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Chapter 166-1 - Luo Yifan beheaded


With a loud bang, Bladeqi and Swordqi fiercely collided with each other, casing a massive explosion while seemed like the blossoming of fireworks and the terrifying blast force directly sent the debris of the palace complex flying in all directions.

At this time, due to this fierce collision, Luo Yifan had to immediately and hastily retreat. He was directly shaken by the power of this collision and was pushed back in the midair, compelling him to crazily draw back several dozen steps before stopping, while an incredible look appeared on his face.

Just now, it could be said that the two sides had recklessly attacked at the same time, but it was actually Ye Xiwen who had the upper hand!

Luo Yifan certainly knew that the last time he fought with Ye Xiwen, it was actually him who had fallen under the wind and Ye Xiwen had almost reached the point of beheading him. He had been suppressed by Ye Xiwen in their last fight, but one must know that at that time, Luo Yifan's strength was only slightly weaker than Ye Xiwen. In fact, Ye Xiwen had to go through a tangled warfare with him for a very long time to slowly exhaust his stamina to gain an upper hand.

However, at this time, he discovered that Ye Xiwen had simply become much stronger than before, to an extent that it was quite terrifying to imagine that his cultivation could advance so much and that too in such a short time, not even ten days had passed since their last fight. If the current Ye Xiwen was compared to his self when Luo Yifan fought him few days ago, then it seemed as if Ye Xiwen was reborn with his strength enhanced by leaps and bounds.

"How is this possible, how can you suddenly become so much stronger!" Luo Yifan was suddenly scared to death, but soon adjusted his mood and calmed down and a shrew look flashed in his eyes. He had become even more curious and interested about this secret of Ye Xiwen and determined in his heart that he would certainly seize this secret from Ye Xiwen at any cost.

"It seems you are not aware of your imminent death, to think you still continue to devise plots and that too in front of your own death!" Ye Xiwen shouted in a loud voice when he saw the cunning look flashing in Luo Yifan's eyes. How could he not know about the wishful thinking of Luo Yifan?

The long blade in Ye Xiwen's hand instantly released a burst of terrifying Bladelight. A seemingly infinite Bladelight was instantly chopped out and rushed towards Luo Yifan to chop him into pieces.

"You are courting death!" Suddenly, that Sister Shu Han finally also stepped into the battle and attacked. The red colored silky damask went towards Ye Xiwen at a lightning speed, and appeared just like a red serpent, it suddenly arrived in front of him in a blink of an eye.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted but didn't stop. His long blade still kept going towards Luo Yifan at an extremely fast speed.

But, at this time, he immediately used coiling dragon palm, his left hand turned into a malicious dragon claw and went towards the red damask and directly grabbed it.

"Rip it apart!" The red damask, which was actually made up of Zhen Yuan, was directly grasped in Ye Xiwen's dragon claw, and in an instant, it was directly torn to shreds with just one flick of his dragon claw.

However at this time, Luo Yifan noticed that this was a golden opportunity and immediately hacked down his sword. Suddenly, it seemed as if an ice dragon congealed out of nowhere and went flying towards Ye Xiwen's blade attack.

"Boom!" A terrifying collision occurred and set off layer after layer of shock waves in all directions, however Luo Yifan's plan failed when he saw that his ice dragon was instantly split into two halves by Ye Xiwen's Bladelight.

"Luo Yifan, you are doomed, I would like to see who saves you today." Ye Xiwen sneered and said in a cold voice. Today, he was planning to use his full strength and go all out in this battle in order to eradicate this scourge.

"Die!" Suddenly, Feng Situ, whose entire body had been attacked by toxic gas, roared and Poisonous dragon water control flag was darted off his body instantly, and along with it, something crept out from the void. A five or six meters long and approximately two meters wide huge totem crept out of the void and flew straight towards Ye Xiwen. At this time, all of a sudden, Ye Xiwen felt a divine suppression coming from this totem and noticed that this huge totem was exuding an ancient aura which was actually suppressing him.

Feng Situ had found this huge totem while wandering about in an ancient ruin. Although he found this totem in the ruins and could not determine its specific grade, but it was very strong and could simply deter the world itself.

It could be seen that a master at the second stage of truth realm was truly a peerless existence. Even if Feng Situ had been attacked and poisoned by the 'Poisonous dragon water control flag' and that too all of a sudden, he had been able to issue such a fierce attack.

Ye Xiwen immediately dodged by quickly flying several feet away from the range of the huge totem falling towards him and somehow manage to escape range of this attack.

"Boom!" The entire totem severely smashed on the ground and created a giant crater.

But at this time, Luo Yifan's sword had already arrived in front of Ye Xiwen, and it seemed just like a serpent flying towards him. Luo Yifan was looking for an opportunity and bitterly stabbed towards Ye Xiwen with all his might.

"Shua!" The Poisonous dragon water control flag instantly activated, a roaring deepwater black serpent roared loudly and flew out of the flag, and while still roaring and its mouth wide open, it flew towards Luo Yifan carrying boundless toxic gas along with it.

This was the deepwater black serpent that was used as a basis by Ye Xiwen in refining the flag. The soul of that deepwater black serpent was caught and directly inserted into the 'Poisonous dragon water control flag' hence it became its tool spirit. In order to increase the might of this divine tool, it was necessary for the tool spirit to have its own wisdom and mystical powers.

The deepwater black serpent's huge body suddenly appeared in the air like a cluster of massive black clouds and was simply hiding the sky and covering the earth. Although it was only a soul, but it had drawn support from the power of 'Poisonous dragon water control flag' to transform into an energy entity.

Opening its sacrificial bowl-like big mouth and releasing bursts of toxic gas, it fierce bit towards the incoming Swordlight attack and instantly corroded it, leaving nothing behind, but after that, it did not stop and flew straight towards Luo Yifan and arrived in front of him.

"You filthy beast!" Luo Yifan shouted and shot a burst of Swordlight and it seemed as if stars were falling from the galaxy. The Swordlight severely collided with the body of deepwater black serpent.


The body of deepwater black serpent, which was actually an entity made up of condensed energy, instantly exploded, and along with this big explosion, endless amount of toxic gas spread in the surroundings. Only in a flash, the protective layer of Zhen Yuan on Luo Yifan's body was corroded and some areas of his flesh were also corroded and melted, making him to suddenly shout pitifully due to the intense pain.

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