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Chapter 160 - Senior Ye!

Everyone looked at Wu Potian, they did not know what he was thinking, after all he was the head and sole ruler of Yi Yuan School, he could make decisions regarding the matters of Yi Yuan School, and even the Taishang elder could not directly interfere with his decisions.

"Ye Xiwen won't be eradicated, I believe everybody is aware of his talent that can be said as absolutely rare, our Yi Yuan School needs talented people like him, not to mention, he has not committed any mistakes. Tian Wushuang, you go tell Luo clan that from now on wards, they are not allowed to intercept Ye Xiwen." Wu Potian said in a calm manner but his words were like the final decree in the sect, and with this, the matter was finally over.

"Head, this Ye Xiwen is extremely arrogant and he even ruthlessly kills the people of his own sect, taking his peerless talent into consideration, if we allow him to grow stronger then he would certainly bring disaster." Tian Wushuang said to validate his point.

"Then according to what you said, Luo clan is the biggest evil, they openly murdered one of my disciples, it is an influential clan that openly does evil deeds, and I presume everyone is aware of that." At this time, the criminal law elder suddenly said.

"Well, the matter arrived here and everyone has shared their opinions and views." It seemed as if Wu Potian didn't want to continue the discussion over this matter and continued to say……

—— Ye Xiwen came out from the mysterious space present in the depths of Yi Yuan School and was flying through the void, it seemed like he was treading on a rainbow, he did not know that the matter related to him was being discussed in a special conference of elders.

Although he had said that he would go the Elders Council, but later, he had to go meet the founder of Qingfeng Mountain vein. Ye Xiwen didn't know how Luo Yifan would put this matter in front of everyone, though it was him who had violated the rules of sect and openly intercepted Ye Xiwen in front of many witnesses, but Luo Yifan had been unable to hurt him.

So, even if he is convicted for intercepting Ye Xiwen, he would receive small punishment!

"Ye Xiwen, don't expect that Yi Yuan School would give you justice, I tell you, don't keep your hopes high." Ye Mo appeared on his shoulder and said. "I think that Luo Yifan is an absolutely petty guy, if you do not look for him, he will look for opportunities to deal with you."

"You mean strike first and gain the upper hand?" Ye Xiwen asked and narrowed his eyes. People who were familiar with him knew very well that when Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes, it often meant that his heart was overflowing with killing intention. (NT: xiān xià shǒu wéi qiáng: strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom used in martial arts))

"Yes, this world is like that, counting on others is pointless, you must strike first and gain the upper hand. If he can look for you in order to intercept you, why cannot you?" Ye Mo said, "You humans do not pay attention to the fact that proper behavior is based on reciprocity, if you don't return the favor now, when will you?" (NT: lǐ shàng wǎng lái: proper behavior is based on reciprocity (idiom))

"But, Luo Yifan is now at the gathering place of Luo clan, attacking him there may be a bad idea." Ye Xiwen said.

"He cannot stay there for a lifetime, sooner or later, we will find his trail and then you can cut weeds and eliminate the roots." Ye Mo said and smiled, the smile really complimented his small stature, made him look sort of sly but cute. (NT: zhǎn cǎo chú gēn: To cut weeds and eliminate the roots (idiom))

Ye Xiwen knew that Ye Mo was right, at this time, he would easily succeed in intercepting and killing Luo Yifan, anyway he was not going to patch up with Luo clan and neither would they let him off. He could say for sure that right now, Luo Yifan was certainly plotting against him somewhere.

It could be said that Luo Yifan was really a big source of trouble, and if not resolved quickly, then perhaps it would lead to many major problems in the future.

"Besides killing Luo Yifan, the most urgent task is to practice and have a breakthrough into the truth realm as soon as possible, so long as you can step into the truth realm, then that Luo Yifan will certainly not be your opponent, and it won't even take few moves to behead him." Ye Mo said.

"Mosha territory should be a very good place to hone my skills, unfortunately at present, I'm just an inner disciple and I don't have the privilege to go inside." Ye Xiwen said.

Originally, Ye Xiwen intended to first focus on having a breakthrough and directly stepping into the truth realm to become a true disciple, and after becoming a true disciple, he could freely access Mosha territory, at that time, he could find those truth-level devils and behead them, in that case, Ye Xiwen should be able to quickly enhance his cultivation in the truth realm and his fighting strength would become comparable with the masters of Truth second stage and he might even be able to behead them. In fact, he would also be able to easily fight with a Truth third stage master like Elder Jing Xuan and suppress him during the fight.

At present, Ye Xiwen's fighting strength was comparable to the strength of truth level masters, but if he could break into the truth realm, then there would be a tremendous enhancement in his strength.

But whether it was Lin Zhantian, or the founder of Qingfeng Mountain vein, they all felt that for now, Ye Xiwen should not step into the truth realm, moreover the sect was also hoping that Ye Xiwen shouldn't step into the truth realm for the time being. And the reason was simple, Ye Xiwen was going to participate in the competition among five major forces of Great Yue state, and to put it bluntly, in this gathering of major forces, a mutual show of strength was going to take place, the true disciples of these five forces would be coming from all around to participate in the contest, and they would ultimately determine each other's strength.

