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Chapter 142 - Mosha territory

Beyond everyone's expectations, Ye Xiwen actually became the chief seed disciple, and the news quickly spread throughout Yi Yuan School. Ye Xiwen broke all records, it could be said that before, Ye Xiwen's record was at the same level as that of Qi Feifan, but now, a new disciple like Ye Xiwen had become chief seed disciple, this news suddenly engulfed the entire Yi Yuan School.

One must know that in the past, a new disciple was able to break into the ranks of seed disciples and later, he was able to become a true disciple, although he fell from glory midway, but before he fell, he used to a temporary magnificent existence.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen had broken all previous records and made new records.

The status of chief seed disciple was equivalent to being the strongest of all the inner disciples, and along with this title, his reputation had been completely established in Yi Yuan School.

In addition to this, no one knew who actually spread the rumor, but the rumor about contradiction between Ye Xiwen and Luo Yifan suddenly spread like forest fire in the entire Yi Yuan School. According to the rumor, reportedly, Luo Yifan suspected that someone related to him had been killed by Ye Xiwen, but Ye Xiwen did not admit his crime, so Luo Yifan was planning to kill Ye Xiwen because he didn't want to mistakenly let the real culprit escape.

In a short while, the whole Main Sect was in uproar and Ye Xiwen's fame had completely erupted throughout the sect, and not just that, his performance had also left deep impression on true disciples and elders.

And during this time, Qian Yu faction also showed a huge development, however, there were still many people who were considering the contradiction between Ye Xiwen and Luo Yifan as a bad omen for Qian Yu faction's future. Although Ye Xiwen was very formidable and would most likely enter into the ranks of top level true disciples, but that was a thing in the future, and the reality was that at present, he was going to face the potential retaliation from Luo Yifan, which made a lot of people to suspect the future prospects of Qian Yu faction, however there were still a lot of people who were willing to give it a try and join Qian Yu faction, because there was huge possibility that they might enjoy the future magnificence and benefit a lot from Ye Xiwen's future glory.

Regarding the matters of Qian Yu faction, Ye Xiwen was still not willing to manage anything, so Ye Feng and Yan Chiling were made responsible for managing Qian Yu faction.

As the chief seed disciple of this year's seed disciple competition, Ye Xiwen received the rewards from the hands of a sect elder. He received a total of over 50,000 spirit stones, and it could be said that this year, Yi Yuan School was really willing to bleed money to cultivate these seed disciples, because in the previous seed disciple competition, the seed disciples didn't even receive one tenth of the current amount. And Sect was willing to be so generous in order help the disciples to resist against the followers of Bai Mojiao.

Of course, there were a lot of people who had greedy and envious looks in their eyes when they saw Hehe Dan being rewarded to the top three seed disciples. As chief seed disciple, Ye Xiwen received three Hehe Dan, the second ranked seed disciple, Nangong Wang, received two Hehe Dan, and the third ranked seed disciple received only one.

Since Hehe Dan's main function was to slightly increase the chances of successfully breaking through from the Xiantian fifth stage, however it didn't guarantee a successful breakthrough, so sect would reward several Hehe Dan to the winners.

After all of the seed disciples received their respective rewards from the sect, Ye Xiwen and other seed disciples tidied up and went towards a small dimension, located in the depths of Yi Yuan School. This small world was called Mosha territory, and inside it, there were countless devils in captivity, and also had a long history of countless years. This Mosha territory was just like the Huanmo territory, and in both these territories, Yi Yuan School had kept a large number of devils as captives, however, the type of devils found in Mosha territory was completely different from Huanmo territory.

It was said that a long time ago, a great devil development was carried out in Devil world, but it invoked a great disaster, and a huge crack opened up in the space, which disrupted the space into many fragments, and this Mosha territory was only one of the fragments. Later, the founder of Yi Yuan School used his magical powers to pull over this Mosha territory from the chaos.

Inside the Mosha territory, devils gradually took birth and also developed their own heritage. They were very tough to deal with, and there were several devils who had already stepped into the truth realm. Generally speaking, Mosha territory was opened up only for true disciples, however this time, it was being opened for the seed disciples, so that they could practice and hone their skills in order to prepare themselves for the conference among the four large sects and the imperial clan, which was only a month away.

In addition to these inner seed disciples, some of the seed disciples among the core disciples were also going to enter Mosha territory, and even some true disciples had also been allowed to enter, in order to train themselves for the upcoming conference.

All of this was for the conference which was going to take place near East China Sea after a month.

Standing outside the Mosha territory, there was a huge stone gate and a blockade enchantment to separate Yi Yuan School and Mosha territory, and outside the enchantment stood ten Yi Yuan School's elders, and although there were few ordinary looking elders present in front of a lot of disciples, but no one dared to underestimate these people, because these elders were all super experts, and even if there were a lot of truth level devils inside the Mosha territory, Yi Yuan School had only dispatched few elders to guard the gate.

