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Chapter 143 – Asura

“For others, those devils are very dangerous, but that is just for others, for you, those devils are simply nothing.” Ye Mo said, “Tianyuan mirror is the spiritual tool of the great Devil King itself, and for those devil, it is a natural adversary, so as long as you have Tianyuan mirror, you’re the next sovereign king of the devil race!”

Ye Xiwen suddenly remembered, at that time near the blood pool, he saw how those devils were prostrating themselves simply like slaves in front of Ye Mo.

He had also started to somewhat believe that the previous master of Ye Mo, about whom it always talked, was really the great Devil King and these devils were actually his slaves.

“But these devils have been isolated for so long in this small dimension, they will not recognize the Tianyuan mirror.” Ye Xiwen said because the devils in Mosha territory were different from the devils of Devil world because they had been held captive in Mosha territory for a long time, secluded, without any contact with the outside world.

“It doesn't matter if they do not recognize, Tianyuan mirror still has a restraining effect on them.” Ye Mo said.

“You are the master of Tianyuan mirror, the next sovereign king of devil race, they are your slaves.” Ye Mo said.

Regarding the slave thing just mentioned by Ye Mo, Ye Xiwen did not care because the important thing was strength, even if what Ye Mo said was true and its former master was the great Devil King, but he must have been able to become sovereign of devils not just by relying on Tianyuan mirror, rather by using his own formidable strength.

If he was not strong and wanted to receive the devil race as his slaves then won't he simply be courting death!

However, there was one thing that Ye Xiwen could say for certain, that the Tianyuan mirror should have great restraining effect on the devils.

Ye Xiwen did not stop and dashed all the way toward the depths of Mosha territory.

—— Above a piece of land in the depths of Mosha territory, Ye Xiwen was surrounded by more than a dozen devils of Asura race, and the strength of each of these Asura devil was above Xiantian sixth stage, which was quite terrifying.

Asura race was an influential clan of devil race, quite extraordinary, and was considered more formidable and fiercer compared to the demon race.

These Asura devils were strangely smiling and advancing towards Ye Xiwen.

“These are Asura devils and belong to the Asura clan of devil race, but still belong to the bottom class of slaves, the real aristocracy class of Great Asura clan takes birth as truth-level masters.” Ye Mo explained and introduced Asura clan to Ye Xiwen while still sitting on his shoulder.

Ye Xiwen secretly sighed while listening to the explanation of Ye Mo. Asura devils took birth as truth-level masters? The might of this clan really went against the heaven's will.

“In the Devil world, there are eight great royal clans and Asura clan is also one of them, a truly formidable clan. The founder of Asura clan had a huge body and was simply invincible and a universally matchless Asura devil, who had also become the sovereign of Devil world, therefore these Asura devils are so powerful and fierce.” Ye Mo informed about the secrets of the devil race to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen continued to listen to the commentary of Ye Mo, while he kept on shooting his palms and sweeping terrifying strong astral winds to constantly resist the attack of these Asura devils.

An Asura rushed over, condensed his both hands into fists, and in a flash, his fist shot toward Ye Xiwen with a boom. It was an extremely clever fist technique and was called Asura fist. It was said that relying on the peerless might of Asura fist, the founder of Asura clan was considered invincible in the Devil world, but at this time, the Asura fist technique of these Asura devils wasn't concise and didn't contain the true essence of original Asura fist, created by the founder of Asura clan, and although their Asura fist technique had no essence, but it could still be regarded as a superior fist technique and its prowess was enormous.

It was said the bodies of devils of Asura race were simply unparalleled and among all the devil clans in Devil world, they possessed the most tyrannical bodies, second to none, peerless and invincible. They believed that their bodies was the most invincible among all the devils of devil race, and between heaven and earth, no one should be able to take on their double fists.

Ye Xiwen didn't have the slightest fear and immediately stepped forward, spread out his palms, and used Coiling Dragon palm, Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss, his both hands transformed into dragon claws, then instantly rushed forward.




The fist and palm collided and produced 'Bang' 'Bang' metal collision sound.


The Asura devil screamed pitifully, both of its arms softened and drooped, were directly broken off by Ye Xiwen in one shot. Although it was correct that Asura devils possessed unparalleled bodies, and were really very fierce, but Ye Xiwen had also practiced Tyrant body technique and the might granted by this technique was unparalleled as well.

Ye Mo had inadvertently said that this power technique was quite fierce and its might was terrifying, and must have been used by mighty tyrants in the ancient ages of Zhen Wu Jie. The body of an Asura devil was truly tyrannical but it should not be a match for Ye Xiwen, who had practiced Tyrant body technique. These Asura devils were simply not the opponents of Ye Xiwen unless a great Asura devil was to appear.

However many years had passed and no such Asura appeared.

Ye Xiwen wanted to ask several questions but it didn't seem like Ye Mo was in a mood to answer so he didn't continue to ask.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm and a dragon claw loomed in front of him.

