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(NT: Monday’s regular release! Sorry guys, I didn’t get time to release a regular chapter on Sunday.  I will try to release one this week! Also, a warning for you all… this chapter and Chapter 149 are both cliffhangers. I was planning to release 148-150 at once but, I got busy on Monday, and readers got impatient, so……here’s the secret, I have translated the last parts of this chapter in a lecture class on a request from a reader 😛 I may not be able to release next two chapters since I need to be really, really sneaky for that haha If I was caught by an elder, ahem.. professor then……Enjoy!! :D)


Chapter 148 - Great devil commander beheaded

“Devil splits the vast sky!”

The giant spear danced in his hands and a terrifying Spearqi spread in the sky and it seemed as if it was completely splitting the atmosphere and blotting the sky, this sight was quite overwhelming.

This Spearqi was incomparably terrifying and produced a sharp piercing sound, as if all other sounds had completely vanished from the atmosphere, leaving only the dreadful sound of spears rushing through the sky. (NT: Unparalleled = Incomparable)

“Full moon beheader!” Ye Xiwen shouted, and suddenly, his appearance looked like the lightning itself, and using just his arm, he instantly chopped out Bladeqi which instantly turned into a diagram of a full moon and pressed down from above just like the Mount Tai.

The layer upon layer of terrifying Spearqi rushed penetrating through the space and instantly stabbed into the diagram of full moon. The full moon suddenly exuded endless amount of moonlight and immediately flushed into the Spearqi, which was completely obliterated by the enormous might of bright moonlight.

This was no moonlight! It was actually Ye Xiwen's frightening Bladeqi. He had managed to move one step further and integrated the creative concept with his Bladeqi, and as far as his opponents were concerned, this attack was simply like a road roller like existence.

Compared with Ye Xiwen's former pure creative concept, the might of this attack was simple unimaginable and it was hard to determine how much stronger it had actually become.

After completely obliterating the Spearqi, Ye Xiwen did not stop and took out his long blade and instantly chopped out a terrifying Bladeqi. The Bladeqi instantly rushed towards the great devil commander and it seemed as if it was tearing the sky of Mosha territory and would split him into two halves any moment.

“Lowly human!” The great devil commander shouted, and his voice resounded like a loud explosion, and giant spear in the hands instantly sketched the outline of devilish sun in the void which then released dark and horrifying rays of light towards the Bladeqi of Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” Layer upon layer of shock waves swept across in all directions when the spear attack clashed maliciously against the blade attack of Ye Xiwen.




Both of them felt a wave of horrifyingly massive strength from the clash of their attacks and withdrew several steps back, leaving deep footprints on the ground.

On the side of Ye Xiwen, when a group of great devils saw that Ye Xiwen had been repulsed, they thought to take advantage of this opportunity and immediately advanced towards him while shrieking strangely, as if to rip him to shreds.

Ye Xiwen waved the long blade and a huge Bladelight swept out which rushed towards several great devils and instantly chopped them into two halves, while some of them instantly turned into minced meat.

“Abominable human!” When great devil commander saw that several of his devil men were instantly killed by Ye Xiwen, he suddenly roared out of anger and frustration. This was a deadly duel, not just between two masters, but between two sides, because the outcome of this duel affected the situation of both sides. After all, the survival of the team of Yi Yuan School's seed core disciples or the great devil army depended on this duel.

One was the commander of great devil army and his cultivation level was at the half-step truth level, which was almost equivalent to that of true masters.

The other one was a fortuitous master, looking for adventure but his fighting strength was also comparable to that of the masters of half-step truth realm.

The collision between the two sides was destined to cause the heaven to fall and earth to shatter!

The giant spear violently danced in the hands of great devil commander, and produced sad and shrill howling sound, like the frightening shrieks and pitiful screams of devils. These pitiful screams belonged to the dead and were quite terrifying, filled with the lingering resentments of dead, and these resentments were attached at the tip of the spear, and as a result of this, the might of the spear didn't decrease, on the contrary, because of these screams and curses of the dead, the overall might of the spear increased by multiple folds and made it very formidable.

The existence of Spearqi produced round after round of roaring sounds, and it seemed as if the whole world had suddenly changed, the sound of intermittent crying and pitiful screaming had spread everywhere, it was like the whole world was falling into the hell, which was truly terrifying.

At this moment, his spear technique seemed to have reached a high degree of proficiency, close to perfection, indicating that great devil commander had practiced an authentic Modao based power technique. (NT: Modao = Devil arts, Wudao = Martial arts Mo = Devil)

Ye Xiwen wasn't the slightest scared of this and maliciously chopped out an unstoppable Bladelight.

In this battle, it could be said that Ye Xiwen was completely unleashing his true strength and enjoying the battle to his heart's content.

Each and every collision was setting off boundless shock waves in the air along with intermittent screams and cries. It was the great devil commander's spear attack of resentful souls but was completely annihilated by Ye Xiwen and vanished from this world along with the suffering souls that soon disappeared as well.

Each time the two sides clashed, the great devils present in the vicinity would be swept off their feet, but Ye Xiwen simply did not care, because even if more of these devils were dying, it was none of his concern, and even the great devil commander's eyes were blood red and didn't seem to hold back and was fighting with all his might without caring about the lives of his subordinates.

Those great devils quickly withdrew far away from these two because the aftermath of their battle was really too terrifying.

Once again, the blade and the spear fiercely clashed.


Zhen Yuan was crazily raging within Ye Xiwen's body. Tyrant body technique was also rapidly revolving inside his body and wrapping up a layer of golden light on his skin. When looked from afar, Ye Xiwen looked just like a golden god of war while the Zhen Yuan had formed a shield and blocking off all the impacts from outside.

