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(NT: Second Regular Chapter for the week. Well I had free time and translated half of this chapter, go ahead and read it, although it is half but still has a size almost equivalent to those good-old humane chapters. Enjoy!)

Chapter 164 Luo Yifan's plot

Ye Xiwen was flying and seemed to be riding a rainbow and rushing towards the location on the map which was supposedly the stronghold of Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates.

Having the nautical chart was beneficial, after flying for a day and night, Ye Xiwen finally reached the den of the Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates.

"Those Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates should be here somewhere. I do not know whether Luo Yifan has come or not, I should look around and see." Ye Xiwen looked from afar and saw a small island. There was a not so big marina on the island and there were many pirate ships docked on it. Ye Xiwen saw many pirates shuttling back and forth, among them, there were many pirates with their strengths at Houtian fifth stage or Houtian sixth stage, not to mention there were a lot Xiantian realm masters as well and they obviously held higher ranks than those Houtian realm pirates.

Ye Xiwen concealed his breath and hid behind the clouds so that it would be impossible for the pirates to discover his existence.

Ye Xiwen just descended down from the sky while riding the rainbow light, but suddenly, a distant shrill piercing sound came out of the blue, and seven men and women dressed in brilliant warrior clothing came flying while producing a sharp whistling sound. A killing intention suddenly flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes, because among these people, he actually noticed Luo Yifan's figure.

Among these seven individuals, besides Luo Yifan, two other truth level super masters were standing beside him. One of them appeared roughly 30 years old, quite handsome and looked valiant, his imposing aura was threatening and was dressed in a purple robe adding to his extravagance. At his side stood a beautiful woman who appeared to be 20 years old, she was pretty and clad in pink brilliant clothing and she appeared somewhat valiant.

Besides Luo Yifan and the two truth level masters, the other four people were quite young and were actually the masters of Xiantian Great realm, each of them looked powerful and certainly didn't look like some trivial masters.

Although they could not fly directly, but Luo Yifan and the other three truth level masters had wrapped them in a layer of Zhen Yuan so there was no problem at all.

From the flower pattern on their collars, Ye Xiwen was able to tell that these six people were actually the disciples of Tianfeng Hall.

In fact, relations between Tianfeng hall and Yi Yuan School had always been very bad, to the extent that disciples of Tianfeng Hall couldn't stand the sight of the disciples of Yi Yuan School. If the disciples of Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng Hall were at the same place then a fight was bound to break out between these two groups.

Ye Xiwen finally understood the whole thing, no wonder this Luo Yifan arrived so late even though he set off from Yi Yuan School before him, because he initially went to gather these disciples of Tianfeng Hall and arrived so late along with them.

"Luo Yifan, you said that Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates are here right?" The masculine truth level master suddenly said.

"Yes, they should be here, these Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates have quite a reputation in the East China Sea, they have been rampaging in these seas for almost two hundred years, the treasure accumulated by them is simply difficult to imagine. The treasure must be having innumerable spirit stones, let's first kill these pirates then not only we can use these spirit stones to increase our sect credits, we can also replace these spirit stones for medicinal drugs, spiritual tools and so on. Sister Shu has recently stepped into the truth realm and this is a good opportunity to stock up for a smooth sailing ahead." Luo Yifan said.

"Well, this will make things comfortable and easier for junior sister apprentice Shu, and right after stepping into the truth realm, she can just take the heads of these pirates and celebrate." The masculine truth level master looked coldly at the pirates working on the marina.

"Brother Luo, the most important thing is to help you in massacring that Ye Xiwen." Sister Shu smiled and immediately said in a cold voice.

"Indeed!" A cruel smile appeared on Luo Yifan's face as he said, "I'm sure, that kid is not a fool, but he is the type to seek revenge for the slightest grievance, not to mention, he is cruel and ruthless as well as conniving, he will do everything possible to get rid of me, so I deliberately spilled the beans, let people know that I am here on a mission to eradicate the Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates.  When the time comes, he should soon get the message, and even if he does not know on his own, I have arranged so that it is specifically sent to him."

Luo Yifan sneered and said in an insidious and ruthless manner: "So if he is what I think he is and wants to dig up the roots of his own personality, then he will definitely show up, and at that time, we will ambush him and catch him off guard on this island, that is going to be the time of his death!"

Ye Xiwen was carefully hearing their conversation from the sidelines, hidden in an underground passage and thought that this Luo Yifan really was quite vicious, but also understood him so well that based on this understanding, he even set up such a deadly trap. Three truth level masters had come to crush him and if Ye Xiwen hadn't spotted them before, then perhaps, he would have been in a really tough spot after getting besieged by these seven people.

If Ye Xiwen had not arrived early and had not overheard their conversation, then he would surely have fallen into this deadly trap of Luo Yifan!

"According to what you have already mentioned, that Ye Xiwen is certainly not a weak guy." The masculine truth level master said. "In the end, how strong is he?"

"He is clearly stronger than me, I guess I will be able to deal with him if I team up with Sister Shu, not to mention, there is Brother Situ to help as well, with your strength of second stage of truth realm, it should be quite easy to suppress Ye Xiwen." Luo Yifan sneered and said, "That Ye Xiwen has recently enhanced his strength considerably which is somewhat strange, his growth is very fast, so I think, we must get rid of him as soon as possible, otherwise, he will become extremely terrifying. Moreover, before killing him, we can also interrogate him properly and dig out the secret that help him in enhancing his strength so fast. He definitely has been through several fortuitous adventures, poor guy, doesn't even know that we are going to seize everything from him."

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