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Chapter 149 – Luo clan's dogs

“Where is Ye Xiwen?” A loud shout came from far away and gradually came nearer, and only in a while, three youths who had 25 or 26-year-old appearances arrived on the battlefield. One of them was a female with a radiant face like the moon itself. (NT: huā róng yuè mào = face like the moon (idiom))

Another man had a medium build, looked ordinary, but appeared to have a tolerant and steady bearing. The last one looked handsome and was wearing a magnificent robe.

The cultivation levels of all three of them were extremely high and could not be underestimated. All of them had almost approached close to entering half a step into the truth realm, whereas, the beautiful moon-faced woman was already a master of half-step truth realm, although her cultivation level was not as good as that of Ye Xiwen, but not far off either.

After seeing this trio, Hua Menghan's complexion suddenly changed, and a look of unhappiness flashed on her face, especially after seeing the beautiful woman who was standing in the middle of the trio.

“Who is Ye Xiwen?” The beautiful woman asked in a cold voice.

“Luo senior sister apprentice, he is Ye Xiwen!” From the crowd, Hu Yanghang suddenly stepped up and said while pointing towards Ye Xiwen.

This immediately aroused discontented feelings in the hearts of Jing Yannan, Hua Menghan and other core seed disciples. It was Ye Xiwen who saved all of them a moment ago, but at this time, Hu Yanghang didn't think twice before betraying him. They could tell that Hu Yanghang was a typical faker and not at all authentic, but when their gazes were directed towards Ye Xiwen, they knew in their hearts that this guy was really authentic.

Now, they could not help but stay away from Hu Yanghang. In their hearts, they secretly decided that it was not worth to maintain a close and long-standing friendship with a guy like Hu Yanghang, because they couldn't trust him anymore, since he turned out to be a guy who might betray them as well.

Hu Yanghang did have the slightest idea about other people’s suddenly changed perception about him, because right now, the only thing remaining in his heart was envy and hatred for Ye Xiwen. Initially, Ye Xiwen's existence was nothing more than a bug in his eyes, but now, he himself turned into a bug like figure in front of Ye Xiwen, who actually became so fierce and formidable that he was simply not a match of Ye Xiwen at all. This stark contrast made him feel exceptionally uncomfortable!

“You are Ye Xiwen?” Luo senior sister apprentice looked coldly at Ye Xiwen and lightly said.

“I am, who are you?” Ye Xiwen looked at that Luo senior sister apprentice and said, while he could clearly see the ill intent in her eyes.

Ye Xiwen also looked coldly at Luo senior sister apprentice.

“Ye Xiwen, you have eyes but cannot see Mt. Tai……” Hu Yanghang said in a complacent and triumphant manner.

“Shut up, who do you think you are, daring to teach me!” Ye Xiwen shouted in an angry voice and released sonic waves, which swept out towards Hu Yanghang like mighty ocean waves.

The color of Hu Yanghang's face suddenly changed to purple, similar to the color of a pig's liver, and he immediately held his breath.

“You are courting death!” Hu Yanghang was short of breath and suddenly shouted but he simply forgot the performance of Ye Xiwen from a while back, that had completely left him in a stunned state. His fist blasted and a terrifying Quanjin rushed towards Ye Xiwen and rumbled maliciously. (NT: Quanjin = Fist strength)

But at this time, Ye Xiwen also moved, his figure suddenly swayed, and at the same time, he also caught the Quanjin in his hand and directly crushed it.

In an instant, Ye Xiwen already arrived in front of Hu Yanghang, and using big profound hand, he instantly routed the Zhen Yuan present inside the body of Hu Yanghang then grabbed his neck. Ye Xiwen's palm looked just like an iron hoop when it firmly clutched Hu Yanghang's neck and he seemed just like a chicken, clutched in the claws of an eagle.

Everyone present there suddenly reacted, but then, they realized that Hu Yanghang was already in the grasp of Ye Xiwen. It happened so fast, it was simply like a miracle, no one could even see when it happened, because Hu Yanghang could not even use a single move to resist and was immediately grabbed by Ye Xiwen.

Hu Yanghang's neck was in the firm grasp of Ye Xiwen while his whole body was being locked down by Ye Xiwen's formidable Zhen Yuan, and due to that, he basically did not have any strength left to even move. His face suddenly flushed with shame, he couldn't breathe properly, he was mad, he just could not accept in his heart, how could Ye Xiwen, an insect like figure, become so formidable in so less time that he had actually been grabbed in Ye Xiwen's clutches simply like a trash.

He hated this, he was anxious to kill Ye Xiwen earlier. If only he had gotten rid of Ye Xiwen earlier then he would not be in such a situation.

“I have not gone to look for you but you actually dared to come out on your own, you are just a trash who dares to plot against me again and again. Today, you will pay the price.” Ye Xiwen sneered and said.

"Stop!" Suddenly, Ye Xiwen heard a loud shout of that beautiful woman Surnamed Luo, directed at him, while she instantly shot an enormous breath, which locked on Ye Xiwen, and the fluctuations in her martial arts instantly turned intense.

Ye Xiwen immediately pulled over Hu Yanghang's to stand in front of him to block the attack.

“Boom!” A terrifying power maliciously rumbled into the body of Hu Yanghang. He screamed pitifully and his body was covered with blood, his bones were broken, but at this instant, Ye Xiwen quickly and secretly shot his palm at the top of his pubic region.

Hu Yanghang's martial arts were directly wasted and he immediately fainted and fell on the ground.

“How dare you!” That charming woman shouted in an angry voice and viciously stared at Ye Xiwen, while keeping a close eye on him.

“You also saw, it was not me who did this.” Ye Xiwen readily said in an indifferent tone and threw fainted Hu Yanghang aside.

