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Chapter 144 - The legendary hell

Mosha territory was a dangerous place, with countless dangers, but as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned, it actually did not matter because by virtue of the power of Tianyuan mirror, as long as Ye Xiwen didn't encounter truth level devils, all other devils would have to face the restraining effect of Tianyuan mirror, then it would be easy for Ye Xiwen to behead them.

Along with a large number of Xiantian seventh stage devils, a lot of formidable devils of Xiantian eighth stage devils were also killed by Ye Xiwen, then with the help of Tianyuan mirror, he absorbed their Jingqi and finally reached the peak saturation point of Xiantian fourth stage. Now, he was almost going to break through to the Xiantian fifth stage.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen's fist rumbled and with a bang, an Asura devil at the Xiantian seventh stage was blasted to smithereens, however just before his death, there was an incredible look in his eyes, and it seemed as if he couldn't accept that he was going to die like this, after all, he was an Asura of the Xiantian seventh stage and was still going to be killed by a human like Ye Xiwen who was merely at the peak of Xiantian fourth stage, it was simply a great insult and shameful.

Suddenly, a terrifying Quanjin dropped down from the sky and blasted towards Ye Xiwen.

This fist attack was quite overbearing, and strange, as if it was an attack from a flying immortal in the sky and instantly approached Ye Xiwen, without giving any warning.

Ye Xiwen was simply too late to dodge and suffered this fist attack.

“Pu!” Ye Xiwen spouted blood and looked up but saw nothing but void, and then suddenly, the figure of an Asura gradually took shape in midair. It was a young Asura devil and like other Asura devils, he looked quite ugly, but unlike others that Ye Xiwen had seen and beheaded so far, this one possessed nobleqi, and just from a glance, Ye Xiwen understood that this young Asura devil belonged to the noble class of Asura clan.

Ye Xiwen felt a bit uncomfortable when he sensed the breath of this young Asura devil, because until now, he never felt such a formidable breath from an Asura, and even the Asura devil of Xiantian eighth stage, with whom Ye Xiwen had to struggle a bit, few days ago, was not a match for this young Asura.

This young Asura devil's cultivation was not very high, but his strength was certainly very high, and even if he had not yet entered into the Xiantian ninth stage, but perhaps was also not far away from attaining it.

“Fallen, the Asura have really fallen!” Ye Mo appeared on the top of Ye Xiwen's shoulder and said, “Although Asura race and Great Asura race are quite similar, but the two sides never allowed interracial marriages since the ancient times. Asura are considered as ordinary civilians but the Great Asura are actually counted among the nobility in the Devil world. The rules of Asura clan strictly prohibit interracial marriages between members of Asura clan and Great Asura clan, and there has been no example of such for thousands of years, but who would have thought that one would actually appear here.”

“You mean he is a hybrid?” Ye Xiwen said.

“Yes, the Asura blood seems to run quite strongly in his body, he should be second generation of hybrid Asura race.” Ye Mo said, “It is quite impossible for most Asura devils to possess nobleqi and that's why, they have been slaves of Great Asura clan for generations after generations. Also, a Great Asura devil child is already in the truth realm from birth, however that is not the case with the hybrids of the two races, so it's good news for you that this young Asura is not a genuine Great Asura, otherwise, you will die miserably.”

“Human, I am paying attention to you for a long time!” That young Asura said, he couldn't sense the presence of Ye Mo, because if Ye Mo desired then only Ye Xiwen could see it while others couldn't.

The young Asura devil grasped his hand and grabbed a stick from the void. This stick's whole body was black in color and was actually the legendary Asura stick. Generally Asura devils used their own bodies as weapons, but there were also others who did not like to use their own bodies as weapons and preferred to use Asura stick, which was a giant mighty weapon, and once brandished, it could caused the heavens to fall and ground to rend.

“You insolent human, actually dared to strike the people of this young lord's territory, today you will have to wash away your sins with your own blood!” The young Asura devil said in a loud voice. “I see that you are a strong master, so if you commit suicide then I’ll leave your entire corpse intact and won't feed it to those lowly demon beasts!”

“You think you are capable enough to force me to commit suicide?” A smile appeared on Ye Xiwen's face, “You are just a hybrid.”

In his previous life, interracial breeding was very popular on Earth, but that was not the case here, because in Zhen Wu Jie, the act of interracial breeding and giving birth to hybrids often meant tragedy. The general thought process in this world didn't accept it, because according to the people of this world, pure blood meant more strength and purity.

“Human, you are courting death. I will extract your spirit and bake it in fire till you are frightened out of your wits!” The young Asura devil finally could not maintain his calm because Ye Xiwen had poked his sore spot. Right after hearing the words of Ye Xiwen, immediately, a fierce and grim look appeared on his face and he shouted crazily.

He would never be able to forget the pain of being a hybrid and because this stain will forever stay on his existence, although thanks to being a hybrid, he received more strength compared to other Asura devils, but at the same time, his strength was far worse than the genuine Great Asura clan. In fact, his current strength was even less than the new born babies of Great Asura clan, and this inferiority complex had deeply rooted itself in his heart, causing him to possess very low self-esteem.