These inner seed disciples had arrived at the entrance of Mosha territory under the leadership of these elders, otherwise they couldn't possibly find this place. After everyone seemed prepared, one of the ten elders suddenly said: “You may want to think properly before you advance, in the Mosha territory, there are a lot of dangers, if you are inattentive then will surely die. All of you are outstanding inner disciples and can surely step into the ranks of core disciples in the future, and some of you even have the opportunity to become true disciples. So if you died here then it would all be in vain. If you want to quit, now is your chance!”

After his speech was complete, the elder glanced at these disciples, and when he saw that no one was going to quit, he didn't say anything and immediately used spirit technique towards the huge enchantment, which then opened with a loud bang and waves of moqi immediately blew out from inside the Mosha territory, along with a vast breath that also bubbled out from inside and gave a cold and gloomy feeling to everyone standing outside.

Everyone was determined and no one withdrew. All of the one hundred seed disciples entered the Mosha territory.

Looking at the departing figures of these disciples, one of the ten gatekeeper elders sighed and said: “One hundred elites entered, I really do not know how many will come out alive after a month from now.”

“So long as at least one useful disciple comes out, our work will not go in vain this time.” Another elder said, “At present, Bai Mojiao's movements are getting bigger and bigger, simply menacing, and in that case, we simply do not have time to allow these disciples to mature slowly, as long as one of them becomes a true disciple, the sacrifices of others are worth it! “

This was the law of the jungle which only favored the strong. From the total two billion people selected by Yi Yuan School, in the eyes of an average person, these few disciples were truly the cream bunch and rare geniuses, however for a major sect like Yi Yuan School, they were actually like leeks, when one wave was cut, another wave would grow again, and this could go for an endless span of time.

Becoming a true disciple was very difficult, but once achieved, even the worth of ten thousand inner disciples was nothing in comparison!

So among these hundred people, as long as one person managed to reap benefits from this training and became a true disciple, then even if other people perished, this was still worth it.

The reality was very cruel and everyone knew that among these seed disciples, there might be only one person who would stand out and everybody else would be nothing but stepping stones, but they all felt that they would be the one to succeed, and no one thought that they could end up being the stepping stones.

Soon, Ye Xiwen entered the Mosha territory, but he did not choose to go together with others, but went his own way.

This Mosha territory was similar to the Huanmo territory, there was desolate scene spread almost everywhere, and looked similar to a bleak picture, hellfire raging in all directions, the sky was gray in color while there was no day, no night, and no seasons as well.

This was truly the Devil’s environment, and as far as humans were concerned, even the warriors would feel very uncomfortable here, let alone ordinary people, and there was simply no way to survive in such an environment.

So the devils born in Devil world were especially formidable in order to survive in such a harsh environment, but they also yearned for a good environment like the fine and soothing human habitat, just like the environment in Zhen Wu Jie, so for innumerable years, they would always think of ways to invade, and this was the root cause of innumerable years of war between Devil world and Zhen Wu Jie.

Devil race did not put human race on the same level and thought that human race did not deserve to enjoy such a good environment.

This was their main objective for so many years which slowly turned into conflict then gave birth to a deep hatred, and finally, they became sworn enemies.

Ye Mo was sitting on Ye Xiwen's shoulder, it was small and had a little weight. Ye Mo took a deep breath and absorbed the moqi present in Mosha territory and immediately felt refreshed.

Although it was not a devil, but should also be regarded as a devil spirit, and he didn't differentiate between Lingqi and moqi and could absorb both, however still preferred to absorb moqi.

“Ye Xiwen, I think that Luo Yifan will not let you off so easily, he will soon plan something against you.” Ye Mo said.

“Well, I know.” Ye Xiwen nodded, “It is because of this that even if I know that Mosha territory is a dangerous place, but I still didn't go together with other disciples, because who knows how many of them turn out to be the spies of Luo Yifan.”

Ye Xiwen said because he doubted that there were Luo Yifan's spies among the seed disciples who entered the Mosha territory and some of them might disclose information about him to Luo Yifan. It was very dangerous to stay with them, so he decided to move on his own, because that way, he would be relatively safer.

Although, Ye Xiwen was also scheming how to kill Luo Yifan, but he was clearly aware of the fact that his own strength was still too lacking compared to the formidable strength of Luo Yifan. They simply weren't in the same realm so before he would actually become capable enough to kill Luo Yifan, he must be careful till then, because if he wasn't careful enough, then the one to die would actually be him.

Before he gained enough strength, he must take all his steps carefully, without being negligent!

“Now you can practice without any worries, because it just so happens that this place is dangerous for others, but for you, it is a very good place to practice.” Ye Mo said.

“How can you say that?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“For others, those devils are very dangerous, but that is just for others, for you, those devils are simply nothing.” Ye Mo said, “Tianyuan mirror is the spiritual tool of the great Devil King itself, and for those devil, it is a natural adversary, so as long as you have Tianyuan mirror, you’re the next sovereign king of the devil race!”

(To be continued)


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