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Chapter 147 – Rescue

Indeed, it was really Hua Menghan. Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes because he did not expect to see Hua Menghan, and he quickly realized that Hua Menghan actually turned out to be a seed level core disciple. No wonder she had so much face and was able to mediate between Qian Yu faction and senior factions by sending Jing Yannan.

These days, one thing after another came up and Ye Xiwen didn't have time to express his gratitude to her, but now, he unexpectedly met her here, in Mosha territory.

Besides Hua Menghan, Ye Xiwen also saw a few familiar people whom he had already met before and they were none other than Hu Yanghang and Jing Yannan. It was not a surprise that they were also seed level core disciples, and in addition to the two of them, there was a beautiful girl, who appeared to be of same age as Hua Menghan, in a bright long skirt, her posture was swaying as the sword was dancing in her hand, and each time her sword moved, a great devil was beheaded.

There was also a grandiose man among them, his broadsword was dancing and giving rise to fierce winds, and these devils simply had no way to come close to his body.

At this time, although they had been besieged by the great devil army, but the situation was not really too dangerous, after all, all these five masters were considered elites among the elites, and each one of them possessed outstanding strength, far more than the core disciples at the same cultivation level, not to mention, even if these great devils were flagitious and incomparably brutal, and possessed high cultivation levels, but they were still considered as cannon fodder level existence in the devil race and very few of them had practiced power techniques, and many of which were crude techniques, so it was certain that they were not the opponents of Hua Menghan and other seed level core disciples. There was a difference of heaven and earth between the two sides when martial arts practice was taken into consideration.

This was the difference between the elites and the masses, however, if the two sides were to fight a prolonged battle then the strength of Hua Menghan and the others would soon be consumed, because in this situation, the bigger army implied greater might even if the great devils were not elites, because the size of army could be increased but the fighting strength of these elites couldn't be enhanced.

However, after the great devil commander joined the battle, Hua Menghan and other core disciples soon fell under the wind. He was obviously stronger than the master of Xiantian Great realm and should have entered half a step into the truth realm. And just by having the strength equivalent to a master of half-step truth level, this great devil commander was dominating on these five core seed disciples who were apparently all in the Xiantian Great realm. It was obvious that their combined strength was also inferior to the strength of great devil commander, causing them to suddenly fall under the wind.

When Ye Xiwen saw the great devil commander, suddenly, his blood started to boil up. This great devil commander was a half-step truth level existence, and looking at Ye Xiwen's current strength, great devil commander was truly his opponent, because right now, although Ye Xiwen was at the peak of Xiantian seventh stage, but his fighting strength was equivalent to a master of half-step truth realm, which was far more than the strength of Xiantian great realm masters. In short, this great devil commander was the best opponent for him.

“This great devil commander should prove the best opponent at my current strength.” Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and said, “Wait here and control the Tianyuan mirror, do not let it release its restraining powers, I want to test my true strength.”

If Tianyuan mirror released its suppression, then perhaps, the great devil commander would quickly die at the hands of Ye Xiwen. And right now, this wasn't Ye Xiwen's main goal!

“No problem.” Ye Mo said.

Although he would often help Ye Xiwen in suppressing those devils so Ye Xiwen could easily behead them, but that was only a means to help in his fast growth.

“Everybody, withstand for a little longer, I have sent a distress signal, and soon, someone should come to our rescue!” Jing Yannan exclaimed to raise the morale of other five disciples, but they were fighting silently, because they were elites and understood to keep their minds calm and focused.

Especially, Hua Menghan and the grandiose man with broadsword were collaborating to fight the great devil commander, but they were feeling enormous pressure and horrifying strength of a half-step true master, and it could be said that to a certain extent, he already possessed some of the strength of a truth level master.

Even if two people were together fighting with him, they weren't the slightest relaxed. It was obvious that great devil commander was more familiar with the art of war, and at this time, this was also making them feel distressed and powerless in front of him.

Then, suddenly, a long and loud howling sound came from far away, and it gradually came closer and closer, moreover, it was so fast that in a blink of an eye, it arrived at the scene, and one could guess the insane speed of the approaching person just from hearing the howling sound, which was simply like the lightning that arrived in the vicinity in a flash.

Suddenly, a flash instantly crashed into the great devil army, and even this drilled and experienced great devil army was simply not the match of this Bladelight which simply pierced through them, collapsing one after another, and the weak great devils that came in the range of this attack instantly died or got severely wounded.

“Who is that?” Great devil commander suddenly roared then immediately stopped fighting with Hua Menghan and the grandiose man, because in his heart, these humans did not pose a threat to him, and under his army's encirclement, these damn lowly humans would eventually have to die.

The Bladelight crossed through the great devil army and immediately and fiercely rushed toward the great devil commander.

“Boom!” A huge explosion occurred and a mushroom cloud appeared on the spot. This was now the battle between two half-step true masters, although they only possessed a part of the total strength of a true master, but masters of Xiantian Great realm weren't capable of producing such an atomic bomb like explosion, and it was simply impossible for masters of Xiantian ninth peak.

The flash of light dissipated and revealed the silhouette of a figure. When Hua Menghan saw this figure, a surprised look immediately appeared on her face, because that person was none other than Ye Xiwen.

She never thought that in such a short amount of time, Ye Xiwen would actually become so formidable. She remembered that the first time she saw him, he was just at the Houtian realm, and at that time, she felt grateful to him for saving her life, but she thought that it would end at this, after all, he was only a Houtian realm warrior, and even if he managed to step into the Xiantian realm in the future, it was still most unlikely that they would ever intersect each other's path in this lifetime.

