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Chapter 170-1 - Arrives at Qianji Island

Lu Hongwei was considered a very illustrious and infamous character in those times when Bai Mojiao was most active, his strength was comparable to the four strongest true disciples of Yi Yuan School. Ye Xiwen looked carefully and noticed that his strength was not inferior to that of Qi Feifan, in fact, he was also a peerless master of half-step into the legendary realm.

Among the four strongest true disciples of Yi Yuan School, excluding Qi Feifan, who had a late rise to the ranks of strongest four, all of the other three strongest true disciples had fought with Lu Hongwei, although none of the three could ever defeat him, but weren't defeated either, and this clearly showed the immense strength of Lu Hongwei.

Ye Xiwen was being very careful because if any one of these two peerless masters discovered that there was something strange or suspicious, then he would not be able to escape, it would certainly be a dead end for him.

"Hundred years have gone, but Heishui, you are just like you used to be back then." Lu Hongwei actually did not hurry to reply and said in a relaxed manner.

"If you have something to say, say it directly." The deepwater black serpent king said in a commanding voice, clearly displaying the demeanor of an experienced superior, although he originally had the origin of a demon beast, but he was the so-called legendary millennium flood dragon, he had lived through thousands of years, it was hard to imagine the extent of his experience. Demon beast weren't usually as wily and cunning as human beings, but in the case of an old monster like deepwater black serpent king, once could be absolutely sure that he was wily and experienced.

"The five forces of Great Yue state are going to unite, they are going to have a gathering on Qianji Island to confirm their friendly collaboration. Do you know about this?" Lu Hongwei did not beat around the bush and directly said.

"This matter concerns you human being, why should I know about it?" Deepwater black serpent king indifferently said.

"Heishui, this statement of yours seems groundless." Lu Hongwei said with a faint smile. "Other demon beasts are ignorant and unconscious about their surroundings, all they know is to slaughter and fighting every day, but how could Heishui be ordinary like them."

"Well, in the end what do you want from me?" Deepwater black serpent king narrowed his sharp flashing eyes and said.

"Heishui, as far as I know, for the last few centuries, several forces of Great Yue state have joined up together and have suppressed the development of your territory, which includes several channels and demon beasts that come under your control, am I correct so far?" Lu Hongwei said.

"Yes, so what?" Deepwater black serpent king, Heishui lightly said.

"Don't you want to get rid of their control, become a side giant influence and do whatever you want?" Lu Hongwei curled up the corners of his mouth and said. "Say, Heishui, you do not have the aspirations and ambitions, let those people get terrified!"

"You do not need to prod me, it's useless." These words seemed to have failed in stimulating the wily and experienced Heishui.

Heishui vaguely knew what the other party was talking about, but he would not swallow the bait so easily. The existence of five big forces of the Great Yue state was like a relentless pressure that he had no choice but to withstand, while he was like a loach, surviving in the crevice!

He was already aware of the fact that the number of legendary masters among the five forces was calculated in tens, not to mention he was just at the half-step legendary level.

"This time, our Bai Mojiao organization is planning to subvert the rule of Great Yue state in one fell swoop, and use it as a springboard, to bring the rule of devil world in this world." Lu Hongwei did not mind to put out the highest secret and openly said this to Heishui. Perhaps, this was the most important secret that most people did not know, the true motive of a notorious organization like Bai Mojiao was not known to everyone, but it was quite useless to inform the people about this because anyway it was necessary to defeat Bai Mojiao.

"You need us?" Heishui said but did not seem very interested in this topic, even if the devil race came to this world, he did not care much because he was the ruler of demon beasts in the deep sea and his influence was not that great, "I know Bai Mojiao's influence is very huge, subverting the rule of Great Yue state is only a matter of time."

"Yes, our Bai Mojiao's influence is very huge indeed, far more powerful than what you can imagine at this moment, but even if we are so formidable, we have quite a formidable opponent, so we need as much support as we can draw." Lu Hongwei lightly said. "We will unite all forces that can be united, and this time, we will give those five forces a lesson on the Qianji Island."

"So what, even if you go to the Qianji Island and attack the five forces during their gathering, even if you kill most of them, is it still not enough to cause heavy losses to them." Heishui disdainfully said.

"This is a war and will probably last for a long time, and we do not intend to finish it off in one shot, it is impossible to defeat them in so quickly, it has to be done slowly and gradually and this is one of the steps of the main plan." Lu Hongwei said, "What do you say, you must consider helping us, this is the one time opportunity for a sea monster like you to come ashore, expect our Bai Mojiao, there are no human forces who will allow you to come ashore."

Heishui seemed quite interested, after all, nobody wanted to have to live an entire life in this dark place, especially a truth master who were said to have gotten rid of many features of life and wanted to explore the entire world and learn about the various laws of this world. Just like the truth level human experts could breathe in the water, the truth level sea beasts could breathe ashore, this was mutual, in fact, even Xiantian level sea beasts could a few days on the shore.

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