire world, to Ye Xiwen, his family was the most cherished thing, regardless of who tried to threaten their safety, he would treat them as his sworn enemy, even if the other party was the so-called infamous and terrifying devil race. If they threatened the safety of his family then he wouldn't mind to eradicate their entire race if he had to in order to ensure the safety of his family.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen also had a feeling of urgency, his cultivation was far from enough, although it could be said that truth level experts had the qualifications to participate in the mighty waves of war, but they were merely capable of performing as the one of the pawns, let alone acting as chess players, in fact, Ye Xiwen was not even capable of being the weighty chess piece.

Only the masters at the level of those four strongest true disciples could be considered as weighty chess piece!

The intense sense of urgency was forcing Ye Xiwen to have unceasing promotion in strength, and now, he must have a rapid growth in strength in a short time.

Although Lu Hongwei also said that this fight might not end in a short period of time, but this short period of time was probably ten years or less, once could not really say how much growth a truth level master would have during this time, because for a true disciple like Ye Xiwen, this much of time was not going to be enough to have breakthroughs and level up.

After that, Ye Xiwen quickly turned around and swam out of the sea, the intermittent waves of sea breeze was blowing against his face, Ye Xiwen looked at the nautical map, and after ascertaining his position and the relative position of his destination, Qianji Island, he flew in the direction of Qianji Island while riding a divine rainbow and instantly disappeared into the horizon.

Unknowingly, Ye Xiwen had penetrated very far into the East China Sea, but Qianji Island was relatively close to the coastline so he had to make a long flight to reach there. The flight to the Qianji Island took more than two days time and Ye Xiwen finally approached it.

Qianji Island was a very large island, it was known as the territory of 1,000 clans, so the infrastructure on this island was actually ready-made and seemed quite extensive.

Soon, Ye Xiwen flew into the range of Qianji Island, and from afar, he saw some people at dispute.

"Sister Hua, I have adored you for a long time, so long as you say yes, I will immediately go back and make my father come to propose for our marriage."

(To be continued)

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