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Chapter 152 – b





The loud shout of Ye Xiwen immediately attracted the attention of many devil guards and caused commotion and disturbance among them. They pulled out their weapons and looked coldly at Ye Xiwen, judging from his battle cry, it was certain that he was not a friend and must be stopped.

Suddenly, they smelled Ye Xiwen's breath and realized that he smelled like a human being and their complexions immediately changed, human, it was actually a human! (NT: This breath is not that breath :P)

In Mosha territory, the enmity between the human race and devil race was even greater and deadlier. They hated each other and were sworn enemies, and so long as a human appeared in their territory, then he would certainly be killed. Human warriors used them as objects to gain experience and this had developed a burning anger in the hearts of these devils.

“Subject him to death!” A Xiantian ninth stage devil master took out his long blade and shot a myriad of Bladelight, and it seemed as if they were cutting through a section of the world itself.

Ye Xiwen immediately waved his long blade, and it seemed as if a galaxy itself started to fall from the ninth heaven, like a swaying slice of magnificence and instantly crushed the myriad of Bladelight, and after that, it rushed towards that master.

“Dang!” A loud metal clashing sound spread and Ye Xiwen's Bladelight clashed with the long blade of that master and instantly shattered it into pieces and crumbled down on the ground.

Ye Xiwen's Bladelight went unobstructed like the lightning itself and it was too late for that devil master to dodge and was cleft in two while screaming pitifully.

The other devil masters simply did not care even if one of their own was beheaded by Ye Xiwen, but there was not even the slightest change in their attitude. It could be said that these devils had crawled out of the sea of blood, had lived a long life through bloody battles and were extremely cold-blooded. In addition to that, they were all extremely cruel existences, and at this moment, they only cared about their one and only target, Ye Xiwen.




Dozens of the devil warriors suddenly released their attacks and numerous Bladelights filled the entire sky, while each Bladelight was so terrifying that it was sending shock waves in the air. Innumerable blade shadows directly shook the entire sky and filled the entire atmosphere with moqi. (NT: moqi = 'devil qi' à I put these notes in every chapter for the sake of forgetful readers, don't blade me for this :P)

These devil masters had abnormal understanding among them and were exceptionally tacit in coordinating their attacks, like a moment ago, they almost simultaneously released their blade attacks, and this combined attack was just like the composition of a Zhen formation, with Ye Xiwen in the center and all of his escape routes were completely closed off. (NT: I am going to use Zhen formation in place of Zhen method, as requested by a user.)

There was a deadpan look on the face of Ye Xiwen as he was using celestial step, his pace did not stagnate even the slightest as he directly dashed wildly towards the Jufeng feudal lord, and his blade issued a bright Bladelight in the sky that directly rumbled against those devil masters and sent them flying in all directions.




The terrifying strength of Ye Xiwen severely hit those devil masters, who did not stand a chance in front of him, and his Bladelight almost instantly wiped out several devil masters, and the weaker ones were instantly chopped down into pieces. Ye Xiwen did not stop and continued to release formidable Bladelights, ruthlessly, and one after another.


Ye Xiwen's Bladelight pierced the chest of a devil master that minced his internal organs and killed him in an instant.

Ye Xiwen waved his long blade and released a terrifying Bladeqi which went flying and advanced unhindered towards the devils.


The body of a devil master was sliced at his waist and two sections of his body flew upside down.

Ye Xiwen continued to rush straight through the group of devil guards as if he was taking a stroll.

Others devil guards saw their companions getting chopped down and dying but they were not the slightest afraid and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. These were experienced devil guards and all of them had gone through very rigorous training and were only loyal to Jufeng feudal lord. The cunningness and cruelty of these devils was completely on a different level.


But it was obvious, when these devil experts rushed towards Ye Xiwen, they were chopped down by his blade, their bodies instantly burst, their heads cracked open, rest were split in half.

Ye Xiwen seemed to be leisurely and easily making his way towards Jufeng feudal lord while killing all of the devil guards who were trying to get in his way. He advanced quickly while sending those devils flying and splattering blood all the way!

Jufeng feudal lord was different and much stronger than these devil guards, but each of them had followed him for a long time and helped him in his conquest to become a direct descendant and gain his current status. They were extremely loyal to the Jufeng feudal lord, and one could say that the masters of the same level of Yi Yuan School were not necessarily the opponents of these devil guards. These devil guards were just like killing machines that had crawled out from a battle scene, ruthless, and were not afraid to die.

But they were being chopped down like vegetables by Ye Xiwen without getting a chance to even react and it seemed like he was just taking a stroll.

“Damn human, you actually dare to appear in front of us, you are really courting death!” A devil master of half-step truth realm said in a loud voice and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. He was the captain of the devil guards.

From a distant place, Jufeng feudal lord was looking coldly at the rushing figure of Ye Xiwen. He was looking down on Ye Xiwen, who was not even the master of truth realm, and he was simply not paying attention to Ye Xiwen, as if he was looking in the direction of Ye Xiwen but did not bother to pay attention to an ant like existence.

The half-step truth level devil captain threw an extremely formidable Quanjin, which twisted up, forming a tornado, then swept towards Ye Xiwen swallowing everything on the way. (NT: Quanjin = Fist strength)

Ye Xiwen's long blade chopped out a dazzling move, but very gently, and in a flash, a hundred feet long Bladelight instantly congealed and rushed maliciously. The half-step truth level devil captain did not expect Ye Xiwen to be so formidable, after all, Ye Xiwen was also at the same level as him, and devils were supposed to be inherently superior warriors compared to the humans at the same level, then how could Ye Xiwen, a human master at half-step truth realm, be more formidable than him? He immediately threw his fist in order to release Quanjin but did not get a chance to react, and before he could realize what happened, his arm was suddenly cut off by Ye Xiwen on the spot.

