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Chapter 153 – Comparable to truth realm

Ye Xiwen's body was almost beaten to disintegration because the attack of this truth level master was too terrifying, but it was only this once as the Jufeng feudal lord was once again completely suppressed by the Tianyuan mirror and as long as the mirror's coercion was acting on him, he won't be able to issue such a terrifying attack again.

But Jufeng lord did not give Ye Xiwen much time to rest and again threw a fierce Quanjin that went across the sky towards Ye Xiwen and rumbled maliciously. (NT: Quanjin = Fist strength)

Ye Xiwen's immortal like stature swept out in the air, his blade's intention shot up towards the sky and transformed into a very lifelike and vivid coiling dragon made up of blade intention and it seemed that it would destroy everything that would come in its way. The huge coiling dragon made up of blade intention soared high into the sky and it seemed as if it would destroy the heaven itself.

The long blade danced in his hands and released Zhen Yuan which then suddenly soared several folds into the sky and firmly advanced towards the Jufeng feudal lord.

The Quanjin of Jufeng feudal lord congealed out of void and transformed into an invincible war devil and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen immediately transformed the blade intention into multiple vivid diagrams, each of these diagrams were capable of suppressing the entire world and crushing everything. The invincible war devil was directly crushed and obliterated by the vivid diagram of Ye Xiwen's blade intention. (NT: This blade intention is just like creative concept. Though it looks like a diagram but the energy it's made up of is Bladeqi. By the way, war devil is also a creative concept.)

But in the meantime, without the slightest stagnation, Ye Xiwen immediately extended his hand which then changed into a dragon claw, displaying the might of 'Coiling dragon palm'.

Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss!

And the coiling dragon immediately advanced towards Jufeng feudal lord to grab him.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's dragon claw directly bombarded on the body of Jufeng feudal lord who could not react and still did not know that this attack actually shattered most of his ribs, and at this time, the Quanjin of Jufeng feudal lord rumbled on the body of Ye Xiwen and directly shattered quite a few of his breastbones.

Both of them immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and their bodies flew upside down, and were also shocked by fierceness of each other's attacks, while the intention to kill suddenly intensified in their eyes. Ye Xiwen must kill him to gain the strength equivalent to the masters of the truth realm and Jufeng feudal lord couldn’t allow this insolent lowly human to escape.

This was an old hatred, an impassable animosity!




Both of them were trying their utmost in the battle, each move would cause fierce air explosions and collapse the atmosphere, none of them were holding back even the slightest and were constantly using cut-throat attacks on each other. Tianyuan mirror had produced a square shaped curtain made up of scarlet light and it was hanging above his head, and the spirit stones began to burn inside the storage ring of Ye Xiwen, constantly emitting huge amount of Lingqi to consolidate Tianyuan mirror.

“Damn human!” Jufeng feudal lord roared, he never thought that he would actually be seriously wounded by a lowly human, a human who had not even stepped into the truth realm. He was so seriously wounded that blood was constantly spilling out from the corners of his mouth and he still was not aware that some of the broken ribs had pierced his internal organs, resulting in constant blood loss.

The degree of Ye Xiwen's aggressiveness had gone far beyond the imagination of Jufeng feudal lord because he never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be able to injure him. He was merely a human who had not even stepped into the truth realm and who would have thought that a lowly ant-like human would actually injure him to such an extent. After entering the truth realm, this was the first time he had to face the bitter feeling of sustaining injuries.

Ye Xiwen did not expect that this truth level devil would actually be so terrifying and it would be so hard to deal with him. This battle had gone far beyond his imagination, but at this moment, there was an even more excited expression on his face, because he knew full well that if he could beat such a strong opponent then he himself would become much stronger than ever before.

With an ice-cold expression on his face, Ye Xiwen shouted: “Die!”

Ye Xiwen started to release blade intentions one after another and a group of blade intentions blotted out the entire sky and pressed down. This was a competition between creative concepts and this was also a competition to see which one of them would be able to resist and which one would go down.

