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Chapter 167-1 - Poisonous dragon water control flag array

After beheading Luo Yifan and the other two truth level masters, Ye Xiwen did not stay there for a long time, he immediately plundered the wealth of these three people and quickly left. But, this time, the news of the death of three true disciple level figures was enough to shake up the entire Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng Hall.

One must know that there were only few hundred true disciples even in a large sect like Yi Yuan School and each of them were considered elite among the elites and were no different than extremely priceless treasures, nurtured by their respective sects over decades or even centuries. There were many true disciples who left behind soul jade slips in the sect, and in case a true disciple was to die, his soul jade slip would immediately break and alarm the sect.

Sure enough, not long after Ye Xiwen left, the entire East China Sea was in commotion. Three truth level masters had died at the same time, Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng Hall were extremely furious and sent many experts to perform a thorough investigation, but Ye Xiwen had already taken precautionary measures. He had already destroyed their corpses leaving no trace, so the experts could not find out anything!

But after all, this matter happened in the nest of pirates, although all of the members of Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates group were obviously already dead before the investigators arrived at the scene, but Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng Hall also needed to vent their anger, and thus, bad luck was about to befall the pirates very soon. Both Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng Hall mobilized large battalions, comprised of formidable experts, and they began a large scale cleanup operation in the nearby regions of the place where the incident had occurred. During this cleanup operation, a lot of pirate nests were destroyed and innumerable pirates were massacred in the process, but these experts did not dare to annoy the pirate groups that were originally part of the alliance of Ninety-Nine Pirates Union.

The so-called Ninety-Nine Pirates Union was actually the alliance of 99 large pirate groups that roamed fearlessly in the endless East China Sea. These pirate groups had formed a very formidable alliance named Ninety-Nine Pirates Union and roamed bravely in the waters of East China Sea. They had composed this alliance to strengthen the strength of pirates, they worked towards safeguarding the interests of pirates and Ninety-Nine Pirates Union also acted as the chief moderator and managed the fights between pirate groups. Generally when forces tried to make large-scale raids in the East China Sea in order to wipe out the pirate groups, they had to face severe counterattack from furious and formidable Ninety-Nine Pirates Union, but this time, the matter involved two large sects, if there was only one then there was a little scope of negotiation, however the matter involved two large sects of Great Yue State, and not just that, three truth level masters had died at once, which was enough to invoke extreme fury that could simply burn the heaven itself. Who would dare to step out and try to block such a raging fury, it could be said that these pirates who had to face the cleanup operation had a severe bad luck!

Other people thought that the two large sects were venting anger on these pirate groups, but only Ye Xiwen knew that they should rather vent anger in their own hearts because it was actually one of them who caused this incident though it was radically trivial to mention it now. The primary purpose of both of these large sects was deterrence, to deter annoying existences like pirates and use any excuse to do that, for example Ninety-Nine Pirates Union. Although it was only a loose alliance of 99 pirate groups, but its strength was very large, in fact, their overall strength was only slightly weaker than the strength of the five major forces of Great Yue State. It could be said that it was a very intrepid existence.

If it was a peacetime and the five forces combined their strengths and attacked Ninety-Nine Pirates Union, it would have been possible to crush them and remove their strong influence from the East China Sea, but at present, the situation was not normal throughout the Great Yue State and there was chaos spread everywhere in the state due to the sudden rising of Bai Mojiao organization, they were igniting trouble everywhere. At this time, the five forces needed to stay calm and stable, at least until they would completely destroy Bai Mojiao organization. Although the five major forces had always considered Ninety-Nine Pirates Union as a troublesome existence, but this was not the time to act against this intrepid force of East China Sea because there was a risk of this matter going out of hands.

After all, no one trifled with the members of Ninety-Nine Pirates Union, because there were several truth level masters among their ranks, if the major forces wanted to annoy them then it would naturally not be a minor matter and might cause a large scale disaster.