Ye Xiwen clearly had the upper hand, and his long blade instantly chopped out a second time and used 'missing moon beheader' at the devil captain, without pausing even for an instant.

“Puchi!” The half-step truth level devil captain was directly split into two halves by Ye Xiwen.

“Human, you are quite courageous to actually dare and attack the caravan of this Jufeng feudal lord.” At this time, Jufeng feudal lord finally moved, “Human, today, you must die, I will use your human blood to wash away the shame that human beings have imposed on devil race.”

“Cut the crap, Jufeng feudal lord, today, it's you who is going to die.” Ye Xiwen was not in a mood to talk nonsense with Jufeng feudal lord, during these days that he had spent in investigating about him, he had also discovered that this Jufeng feudal lord and other devil feudal lords were all incomparably cruel and brutal.

The devils around Jufeng feudal lord immediately made way for him and did not dare to approach him. The strength levels of these two masters simply could not be compared, and perhaps, if it was someone else challenging Jufeng feudal lord, then it would be a dead end for them.

“Human, die!” Jufeng lord bellowed and blasted his fist, layers after layer of moqi swept out, and from the void, black blossoming lotuses suddenly congealed and dropped from the sky. Each of these black lotuses contained terrifying strength, and with just a single touch, masters of Xiantian ninth stage would directly get killed without leaving any room to escape.

But at this time, the Tianyuan mirror, hidden in Ye Xiwen's body, finally assumed an awe-inspiring stance and released a horrifying emperor like coercion which instantly and firmly suppressed the strength of Jufeng feudal lord, making him to have an aggrieved feeling in his heart while horrifying waves of coercion were pressuring him.

However, the black lotuses started to fall towards Ye Xiwen at terrifying speeds.

Ye Xiwen suddenly chopped out his long blade and a fearful majestic diagram of moon congealed in the sky and went towards the falling black lotuses and swept them away.





Ye Xiwen's blade attack swept away most of the black lotuses and they started to explode one by one.

“Die you ant like human!” An inexplicable coercion was tightly holding him down, causing him to have a feeling of surrendering, and this feeling had penetrated deep into his heart, which soon made him to get depressed and extremely mad, and he suddenly attacked once again.




The black lotuses strangely disappeared and suddenly reappeared behind Ye Xiwen and exploded.

“Poof!” Ye Xiwen spouted blood from his mouth and his full body armor instantly disintegrated, while blood started dripping from his back, covering the entire back portion of his body in blood.

It was indeed true that truth level masters were incomparably terrifying. Although most of his strength was being suppressed by Tianyuan mirror, but he still had enough strength to fatally wound Ye Xiwen. If Jufeng feudal lord was using his full strength, then, the earlier attack was sufficient enough to violently kill Ye Xiwen.

However, there wasn't the slightest fear on the face of Ye Xiwen, on the contrary, at present, the look on his face made him look like a battle maniac, who was enjoying the battle very much. His opponent was a disciplined commander and a formidable opponent, but he still must beat this opponent at any cost.

“Damn human, I will crush you!” Lord Jufeng roared fiercely and blasted his fist maliciously towards Ye Xiwen.


The fist swept out a fist wind which took form a very scary black tornado, and it seemed as if it was cutting off and twisting the space itself and swallowed everything on its way.

As the fist-blast arrived, it seemed as if the time itself stagnated, and in this moment, only the glory of this fist attack was visible to all!

An invisible pressure instantly attacked the heart of Ye Xiwen.

“Ye Xiwen, watch out!” Ye Mo shouted.

This truth level devil lord's strength was terrifying and far beyond his imagination.

The brilliant Quanjin seemed to enlarge infinitely, as if it was going to expand right across the sky, and fiercely exploded.

Most people could not see, even Ye Xiwen could faintly see the trajectory of this terrifying and incredibly fast Quanjin and instantly chopped out his long blade, releasing gorgeous rays of light, that ultimately transformed into a supreme blade and shot up in the sky towards that terrifying Quanjin. At this time, from the look on Ye Xiwen's face, it seemed as if he was drowning in water, and tightly clenching his teeth, to fight against the horrifying pressure.


Quanjin and Bladelight suddenly collided with each other and this collision was so dazzling that it was hard to open one's eyes, so formidable that it almost crushed the space, and seemed to spread chaos, just like the scene of grand explosion during the Big Bang, and layer after layer of huge shock waves spread in all directions.

The brilliant Quanjin of the Jufeng feudal lord was incomparably powerful and he had to use Zhen Yuan behind his back to support himself in front of such a powerful attack, while the Quanjin quickly engulfed his Bladelight, and this time, the gap between the strengths of the two masters clearly reflected itself and was incisive and vivid.

“Boom!” The incomparably horrifying Quanjin instantly blasted into the body of Ye Xiwen and he spat a mouthful of blood. The horrifying Quanjin thundered on the body of Ye Xiwen, while at the same time, the impact caused the Tyrant body technique to suddenly enhance to the acme level, and just like the fierce collision of two weapons, in that instant, a deafening loud sound resounded.

The Quanjin finally dispersed and the entire chest of Ye Xiwen was covered in blood due to it. If his body wasn’t abnormally strong, then like ordinary people, he would have been turned into minced meat by the terrifying blast of that Quanjin.

(To be continued)


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