Jufeng feudal lord bellowed, the moqi in his body quickly condensed into an ancient war devil, and right now, it was in a defensive posture. His injuries were more severe compared to that of Ye Xiwen and under the constant great suppression of Ye Mo's Tianyuan mirror, he almost could not control himself because of the thought that had suddenly sprouted in his heart and was forcing him to prostrate in front of Ye Xiwen.

This was a terrifying thought, making him want to snarl in desperation, he absolutely could not kneel down in front of a lowly human.


A terrifying blade intention was fiercely chopped out towards the war devil of Jufeng feudal lord. The blade intention transformed into a moon-like cold and sharp Bladeqi and instantly split that war devil into two halves, and after that, it collided into the body of Jufeng feudal lord.

“Poof!” Jufeng feudal lord was blasted away and his body directly crashed on the ground and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm congealing a long shadow of a coiling dragon. It thundered and released sound waves which transformed into four sonic arrows and shot forward.

Divine Dragon flings its tail!

“Bang!” The dragon's tail swept towards Jufeng feudal lord and he was immediately sent flying. The coiling dragon’s large tail had swept, moreover it was an all-out sweep so the consequences could naturally be imagined. The barrier of energy protecting the body of Jufeng feudal lord instantly exploded under the terrifying strength of coiling dragon's attack and there simply was no way left for the Jufeng feudal lord to protect himself.

“Kala!” There was no suspense, Jufeng feudal lord was swept away, all of the bones in his body completely shattered and turned into powder while one could still hear the dragon howl, this end was incomparably terrifying.

“Damn it!” Jufeng feudal lord roared loudly, he just could not accept that such a fate would befall him, that he would be defeated like this by Ye Xiwen.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen used his foot to heavily stamp on the sternum of Jufeng feudal lord and after directly smashing it, his foot immediately penetrated into the ground.

The heart of Jufeng feudal lord was instantly crushed, and without the heart, he struggled a bit then finally died.

Tianyuan mirror emitted scarlet light which completely enveloped the Jufeng feudal lord and his Jingqi was instantly absorbed by Tianyuan mirror, then after refining it and removing the impurities, the refined essence was instilled into the body of Ye Xiwen. (NT: Jingqi = life essence or vitality)

Right after this, the imposing aura of Ye Xiwen started to increase gradually!

“Attack him, kill that damn human and take revenge for the feudal lord!” After witnessing the death of the Jufeng feudal lord, some of the devils who were part of the caravan of the Jufeng feudal lord immediately left the formation and ran away. Not much time had passed since the Jufeng feudal lord had assumed the post of the feudal lord of Jufeng city so how could they possibly have any sense of belonging for him.

However there were some of the original followers of the Jufeng feudal lord who had fought alongside him during the Jufeng Civil war and were very loyal to him.

At this time, all of them rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen coldly snorted and a long dragon soared into the sky and coiled around Ye Xiwen. The devils who had just now approached near him were directly torn to pieces by the long dragon and could not approach him. The overwhelming Dragon qi of this long dragon was itself the nemesis of these devils and coupled with the strength of Ye Xiwen, these devils simply didn't stand a chance.

In addition to this, at this time, the Tianyuan mirror had assumed an awe-inspiring stance above the head of Ye Xiwen, and with its support, he was already able to deal with a truth level master like Jufeng feudal lord who had only been suppressed to a certain extent under the influence of Tianyuan mirror, but the strength levels of these devils was below the truth realm, most of them were the devils of Xiantian eight stage or ninth stage and it was easy to completely suppress them.

These devils could not withstand the horrifying coercion of the Tianyuan mirror that appeared all of a sudden and they immediately knelt down on the ground, trembling, and a thought appeared in their hearts making them feel as if they were present in front of their master, and Ye Xiwen appeared as a god-like presence to them.

The long dragon killed all them while none of them dared to resist, and eventually, the life essences of these devils were also absorbed by Ye Xiwen’s body, although the effect was small, but it was still better than nothing.