“Bang!” An Asura devil screams pitifully and was shot dead by Ye Xiwen's tyrannical palm, however right then, Tianyuan mirror instantly released intermittent bloody-red waves of light and the Jingqi of that Asura devil's body was instantly absorbed by this bloody-red light, then it gradually transformed into the most refined form of Jingqi, and without carrying any devil attributes, it emerged inside Ye Xiwen’s body and was directly absorbed by him. (NT: Jingqi = essence or vitality)

Ye Xiwen only felt that his skill suddenly deepened one point, and a delighted expression immediately appeared on his face and said: “I did not think that this Tianyuan mirror would really be this effective, but there won't be any after-effects of this right?”

“Of course not, this is the tool of great Devil King, do you think that it is similar to the Modao based power techniques used by those inferior devils that it will have after-effects?” Ye Mo said in a somewhat annoyed manner.

Ye Xiwen nodded because he also felt that it didn't seem like anything was wrong with the influx of refined Jingqi emerging inside his body, instead, it was purer and more polished than his own Jingqi essence.

Ye Xiwen was suddenly overjoyed and directly rushed into the group of Asura devil to kill them all.




The Quanjin of those Asura devils fiercely boomed into the body of Ye Xiwen, but he instantly mustered endless Zhen Yuan around his body, which completely roused his clothes. These Quanjin were instantly blocked off by the cover of Zhen Yuan around his body and did not cause even a tiny bit of injury to his body. (NT: Quanjin = Fist strength)

Ye Xiwen didn't even take out his long blade, and to completely kill them off, he directly displayed the great might of Coiling Dragon palm, but he didn't jump in the group of Asura devils, rather he unceasingly shot his palms from far, and each of his palm would explode the air, and in a flash, the surrounding area in a radius of 1 Li was completely ravaged by the fierce palm winds created by Ye Xiwen's palm attacks.

Slowly, Ye Xiwen did not just stick to his palm method, he also used Chinese boxing, blade skills, in short, he started using all kinds of martial arts technique, as if they were on his fingertips, and he used them instantly so long as using one seemed appropriate.


Ye Xiwen finally used Rushing thunder hand, lighting and thunder, and gave the final blow, which completely annihilated all of the Asura devils in the group, and all of their Jingqi were instantly transformed by Tianyuan mirror and absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen thought that if he continued this way, then he was not far from having a breakthrough into the Xiantian fifth stage, and at that time, his fighting strength would also have a significant breakthrough and would become directly comparable to the fighting strength of the masters of Xiantian seventh stage.

Then, he would be able to break into the Xiantian sixth stage at the fastest speed. Although, it was said that breaking through from Xiantian fifth stage into the Xiantian sixth stage was considered one of the biggest barriers for masters of Xiantian realm, and most of the warriors couldn't cross this threshold because the biggest hurdle they faced was transformation of Xiantian Zhen Qi to Zhen Yuan, however Ye Xiwen had already finished this step in advance, so he could easily break into the realm of Xiantian sixth stage, and perhaps, this would be the simplest breakthrough for him.

By that time, his fighting strength would increase so much that he would be able to contend with the masters of Xiantian seventh stage, and at that time, it could be said for certain that Ye Xiwen would have sufficient strength to protect himself, as long as Luo Yifan didn't personally come into action, Ye Xiwen would have enough strength to protect himself, and even think about anti-kill.

“Haha, Ye Xiwen, go on like this and you’ll soon be able to have a breakthrough, it's not too far from you and shouldn't take too long.” Ye Mo laughed and said, “But if you are aiming for a quicker breakthrough, killing these Xiantian sixth stage Asura devils is not enough, you should find the formidable ones, Xiantian seventh stage, eighth stage and even Xiantian ninth stage devils, then behead them, capture their Jingqi, and you will see your cultivation growing by leaps and bounds!”

“This is really not a problem?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Rest assured because the Tianyuan mirror can completely suppress them.” Ye Mo said. “As long as you are getting help from Tianyuan mirror, those devils are nothing in front of you, and follow my advice and you will be able to save countless years of penance to reach the truth realm. As long as you are willing to go the Devil world, soon, you’ll be able to break into a previously unimaginable realm, and you will also become the next sovereign king of Devil world!”

“I should go to the Devil world and become a devil king?” Ye Xiwen shook his head and said, “Maybe in the future I will have a trip to the Devil world, but definitely not now, and absolutely not to become some devil.”

Regarding the proposal of Ye Mo about him becoming the sovereign king of Devil world, Ye Xiwen didn't have the slightest interest, but regarding the other proposal of killing Xiantian seventh, eighth and ninth stage devils, Ye Xiwen was very much interested.

There was a difference of heaven and earth between Xiantian sixth stage devils and formidable devils of Xiantian seventh stage, eighth stage and ninth stage. In fact, in the Xiantian realm, there was huge strength difference between each of the stages.

If he could kill higher level devils then his speed of practice would naturally rise skyrocketing.

“Come on, we should look for some higher level devils.” Ye Xiwen said.

“No problem, listen to me, Tianyuan mirror can feel the presence of all of the devils, it can even perceive their strength levels, so you don't need to worry about finding them.” Ye Mo said in a confidence tone.

While chatting like this with Ye Mo, Ye Xiwen rushed towards the depths of Mosha territory.

(To be continued)


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