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Chapter 161 - Crazy Shark thirteen pirates

"Senior Ye!"

The voices of greetings started coming continuously that caused Ye Xiwen to feel somewhat confused, he asked the two disciples guarding the entrance of Qian Yu faction station and found out that the news about him almost beheading Luo Yifan in a battle had suddenly spread throughout Yi Yuan School. Ye Xiwen went to meet the founder of Qingfeng Mountain vein and came back late, but after coming back, he found out that the entire Yi Yuan School already knew about this news.

This news had stirred the entire Yi Yuan School, this was simply a miracle, like a myth, especially for those who didn't acknowledge Ye Xiwen earlier and did not believe that he participated in the inner seed disciples competition and also won the title of chief, and that was not all, the Qian Yu faction that used to be an unknown faction and was in a constant danger of being exterminated by senior factions at any time was no longer the same. Ye Xiwen almost beheaded Luo Yifan in Mosha territory, when the news spread across Yi Yuan School, it caused an enormous sensation and everyone was discussing this matter.

Many people were shocked and weren't ready to believe, but when the inner seed disciples and core seed disciples came back from Mosha territory, they collectively stated that they witnessed the battle between Ye Xiwen and Luo Yifan with their own eyes, and it was actually Luo Yifan who was being suppressed, if an elder had not suddenly interfered, then perhaps, Luo Yifan would have been beheaded by Ye Xiwen.

This finally convinced everyone, because one person might be wrong, but when so many people were collectively and decisively stating the same thing, and all of them were the elites of Yi Yuan School, so the news couldn't possibly be false, or maybe they were bored and had come together to play a joke on everyone and were actually just screwing around with them?

With respect to this possibility, everyone might as well believe Ye Xiwen had already defeated Luo Yifan, not to mention they would have soon discovered, because when facing such rumors, in the past, Luo clan would quickly resolve the situation and wouldn't allow the news to spread, so it seemed as if such a thing really happened.

And it actually affirmed this matter.

Countless people were still in shock, while there were many smart people who already came into action and had arrived in abundance at the station of Qian Yu faction, some were here to see Ye Xiwen and witness his true capacity, some were hoping to join the Qian Yu faction in order to exploit its connections and new influence, trying to get close to the original members of the faction, of course, some of them were actually the spies of major factions and had come to keep a constant watch on the current situation of Qian Yu faction, hoping to see something.

And now that Ye Xiwen was finally back, he could confirm whether this news was real or hoax.

However, when they saw the elegant figure of Ye Xiwen walking on a divine rainbow, they immediately knew that their guess was correct, because only true disciples could have such magical powers, and this was the power desired by numerous disciples, the so-called flight.

After seeing this, even those who had been skeptical about this news all this time had no other option but to believe in it, but they also thought that perhaps, Ye Xiwen was already a master of the truth realm and it could be confirmed from just seeing him flying freely and effortlessly.

The chances of Ye Xiwen being a true disciple suddenly attracted the attention of many disciples.

Ignoring all those who were trying to get close to him, Ye Xiwen strode straight into the entrance of the station of Qian Yu faction, and even after finding out that the news had spread, he was very calm as if this was normal, in fact, in this world advocated by strength, strong people always obtained such treatment, not to mention, in their eyes, Ye Xiwen was already a true disciple of Yi Yuan School and there were only few hundred true disciples, not to forget that Ye Xiwen was very young and was still able to step into the truth realm, which meant that his future prospects were limitless.

There were a lot of people who thought that Ye Xiwen might actually be able to reach the level of the four invincible true disciples of Yi Yuan School, his future growth was simply unlimited, unless it was absolutely necessary, a lot of people did not want to offend him.

Earlier, it did not matter, because Ye Xiwen was an ordinary master of the Xiantian realm, although he was still considered strong by most people, but in the eyes of the stronger ones, he was just an ant in the group of ants, nothing but a quite formidable ant.

But now it was not the same, after achieving the strength of the truth realm, Ye Xiwen definitely had the qualifications to be treated as their equal.

Ye Xiwen went halfway and saw a welcome message hanging over the main building of Qian Yu faction.

"Little brother, you really are okay!" A figure suddenly leapt up and fiercely patted on the shoulders of Ye Xiwen. And Ye Xiwen immediately cracked open his mouth to give a forced smile.

At this time, Yan Chiling and the others looked at Ye Xiwen with baffled looks in their eyes, even Ye Feng, although he wasn't so battled as others, because even if Ye Xiwen changed a lot, he was still his little brother, but this time, he didn't see him like a child, rather as someone on an equal status and greeted him from far away with a wide smile on his face.

However, the one who could dare to be so slapstick with Ye Xiwen was his one and only sister, Ye Ruxue, perhaps in her heart, regardless of how powerful he had become, she still held his impression as her little brother.