The young Asura obviously hated Ye Xiwen from the depth of his heart, otherwise he would never have said such words, because torturing the opposite party was several folds worse and brutal compared to killing them. He would not talk about torturing Ye Xiwen if he didn't bear a bitter hatred for him.

“You humans are really nasty and hateful, you actually treat our Asura clan as test subjects in this small dimension, and do you think that our Asura clan doesn't know how to fight back? My father has already taken command of the Asura clan and under his leadership, we will completely annihilate you abominable human beings, we have also united the other devil clans, and together, we will defeat you humans and make this small world dominate your world!” The young Asura sneered again and again, “But first, I’ll kill you and gain merit, after that, I will command a side army in the future!”

Although the founder of Yi Yuan School had captured Mosha territory but he had not destroyed the devils still living in this small world, rather he decided to use these devils as test subjects to give battle experience to his disciples. However since then, the devil race of this small world had constantly tried to counter-attack on Zhen Wu Jie, while using Yi Yuan School as a springboard to dominate the whole world.

“Even though you are nothing but a waste, your courage is quite impressive.” Ye Xiwen said, “But you must know that you have been held captives in this small world by the founder of our Yi Yuan School, in order to give experience to the disciples of Yi Yuan School, you are no different than a pig, ready to be slaughtered anytime, but you still want to counterattack? You are really courting death!”

“It's you who is courting death!” The young Asura devil suddenly got furious, because Ye Xiwen's attitude suddenly and thoroughly angered him. The black giant stick danced in his hand, while the entire space began to fluctuate producing a wild and loud shrieking sound. This Asura stick was also called mourning staff, and according to the rumors, under the nine layers of netherland, there was Fengdu hell, and after a human died, his soul entered the hell to face the trial for his sins, while the messengers of legendary hell used mourning staff to punish them. It was said that the so-called Asura stick was actually an imitation of mourning staff itself, though the source of this rumor was quite remote in the past.

When Ye Mo had described about Asura race to Ye Xiwen, it had also mentioned about this horrifying legend to him.

The legend of hell was same in all worlds, maybe some hearsays were slightly different, but roughly the same. In Ye Xiwen's previous life on the Earth, he had also heard about the legendary hell on earth, and even in Zhen Wu Jie, there was also a legend of hell.

However the legends would always be legends, no one knew whether the legendary hell actually existed or not, after all, even the formidable emperor ranked figures could not reverse death to come back and confirm the existence of the legendary hell.

According to what Ye Mo informed Ye Xiwen, throughout the entire heaven and earth, the God was responsible for governing the world of the living and Yama, King of hell, was in charge of governing the world of the dead. However, this was just a hearsay that seemed to have spread countless years ago, and even after so many years had already passed, it still seemed to spread.

Even the previous master of Ye Mo was never able to confirm the existence of the legendary hell. He had rummaged through numerous books and shuttled back and forth through many worlds, but still couldn't discover the existence of hell, as if it existed only in legends.

When Ye Xiwen heard about this, he almost felt intimidated from this previous master of Ye Mo, the legendary Devil King was definitely a madman. He actually wanted to lead an expedition from Devil world to the legendary hell, in order to include hell under the control of Devil world.

This Devil King was absolutely a lunatic, he was confident of his own strength to the point of thinking that he was invincible, and actually led an expedition to ten thousand worlds, because rather than being the sovereign king of Devil world, he wanted to become the ruler of ten thousand worlds, in order to become the most distinguished in under the sun.

Regarding the Asura stick of Asura clan, it was said that many years ago, the founder of Asura clan once fought with a supreme master in hell, and the battle was disastrous, and after the battle was over, the founder of Asura clan used the other party's mourning staff as a basis to create an Asura stick and made it more suitable for Asura clan.

This Asura stick was the only kind of weapon used by Asura clan who were famous for using their invincible bodies as weapons. According to Ye Mo, when the Asura devil king fought with that supreme master, he suffered a loss just because he was using his own Great Asura body as weapon, so he decided to imitate the mourning staff and created an Asura stick.

Although it was only an imitation, but these things happened so long ago that no one could guess their origin, and except Ye Mo, an old monster type extraordinary character, no one knew about this secret.

To the present, even the devils of Asura race thought that Asura stick was actually an invention of their own ancestors and had been passed down to them generation after generation.

Under the influence of Asura stick, suddenly, the world changed its color, and also produced a shrieking and wild howling sound, which seemed very sad and shrill, enough to scare a timid person to death.

Asura stick was struck horizontally and instantly rushed in front of Ye Xiwen and it seemed as if it would pound on his head and burst his brains, moreover the most frightening thing was that Ye Xiwen actually felt as if his own body was being suppressed, and it was like his soul was being sucked out of his.

The mourning staff was used by the messengers of hell themselves and its functions were to call the soul of deceased and manage these souls in hell. Even the great Asura devil king was unable to escape from the frightening effects of mourning staff, while Asura stick was an imitation of mourning staff itself, so it naturally had the properties of mourning staff.

(To be continued)


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