In this case, the two large sects were using this incident as an excuse and nice opportunity to perform a raid in order to reduce the strength of the Ninety-Nine Pirates Union, and on the other hand, they were also trying to deter these lawless pirates.

However, these pirates also precisely knew about this, so they were bearing patiently and were not sending their own forces to stop the cleanup operation because they knew that the two large sects were actually not trying to destroy them, this was only a warning.

If the pirates tried to take actions and retaliate, it might incite the sensitive nerve of these two large sect and annoy them, and at that time, there was a major risk that their retaliation would not only send these two large sects in a fit of anger, it might even induce a joint attack from other three large forces as well and that would ultimately turn into a mass-scale sweep operation against Ninety-nine Pirates Union.

This was the common will of the five forces, although their own duties were not small, but at this time, all of them were busy in the maintenance of stability and consistent prosperity in the Great Yue State, all the while safeguarding their statuses as the large forces and in turn also maintaining a balance of power throughout the state, so at this time, who would dare to come out and take the lead!

This cleanup operation was not only a warning for the Ninety-Nine Pirates Union, but it was also a warning for the various forces within and outside the borders of the Great Yue State. The might of the alliance of the five large forces of Great Yue State was huge. It was a warning for other forces that they must never provoke the formidable alliance of five forces of Great Yue State!

However, Ye Xiwen simply had no participation in the coordinated actions of Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng Hall because he was actually taking advantage of this situation and constantly raiding the pirates of several truth level pirate captains. He managed to seize a lot of spirit stones and he also amassed lots of heavenly treasures, many medicinal herbs that could act as raw materials for medicinal pills.

After plundering so many resources, Ye Xiwen sighed with emotion, he had actually started to feel that robbery really was the world's fastest way to earn money.

Chapter 167-2 - Poisonous dragon water control flag array

Day by day, time passed gradually, and all this time, Ye Xiwen was constantly searching for deepwater black serpents in the East China Sea, and whenever found, he would immediately strike and kill them.

In a blink of an eye, half a month had passed, and in less than ten days, the gathering of the five forces of Great Yue State was going to take place in the East China Sea.

Ye Xiwen was unceasingly roaming in the depths of the East China Sea, and all this time, he had been looking for deepwater black serpent. In the last two weeks time, Ye Xiwen killed sixteen deepwater black serpents, most of them were huge and swarthy serpents and were already at the first stage of truth realm, however three of them were actually huge monsters and were at the second stage of truth realm but were also directly beheaded by Ye Xiwen to be refined by Poisonous dragon water control flag.

Ye Xiwen had condensed the essences and souls of seventeen deepwater black serpents into the Poisonous dragon water control flag, and so long as refined at the same, he would be able to practice the next Zhen method of Poisonous dragon water control flag, at that time the might of this divine tool would simply be so incredible that even a master at the third stage of truth realm would find it very difficult to deal with it.

Right now, Ye Xiwen was hiding underwater for quite a while, and far away from him, near the seabed mountain range, a several feet long gigantic deepwater black serpent was lying down horizontally in an oceanic trench.

After looking for a long time, Ye Xiwen finally selected the eighteenth deepwater black serpent to be condensed into the Poisonous dragon water control flag, then it could said that its might would be enough to fight off a master of Truth third stage.

This deepwater black serpent was more than 2000 feet in length, and looking at its length, it could be said that its length had almost reached 3000 feet. Ye Xiwen had been observing it for a long time and discovered that this deepwater black serpent was already at the peak of second stage of truth realm and was almost close to shedding its skin and having a complete transformation, then its length would increase and surpass 3000 feet and it would finally step into the third stage of truth realm.

This deepwater black serpent was at the peak of Truth second stage so Ye Xiwen decided that at the time of refinement, he would keep it at the core of Poisonous dragon water control flag array then its overall might would be ten times more than anticipated, and then, it would even be able to give a tough competition to a third stage master of truth realm.