There was also an old rule that the five forces must show mutual restraint and try not to create a situation that might lead to eruption of a large-scale tangled warfare, this competition was only a way to ascertain each other's strength, so each force would try to bring its strongest disciples to show off its strength in front of others.

Ye Xiwen joined the Main Sect, and in a short time, his fighting strength enhanced dramatically and reached all the way up to the truth realm, which also gave him a chance to represent Yi Yuan School in the upcoming competition, and he was formidable enough to easily sweep away the disciples of inner and core rank like it was nothing, so in the competition, Yi Yuan School would gain a big face in front of other forces thanks to him!

At that time, the sect would give large-scale incentives and rewards to him, but if Ye Xiwen had a breakthrough and stepped into the truth realm, then he would no longer be regarded as an inner disciple, he would become a true disciple and would also have to fight with true disciples in the competition, in short, he would no longer be the outstanding existence anymore, he would only be a bottom level true disciple.

There was no doubt that it was good for him to wait for now, but for Ye Xiwen, it could have been a rapid increase of strength in a short period, because he could easily face those truth level devils with the help of the suppression of Tianyuan mirror and he could also challenge several devil masters, Mosha territory was definitely a good place to practice, but he couldn't go there.

And most importantly, Ye Xiwen had already consumed almost all of the spirit stones from the stock in his storage ring, leaving only a meager amount of 1000 spirit stones, and in addition to that, his cultivation had already increased to such an extent that he was going to require a massive amount of spirit stones. Now, he needed top grade spirit stones to withstand the high rate of consumption.

However, the sect distributed top-grade spirit stones only to the true disciples, and that too once in a month. Moreover, the missions could also reward top-grade spirit stones, but these missions were generally top ranked and were only meant for true disciples, because they were often very dangerous, and non-truth level disciples would simply die on these missions. So these extremely dangerous missions used to have strength requirements.

Ye Xiwen was caught in a deadlock and only after participating in this competition and coming back from there, he would be able to step into the truth realm and break free from this deadlock.

However as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned, it could be said that within this period of time, he actually had no means to rapidly increase his strength. Just like the main goal of Houtian masters was to strengthen the body, and for Xiantian masters, it was to transform Zhen Yuan, the main goal of truth level masters was to interact with the world Lingqi, and a truth level master could achieve resonance with the world Lingqi by increasing their perception of the world.

In other words, the truth realm focused more on accumulation of understanding of the world.

For the martial arts practitioners, the body and the understanding of heavenly laws were two indispensable parts in their practice. The body carried soul, and the world of martial arts practice was like a vast sea, the soul must cross the sea, the body was like a ship, and if the ship was sturdy and tough, there would be a higher possibility of crossing the sea.

The Houtian realm and Xiantian realm could only be regarded as initial preparations for beginning the journey to cross the sea. There was shipbuilding and reinforcement until the martial artist reached the truth realm, after stepping into the truth realm, the person would learn swimming, reading nautical chart, sailing a ship and many other necessary tasks that might be required during the journey.

Legendary realm was the real start of the journey.

Ye Xiwen had already completed the accumulation of Houtian and Xiantian realm, afterwards, he had also gained some of the initial perception of the heavenly laws, but at this stage, the mysterious space would display a greater ability, because so long as there were enough spirit stones, he would be able to comprehend heavenly laws inside the mysterious space, and then, his fighting strength would be far more than others, he would become ten times or even hundred times stronger than others.

At this stage, Ye Xiwen had the advantage and could become far more stronger compared to others in a short time, but unfortunately, at the most critical time, he did not have spirit stones.

For Ye Xiwen, it was like his ship ran out of fuel, and now, he could only go forward at the speed of a sailing ship.

However, he didn't have an option because one month later, he must go to the Qianji Island, located in the East China Sea, and participate in the gathering of warriors.

Thinking too much was pointless, Ye Xiwen left the depths of Yi Yuan School and went straight towards the station of Qian Yu faction, but he never thought that at this time, the Qian Yu courtyard looked just like a busy city market place, and was no longer an infrequently visited place as it used to be.

A crowd of many inner disciples and core disciples had gathered outside the gate of Qian Yu faction's station and they were trying to squeeze inside, even the outer disciples were simply looking at the crowd of these inner and core disciples with envious looks in their eyes.

Ye Xiwen took a quick look and saw two senior disciples standing as gatekeepers at the gate of Qian Yu faction, maintaining order, while at this time, the new disciples had dignified appearances and there were proud looks on their faces as they were looking at the crowd of inner and core disciples.

What was going on?

Ye Xiwen felt somewhat strange and descended down on a rainbow light, at this time, many disciples saw him and stepped aside to make way for him, while praising out loud: "Senior Ye!"

At this time, even the senior disciples, who had higher ranks, did not dare to pull rank in front of Ye Xiwen and respectfully called him Senior Ye.

(To be continued)

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