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Chapter 169-1 Bai Mojiao's plot

Truth realm!

Ye Xiwen finally had a breakthrough and stepped into the truth realm. He accomplished an unfathomable feat, something that was simply impossible for others to even contemplate, in this short span of a year, he stepped into the truth realm and became a true disciple!

He could feel the changes in his body, which was glowing with vitality, a kind of vigorous and turbulent energy was flowing within his body that was entirely different from how it used to be when he was in Xiantian realm.

Sure enough, there was a huge difference between truth realm and Xiantian, just like the difference between heaven and earth!

Although he went merely a step forward, but he was fully able to feel a completely different and much more formidable strength than before.

This was the genuine power of the truth realm!

Relying on the beforehand and deep accumulation of energy from the neidans of eighteen deepwater black serpents, last of them being almost at the third stage of truth realm, Ye Xiwen rushed all the way to the peak of first stage of truth realm and was ready to cross over this one line and step into the second stage of truth realm.

Now, Ye Xiwen could easily compete with invincible masters at the third stage of truth realm, and even if he ran into a master like that Elder Jin Xuan, he would be able to defend himself, in fact, by drawing support from the Poisonous dragon water control flag array, it would be quite easy for Ye Xiwen to fight him off.

Ye Xiwen got up and began the sacrifice of the last deepwater black serpent's soul for refining the last piece of Poisonous dragon water control flag array. At present, Ye Xiwen had already stepped into the truth realm and tremendous change occurred in his strength compared to his earlier strength. Regarding the matter of refining the Poisonous dragon water control flag array, it was just going to be an easy job for him, it was nothing more than a child's play for him, and he seemed unusually very familiar with the refining process as well since he had already done it once before.

Soon, the strongest piece for refining the Poisonous dragon water control flag array was also complete. It skimmed out and joined the seventeen surfaced Poisonous dragon water control flag to form a resonance relation.

The flag array was finally complete, and now, the only thing left was to constantly increase the might of this Poisonous dragon water control flag. Since it was needed to behead and refine poisonous dragons to make a genuine Poisonous dragon water control flag array, so the Poisonous dragon water control flag array refined by Ye Xiwen was only a imitation of the real thing and its might was certainly far less. Later, he would have to behead more deepwater black serpents and refine their souls in order to increase the might of this divine tool.

Ye Xiwen got up and set out towards the sea surface, he was about to head in the direction of Qianji Island in order to meet up with the other people from Yi Yuan School before the gathering, but suddenly, a violent fluctuation of formidable moqi came rushing towards Ye Xiwen. (NT: Moqi = Devilqi)

"There are devils in the East China Sea!" Ye Xiwen immediately gawked and exclaimed all of a sudden a moment, this was totally unexpected, and from the type of moqi, Ye Xiwen could not make a mistake. "Big fluctuation!"

Ye Xiwen was less than 10 Li away from the source of this fluctuation, this moqi was mighty and very formidable. Ye Xiwen did not move, just advanced in that direction while quietly lurking, because he could sense a terrifying presence from the source of that moqi that seemed to possess an intimidating breath.

Ye Xiwen did not take much time to realize that the mighty moqi was just too enormous and extremely powerful. It immediately attracted the attention of numerous formidable demon beasts lurking near the seabed.

Many truth level demon beasts swam up from the seabed, the violent surge of Zhen Yuan turned sea water into numerous water-swords, which were emitted at once and rushed towards the group of devils, but simply could not be get close to them. The water-swords were directly crushed in succession.

Some of the devils in this group were horrifyingly formidable.

"Who are they, to think they are actually so fierce!" Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes after witnessing this scene and did not know what to think, "Also, for what reason will the devil race come to the East China Sea?"

Ye Xiwen felt somewhat strange, he advanced quietly and stealthily to have a look, but suddenly, a humming sound resounded in the sea.