Moreover, during this two weeks time, Ye Xiwen had swallowed the neidans of several deepwater black serpents he killed, and as a result of that, the quantity of Zhen Yuan inside his body had dramatically reached the peak level, his inner state had also reached the pinnacle of Xiantian Great realm, although Ye Xiwen had yet to cross the barrier between Xiantian and truth realms, but right now, he was strong enough to effortlessly beat a master at the first stage of truth realm, in fact, he would also be able to beat a lot of ordinary masters at the second stage of truth realm.

And Ye Xiwen was also able to affirm that if he could swallow the neidan of this gigantic deepwater black serpent, which was about to have a transformation and could step into the third stage of truth realm any moment, then he would be able to break from the Xiantian realm and would step into the truth realm in one fell swoop. And after stepping into the truth realm, Ye Xiwen could finally be able to effortlessly defeat the masters at the first and second stage of truth realm, in fact, he would be able to easily compete with the masters at the third stage of truth realm, and by relying on the might of Poisonous dragon water control flag array, he would even defeat a master of Truth third stage.

Ye Xiwen saw that this deepwater black serpent was in deep slumber and breathing several million Jin of water, setting of intermittent waves of water, but even if it was in deep sleep, its whole body was protected in a layer of Zhen Yuan and an average master simply could not approach it.

Since it had almost reached the third stage of truth realm so the amount of Zhen Yuan contained in its gigantic body was simply outrageous.

Ye Xiwen did not want to cause any complications, it was best to perform a sneak attack and completely kill this gigantic monster in a single move and then that should minimize the fluctuations as well. One must know that numerous sea monsters lurked near the seabed and Ye Xiwen was unaware of them. However, this part of seabed was close to coastline so there weren't many sea monsters. As one would move farther away from the coastline, one would find innumerable terrifying sea monsters in the depths of the sea.

This part of the seabed was at least more than 10,000 meters below the sea level and the pressure was ridiculously large. To be able to survive in such an enormous pressure, the demon beasts had to at least have the cultivation of truth level. The demon beasts with their cultivation less than truth level would be directly crushed to death at this depth, it was simply impossible for Xiantian level demon beasts to survive near the seabed.

If the fluctuations were too large and ended up attracting the attention of other demon beasts then that would be awful. Ye Xiwen had faced a similar situation few days ago and didn't want the same to happen again, last time he had to give up on his kill and had directly escaped after being attacked by several demon beasts.

Also, it was a lot more difficult to deal with sea monsters at such a depth inside the sea.

Ye Xiwen fully centralized his concentration on attacking the deepwater black serpent.

"I am aiming for a one shot kill, use the Tianyuan mirror to lock up the area around here, we cannot allow the fluctuations to go past this region." Ye Xiwen said.

"Not a big deal." Ye Mo said with a determined look on his face while he was stubbornly staring at that deepwater black serpent.

At that moment, Ye Xiwen moved, his figure seemed just like a flash of streamer as he rushed towards that deepwater black serpent, however Ye Mo acted even faster and quickly manipulated the Tianyuan mirror, which instantly flew out and released a huge screen of scarlet light that immediately hung over the sleeping deepwater black serpent's body. A certain range of area was completely enveloped and locked up by that scarlet curtain along with the gigantic body of this sea monster.

And at this time, Ye Xiwen rushed towards that protective layer of Zhen Yuan that was covering its body, but he did not hesitate, and in one fell swoop, he rushed past this protective barrier of Zhen Yuan. Although this protective barrier was like an invincible shield that could block attacks, but how could it possibly block Ye Xiwen, in a blink of an eye, he easily pierced through it and rushed towards the actual body of deepwater black serpent.

But right at this time, the deepwater black serpent instantly sobered up and woke up from its deep slumber. It was alarmed when its Zhen Yuan protective shield was directly pierced by Ye Xiwen, it suddenly lifted its head upwards and roared loudly, and showing an unimaginable degree of flexibility, its huge body instantaneously moved. It flung its tail towards Ye Xiwen, setting off endless waves of water, and just like a bulldozer, it swept towards him.

(To be continued)

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