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(NT: 2nd part of the Second Regular Chapter for the week. Well it's quite easy for me to translate and release a huge chapter in two parts, seems less tiring than translating and releasing a huge chapter, no wonder other fellow translators do it. Enjoy!)

Chapter 164-2 Luo Yifan's plot

Ye Xiwen was listening to their talks and discovered that the plan of Luo Yifan was more than just to kill him and eradicate a possible threat. Luo Yifan always had been very curious about how Ye Xiwen was able to enhance his cultivation by leaps and bounds and that too so rapidly and this was going to be a very good chance to capture him and discover about this secret then seize it from him.

Ye Xiwen narrowed his eye and thought that it was a good thing that he happened to be here and overheard about the conspiracy from the conversations of Luo Yifan and these people, otherwise they would probably have caught him off guard.

"Good, in fact, I can take care of this matter single-handedly and finish him off in one fell swoop." Feng Situ sneered and said, "Not only we can eradicate these Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates and seize their stock of spirit stones to exchange for sect credits, we can also seize the treasure amassed by them for so many years, and if what you say it true and that Ye Xiwen really has a big secret, we will snatch it up from him."

"Brother Situ, we should begin now." A disciple of Tianfeng Hall said in an excited manner, this was going to be a great and rewarding robbery and was enough to stimulate them and make them go crazy from excitement.

"En, you guys are responsible to deal with those ordinary pirates, Luo Yifan and Sister Shu will be responsible for suppressing those weaker twelve members of Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates. Meanwhile I will handle this so-called truth level pirate, the boss of Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates." Feng Situ said, "These pirates really had a bad luck this time, the five great forces of Great Yue State have planned the warrior's meet to take place in the East China Sea, they would naturally want to clean out some of these annoying flies, so as to avoid the possibilities of anything going wrong during the competition."

It could be said that for giants like Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng Hall, these pirates couldn't possibly pose enough threat, and to be frank, they could only be regarded as flies in front of their might.

"Begin!" After Feng Situ severely roared, Luo Yifan and other disciples of Tianfeng Hall formed a line in the midair and instantly dived towards the pirates. These pirates were simply like preys in front of these aggressive and bloodthirsty experts, they didn't have the capacity to resist and defend themselves and most of them were killed in one move.

Ye Xiwen coldly looked at these people slaughtering those pirates. However, he simply didn't care because whether it was Luo Yifan and his friends from Tianfeng Hall or these pirates, each and every individual present there was his enemy, so he did not care the slightest about them.

He immediately went into hiding and concealed his breath as well, and in his heart, he secretly began wondering about the means to bring all of these people in one big dragnet. But, he was quite surprised because he never expected that Luo Yifan actually had such great relations with the disciples of Tianfeng Hall.

However, since they came to eliminate him, now, these Tianfeng Hall's disciples were also his enemies and he wouldn't hesitate to eliminate them all!

All sorts of plans began to surge up in Ye Xiwen's mind one after another!

Among these people, the most difficult to deal should undoubtedly be that Feng Situ who was a super master at the second stage of truth realm. When compared to Luo Yifan, he was much stronger. If it was before, Ye Xiwen would surely have turned away and would never think of clashing with such a master of Truth second stage, but now, the situation was no longer the same. Ye Xiwen now possessed a deadly divine tool like 'Poisonous dragon water control flag' and relying on its strength, he should be able to deal with a master of Truth second stage, however the key point should be to focus on severely injuring Feng Situ in the very beginning, which would certainly require him to make a plan.

Since they wanted to ambush Ye Xiwen, he would gladly prepare a counter-ambush from them and eradicate Luo Yifan and the others in one fell swoop.

When facing the disciples of Tianfeng Hall, it was obvious that these coastal pirates were not their opponents and were quickly slaughtered. Soon, after killing them all, Luo Yifan went towards the depths of Crazy Shark Thirteen Island, because the stronghold of Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates was located in the central region of the island.

Ye Xiwen followed him slowly towards the depth of island, but he didn't forget to maintain a distance of one kilometer. Although there was a separation of one kilometer, but for Ye Xiwen and other experts of truth level, considering their extremely fast speed, this distance was nothing and could be covered in an instant without any difficulty. But this was only the case for experts, as far as ordinary people were concerned, it was still a great distance.

As they were going all the way in, the pirates who were try to block them were simply not their opponents and the entire route was quickly piled up with the corpses of these pirates. They simply had no way to fight back, and soon, Ye Xiwen followed into the depths of the island. However, the central region of the island was not the same as Ye Xiwen had imagined. It was actually a mighty palace complex and had a considerably large scale. There were a total of thirteen palaces and each of the members of Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates individually lived in them.

However, Ye Xiwen immediately felt relaxed, although it was natural that this world of pirates was completely different from the world of ordinary humans because these were not normal human beings, in fact, in the eyes of ordinary people, it would seem like the land of deities.

However, it was far worse when compared to the palace complex of Yi Yuan School. When compared to the flying fortresses of Yi Yuan School, this palace complex was simply nothing, and in comparison, it wasn't the slightest like the land of deities. The palaces seemed splendid on the outside, but on the inside, they were just like the palaces of mortal kings.

And one could also see resentments and grievances hovering above the entire palace complex all year round.

"Bang!" Suddenly, intermittent waves of fearful imposing aura began crazily welling up from the palace complex.

"Who are you people? How dare you intrude into my Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates Island!" A rumbling thunder like voice suddenly echoed throughout the sky.

"Crazy shark!" Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and said.

(To be continued)

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