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Chapter 150 – Reparations

After saying that, Ye Xiwen suddenly moved, his physique flashed, and in an instant, a burst of terrifying imposing aura spread throughout the sky.

If he wanted to get away then the only way left for him was to behead all three of them as soon as possible.

The speed of Ye Xiwen was so fast that none of the people present at the scene could see him clearly. He instantly used celestial step and it could be seen that his movements were already at the acme level, and perhaps, only Luo Fangyi might just be able to slightly track his movements.

“Ye Xiwen, since you are so eager to die, then we have no choice but to kill you in place of Brother Luo!” Mu Yi shouted loudly and immediately moved in order to stop Ye Xiwen and rushed straight towards him, while his terrifying strength of Xiantian Great which was nearly approaching the strength of half a step truth realm instantly spread out and a huge qi field enveloped Ye Xiwen inside it.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen shot his palm and the huge qi field instantly exploded and within the endless frenzy of Zhen Yuan after the explosion, Mu Yi could not react, and in a flash, Ye Xiwen had already arrived in front of him.

Coiling Dragon palm!

Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss!

There was a panic-stricken look in the eyes of Mu Yi, and at this time, Ye Xiwen's palm turned into dragon claws and maliciously slammed on his chest.

“Boom!” Mu Yi, a master of the Xiantian Great realm was directly sent flying, all the bones in his body completely shattered, he spurted out a mouthful of blood mixed with some visceral matter released from his crushing internal organs. With just one palm attack from Ye Xiwen, this extremely arrogant guy was instantly sent flying, then immediately, Ye Xiwen's body shuttled forward like an arrow towards Mu Yi and shoved a fierce kick on his body in mid-air and his body directly plummeted on the ground.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's kick was not one bit less fierce compared to his palm attack. Half of Mu Yi's body was directly split open by Ye Xiwen's kick, his internal organs were crushed and his Zhen Yuan was completely disrupted, it was now simply impossible for him to live in such a state.

“Impossible!” Xie Yi shouted in disbelief because the strength of Mu Yi and his own strength were almost at the same level, but he just could not believe his eyes when he saw that not just Mu Yi was unable to block Ye Xiwen, he was also so effortlessly killed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's strength was simply unimaginable and super tyrannical! How could this Ye Xiwen be so tyrannical?

“How dare you kill a disciple of the same sect? You’re done for, because now, not only you but your entire family must die!” Xie Yi yelled.

A cold look flashed in the eyes of Ye Xiwen. It was the most unacceptable thing for him when someone threatened his family, because if his family was even touched by anyone then it would simply invoke the wrath of the dragon emperor itself inside of him. In this entire world, Ye Xiwen only held unbreakable bond with his family and could do anything for them, and if someone threatened him using his family then they would certainly be courting death!

“Boom!” The tyrannical imposing aura of Ye Xiwen scattered in all directions. It seemed as if his whole persona was just like a tornado while intermittent horrifying blast waves were rolling out of his body.

In a flash, Ye Xiwen's stature suddenly ejected straight towards Xie Yi just like an artillery shell.

Xie Yi simply could not react and just saw a huge palm coming closer and closer towards his face and instantly went toward his cheek.

“Bold!” Luo Fangyi shouted and pointed her finger towards Ye Xiwen, and it seemed as if the finger point attack would break the world itself, and accompanied with air explosions while producing a Zizi sound in the air, it instantly arrived near Ye Xiwen.

“Get lost!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly, and suddenly, layer upon layer of sound waves proliferated through the atmosphere and blocked the finger point attack of Luo Fangyi.

Luo Fangyi immediately had to withdraw several steps because even if she was a master of the half-step truth realm, but this realm consisted of strong as well as weak masters and Ye Xiwen was clearly the strongest in the half-step truth realm while Luo Fangyi could only be regarded at the bottom of the half-step truth realm.

Luo Fangyi did not have a way to stop Ye Xiwen while his palm continued to get closer and closer to Xie Yi.

“Smack!” A loud sound of slap resounded and Xie Yi's body was instantly sent flying while spinning and a mouthful of his teeth were also broken by the fierce slap from Ye Xiwen.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen directly trampled the Dantian of Xie Yi and crushed it. After his Dantian was destroyed, his body could no longer withstand the gravity and started falling towards the ground in an upside down state.

Ye Xiwen's long blade chopped out a terrifying Bladeqi which directly caught up with the flying body of Xie Yi. (NT: Bladelight is just a representation of Bladeqi. Both are same!)

“Puchi!” Xie Yi was cleft in two halves in the midair by Ye Xiwen's Bladeqi.

Jing Yannan looked at Ye Xiwen and could not help but held his breath for a moment. He did not expect Ye Xiwen to be so ruthless that he would mercilessly kill people in rage but still in a decisive manner without any hesitation.

When most people came to know about the true background of a clan like Luo clan then they would certainly hesitate and even try to sort out enmity and differences, even after knowing that there was no room left to sort out anything, and very few would dare to directly kill.

Cultivating seed level core disciples was not an easy task and it could even be said that these people had been especially trained by Luo clan to be used in the future when they managed to break into the truth realm. They were one of the valuable assets of Luo clan and now that they had been beheaded, the rage of Luo clan could be imagined. Now, there was no turning back for the two sides.

Only death was the ultimate solution!

“You dare ……” Luo Fangyi looked unbelievably at Ye Xiwen. Luo clan's overbearing influence was well known to everyone and most people did not dare to go against Luo clan. Even one mention of the name of Luo was enough to make them scared.