There was a faint figure of coiling dragon totally entrenched on Ye Xiwen's body and was emitting intense dragon qi, and even with his relentless attacks, the great devil commander was finding it very difficult to break through the protective barrier of coiling dragon on Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen had already practiced 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss' move of "Coiling dragon palm" to the acme level and reached its perfection. Moreover, the coiling dragon wrapped on his body was the true nemesis of devils.

At a distant place, although great devils had temporarily spread around a little, but Hua Menghan and other disciples had joined forces and were sticking together to protect themselves and were watching the fierce battle going on between Ye Xiwen and the great devil commander which seemed to have reached a very intense stage. There were astonished looks in their eyes and all of them were constantly exclaiming while witnessing this insane battle.

Hu Yanghang was the only one among them who had a disdained look on his face and was perniciously looking at Ye Xiwen. He was jealous of Ye Xiwen, extremely jealous, to such an extent that it was making him unable to stay calm. (NT: Hu Yanghang is the guy who is obviously jealous of Ye Xiwen and the reason of this jealously is waifu, ahem.., Hua Menghan. Hu Yanghang had sent 7 masters to intercept Ye Xiwen during assessment exam in Huanmo Territory and he later sent Young Marquis as well.)

In a place where no one else was looking, he pinched a secret technique under his sleeves and secretly sent a message from his summoning talisman, which then instantly departed towards the heaven.

“Hmph, Ye Xiwen, I will see how you die.”

“Damn human, today, today is the day of your death!” The great devil commander said in a cold voice, and his voice was so cold and grim, it seemed as if it was emerging out of an icehouse.

Originally, the great devil commander always kept aloof but he held an unusual hatred for humankind. Perhaps lower level devils were not aware of this but he was well aware of the fact that the situation of the devils living in Mosha territory was no different than that of a bunch of pigs, raised by formidable humans to be slaughtered in order to hone the skills of disciples of their sect.

This was extremely painful for him, in fact, the thing which was even greater than this pain was actually the great shame that the proud devil race had to bear in Mosha territory. If his devil race managed to become strong and their strength exceeded a certain extent then they would be beheaded by the formidable humans who occasionally came inside Mosha territory from time to time for inspection. He was scared that such a fate would ultimately befall him because he was a strong great devil himself. For the devil race of Mosha territory, those who managed to become formidable would eventually be killed by formidable humans and those who were not strong would be beheaded by the disciples of those formidable humans, and this was going to be their fate for generations. (NT: Formidable humans = Sect elders)

No, he would absolutely not allow such a fate to befall him, he would not become a stepping stone for these human disciples, he was an invincible devil, he must transcend this cage then kill all humans and turn Zhen Wu Jie into a breeding field for devil race, all these humans were damn, damn, damn!

A terrifying moqi flooded out of the entire body of great devil commander, there was deadqi also infused with his moqi and faint ghostly shadows could clearly be seen condensed with the moqi. (NT: moqi = Devilqi; deadqi = qi made up of the resentments of the dead)

The complexion on the face of great devil commander suddenly paled because he condensed a huge amount of his energy in this attack.

One could hear the sad and shrill screams coming from the ghostly shadows condensed around the giant spear, and the endless amount of deadqi was sizzling and making noise, it seemed as if it was corroding the air itself, and then, it instantly flew straight towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that a terrifying spear machine was firmly locking on his body followed by a surge of horrifying pressure which instantly released from the spear and pressured down on him.

Ye Xiwen started to madly revolve Tyrant body technique inside his body because he knew that this was definitely the last resort of this great devil commander and as long as he was able to block this move, there would be no way out for the great devil commander.

Ye Xiwen was not a recalcitrant, he instantly used celestial step and his figure shot forward, while his figure left afterimages and he instantly vanished, but at this time, he suddenly discovered that the spear was closely following him.

Ye Xiwen did not have the chance to dodge so he immediately clenched his teeth and shouted loudly: “Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss!”

In an instant, endless amount of dragon qi completely surrounded his body and his entire body suddenly disappeared inside the inexhaustible amount of dragon qi. A gigantic dragon, which was several meters long, immediately took shape and stretched out its claws and directly grasped toward that terrifying spear made up of deadqi.

“Boom!” A terrible explosion occurred and that terrifying spear was firmly grabbed in the claws of the incarnation of gigantic dragon, while a mutually intense ablation started between dragon qi and deadqi, which issued a buzzing sound and this was an exceptionally fearful sight to witness.

The spear filled with deadqi struggled in the grasp of that incarnation of the gigantic dragon, released by Ye Xiwen's coiling dragon palm technique and was directly broken into pieces in midair.

Broken inch by inch!

“Poof!” The great devil commander screamed pitifully, spouted a mouthful of blood, while his burly stature swayed and slowly fell down on the ground.

“Devil, die!” Suddenly, a loud shout came from the sky, and while shaking the entire sky, a terrifying Bladeqi instantly descended from the sky and the great devil commander was instantly split into two halves.

At that time, his ability to resist had completely disappeared. After issuing that move, which was obviously his last resort, he had completely exhausted his strength and was directly cleft in two by Ye Xiwen.

When great devil commander was killed by Ye Xiwen, the great devil army immediately aligned themselves in a formation and started to retreat while showing excellent discipline, their retreat was definitely not like the act of escaping mob.

Ye Xiwen, Hua Menghan and other disciples did not want to pursue them, after all, the great devil army was not defeated, only their commander was killed.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't get time to relax because a loud shout suddenly arrived from far away: “Where is Ye Xiwen?”

(To be continued)


(NT: I have an idea, since I don’t want you people to send assassins after me for giving you a cliffhanger, I will do a real time translation, which means, I will start translating next chapter in the class itself and continue to update it paragraph by paragraph until its completely done. If I stop updating, that means I was caught by the elder and……..Ninja mode ON!  haha)

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