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Chapter 145 – Successive breakthroughs

At that moment, Ye Xiwen had a feeling that his soul was being sucked out of his body, which completely left him in a trace like state, but in a flash, Asura stick suddenly arrived in front of him, and if it was plugged directly into his head then his brains would definitely burst out.

The strength of a master at the peak Xiantian eighth stage completely released out and created ripples in the space.

Then, suddenly, the intermittent waves of fluctuating blood-red light instantly released out of the Tianyuan mirror inside the body of Ye Xiwen. The might of these scarlet fluctuating light waves was just like that of an emperor, which immediately made that young Asura devil to have an impulse to prostrate on the ground, and this feeling deeply immersed in it bones, it a feeling to prostrate in front of the ruler of ten thousand worlds, making him realize that he was actually a slave, looking at its master, and this feeling caused an unusual discomfort in his heart.

The young Asura devil actually hesitated for a moment, after all, he was of noble descent of Asura clan, one of eight royal clans of Devil world, then how could he have such a humiliating feeling of being a slave, and this feeling had also permeated deep in his bone marrow, he was confused, just what was happening to him.

Taking advantage of this time, Ye Xiwen recovered and instantly pulled out a long blade then fiercely chopped out towards the young Asura.

“Boom!” A terrifying blast wave instantly spread and engulfed the surrounding area, while at this time, Ye Xiwen continually retreated a few steps. A cruel expression appeared on the face of that Asura as he took advantage of this opportunity to attack Ye Xiwen.

“Stop, you lowly hybrid Asura, don't tell me you actually think of attacking the great Devil King and ruler of ten thousand worlds?” And this time, Ye Mo suddenly appeared and shouted loudly, which immediately shook the spirit of that Asura devil, and forced him to kneel down on the ground, because he felt that he was not eligible to stand in front of such a great figure.

Taking advantage of the pause of that Asura devil, Ye Xiwen regrouped the Zhen Yuan to prepare for his next attack, and once again chopped out a terrifying Bladelight towards the Asura devil.

The Bladelight severely struck into the huge body of the Asura devil, and since his body was also pressed down by the blood-red light, so he did not have the means to display his full strength.

This made him confused and abnormally aggrieved, because looking at his own strength, he knew that he possessed strength close to the masters of Xiantian ninth stage, but now, he could only display the strength of below Xiantian seventh stage, and this was all because of this damn human.

This was actually a spiritual shackle, a very horrifying spiritual coercion. He had heard about some of the mythical figures in the legends of his clan, and this coercion could be achieved by anyone regardless of the race, which was quite bizarre because it required for the person to achieve a certain level, and he was just unable to think that a human was able to reach this level and was also using spiritual shakle on him.

So now, the young Asura knew perfectly well that this human was very frightening and relying just on his own strength, he did not stand a chance against him.

The young Asura devil tried his best to resist, but in a flash, the terrifying peerless might ruptured in his body!

“Pu!” The young Asura suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood and then suddenly rushed all the way back to escape from the attacks of Ye Xiwen.

“Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss!”

Immediately, Ye Xiwen shot his palm and a Coiling Dragon instantly congealed, roared loudly and the whole atmosphere slightly changed under the imposing noble aura of this dragon, while its long body disappeared into a streamer and instantly rushed towards the young Asura devil.

“Smack!” The young Asura firmly kept his one foot on the ground and stood firmly while his Asura stick was instantly knocked down.

“Boom!” The entire space vibrated and intense energy shock waves instantly spread in the surrounding area.

The huge body of Asura devil instantly flew upside down and he spouted mouthful of blood. He was cursing this human in his heart and was very much aggrieved, after all, he was obviously much stronger than this human but was still completely suppressed by him to death, this feeling really made him quite depressed.

He was at the peak of Xiantian eighth stage and was only a small step away from entering into the Xiantian ninth stage, and after that, he could become a major Asura existence, but he was still unable to defeat a mere human.

He just couldn't accept this!

The young Asura devil was very unwilling, but Ye Xiwen’s offensives continued to rumble in his body and he almost could not resist this time, because his body was suppressed by a terrifying coercion and he could hardly resist. It seemed like today, he encountered his natural predator!.

It was just like meeting his life's owner.

At last, he could no longer resist and was directly split in half by Ye Xiwen's long blade, and the Jingqi continuously transferred from his whole body into the body of Ye Xiwen, and at this point, Ye Xiwen felt that his own inner state barrier had finally begun to loosen up.

Ye Xiwen sat on the ground and began to prepare for a breakthrough. This was going to be a very important breakthrough for him.

The Jingqi of a master at the peak of Xiantian eighth stage was very huge and was also enough to support Ye Xiwen in having a complete breakthrough.

At this time, above Ye Xiwen's head, the Tianyuan mirror started spinning around and the blood-red light released from its surface formed a red curtain of light around Ye Xiwen's body in order to protect him while he was having the breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen felt that the Zhen Yuan began to roll and boil up within his body, and the enormous strength of these forces, boiling up inside his body, caused his hair to fly upwards, while his own vitality surged up along with his inner strength.

Only in a moment, his breath instantly had a breakthrough, and under the driving force of Zhen Yuan, the inner realm of Ye Xiwen's cultivation finally collapsed, and he finally stepped from Xiantian fourth stage straight into the Xiantian fifth stage.

However, there was not the slightest sign of exhaustion of Jingqi in Ye Xiwen's body. The Jingqi of a master at the peak of Xiantian eighth stage was very large in amount and truly vigorous, and it not only helped him in having a breakthrough from Xiantian fourth stage to fifth stage, it also continued to push him towards the peak of the Xiantian fifth stage.

Under the nourishment of this massive Jingqi, soon, Ye Xiwen successfully and smoothly reached the peak of Xiantian fifth stage.

But, after breaking through to the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, Ye Xiwen did not stop and immediately took out a Hehe Dan and swallowed it down.

The essence of Hehe Dan surged out from the drug and started flowing into his limbs and bones, allowing his inner realm, which seemed to have consolidated a moment ago, to have signs of yet another breakthrough.

As far as the biggest obstacle between Xiantian fifth stage and Xiantian sixth stage was concerned, it was actually the conversion phase of Zhen Qi into Zhen Yuan, but Ye Xiwen had already cleared this phase by completely transforming Zhen Yuan in his body, so for him, this stage was simply not an obstacle anymore.

By relying on the promotive effects of Hehe Dan, Ye Xiwen once again had a breakthrough and directly stepped into the Xiantian sixth stage.

“Boom!” An incredible imposing aura erupted from his body and he opened his eyes all of a sudden!

(To be continued)


(NT: Even I was surprised at this relatively small chapter. So I checked up to chapter 200 and saw that all the chapters after this one are huge as usual. Author has sneaked in a small chapter to play with my feelings, no relief for a novice like me ha ha)

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