However, all of this changed in less than one year, when Ye Xiwen's strength had a rapid development, and when she saw him again, he was already a master of the Xiantian realm and was also considered the leader of younger generation of his sub-school, and later, he also became the leader of new disciples. The second time, she heard about him when Qian Yu faction was in trouble, and at that time, she used her influence to buy some time for Qian Yu faction, but she did not hold any hope for them to win. She just wanted to do something to help Ye Xiwen, but not on a grand scale, otherwise it could lead to him becoming an eye-sore in the eyes of a lot of people.

But, she did not expect that he would actually win the battle against Mo Han and lead to the smooth establishment of Qian Yu faction, but she again received news about Ye Xiwen becoming the chief inner seed disciple, moreover this time, it was a recognition that could not be questioned or argued upon by anyone.

Although, now, he was merely the chief inner seed disciple, but in a major sect like Yi Yuan School, becoming a chief was like a seat of honor, because even if he was only the chief of inner disciples, but this status could only be obtained by one in a million disciples and required both talent and formidable strength.

This should be the third time she saw Ye Xiwen, but now, he was no longer that skinny teenager whom she met the first time, and had actually grown up into a fine youth. The youth who once saved her life had just now rushed straight into the great devil army, and not just that, he went straight for the great devil commander, an existence that she and other masters couldn't take on together.

This rapid transformation was simply unbelievable.

The one who was more baffled than Hua Menghan was actually Hu Yanghang. He certainly remembered Ye Xiwen, but in his memory, Ye Xiwen was simply nothing and could only be regarded as a little guy, a nasty bug, and for him, so long as he wanted, crushing a petty bug like Ye Xiwen was very convenient, but now, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that a bug like Ye Xiwen had actually grown so formidable. Immediately, a strong killing intent boiled up in his heart!

An astonished look appeared on the face of Jing Yannan when he looked at the formidable figure of Ye Xiwen. In such a short time, the young boy, who, at that time, had especially come forward to greet him, actually turned into such a fierce master?

He was now sure that he was not wrong about Ye Xiwen's future growth!

Dark-green clothes, that long blade and a proud demeanor!

In the end, just what kind of experience did he go through that caused his cultivation to increase to such outrageous proportions.

Everyone was astonished at the sudden arrival of Ye Xiwen, but he didn't care and directly engaged in fighting with the great devil commander.

“Damn you, you lowly human, you dare to treat out great devil race as hunting objects, you are courting death!” The great devil commander shouted in an angry voice and his words seemed like they were thundering again and again, while an endless amount of moqi emerged out of the giant spear in his hands and instantly filled the entire surrounding space, “Devil sweeps the universe!”

The endless amount of moqi transformed into countless spears made up of Spearqi, and seemed like hiding the sky and covering the earth, and swept straight towards Ye Xiwen. (NT: zhē tiān bì rì = hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom); earth-shattering)

The long blade flashed in the hand of Ye Xiwen and a bright Bladelight was instantly chopped out, displaying the creative concept of Ye Xiwen's blade skill, and it seemed as if a diagram of a round bright moon was descending and suppressing towards the great devil commander.

Suddenly, along with a dazzling glare, Bladeqi severely collided with the several spears, and energy waves spread in all directions like mighty ocean waves and completely swept away some of the great devil soldiers. In the frenzy of raging energy waves, these great devils simply turned into flying ashes.

At that moment, standing in front of Ye Xiwen, the great devil commander felt a strange feeling from Ye Xiwen's body, which suddenly increased his palpitations, although this feeling was very mild, but it made him feel very unpleasant, as if he was standing in front of sovereign king.

However at this time, he had no time to think about why was he getting such a feeling and suddenly shouted: “Damn human, go to hell!”

“Devil splits the vast sky!”

The giant spear danced in his hands and a terrifying Spearqi spread in the sky, and it seemed as if it was completely splitting the atmosphere, and this sight was quite overwhelming.

(To be continued)

(NT: IMPORTANT EXPLANATION about Ye Xiwen's strength before you read future chapters, especially for those who are raising doubts in various forums about Ye Xiwen's apparently unexplained OPness! Raise these doubts here, I would gladly explain, it's my duty as MGS's current and only translator.

Ye Xiwen is an anomaly who is only at the peak of Xiantian seventh peak in this chapter, but he possesses energy equivalent to the masters of half-step truth realm because he started amassing energy in advance from the time when he saved Hua Menghan and got insights about transforming higher level forms of energy even though his body (inner realm) was at lower level, all thanks to the 'Mysterious space'.

But you must be thinking, he is at a lower realm so how can he fight with masters two or sometimes three levels above him? That's because only his body (inner realm) is at lower level, the energy content (energy quality and energy quantity) in his body is equivalent to the masters of higher levels. But that should explode his body right?

Don't forget he has practiced Tyrant body technique, which turned his body into that of an ancient Tyrant. So, his body is so strong and tough that it can contain higher level energy and in larger amounts. Basically, thanks to Tyrant body technique, even if his body is at Xiantian seventh peak, but its strength and toughness = bodies of the masters of half-step truth realm.

This is the reason why in the last chapter, Ye Xiwen also practiced the 'Tyrant body technique' to third layer to increase the toughness of his body in order to sustain and contain half-step truth level energy. He is OP because of 'mysterious space' and 'Tyrant body technique'. More doubts? Ask!!!)


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