"Who are you people, actually dare to enter the territory of this Heishui!" It was actually the voice of a human, which immediately left Ye Xiwen in a very panic-stricken state. When demon beasts could speak in a human voice, with or without attaining an actual human form, it could be said that it was definitely a terrifying existence among the demon beasts and its intelligence was generally no less than intelligence possessed by human beings.

And these highly intelligent demon beasts were often very formidable and scary.

"Heishui, could it be that you do not remember an old friend?" A voice came from the group of devils and suddenly said, accompanied by a burst of laughter.

"It's you? Come in!" The voice said and went silent soon after finishing, and soon, a large group of devils and sea beasts were welcomed inside a cave mansion.

Ye Xiwen slightly hesitated but decided to have a look at what was going on, he already had a feeling that once again, devil race was certainly up to no good and must be planning something big.

Ye Xiwen pulled out the Poisonous dragon water control flag, and at the same time, he took possession of the incarnation of the flag and transformed into a deepwater black serpent, leisurely swim in the water. Ye Xiwen had already practiced the 'Restraining breath technique' to the acme level, and after reaching the perfection of this technique, even the demon beast in the sea would be unable to sense that there was something wrong, that it was actually a human transformed as a demon beast.

Ye Xiwen swam all the way forward, and soon, a cave mansion appeared in front him. He began to swim slowly towards the entrance, but suddenly, a divine perception swept over Ye Xiwen in order to confirm that he was not a threat then he was received by this divine perception.

Ye Xiwen was secretly relieved, it got really too dangerous a moment ago, but fortunately, he had practiced the 'Restraining breath technique' to the perfection level, in addition to that, his soul was completely enveloped inside the soul of the deepwater black serpent, so he was not discovered.

If he was discovered here then he might get in big trouble, one must know that at this place, there were too many of these truth level demon beasts. Ye Xiwen knew very well that if his identity of being a human was discovered, other than making a quick escape, he would have no other way out. Moreover, the commotion would possibly alarm the other formidable demon beasts, and at that time, it would actually be a dead end for him.

Chapter 169-2 Bai Mojiao's plot

Ye Xiwen was pretending to swim casually and carelessly and arrived next to the demon beast that was responsible for the guarding looked at Ye Xiwen, but did not care too much, because while using the Poisonous dragon water control flag, Ye Xiwen had chosen to transform into the first deepwater black serpent he killed, the same one that had recently reached adulthood by stepping into the first stage of truth realm.

Also, right now, Ye Xiwen's consciousness had not developed fully and even after transforming, he was just strolling around everywhere, but from the familiar smell, he could confirm that this place was really the Heishui's mansion, there was no doubt about it.

Ye Xiwen was slowly wandering into the depths of the Cave mansion, and at a distant place, he took a glimpse and actually saw the group of devils speaking with a huge deepwater black serpent. He saw that this deepwater black serpent's size was easily more than ten thousand feet. It was lying horizontally on the ground, the brilliance and toughness of its skins was entirely different than the general deepwater black serpents. This deepwater black serpent's body was densely covered in numerous thick scales, and even had four limbs, which definitely should not have been possible in case of ordinary deepwater black serpents. Although the entire body was almost ten thousand feet long, but with respect to its huge body, it seemed somewhat deformed and small, even its head had grown out of its body at a tender and immature angle.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xiwen immediately held his breath and gasped for a moment. Indeed, this was definitely the deepwater black snake king, moreover it could be seen that there were all sorts of signs indicating that this deepwater black serpent would soon transform into a water dragon. Ye Xiwen could see many signs, it was clearly visible that its scales would melt soon, the abnormal four limbs, the angled head. All of these signs clearly declared that this deepwater black serpent king would soon evolve into a water dragon.

Water dragon was considered a creature of the legendary realm. It could be said that it was a transition species between demon beast and real dragons and contained dragon blood in its blood vessels. Legends said that when true dragons took birth directly in the legendary realm of birth and by the time they reached adulthood, their strength would have already reached outrageous proportions. Dragons were mythical creatures and were the so-called ominous beasts and even one was enough to bring chaos and disaster upon Yi Yuan School.