She was shocked not because of Ye Xiwen's ruthlessness because compared to him, she had been much more cruel, she had committed a lot of cruel acts and that was the reason why she was able to reach her current level, which was a proof of her ruthlessness, but it was all what she had done to others, no one ever did this to her until now.

“Who do you think you are? Since you dared to intercept me, be prepared to die!” Ye Xiwen said in an extremely angry voice, which was quite scary to hear. They not just threatened him but his family as well, so now, he was fully convinced that he would absolutely not allow the people of Luo clan to hurt his family, at any cost.

This was definitely not a joke!

Luo Fangyi could clearly feel the murderous aura coming out of Ye Xiwen's body and it was no secret that he was really intending to kill her.

From the earlier fight, Luo Fangyi knew that she was definitely not the opponent of Ye Xiwen, which extremely frightened her in her heart. How could Ye Xiwen be so formidable, his strength was simply unimaginable and was clearly above her own strength? After arriving here, she did not try to kill Ye Xiwen just because of her brother’s request to trap Ye Xiwen in this place and stop him from escaping, so that when her brother would come, he would personally kill Ye Xiwen, so none of them had planned to kill Ye Xiwen from the outset.

At this moment, she suddenly shivered because she realized that if she had tried to kill him earlier then she would have been the first one to die.

Thinking of this, suddenly, a chill ran down her spine and she instantly turned around to escape from Ye Xiwen.

“You want to escape? Humph!”

She turned around to escape but a surge of Zhen Yuan hit her from behind and exploded, making her to instantly fall on the ground, followed by a figure dropping from the sky towards her.

Ye Xiwen directly stepped on her body, and the terrifying strength applied an intense pressure on her chest and she immediately spouted a mouthful of blood.

“Today, none of you are going to escape.” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice.

Ye Xiwen originally did not want to slaughter them, that's why he just abolished the martial arts of Hu Yanghang and did not kill him, but later, these three thoroughly enraged him by bringing his family into this matter, and now, no matter what, he decided to exterminate all three of them, because even one of them managed to escape then trouble would follow, but as long as no evidence was found by the Luo clan, then they could only plan secret attacks on him like today and would not be able to publicly prosecute him without the solid evidence. He needed to be careful, because if the evidence was found by the Luo clan then they had many ways to deal with him, in fact, they could even use their influence in the sect to deal with him, and by that time, if he did not possess enough strength to take on Luo clan, then that would really be a dead end for him.

Ye Xiwen's Zhen Yuan was like the firmest shackles and had firmly locked down Luo Fangyi on the ground, she could not even move.

“Junior sister apprentice Hua, junior sister apprentice Hua, save me!” At this time, Luo Fangyi looked at Hua Menghan, as if she was looking at the peerless savior, and tried to seize the last ray of hope to save her life.

Seeing that Hua Menghan turned away, suddenly, a feeling of despair arose in her heart, and she quickly shouted: “Junior sister apprentice Hua, we are disciples of the same master, if you do no help me and master got to know about this then he would certainly remove you from status of closing disciple!”

“I did not see anything.” A look of disgust flashed in the eyes of Hua Menghan, and seeing the current state of Luo Fangyi under the feet of Ye Xiwen, she actually felt some pleasant sensations in her heart. From the day she had entered the Main Sect, Luo Fangyi had been constantly causing troubles for her because Luo Fangyi thought that after the arrival of Hua Menghan, the head would not receive her as closing disciple, so Luo Fangyi was always looking for trouble, and some time ago, she sent her brother to poison Hua Menghan. If she had not met Ye Xiwen back then, death would have been small, because before dying, she would have faced severe atrocities and insult.

Considering this, the anger in the heart of Hua Menghan was not smaller than that of Ye Xiwen.

Hearing the words of Hua Menghan, Luo Fangyi was demented and immediately shouted: “You damn bitch, you see somebody in trouble and still refuse to help, I will……”

Before she could finish the sentence, Ye Xiwen directly killed her, and at this time, not a shred of mercy was present in his heart, after all, if not handled in a cleanly manner, then perhaps, it could invite greater trouble in the future.

“We must hurry and report to the sect, senior sister apprentice Luo and her team fought vigorously with the devils but lost the battle after they exhausted their strengths and were ultimately killed by the devils. The devils also ate their corpses on the spot.” At this time, Jing Yannan suddenly said.

Ye Xiwen suddenly realized that Jing Yannan words implied that they were going to stand on the same front as Ye Xiwen and won't expose him.

After all, they personally witnessed his rage and decisive killing and were also afraid that Ye Xiwen would suddenly launch an attack on them, moreover, they had a deeper friendship with Hua Menghan. In addition to Hu Yanghang, they also found the members of Luo clan very arrogant and annoying because they had tried to assassinate Hua Menghan, so they were secretly satisfied from the deaths of Luo Fangyi and her team. Judging from all this, it was obvious that they would certainly not risk their lives for the sake of the deaths of their enemies.

“Indeed, such a pity.”

“Those devils are too cruel and flagitious.”

Everyone suddenly showed their acknowledgement and supported the statement made by Jing Yannan, showing that they were also on Ye Xiwen's side. Hua Menghan also nodded to show her consent, waved her palm and a flame-like Zhen Yuan flew towards the four corpses and began to burn them, and in a while, the corpses completely burnt up without a trace left.

“Fellow senior brothers and sisters, I will not forget about the help I received today and certainly return the favor someday. If there is anything you need in the future, do not shirk to tell me about it.”

(To be continued)


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