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Chapter 159 Conference of elders

Ye Xiwen didn't know where they were heading, was just following Lin Zhantian to the depths of Yi Yuan School to meet the founder of Qingfeng Mountain veins.

Within a deep space of Tianfeng of Yi Yuan School, the space was very small and was only able to accommodate a large palace, and inside the palace, there was an office where high-level officials of Yi Yuan School would gather to have discussions on various important matters.

In a giant conference room, a circular round table was placed in the middle, there were many elders seated around the round table.

At the midpoint of the round table, a white robed middle-aged man was sitting. One would be surprised to see that this man's facial features looked very ordinary and very amiable, but all of the elders present there knew that they must never dare to underestimate him.

Because he was the head of Yi Yuan School, Wu Potian, the supreme leader of Yi Yuan School, who held the fate of people of Yi Yuan School in his grasp.

Wu Potian glanced at everyone present there, among the elders, there were the merit elder, penalty elder and many other elders had come to participate in this conference and all of them held high positions in Yi Yuan School, were extremely strong, in fact, even the weakest among them was a super master of Truth ninth stage, and there were few who were already in the legendary realm like Wu Potian.

Although they were not among the highest cultivation group of people in Yi Yuan School, but there was no doubt that this group of people held the fate of a lot of people in Yi Yuan School.

"As we all know, ten days later, on the 'Qianji Island' in the East China Sea, a meeting of the warriors of several major forces is going to take place, including our Yi Yuan School." Wu Potian glanced at the crowd and lightly said.

"Yes, we have received their invitation, and also received the news that the imperial family is also rushing there." A penalty elder said.

"Well, this time the imperial family thinks that other people do not know the secret, in fact, how can we not know? They just want to use this devil invasion as an opportunity to form an allied force, then the four sects will have join forces under the leadership of royal family and that would complete the real reunification." The merit elder said with a disdained look on his face.

"This is something that even the founding emperor failed to achieve and now this young emperor actually wants to do so, what a joke!"

"Although we are not afraid of the royal family, but we really don't have an alternative. This emperor is considered as an outstanding personality of this generation and relies on the strength of Dragon qi, although he is less than a hundred years old, but he already possesses unfathomable skill, and I am afraid, his strength is actually comparable to the legendary masters! No wonder he is ambitious enough to plan and make something work that even the late emperor couldn't achieve." Wu Potian continued to explain. "The intentions of other three forces are still unknown, so this time, being the team leader, you must be careful, Wang Meixing."

There was a man sitting nearby Wu Potian, and one would be surprised to find that he had an appearance of a twenty year old boy, looked very charming, and even had somewhat seductive demeanor, but he was a man. At this time, there was a malignant look on his face, Wang Meixing looked charming and pretty, but he was actually a very vicious person, it was hard to guess how many devil masters he had personally killed and his cultivation had already reached the legendary realm, no wonder he was worthy of being the deputy head of Yi Yuan School.

"If they dare to stretch their dog paws randomly, I would love to dare and chop them off." Wang Meixing said in a murderous and imposing tone, but still looked extremely charming, though he was the owner of a manly voice.

"This time, we are getting a very good opportunity to display the formidable strength of our Yi Yuan School." Wu Potian lightly said, "Especially among inner disciples, there is a particularly good seed."

"Yes, Ye Xiwen, I know, but this Ye Xiwen can also stir up trouble, not much time has passed since he joined the Main Sect but he has already offended so many people, and he has also killed a lot of elite disciples, including many of the elite core disciples." At this time, a middle-aged man dressed in brown robes said. "This person is not just an evildoer, but is also a scourge, it is best to eradicate him as early as possible!"

The brown-robed man continued to speak: "I also know that in such a short time, the cultivation of this kid has advanced by leaps and bounds, I suspect that he is actually a devil spy who has come to subvert our Yi Yuan School."

"Tian Wushuang, what you are saying is wrong." At this time, a purple-robed old man sitting next to the brown-robed man said, "According to what you say, from now onwards, our Yi Yuan School cannot have peerless geniuses in the future, because as long as the genius is an evildoer, we will consider that he has been under the control of devils and eradicate him, then how will our Yi Yuan School develop like this?"

"Isn't our Yi Yuan School pursuing peerless talents such as Ye Xiwen? Natural, high and absolute talent, maybe in the future, he will reach the level of the four invincible disciples." The purple-robed old man continued, "I have not seen such an outstanding talent ever in my life, and you want to eradicate such a disciple. Tian Wushuang, I know you are very close to the Luo clan, but you are willing to give up on such a talent for the personal gain of Luo clan, you do not deserve to work as an elder of our sect."

