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(NT: Huge chapter with huge explanations, took me three chapters worth of time to translate just this chapter, you have been warned :P)

Chapter 146 - Xiantian seventh peak

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura rose dramatically and his cultivation level soared at terrifying speed and rushed all the way to the Xiantian sixth stage, but Ye Xiwen did not stop and immediately took out a bright red fruit from his storage ring, it was the Blood Yuan fruit.

“This is a pretty good thing, but it is best to wait and use it when you break through from the Xiantian eighth stage to the Xiantian ninth stage, it will save you a considerably large amount of painstaking effort at that time.” Ye Mo said, “It's a pity that you are taking it now.”

“I know that its effects would certainly be biggest if I take it at the time of breaking from Xiantian eight stage, but I cannot wait for that time, because Luo Yifan's lackeys are certainly looking for my whereabouts, and although this Mosha territory is quite big, but they will find me sooner or later.” Ye Xiwen said,” Before they find me, I must enhance my strength to such a state that I can protect myself.”

At present, when Ye Xiwen's cultivation broke through to enter into the Xiantian fifth stage, and later to the Xiantian sixth stage, his fighting strength also skyrocketed to a great extent. Initially, he was able to easily defeat the masters of Xiantian sixth stage and could contend with ordinary masters of Xiantian seventh stage, but now, after successive breakthroughs, his fighting strength had definitely become comparable to a master of Xiantian ninth stage.

However this was not enough, because this time, in addition to inner seed disciples, even the seeds among the core disciples had come to Mosha territory. And almost all of these seed core disciples were already in the Xiantian Great realm, and even the weakest among them was at the peak of Xiantian ninth stage. Although, all of these seed core disciples might not be hostile to Ye Xiwen, but as long as there was even one or two, for Ye Xiwen, that would be fatal. (NT: Just like Xiantian Small/Xiao is a realm right above Xiantian fifth peak, Xiantian Great/Da is a realm just above Xiantian ninth peak)

At his current cultivation, he could at most compete with the ordinary master of Xiantian ninth stage, but he still wasn't a match for the masters at the peak of Xiantian ninth stage and Xiantian Great realm, and while facing them, it would only be a dead end for him.

Ye Xiwen must enhance his cultivation level once again and step into the next stage. After consuming Blood Yuan fruit, his fighting strength would increase once again to a new level, enough to sweep away even the core disciples of Xiantian Great realm.

At that time, if Luo Yifan personally didn't come into action, then no one else would be Ye Xiwen's opponent, and then, he would only need to avoid just one person, Luo Yifan, because as far as other people were concerned, he certainly didn't care, and it would naturally be simple to escape from just one man!

“Indeed!” Ye Mo nodded and was very much satisfied in his heart from the decisive attitude of Ye Xiwen. A lot of people would have stayed confused and stuck, unable to choose between long-term interests and immediate interests, as this was really a difficult choice and could have blinded them, making them unable to make the right decision. However, if thought with calm mind, if they were dead then there would be no future left to fulfill the long-term interests , the truth was so simple, but not many people could have reached such a decision, and so quickly, like Ye Xiwen.

“Hmmm, this time, I must make that Luo Yifan understand the pain of losing his dear ones.” Ye Xiwen smiled in a strange manner. This time, during the seed disciple competition, inner disciples failed to pose a threat to Ye Xiwen, and now, Ye Xiwen was the chief inner seed disciples himself, and Luo Yifan obviously knew about this so he should have chosen core disciples to do the job, and not just ordinary core disciples, the ones who came to Mosha territory were elites among the elites, almost all of them were in the Xiantian Great realm. Some core disciples were at Xiantian ninth peak, but their strength was also almost comparable to that of the core disciples of Xiantian Great realm.

The masters of this level could set foot in the truth realm at any time, and the ambitious ones would want to create their own factions, which would ultimately go down in the history, or even compete for the leading position in the sect. Unless they had already joined someone else's faction a long time ago, or else at this level, very few would go to join someone else's faction, because at this level of strength, even on their own, they could easily create a strong enough faction in Yi Yuan School, then why would they become lackeys of someone else.

(NT: Be prepared to read the entire paragraph below in one shot, I didn't feel like putting full stops! Why? Well……I want you all to go through the same pain I did while translating it? Not really, I leave the real reason to your imagination. Expecting various theories in the comment section :P)

Therefore, Luo Yifan should have worked hard and put a lot of effort and energy in cultivating these seed level core disciples, as they were not the same as those inner disciples, because if the case of inner disciples was considered, on the ranking list of inner seed disciples, almost every year, a large number of inner disciples would step into the Xiantian sixth stage, thereby departing from this list, but when the ranking list of core disciples was taken into consideration, it would take several years for someone to leave that list, because for many people, it could be said that promotion from the Xiantian fifth stage to Xiantian sixth stage was comparatively simple, especially when compared to the promotion from Xiantian Great realm to the truth realm, and this was just because the breakthrough to the truth realm was not a simple matter, which was obvious from the fact that there were more than one hundred seed core disciples, and not even one was able to enter into the truth realm in the past 3 or 4 years, and since no one was going up and it was natural that nobody had left this list, so it was also normal if this list did not change for several years, in fact, it happened before when the list didn't change for over a decade because no one was able to break into the truth realm, and this was the reason why the list generally changed only when these seed core disciples got older and eventually had to leave the sect, because, after reaching the age of one hundred and fifty years, their blood began to decline, their strengths also declined, and some people were often kicked outside the seed core disciples rankings list, while others would take the initiative to leave on their own accord, then they would go and become elders or ancestors of the sub-schools, however their decision was understandable, because after reaching the age of more than one hundred and fifty years, it was very difficult to have a breakthrough and enter into the truth realm, and some of them also realized that they didn't have the talent to achieve the truth realm, so it was pointless to stay in the sect.