"Now the entire Yi Yuan School is talking about you and how you fought with that Luo Yifan and almost defeated him!" Ye Ruxue said in a very excited manner, Ye Xiwen was such a hotshot, and she was truly proud of it.

When people confirmed that the rumor was true, after saying few words to Ye Xiwen, they stayed for a while then started to leave, and soon, only Ye Xiwen and Ye Feng, the two brothers remained in the room.

"You are in the limelight, but you have also become a target of public criticism, and I am afraid that soon, Yi Yuan School will start keeping an eye on you." Ye Feng said in a somewhat worried voice, he was not a cheerful person like Ye Ruxue who had a blind faith on the strength of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Feng was the eldest among them, he just couldn't help but worry about his younger siblings, he certainly wanted to do things to help them and always be there for them.

"Keeping an eye is fine, what else can they do anyway." Ye Xiwen sneered, "If they intend to use their evil plans behind the scenes, then I am not a weakling either."

"What do you plan to do about this Luo case, I don't think that they plan to let go." Ye Xiwen was already aware of this but even Ye Feng was able to make a correct guess, one could see that everyone was aware of the domineering arrogance of Luo clan.

"Rest assured, I am not afraid of Luo clan." Ye Xiwen said, "I was more afraid that they will come for you, that issue was bigger."

After all, Ye Xiwen now possessed the strength comparable to the true disciples of the first stage of truth realm, and it could be said that now he had the power to protect himself, but Ye Feng was very weak compared to him, and Ye Xiwen could not allow him to go against the Luo clan.

"Rest assured, we will not have any problem, we are not weaklings, and our ancestor would be protecting us so we don't need to worry." Ye Feng said with a smile, he was talking about Lin Zhantian, as long as an elder like him was around to protect them, there really was no need to worry about anything.

After all, behind Lin Zhantian, there was a hidden huge influence of the Qingfeng Mountain vein.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen was not worried anymore.

After chatting with Ye Feng for a while, Ye Xiwen also returned to his room and began the closed-door training. It could be said that he learned a lot of things in Mosha territory and needed time to slowly comprehend and sense them.

Although he lacked spirit stones, making his sensibility much slower, but he was still faster than a lot of people.

A day passed in a blink of an eye and the sensibility of Ye Xiwen precipitated by a significant amount.

However, Ye Xiwen did not continue the close-door training, because he obtained the news that Luo Yifan finally came out and was no longer hiding in the residence of Luo clan. The news was that he picked up a mission and went to the East China Sea to destroy the nest of Crazy Shark thirteen pirates. This group called Crazy Shark thirteen pirates was quite infamous among the several pirate groups active in the East China Sea, because they were very strong. The reputation of Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates was bad and they were so infamous because their group composed of thirteen brothers, all with different surnames, their boss was actually a truth level master, while the other twelve were at the Xiantian ninth peak. They were very strong and an ordinary expert wouldn't survive in front of their combined strength, they were hard to deal with and had been stirring up trouble in the East China Sea, many people had long wanted to exterminate them, but they weren't strong enough for the job. These pirates were rampaging for so many years, and finally, someone sent a request to Yi Yuan School for the extermination of these pirates.

And Luo Yifan was intending to pick up this task, he wanted to stay away from the sect and lie low, because after his fight with Ye Xiwen, he was facing quite a lot of accusations, many of which were from the elders, so he had to immediately come out from hiding and he decided to take the mission to exterminate Crazy Shark thirteen pirates.

This news was quite secretive, but still reached Ye Xiwen. If it was before, not even a bit of this news would have fallen into the hands of Ye Xiwen, but after achieving a large scale promotion in strength, in the eyes of many people, Ye Xiwen had become a character of great importance, and a lot of people were happy to tell this news to him in exchange for his goodwill, and among them, there were many enemies of Luo clan as well, who wanted Ye Xiwen to get rid of an influential Luo clan's member like Luo Yifan.

But Ye Xiwen did not mind, after all, the key point was to get rid of Luo Yifan, it could be considered as getting rid of a latent danger, although Luo clan was a very big threat, but as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned, he planned to break them bit by bit.

After getting the news, Ye Xiwen quietly tidied up to prepare for the journey, although he wanted to kill Luo Yifan, but he also did not want to get caught while launching a full scale attack on him.

Luo Yifan was an arrogant man, but when he started facing the accusations from those elders, he had to go out and lie low but they might be keeping an eye on him.

While doing this kind of thing, he needed to be careful.

Moreover, Qianji Island was located in the East China Sea, so Ye Xiwen went to the merit palace to take the map for it, and after that, he did not wait any longer and flew towards the East China Sea.

(To be continued)

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