“You ……” The charming woman glared angrily at him and said.

“Luo Fangyi, you sent your brother to kill me, if you have the ability then try and do it yourself.” At this time, Hua Menghan said.

“Shut up you slut, do you think I can not kill you? If it was not for giving face to master, you would have already died long ago!” Luo Fangyi suddenly shouted.

“Luo Fangyi, I am the closing disciple of head, this position is comparable to that of true disciples, you’re a just a trivial sect disciple, do you think you can actually dare to defy your superiors?” Hua Menghan suddenly scowled and said in a serious tone.

“What did you say!” Luo Fangyi glared at Hua Menghan with an apparent anger flashing in her round eyes.

Ye Xiwen finally understood that this woman was the elder sister of Luo Tian, the guy who was trying to kill Hua Menghan that day by poisoning her.

“Master is considering, Luo Tian's death is insufficient, it's a pity that he has not vented his anger on your Luo clan, you are lucky.” Hua Menghan said without the slightest yielding in her tone.

“Venting anger on my Luo clan just for you? My grand-uncle is a celestial elder of Yi Yuan School, my uncle is also an elder, and my brother is a true disciple who will also take over the position of head of our clan in the future. Do you still think you can mess with our Luo clan?” Luo Fangyi shouted in an angry voice.

From Luo Fangyi's roaring voice, a general outline of a formidable clan was sketched out and Ye Xiwen finally came to understand that perhaps, the influence of Luo clan was quite strong in Yi Yuan School. Luo Yifan himself was a true disciple, in the future, he might also have the opportunity to compete for the position of Sect head, and his uncle was an elder and should obviously be in the truth realm, and more importantly, he had a so-called grand uncle, who was actually a Taishang elder, which was said to be the biggest authority in Yi Yuan School, of course, only after the authority of head and the chiefs of the nine peaks of Yi Yuan School, in total ten individuals. But the authority of a Taishang elder was very large, and he could also question the decisions made by Sect head as well as chiefs of various peaks, in fact, some heads and chiefs were usually the apprentices of Taishang elders. It could be imagined that Luo clan was another huge influence in Yi Yuan School and even the Sect head could not put his hands on them if there was not enough reason for it.

All of these people were illustrious figures in Yi Yuan School and held a major influence. With Luo Clan's prominent influence, it was no wonder that Luo Tian was at the Xiantian third stage back then and had actually tried to kill Hua Menghan by poisoning her. It could be guessed that he had nothing to fear because even if he failed, Luo clan would shelter him and so long as the Taishang elder of Luo clan would come forward, the Sect head would have no alternative but to show due respect to him, regardless of how he actually felt.

But even after considering all that, he never calculated that he would end up meeting Ye Xiwen and would get beheaded before even getting a chance to properly brag about his own family background.

After knowing this, Ye Xiwen felt an increasingly tremendous pressure. So he was not against just one person, Luo Yifan, but it was actually an entire clan having several truth level masters as its members.

However, since it had already begun then there was nothing to say anymore.

“Today, I’m going to block him and keep here, soon my elder brother will come, and he has said that he would personally kill him.” Luo Fangyi sneered and said.

Luo Fangyi did not pay attention to Hua Menghan because her cultivation level was inferior compared to her own cultivation level.

“Ye Xiwen, hurry up and escape, at your current strength you are not an opponent of Luo Yifan, you have absolutely no chance of winning against him!” Ye Mo's voice suddenly resounded in his mind.

Ye Xiwen also knew that if Luo Yifan was on the way, then perhaps, he would catch up soon, and in that case, he certainly could not stay here any longer. Even though he had achieved the strength comparable to the masters of half-step truth realm, but this strength would be insufficient in front of a true master like Luo Yifan. At his current strength, if he bumped into Luo Yifan then the consequences could be disastrous, and it was simply a no-brainer that Luo Yifan would kill him on the spot.

Ye Xiwen quickly analyzed the actions of the members of Luo clan which also gave him a general insight about Luo clan. Luo Tian was only a master of Xiantian third stage but he still tried to kill a closing disciple of the head of Yi Yuan School, Luo Fangyi attacked Hu Yanghang and he ended up getting crippled but she did not care at all, and Luo Yifan blatantly interfered during seed disciple competition. Congregating all these facts, one could see the arrogant and overbearing demeanor of Luo clan and also its extraordinary influence in Yi Yuan School, so conclusion could be drawn from this that Luo Yifan would definitely kill him without worrying about anything.

“Brother Ye, where do you think you are going.” Ye Xiwen was about to leave when suddenly, the figure of the mediocre looking man moved and appeared in front of Ye Xiwen, blocking his way.

“Who are you?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Xie Yi!” The man lightly said.

“Get out of the way.” Ye Xiwen said.

“Since Brother Luo is coming, you will have to wait for some time.” Xie Yi said in a cold voice.

Although he said in a very polite tone, but his words were actually filled with contempt.

“So, you are a lackey of that Luo.” Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and said with a killing intention flashing in his eyes. “Luo Yifan has raised quite a few loyal dogs.”

“Shut up, how dare you casually say Brother Luo's name like that!” The handsome man said, “If you had not thoroughly angered Brother Luo then we would have killed you by now.”

“Who are you?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Mu Yi!” The handsome man replied, “Since Brother Luo is aiming for your life himself, we will let you live until Brother Luo arrives here.”

“Well, well, well, I wonder if Luo Yifan would regret it when he gets to know that three of his core disciples died at once.” A cold smile appeared on the face of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen suddenly moved, his physique flashed, and in an instant, a burst of terrifying imposing aura spread throughout the sky.

(To be continued)


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