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Chapter 134 - Competition begins

Ye Xiwen quickly caught up with the registration at the last moment then he spent the night in his own small courtyard and continued to sort the information he had gathered in the mysterious space by spectating the fight between the two masters.

Just from looking their battle, one could say that these two masters were truly at the peak of truth realm.

At present, Ye Xiwen was at the peak of Xiantian fourth stage and he didn't know when he would reach the truth realm, but no matter what, it was going to be a very significant goal for him someday.

Before the Seed disciple competition, Ye Xiwen was trying to enhance his own combat efficiency as far as possible. He was crazily burning the spirit stones and along with this crazy combustion speed of spirit stones, he continued the crazy analysis of various information and insights obtained from the battle of the two peerless masters.

Night time passed, but during the night, he ended up burning a total of 5000 spirit stones, and now, Ye Xiwen's breath seemed more stable and powerful than ordinary masters at peak of Xiantian sixth stage, while his Zhen Yuan became ten times deeper and profoundly vigorous than before, and last but not the least, his body became so formidable that even divine weapons would find it difficult to injure his body.

Stronger than ever and having an unprecedented great strength, Ye Xiwen was now confident enough, that now, he would be able to very easily defeat the masters at the peak of Xiantian sixth stage, and even if he was to fight against the master of Xiantian seventh stage, he would be able to contend, beat or even kill them.

No one could become so formidable overnight, it was possible only for Ye Xiwen, because he had mysterious space to help him, however this time, he had little devil, Ye Mo, to support him as well.

Ye Mo was the name given to little devil by Ye Xiwen. Even if this little devil was so arrogant and haughty but it still didn't have a name, in fact, it never was given a name by its former master, that is, the mighty devil king, because devil king used to actually treat little devil like a slave, and never thought to give it a name.

So Ye Xiwen gave a name to the little devil, and although Ye Mo did not say anything after hearing its new name, but Ye Xiwen knew from the look in its eyes that it liked its new name, and even if this tool spirit had a foul mouth, but it didn't have a bad natural disposition. Ye Xiwen also dropped the idea of eliminating little devil and to re-condense a tool spirit.

Ye Mo started to help Ye Xiwen after it received a new name from him and it was apparently more active than before. It even stopped clamoring all day about lowly humans and so on.

Ye Mo was small, cute and extremely lovable, but it was truly a very experienced monster from ancient times. It knew about various Modao based power techniques, but according to Ye Mo, they were all at the level of mighty devil king, the ruler of ten thousand worlds. According to Ye Mo, Ye Xiwen should rigidly adhere to practicing martial arts for the time being, and it even had a variety of martial arts on its tongue tips and wrote down the ones that would come in handy.

Although it was only a tool spirit but still brought forth many brand-new concepts about martial arts in front of Ye Xiwen, letting his horizons to widen, and in just one night, he managed to learn a lot which in turn widened his horizons.

This made Ye Xiwen to totally abandon the last bit of the idea to eliminate Ye Mo. The idea simply disappeared from his mind without a trace.

Autumn was near, in Yi Yuan School, since there were many Zhen methods continuously operating, so the changing seasons couldn't affect Yi Yuan School, giving a spring-like feeling all year round.

Ye Xiwen walked from his room into the courtyard and looked toward the distant 'Full moon peak' from where the intermittent sounds of ringing bell could be heard. This time's Seed disciple competition was being held at the 'Full moon peak'.

Generally speaking, the peak from where the last champion appeared was made the venue for next time's Seed disciple competition, and for over ten years, the venue for Seed disciple completion hadn't changed. This obviously displayed the strength of 'Full moon peak', the strongest of the top ten peaks in Yi Yuan School.

The Tongtian peak once became the venue and held Seed disciple competition but it happened almost thirty years ago.

In other words, for many years, Tongtian peak had not managed to produce a champion in the Seed disciple competition. A disciple from Tongtian peak managed to step into the top ten rankings but that was also several years ago. Moreover, when that disciple was promoted to the ranks of core disciples, no one after him entered into the top ten rankings.

However, the heritage of Tongtian peak still couldn't be underestimated, because every time, it would give several disciples who managed to enter the top hundred seed disciple rankings.

With the bell, many inner and outer disciples rushed to the 'Full moon peak', although for them, basically there was no possibility to participate in the Seed disciple competition, but after all, this was going to be a competition among the top players from among them, and there weren't going to be a lot of opportunities to see this kind of fierce competition among geniuses. One could say that it was a rare opportunity and they planned to watch the competition all the way.

In this case, the disciples of Qian Yu faction, along with Ye Xiwen, also went to the 'Full moon peak' and Ye Feng and other familiar disciples joined as well. Although this had nothing to do with them, but Ye Xiwen was participating in the Seed disciple competition so they naturally came to cheer for him.

The so-called Qian Yu faction was still new and many new disciples joined recently. When outsiders spoke of Qian Yu faction then the first thought that would come to their minds was obviously Ye Xiwen, the new disciple who recently rose to fame, especially because it was widely known that Ye Xiwen's strength was comparable to that of the seed disciples. So it was obvious that new members of Qian Yu faction, who hadn't met Ye Xiwen in person, were curious to witness his formidable strength in today's Seed disciple competition.