However, although water dragon was not a real dragon and their species was obviously inferior to the real dragon species, but just like real dragons, water dragon species had also become part of myths and legends. It was extremely rare for someone to see a water dragon, no one knew how many years had passed since the last time someone saw a water dragon. Water dragons were the beasts of legendary realm, and perhaps, there were some hiding in the depths of East China Sea!

"It's actually a deepwater black serpent king that is soon going to transform into a water dragon, it's a big fortune Ye Xiwen, a big good luck!" Ye Mo's excited voice resounded in the mind of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen simply did not care about what he said. How was a deepwater black serpent that soon going to transform into a water dragon was a big good luck? As if Ye Xiwen could go and easily kill him.

While Ye Xiwen was living his unstated criticism time, a divine perception of that deepwater black serpent king swept over towards Ye Xiwen, and when it swept over Ye Xiwen, the serpent king found a deepwater black serpent, but he did not doubt anything and took back the divine perception, thinking that Ye Xiwen was one of his own descendants.

In fact, the areas surrounding the Heishui cave mansion was actually the territory of deepwater black serpent king and all of the deepwater black serpents living in this area were his children and grandchildren. The small deepwater black serpent, which Ye Xiwen had transformed into, appeared as a new adult who did not have much intelligence yet and was blindly swaying everywhere in the water.

Of course, he did not know that a human being was hidden within the soul of this young deepwater back serpent, and not just that, this human had also killed several of his children and grandchildren and intended to kill many more. Otherwise he would chase Ye Xiwen to the ends of the world in order to kill him.

Ye Xiwen actually saw that the huge body of deepwater black serpent king had condensed out a humanoid soul that was talking to the group of devils. The ordinary deepwater black serpents could never display such an amazing ability, it was indeed the deepwater black serpent king that was soon going to transform into the water dragon.

Ye Xiwen's eyes once again turned towards the group of devils. He actually saw that their leader was a young man, clad in a bright colored robed, the corners of his mouth were curled up in a smile and there was a happy expression on his face, but at this time, Ye Xiwen felt a terrifying and peerless aura coming out from his body and it was unexpectedly not weaker than that of the deepwater blade serpent king.

That said, it turned out that he was actually a fearful character and was already in the half-step legendary realm.

After this young man, Ye Xiwen's vision also located an old acquaintance in the group of devils, Prince Mo Yan. Ye Xiwen did not expect to see him in the team, and compared to a few months ago, now, his strength had shown a rapid progress. Now, he was no longer just a master of the Xiantian realm but the master of truth realm. Although, there was instability in the aura of Prince Mo Yan, might be because not much time passed since he entered into the truth realm, but it was enough to prove that during these few months, Prince Mo Yan must have had a fortuitous encounter and obtained great benefits.

Behind Prince Mo Yan, there were a total of six people, wrapped in shadow-like cloaks, and among these shadows, the strength of each was not simple. All of them were the masters of the truth realm, including both weak and super truth level masters.

Ye Xiwen then finally discovered that he actually made a mistake, this was not just the team of devils, but was actually a team of Bai Mojiao. But that was also similar, apparently there were the Bai Mojiao infested areas, so one could certainly not avoid the devils.

"Lu Hongwei, tell me, why have you come this time?" The humanoid soul of deepwater black serpent king said, although the expression was very vague, it was not a clear expression, but one could certainly sense careless tone in it.


He actually turned out to be Lu Hongwei!

Ye Xiwen suddenly gawked when he heard the name, Lu Hongwei. It was definitely an illustrious name and during the turmoil of Bai Mojiao hundred years ago, the name had become very infamous and legendary. At that time, he was already an extremely powerful character, it could be said that his strength was comparable to the strength of the top four disciples of Yi Yuan School. He was also considered the strongest in the younger generation of devils in the Great Yue State.

(To be continued)

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