The purple-robed man bluntly said without reservation, he was the penalty elder of Yi Yuan School and was in charge of the penalty palace, he was an upright man and never stooped to flattery, and nothing was hidden from his eyes, neither was he the type of person who would ignore these matters.

"What did you say, how dare you insult me you stubborn donkey!" Tian Wushuang suddenly got up from his seat and said in an angry voice.

"So what if I did? Luo clan is radically a nest of snakes, it has been tyrannical and domineering all these years, but that was not enough for them, now they want to hurt Ye Xiwen, do not think that I don't know, it was the Luo clan that stirred up trouble first, it deserves to be punished, it is simply like a cancer, deeply rooted in our Yi Yuan School and must be cut off once and forever." The penalty elder said in a cold voice.

"You old thing, I am not the one who is confused, but it's actually you who is not aware of things. He has continued to secretly massacre the disciples of our sect and you don't even know about all this!" Tian Wushuang said with killing intent flashing in his eyes, he had stood alongside Luo clan and blatantly supported the banner of Luo clan in Yi Yuan School for so many years and held deep relationship with them, how could he take it lightly when Luo clan was being accused in front him?

"Do you have evidence?" The penalty elder said in an superficial manner, "But, disciples of Yi Yuan School had spotted Luo Yifan intercepting Ye Xiwen and this is conclusive evidence, such a guy must be punished, otherwise, where is the dignity of the laws of our Yi Yuan School?"

"You old thing, you think that I do not know, you just want to hinder the influence of Chu Jingcai, you know that Luo clan gives full support to him, and now you are using this matter as an excuse to disrupt the influence of Chu Jingcai because you are a supporter of Huang Luochen!" Tian Wushuang pointed his finger at the penalty elder and said in an unrestrained manner.

Other elders did not say anything, because the matter involved two of the four strongest true disciples.

These so-called four strongest true disciples were referred to as Chu Jingcai, Huang Luochen, Shui Yanluo and Qi Feifan.

Although, all of the true disciples were basically eligible to compete for the position of the head, but there were so many people competing for just one position, so it was obvious that not just anyone could become a head, so only a small portion of true disciples, who really possessed the ability, strength and influence, were able to compete for the position of the head. And, in this generation of disciples, there were the so-called four strongest true disciples, all of them were extremely strong and had already entered half-step into the legendary realm, so basically, they were only one small step away from stepping into the legendary realm and become invincible masters. Even among the younger generation of disciples throughout the Great Yue state, they were considered among the top, these four individuals had always been considered as people who would most likely become the head someday, and even if not, they could easily become the leaders of strong veins.

When these four true disciples would compete for the position of the head, many elders and even the Taishang elders, all would place their bets, in favor of their own favorite candidates, and of course, they won't use spirit stones to place their bets but their entire being. (NT: Entire being means their personal vote.)

The candidate with clear support would become the head and build his own faction along with these elders and Taishang elders. These elders and Taishang elders had extraordinary influence in the sect and once they would unequivocally support someone, it would naturally be an enormous boost for him.

They would not easily bet, but once they did, that would mean they had really recognized him as the head, and then they would also give full support to him, because from the moment they bet, their destinies got linked together with the one they betted on. Once they bet in someone's favor in order to help him win the title of head, they actually became his followers and would stay alongside him even if he ended up losing, but if he won, they would also get extraordinary benefits.

This Tian Wushuang was actually one of the supporters of Chu Jingcai, and at this time, he was not scared to disclose it in front of everyone and directly shouted.

Because the entire Luo clan, including Luo Yifan, was actually the supporter of Chu Jingcai, and their motive was understandable since none of their own members could compete for the position of head. Although, the ability and wisdom of Luo Yifan were quite good, but his strength was still far behind that of the four strongest true disciples, not to say, he lacked talent as well as strength when compared to them. The strength of these four disciples was almost comparable to that of the Taishang elders. Luo clan was aware of this so it decided to give full support to Chu Jingcai.

All of these four true disciples were not ordinary people, following them naturally meant getting a lot of benefits, Luo clan was getting a lot of advantage by supporting Chu Jingcai. During the incident of Hua Menghan, head was extremely angry, that Luo clan had actually dared to attack his closing disciple, wasn't this equivalent to provoking him, the head of entire sect?

Afterward, Chu Jingcai personally went into action and finally settled this matter, although he had to pay a huge price, but Luo clan was saved thanks to him.

The penalty elder was a supporter of Huang Luochen, so at this time, he was accusing Luo Yifan, just to chop off one of the supporting arms of Chu Jingcai.

Everyone was aware of what was going on between these two elders, but they were unwilling to interfere, especially those who supported the other two disciples. They simply planned to stay on the sidelines and silently watch this scene.

(To be continued)

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