"I heard that this time in the Seed disciple competition, because of the massive comeback of Bai Mojiao, Sect has prepared very rich rewards. There are many powerful pseudo-spiritual tools, there are some medicinal pills as well, geez, last year's rewards are nothing compared to the rewards this year.”

“That's natural, this year is a special, I hear that taking advantage of resurfacing of Bai Mojiao, the four large Sects as well as the royal family are going to hold a giant joint conference to discuss how to suppress the rebellion of Bai Mojiao, and at the conference, a major competition between the strongest disciples of respective Sects would also take place, having separate competition for inner disciples, core disciples and also true disciples. This time's Seed disciple competition is aimed at selecting the strongest seed disciples then these 100 seed disciples will be taken away to participate.”

“No wonder Sect is being so generous, and this time, the sect is not only going to discuss the matter about suppression of Bai Mojiao, but it must also display its formidable strength to the other large sects, so that no one underestimates us, but unfortunately unlike Seed disciples competition, the core disciple competition takes place only once in two years and it won't be taking place this year, otherwise we would definitely see wonderful fights.”

“Perhaps this time, there won't be much change in the name list, after all, the seed disciples obtain a large amount of resources from the Sect.”

“It's also hard to say because this time, there is a very strong newcomer participating in the competition, his name is Ye Xiwen and I heard that his strength is quite formidable.”

“I have also heard his name, I heard that he probably defeated Mo Han, but Mo Han at that time was only at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, so maybe we are overestimating the strength of Ye Xiwen and he may not be able to compete with genuine seed disciples.”

“‘I heard that Mo Han has already entered into the realm of Xiantian Xiao ten days ago, and by the virtue of terrifying might of man spear unification, he defeated a seed disciple, although now his rank is only 96!”

“This time's Seed disciple competition is going to be interesting!”

Many of the disciples began talking among themselves. Ye Xiwen was standing in the crowd and was listening to their discussions but there wasn't the slightest fluctuation on his expression.

“Ye Xiwen, those trivial disciples participating in this Seed disciple competition are simply not your match.” In Ye Xiwen's mind came the voice of Ye Mo and it seemed that its voice was full of disdain for these disciples as if they were not even worth looking at.

Right now, Ye Mo was hidden inside the Tianyuan mirror present on Ye Xiwen's body. Since Ye Mo had always been the tool spirit of Tianyuan mirror so hiding inside was really too simple.

Along with a crowd of many people, Ye Xiwen and other disciples of Qian Yu faction entered the 'Full moon peak' competition arena. Although Ye Xiwen was quite famous, but if total number of outer disciples and inner disciples was to be added then the grand total was more than one hundred thousand people. So how could they possibly recognize Ye Xiwen in this overwhelming sea of disciples?

Ye Xiwen and the others entered the square and found seats in the spectators seating area, and at this time, they saw the many arenas stood erect above the square, where the battles for Seed disciple competition were going to take place.

The top of a cliff edge portrayed many names, it was almost dense and there were several named, and when looking from afar, one could see that these were the names of the top ten figures of the Seed disciple competition over the years. However, these names belonged to only those who got into the top ten ranks. Only after entering into the top ranks, one would be eligible to have his name portrayed on the cliff edge and would always be remembered by people.

Seeing that only ten people would get their names engraved for eternity among so many disciples involved in the event, the disciples of Qian Yu faction were all fascinated, and this was an unusual excitement, especially because a disciple of Qian Yu faction was going to participate in such a major event of Yi Yuan School for the first time, so they had no other alternative but to be excited.

In a distant place, above a high stand, the elders and many true disciples were sitting, but mist was covering the surrounding area and no one could actually see these people.

These people came to take a look whether there were good seed disciples among the inner disciples, and once they took a liking to some seed disciples, they would try to win over some members.

After almost everyone was in attendance, above the high-stand, a tall elder stood up and flew in the air, glanced at all the disciples, then said: “The annual inner sect's Seed disciple competition will start now. The sect is organizing this competition in the hope that everyone can do their utmost and display their strongest state, and for that, the sect has prepared very rich rewards, so long as you give an outstanding performance, you will surely get rewards from the sect. If you are lucky enough, you will also get an opportunity to join the clans of true elders, now soar like a dragon! “

The elder's words were short but very straightforward and the disciples who heard this had a burst of emotions in their hearts. As long as they could give outstanding performance, they could get a lot of practice resources from the Sect which could directly increase their standing in Yi Yuan School, a millennium major Sect. This was one type of most fair but also most brutal rule of survival.

As long as they had enough strength, the Sect would give them special fondness and status, would also spend a lot of resources to cultivate them, and as long as they had enough talent, they could succeed, but it was also an extremely brutal rule. The people who possessed strength could succeed, but those with no strength could only continue to get surmounted by the strong ones. The natural law of survival of the fittest truly and vividly manifested itself here in this competition.

“First battle of No. 130 arena, Ye Xiwen, Fang Su!”

Finally, the guarding core disciple in the arena read Ye Xiwen’s name.

(To be continued)


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