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura finally started to increase successively!


Ye Xiwen finally had a breakthrough and stepped into the Xiantian eight stage, his imposing aura increased by a section but did not transform completely, though at this moment, he had become stronger than a master of half-step truth realm and his strength became even more unfathomable.

Ye Xiwen's body was crazily absorbing the life essence of Jufeng feudal lord which was completely different from the life essence of a master at the half-step truth realm.

It was said that stepping into the truth realm was actually the second major transformation after the first major transformation during the breakthrough from Houtian realm to Xiantian realm, and it also brought forth bigger changes compared to the breakthrough from the Houtian realm. After stepping into the Xiantian realm, the lifespan increased from 100 years to 200 years, and again after breaking from Xiantian realm to truth realm, the lifespan increased from 200 years to 500 years, which was almost more than double. The life essence also had a complete change after stepping into the truth realm compared to how it was in the Xiantian realm.

For stepping into the Xiantian realm from the Houtian realm, pure exercise of mortal body was required and one needed to open up the world bridge, however after stepping into the truth realm, one started understanding some of the laws of the world and also use them, for example the flight itself violates the laws of the world, because according to the world's law, flight is impossible without the wings, but after comprehending some of the rules, one could override these limitations, and not just flight, there were many examples like breathing underwater, walking in the fire, things that were not possible for a human being to achieve with his own ability, but a truth level master could do all these impossible things.

This was the beginning of the transformation of the body from an embryo into the legendary immortal god.

Although this Jufeng feudal lord was a devil, but in this regard, things were exactly the same for both devils and humans irrespective of their races. The life essence of Xiantian level devils and truth level devils were very different, and the moment Ye Xiwen absorbed the refined life essence of Jufeng feudal lord, his cultivation instantly began to rise gradually.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen also found out that when he came into contact with the life essence of a truth level master, he also came into contact with the laws of this world, and the space in his mind also began to change. Originally, it was only for martial arts and could comprehend unceasingly and the results of those comprehensions appeared in front of Ye Xiwen, making it easy for him to understand.

In other words, originally, the space worked in a way that a school student could understand the language used to explain the contents in a University, which in itself was a miracle, an incredible myth. If not relying on this mysterious space, Ye Xiwen would not have been able to achieve his current strength in almost a year's time, and considering the progress he had shown during this one year, others would have achieved the same progress in several decades or even a century.

Now that Ye Xiwen had finally come in contact with the laws of the world, the mysterious space actually began to analyze all sorts of mysteries of world laws and revealing them in front of him, who was initially unable to understand even the basic laws, but now, he discovered that as long as he continued to inject Lingqi into the mysterious space, his understanding of the laws of the world would continue to improve.

This was the reason why Ye Xiwen was confident that even when he was at the Xiantian ninth stage, he should be able to contend with a master at the first stage of truth realm, because these first stage true masters had only comprehended some of the basic world laws.

But at present, Ye Xiwen could draw support from the mysterious space, making him able to grasp these laws faster.

Xiantian eighth intermediate!

Xiantian eighth late!

Xiantian eighth peak!

“Boom!” The imposing aura of Ye Xiwen suddenly reached a terrifying level and even the clouds in the sky started twisting into a group along with his breakthrough.

Xiantian ninth stage!

The fighting strength of Ye Xiwen rose dramatically and became comparable to the masters of truth realm, then stopped!

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes that flashed with vitality, and along with that, an explosion occurred in the atmosphere!

(To be continued)


(NT: Ye Xiwen's inner state is at the Xiantian ninth stage. Though the energy quantity and quality in his body is comparable to the masters of truth realm, thanks to 'Jufeng feudal lord's life essence' and he has also managed to comprehend the world laws thanks to 'mysterious space' and his body can take all this high level stuff thanks to 'Tyrant body technique' and this novel has 3000 chapters thanks to '500 years granted to Ye Xiwen by truth realm’ which will certainly increase when he enters the 'legendary realm’ :P)

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