So, if Ye Xiwen killed several core disciple subordinates of Luo Yifan then that would completely cut off Luo Yifan's influence, which was enough to make him feel the pain of losing dear ones.

Ye Xiwen immediately started eating the Blood Yuan fruit, and after taking full dose of bright red Blood Yuan fruit, the essence of the fruit quickly turned into a heat flow and started circulating throughout his body. His inner realm, that had already consolidated a moment ago at the Xiantian sixth stage, began to loosen up again, and compared to Hehe Dan, the efficacy of Blood Yuan fruit was much more overbearing and it instantly filled his entire body with intense heat, his complexion started to turn red, and if someone looked at him from afar, he would simply look like a blood-red person.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Xiwen quickly mobilized Zhen Yuan in his body and began to hastily digest and assimilate the essence of Blood Yuan fruit within his body. The efficacy of the fruit started melting and assimilating in his body, while Ye Xiwen also started practicing “Tyrant body technique” as he was crazily absorbing this efficacy in his body.

An intermittent burst of crackling sounds transmitted from his body, just like the firecrackers show on a new year, as his body continued to absorb the drug, it also started to transform simultaneously.

The spirit stones also began to frantically burn inside his storage ring, while inside the mysterious space in his mind, the Dacheng realm of second layer of “Tyrants body technique” had already started to revolve frantically, and the third layer finally began to take shape and revealed its complete appearance to Ye Xiwen.

A total of 1000 spirit stones were burned at a crazily fast speed, only Ye Xiwen was capable of crazily burning so many spirit stones at such a fast speed.

And when such a large number of spirit stones were burned, Ye Xiwen was able to completely estimate the third layer of “Tyrant body technique”, and by taking advantage of sprit stones and strength of Blood Yuan fruit, he also managed to have a breakthrough to the third layer of “Tyrant body technique”.

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura continued to break through from Xiantian sixth stage to intermediate Xiantian sixth stage, then from intermediate Xiantian sixth stage to late Xiantian sixth stage, Xiantian sixth peak, Xiantian seventh stage, intermediate Xiantian seventh stage, late Xiantian seventh stage, and finally to Xiantian seventh peak!

Ye Xiwen's cultivation madly rushed all the way to the peak of Xiantian seventh stage then finally stopped.

He was also able to gain the highest level of knowledge about the third layer of “Tyrant body technique”, just like he had achieved the highest knowledge of “Divine Dragon flings its Tail”, which also increased his might far more than before.

Ye Xiwen had Tianyuan mirror to cover up all the fluctuations of his breath, otherwise such big movements accompanied with his breakthroughs would have attracted many devils, but now that he had Tianyuan mirror, he simply was not afraid because Tianyuan mirror was the nemesis of those devils and even when facing truth level devils, as long as it was not a peerless devil like that great devil leader who had fought with Qi Feifan, using the restraining effect of Tianyuan mirror on the devils, even if it was a truth level devil, Ye Xiwen was confident to take them on. And as far as other devils below truth level were considered, he simply didn't consider them as his opponents.

After reaching the peak of Xiantian seventh peak, his fighting strength simply skyrocketed, and now, even masters of Xiantian Great realm were not his match anymore.

“Let's go!” Ye Xiwen got up and said. He stayed in this place for a whole day and night, but this time, the breakthrough didn't take too long thanks to Blood Yuan fruit and Hehe Dan.

Ye Xiwen used celestial step and rushed towards the depths of Mosha territory, and it seemed as if he was taking a stroll in a relaxed manner, however his form flickered, and in the short time, he simply vanished in the line of sight…..

Far away, an army of over a thousand great devils, under the leadership of a formidable great devil, was advancing towards a team of several disciples of Yi Yuan School. Their loud battle cries could be heard from far away and sand was billowing from their advancement, while their loud roars were heart-shaking.

“Great devil army!” Above a mountain peak, Ye Xiwen used his torch like vision and saw that this army was actually composed of great devils and each of them were at least at Xiantian fifth stage and above which was extremely frightening.

Perhaps, except the Royal Blood Guards of Great Yue State's royal clan, no other army could last in front of this great devil army!

This is the first time that Ye Xiwen had seen a regular army of devils, because the cases were entirely different in Mosha territory and Huanmo territory. Earlier, in the Huanmo territory, the Huanmo devils had been caught and locked up inside by the founder of Yi Yuan School, so they never really had their own heritage, so they couldn't be compared with the devils of Mosha territory.

This regular army was simply a nightmare for the idle warriors who weren't experienced in army battles!

The existence of this army explained that there was a possibility of a kingdom of devil race in the depths of Mosha territory, perhaps also more than one, so earlier, what that young Asura said about this place being his territory was true, then there should be a kingdom of Asura clan.

This great devil army was different from that flagitious great devil that Ye Xiwen had beheaded earlier, although they seemed equally flagitious and brutal, but a lot more disciplined and experienced, and it was obvious that this great devil army had been drilled for a long time and possessed huge battle experience.

Ye Xiwen looked again and saw a slender figure that seemed exceptionally familiar among the besieged disciples of Yi Yuan School, it was Hua Menghan!

(To be continued)


(NT: I title this chapter as–> the chapter which destroyed a grand release single-handedly lol)

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